Chapter 1243: Dragon Race Secret Treasure

“This is a place where the dead rest. Naturally, the living cannot be permitted to remain for long. I originally thought you were here to strengthen the Dragon’s Gate’s Totem like your ancestors. Now, the Dragon’s Gate doesn’t even exist anymore. Since you are not dead, I naturally have to chase you away.” The tomb keeper’s tone remained calm, showing no signs of flexibility.

“Only the dead stay here. In that case, why are you not leaving?”

“I already said it. I’m not human in the first place. Since I’m the tomb keeper, I naturally have to stay here.”

Xiao Chen was speechless. Indeed, the other party was not human, and he still tried to bargain with him for such a long time.

However, this was a place that even Sovereign Martial Emperors dreamed about entering. Given the difficulty of him getting here, he felt rather dissatisfied at returning empty-handed.

“Are there any Dragon Race Secret Treasures or secret manuals left behind by my Xiao Clan ancestors?”

“There are. However, I’m sorry, but I cannot give them to you. The grave palace’s first master ruled that the things that entered the grave palace cannot be taken away.”

At first, Xiao Chen rejoiced. However, when he heard about the rule, he could not help smiling bitterly to himself. In the end, he could not obtain anything.

The tomb keeper made a sympathetic but helpless face. “I don’t really care, but rules are rules. Logically speaking, the items of your ancestors are yours. However, since they were interred in the grave palace, the rules have to be followed.

“Just go. Don’t overthink this. After all, this is the grave palace of the Dragon Race, not your Dragon’s Gate’s Treasure Trove. If you want treasures, go to your Dragon’s Gate’s Azure Dragon Palace. That would be the right way. However, since this is the first time we are meeting, I’ll give you a small gift. Consider it a greeting gift.”

The tomb keeper gently prodded Xiao Chen’s forehead. Before Xiao Chen could say anything, this finger sent him out of the burial ground.

When Xiao Chen recovered his wits, he had reappeared in the desolate plain of fire. The small Iron Defense Magic Formation that he set up earlier had not broken yet.

A talisman seal appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand. He left his Spiritual Mark on it and inspected it before realizing that this talisman seal enabled him to travel to the grave palace at any time and place.

However, it seemed like it could be used only once. It was probably the same as what that tomb keeper said: he would find a use for it only before his death.

Looking at this talisman seal, Xiao Chen thought about the Azure Emperor. Since the Azure Emperor had not used the talisman seal, did it mean that the Azure Emperor was not dead?

“Oh, right, the tomb keeper said he would give me a small present. Could it be this?”

If that was so, it would be too disappointing. Xiao Chen shook his head. That fellow was not human in the first place. He was just an Item Spirit that adhered to the rules.

Xiao Chen, this should not be it. When the tomb keeper prodded you, I think I saw the Dragon’s Gate’s Totem light up. Countless Azure Dragons circled it, and auspicious clouds appeared. It should have something to do with the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, Ao Jiao said from the Immortal Spirit Ring.

When Xiao Chen heard that, he immediately sank his consciousness into his dantian. Indeed, it was as Ao Jiao said. The tiny Azure Dragon Martial Spirit had grown a pair of horns on its head.

Dragon horns seemed to be a sign of the Azure Dragon King’s line.

What does this mean? Has he acknowledged my status as the Azure Dragon King?

Aside from the dragon horns, Xiao Chen felt that the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit’s Dragon Might seemed to have strengthened, now condensed and not diffused. It could show its might without having to rage.

Xiao Chen’s dominance of kingship had the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit as its foundation. Given this, the Thousand Year Hegemony Establishment should be significantly more powerful.

As for the exclusive Martial Technique of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit—the Subduing Dragon Profound Slash—it should become much more powerful.

Xiao Chen intended to test this out after he left this place. He formed hand seals and said, “Withdraw!”

The buried talisman seal appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand. The various nodes of the Iron Defense Magic Formation turned into Buddhist deities and entered the talisman seal.

“Young Master Ye, you finally came out.”

The moment Xiao Chen withdrew the Iron Defense Magic Formation, Wang Yuzhu ran out joyfully. At this moment, Wang Yuzhu was delighted that he had not run about by himself. Otherwise, if he could not find Xiao Chen, only death awaited him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. This Wang Yuzhu passed his test and could be considered a trustworthy person.

“How long was I gone?”

“About three days.”

Three days? How could it be so long? I clearly feel that I was in the grave palace for only a few hours.

Never mind, let’s not think about that for now. That grave palace is not a good place, so strange and unusual. The entire grave palace is probably a Secret Treasure. Furthermore, it is something that surpasses an Emperor Grade Secret Treasure.

To truly understand all this, perhaps I will have to leave this abandoned land and personally visit the place where the Dragon Race is.

“Oh, by the way, Young Master Ye, two days ago, I saw the Dragon Slayer’s group of people fleeing miserably in the air. All of them were significantly injured. I’m not sure what happened.”

“Probably retribution. By doing such an immoral thing, the heavens will punish them eventually.”

Xiao Chen did not realize that the retribution that had befallen Yi Ling’s group was due to himself. That was why he ended up replying so indifferently like that.

“Come. I’ll lead you out of this Distant Sea Dragon Grave!”

Not willing to stay here any longer, Xiao Chen took out the Cycle Banner. Starlight in five different colors splashed out amid the sound of waves, forcefully carving a path.

When he wielded the Cycle Banner, he was already as strong as a First Heaven Martial Emperor. Unfortunately, he was also protecting one person and could not avoid getting injured.

By the time he killed his way to the foggy area, he was already significantly injured. Fortunately, he had attained the half-step Golden Body and could recover from his wounds quickly, so this was not a problem.

Xiao Chen put away the Cycle Banner and looked at the foggy area. Then, he said, Ao Jiao, please point the way out.

Hehe! Got it. You can count on me.

With Ao Jiao’s guidance, Xiao Chen managed to travel through this fog, which confused the senses, without any obstruction. Furthermore, unlike Yi Ling using the dragon-shaped key, he did not encounter many attacks along the way.

After one hour, the area in front of the two brightened. The vast, boundless sea reappeared before their eyes, and they felt a comfort that filled them from the inside out.

The oppressive mood in the Distant Sea Dragon Grave finally eased.

Having managed to escape from death, Wang Yuzhu felt extremely grateful. After a while, he said, “Young Master Ye, it is all thanks to you this time. I will not be able to repay this grace of saving my life.”

“Brother Wang, I would like to ask you this: do you regret coming to the Distant Sea Dragon Grave?”

Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at Wang Yuzhu, who had come to look for a divine medicine. Even though the other party knew that the chances were almost nil, he had still come to try, risking death. Did he regret this close shave?

“Whether I regret it or not is not important. The most important thing is our attitude. As long as there is hope, we should not give up. We will meet again in the future. If you have time, you can come to the Storm Sea to look for me.”

Wang Yuzhu performed a cupped-fist salute after he spoke. Then, after he sincerely thanked Xiao Chen again, he took his leave.

That’s right. As long as there is hope, I cannot give up. This is just like myself. I have to advance to Martial Emperor within five years. Before I knew it, two years had passed already. Now, I have only three more years to prepare for my Great Tribulation of wind and fire.

Since ancient times, no one has managed to use only three years of preparation to make it through the Great Tribulation of wind and fire.

However, as long as there is hope, I cannot give up on climbing the Emperor’s Road.


Suddenly, a dazzling golden light flashed in the sky. It was so piercing, it forced Xiao Chen to squint. When he looked up, he saw Yi Ling riding on his golden war chariot hovering in the air.

That war chariot gave off a bright light, golden and glistening, piercing and dazzling. It also radiated an ancient fighting spirit surging with killing intent.

“Brother Xiao, it has been one year since we met at the Four Seas Hero Gathering. How long are you going to keep wearing your mask for?” Yi Ling asked softly with a faint, warm smile as he stood on the war chariot.

Xiao Chen slowly removed his mask and revealed a handsome and delicate face. Then, he smiled calmly and said, “Brother Yi Ling, you are exactly as I last saw you. Your eyes are as excellent as ever.”

“Are you mocking me?” Yi Ling raised his eyebrows. “If you had not caused a commotion in the entire Distant Sea Dragon Grave, I would not have recognized you. There are so many outstanding talents in the Heavenly Starry Ocean waiting for you to die. They would not imagine that you managed to advance to Consummation quasi-Emperor in a mere two years.”

“Same thing to you.” Xiao Chen secretly kept his guard up, but his expression remained calm. He smiled and added, “I also did not expect the famous Dragon Slayer of the Dragon Grave Sea to actually be the Heavenly Starry Ocean’s Mr. Goody-goody, the Young Treasure Master Yi Ling.”

A hint of pride flashed in Yi Ling’s face. He smiled and said, “During the Four Seas Hero Gathering, you defeated all the outstanding talents with one move each, showing incomparable grace. At that time, I wanted to exchange a few moves with you. Unfortunately, there was no such opportunity. Might I ask if Young Master Xiao will do so now?!”

Yi Ling hid a heavy murderous intent and hatred behind his smile. Clearly, he was furious at Xiao Chen for causing his plans to fail.

“I’ll be glad to. I also want to know whether your nickname of Dragon Slayer is just for show or not!”

Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes and unleashed his aura. His right hand already grasped the handle of the Lunar Shadow Saber.

The moment Xiao Chen spoke, the smile on Yi Ling’s face disappeared. Then, he jumped off the war chariot and formed a claw with his right hand, ferociously swiping at Xiao Chen.

In that instant, the golden light vanished. Black clouds covered the sky. A huge image appeared behind Yi Ling. This was the ghost Hou that Xiao Chen had seen in the past. However, there was something different; its aura seemed significantly weaker.

Under Yi Ling’s control, the huge claw of the ghost Hou image reached Xiao Chen in the next instant, like it wanted to tear Xiao Chen in half.

When the ghost Hou appeared, fear surged up in Xiao Chen’s heart, causing his physical body to stiffen. Unexpectedly, the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his dantian did not show any fear or timidity this time.

A dragon roar came from Xiao Chen’s dantian. Then, he shook his body, throwing off all the fear like smoke.

“So, that’s the reason. I was wondering what gave you the courage to be so arrogant before me. However, this time, you will be disappointed. I will cut off one of your arms first.”

The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, which had been strengthened by the tomb keeper, did not fear the might of the ghost Hou at all. In which case, Yi Ling was just an ordinary Great Perfection quasi-Emperor.


Xiao Chen drew his saber, and it shone with a bright light. The seventy-percent-comprehended lightning saber soul condensed, and a bloody light splattered everywhere as he chopped off Yi Ling’s arm.

Without the ghost Hou, Yi Ling was just a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor before Xiao Chen. There was a significant disparity in cultivation.

Right now, even without using the Cycle Banner, Xiao Chen could kill half-step Martial Emperors. What more a Great Perfection quasi-Emperor?

There were some people that one would fear greatly when uncertain of what their trump cards were. However, once the trump card was revealed, one would realize that this was all there was to it.

Just like earlier. Yi Ling was still very confidently challenging Xiao Chen to a big fight.

Coincidentally, the tomb keeper had strengthened the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. If that had not happened, the results of this match would be hard to predict, given the natural suppression of the ghost Hou on the Dragon Race.

If there was anything to blame, it could only be Yi Ling’s stroke of bad luck.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

IMDC, 仙武同修
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2008 Native Language: Chinese
Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!


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