Chaotic Sword God Chapter 967: Monstrous Killing Intent

Chapter 967: Monstrous Killing Intent

Jian Chen remained standing on the Cla.s.s 4 Magical Beast, but it had already collapsed from terror. It trembled on the ground as fear flooded its eyes.

A powerful killing intent uncontrollably radiated from Jian Chen’s body, surging directly toward the skies. The surrounding clouds and even the wind changed as a result. It was to the point where even the sun seemed to dull. It did not seem to be able to match up against the killing intent from Jian Chen.

Jian Chen was currently in a king city, as well as the imperial city of the kingdom. There was a beautiful palace a short distance from the city walls, and the eyes of several old men who were cultivating inside snapped open. They stared in the direction in shock as they emerged from the palace. They were all extremely grim.

The old men were all the peak-level experts of the kingdom and were all Heaven Saint Masters.

“What a vast presence and powerful killing intent. It’s enough to even make me tremble inside. It’s impossible for Heaven Saint Masters to have such a powerful presence. The owner of it must be a Saint Ruler,” an old man said hoa.r.s.ely.

Other Heaven Saint Masters ran over from afar. One of them growled, “There’s a Saint Ruler that has come to our city, and it seems like he has been irritated by someone. Let’s quickly go have a look.”

Several Heaven Saint Masters immediately flew toward Jian Chen’s direction.

At the same time, a ruddy old man sat with his legs crossed. He was cultivating in a quiet wooden hut several kilometers away from the city on a mountain. The s.p.a.ce around him produced visible ripples slowly, while the old man’s body seemed to become one with the surroundings.

This old man was a Saint Ruler.

Suddenly, the old man’s eyes snapped open. With a movement of his body, he immediately left the wooden hut, reappearing several meters away on a mountaintop. He cast his gaze far sternly as deep shock filled his misty eyes. He said with his trembling old voice, “What a powerful presence and terrifying killing intent. This- this- this is a Saint King. Why has a supreme Saint King come to such a rural area and why are they radiating with such terrifying killing intent? Has someone aggravated him?”

“No, I need to go have a look.” The old man fused with the surrounding s.p.a.ce, shooting off as a faint blur.

Within the city, Jian Chen’s fists were already tightly clenched. He gnashed his teeth and said, “The Extinguis.h.i.+ng Alliance actually dares to take my Flame City and chase away my Flame Mercenaries. It matters not who’s behind you. I will not forgive you.”

At this moment, the Heaven Saint Masters flew over from within the palace. They stopped a hundred meters away from Jian Chen as they stared at him anxiously. After some slight deliberation, someone finally stepped out and clasped his hands and said, “Senior, we are the Imperial Advisors of the Amma Kingdom. May we ask what has aggravated senior? If there is anything we can help you with, we are extremely willing.”

The Imperial Advisors were extremely polite as they were afraid of offending Jian Chen.

Jian Chen paid no attention to them and instead stared off into the distance. His eyes were completely bloodshot, possessing his residual fury and killing intent that he had yet to disperse.

A figure flew over like a bolt of lightning where Jian Chen stared, arriving before him in the blink of an eye. To no surprise, it was the old man who had been cultivating in the mountains.

The faces of the Imperial Advisors immediately lit up when they saw the arrival of the old man. They all bowed politely and said, “We greet the Imperial Protector.”

The old man referred to as the Imperial Protector paid no attention to them and secretly examined Jian Chen. He was shocked inside, because under Jian Chen’s gaze, he felt like his body had been impaled by two swords. He felt a slight aching pain; when he faced Jian Chen, he felt like he was not facing a person, but an unscalable mountain. He felt like he was as weak as an ant, pressuring him greatly.

“He sure is a Saint King. So strong as expected,” the old man thought. However, he maintained his polite appearance, bowing deeply toward Jian Chen. He said courteously, “Yan Zinan greets senior. May I inquire what is making senior so furious? If there is anything senior needs, I am willing to do everything I can.”

The Imperial Advisors were greatly shocked when they saw the esteemed Saint Ruler Imperial Protector treat Jian Chen so courteously, and even refer to him as senior. Their gazes toward Jian Chen also underwent an overwhelming change.

“Perhaps this person is not a Saint Ruler but a Saint King?” In that moment, similar thoughts appeared in the heads of the Heaven Saint Masters at the same time. Their minds immediately fell into turmoil, drowned by astoundment.

“Where is the closest s.p.a.ce Gate?” Jian Chen glared at Yan Zinan as he asked in a deep voice.

A sliver of suspicion flashed through Yan Zinan’s eyes when he heard that, but he did not dare to poke his nose into the matter. He said courteously, “Senior, probably only the ancient clan in the White Phoenix Mountain Range, the Kegu clan, has a s.p.a.ce Gate in the surrounding radius of several hundred thousand kilometers.”

“Where is the White Phoenix Mountain Range?” Jian Chen followed up.

“Five hundred thousand kilometers to the west,” said Yan Zinan, hiding nothing.

Jian Chen shot off like a cannonball as soon as he finished speaking, shooting off toward the west. He was currently extremely far away from the Qinhuang Kingdom, so it would take quite some time if he flew.

Jian Chen no longer dared to travel slowly after learning about what had happened to Flame City. He currently only wanted to find a s.p.a.ce Gate and quickly return to the Gesun Kingdom. That way, he could save quite a lot of time.

Although Nubis was a Saint King and could rip open a s.p.a.ce Gate, he was currently working hard on studying the Saint Tier Battle Skill from the sea realm. He had even reached a crucial part of it. As a result, Jian Chen did not disturb him over this small matter, just in case it would end up wasting all his prior efforts.

An ancient mountain range existed several hundred thousand kilometers from the Amma Kingdom. Many magical beasts existed there, with no lack of Cla.s.s 6 ones. It was a prime hunting location for many mercenary groups.

In the depths of the mountain range was a region enshrouded by poisonous gas. The poisonous gas never dispersed and was extremely powerful, so even Heaven Saint Masters did not dare too venture deeply into it. Around the perimeter of the gas lived several powerful Cla.s.s 6 Magical Beasts.

In the countless years it had existed, many Heaven Saint Masters had tried investigating the depths, but in the very end, they all emerged heavily injured or died inside. After some time, the region of the poisonous gas became labeled as a death zone.

Hidden inside the gas was a huge manor that barely anyone knew about. It was encased by a powerful barrier and countless buildings stood within it. Many simply-dressed people could be clearly seen as they constantly moved about inside.

This was where the Kegu clan existed, while the mountain range was called the White Phoenix Mountain Range.

At this very moment, the poisonous gas outside began to ripple. A black sword Qi seemed to descend from outer s.p.a.ce, cutting through the poisonous gas and striking the barrier forcefully.


The peace of the Kegu clan was broken, and the barrier cast down by the Saint King of the clan was immediately broken. It failed to resist the powerful the sword Qi.

The sudden occurrence alerted all the people inside the clan. In that moment, the eyes of the experts in secluded cultivation within the clan all snapped open. They shot into the air as they radiated with a tremendous presence. They all stared grimly at the barrier that had disappeared completely.

“Who has come? My Kegu clan may have failed to welcome you from afar, but there’s no need to break my clan’s barrier.” An old voice boomed in the surroundings. It was extremely powerful and forceful, reverberating in the surroundings.

With the voice, a tremendous presence suddenly appeared. It enveloped the surrounding region. A wrinkly old man slowly floated in the sky. He was one of the two ancestors of the clan, Ke Nan.

At the same time, another old man slowly rose into the sky as he radiated with a great presence from another area of the manor. He was the other ancestor of the Kegu clan, Ke Bei.

The two Saint Kings were furious as they raised their heads to take a look.

In the surging poisonous gas, a white-robed young man slowly descended with a long sword in his hand. His face was cold as dense killing intent flickered in his eyes.

The gazes of both Ke Bei and Ke Nan gathered on Jian Chen’s sword. With their knowledge, they naturally recognized it as an Emperor Armament at first glance. This caused their eyes to narrow and their faces were immediately flooded with shock.

“Sir, is there any way our Kegu clan has offended you?” Ke Bei asked. His eyes were filled with sternness.

“You have a s.p.a.ce Gate here. Let me borrow your s.p.a.ce Gate.” Jian Chen descended from the sky as he stared coldly at the two of them.

“Hmph, you are a Saint King and can rip open a s.p.a.ce Gate. Why must you use the s.p.a.ce Gate of the Kegu clan? Are you perhaps joking with us?” Ke Nan became furious.

Jian Chen remained expressionless and did not give an explanation. All he said was, “Let me borrow your s.p.a.ce Gate and I will leave immediately.”

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