Chapter 1249: Relationship with the Flame Rock Sovereign

As Xiao Chen entered silent meditation, all the roaring thunder and flashing lightning disappeared.

He hovered in the air, sitting cross-legged. His long hair fluttered behind him, moving with the wind and revealing his handsome and delicate countenance, which had a grave expression.

The White Robed Bladesman was as graceful as before.

“He is starting to meditate!”

“He really can endure. He actually managed to endure such self-torture for five days.”

“There seems to be only one day left to the time the Flame Rock Sovereign gave him.”

“He wants to meditate quietly with just one day left? That’s too difficult.”

After Xiao Chen entered into the state of silent meditation, all the roaring thunder and mysterious phenomena disappeared. Sunlight shone down again, looking like it was focusing on the hovering white-robed bladesman, making his extraordinary aura even more dignified.

Like the other cultivators, the thirteen Great Bandits of the Black Sea all looked at the healed Xiao Chen.

Now, Xiao Chen’s injuries had already recovered. Swallowing the Sage Grade Medicinal Pill from the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance had boosted his recovery ability to an incredible level.

On the surface, there was already no sign of any wound or blood.

Although the Clear Wind Robes was of a low rank, it boasted a self-cleaning capacity. Furthermore, it was a present from Liu Ruyue. Hence, even after Xiao Chen came to the Kunlun Realm and saw other stronger armor, he did not choose to change it.

“What a strong recovery ability of the physical body! It is more or less equal to that of the Golden Emperor Body of a First Heaven Martial Emperor.”

“Without such a strong physical body, this little fellow probably would not have dared to mess around like that. However, even if ordinary people had such a strong physical body, they would not have the determination to endure.”

“Actually, upon careful observation, this little fellow was not blindly torturing himself. He must have gained something with each round of testing.”

“However, the Flame Rock Sovereign gave him too little time. With only one day remaining for meditation, it will probably not be enough.”

The Great Bandits’ eyes were as bright as lamps. They saw everything much more clearly than the other cultivators. When they discussed, they did not bring in any emotions, merely stated objective facts.

When the Flame Rock Sovereign heard this, he smiled happily. “If he cannot comprehend it in ten days, I will naturally teach him my method. There is no need to accuse me of anything. Since you all look up to this little friend of mine, then how about passing him your consummate techniques as well? I guarantee that he will be able to comprehend them too.”

The other Great Bandits of the Black Sea immediately shut their mouths. What kind of joke was this? The consummate techniques of Sovereign Martial Emperors were secrets not passed on to just anyone. They even rarely passed down such things to their disciples, only to their relatives of the same bloodline. No one else would be as generous as the Flame Rock Sovereign.

“Flame Rock Sovereign, why are you doing this? How are you related to this little fellow?” the other Great Bandits asked in confusion.

The Flame Rock Sovereign smiled faintly and replied, “I have no relationship with him at all. However, when I was young, I received many graces and favors from his Item Spirit. You won’t understand even if I speak of it. Just keep on watching. If my little friend truly manages to succeed, let’s see where you old folks are going to hide your faces.”

“Haha! Flame Rock Sovereign, there is no need to continue wrangling. We will not argue with you first. We will have our answer if we keep watching.”

The Blood Shark Sovereign smiled faintly and continued watching with the other Great Bandits of the Black Sea.

Time passed slowly. Now that the thunder that roared nonstop and the lightning that flashed endlessly disappeared, the watching cultivators were all felt somewhat unaccustomed to their absence.

After Xiao Chen started meditating, there were a lot of discussions. However, after two hours, the place slowly turned quiet, silent without any sound.

The reason was simple. If the same topic continued to be discussed, everyone would eventually tire of it.

Everyone now just cast their gaze on Xiao Chen, who was silently sitting cross-legged in the air.

Time crept by. The sun set in the west and night fell.


Just at this moment—a moment when no one was prepared—Xiao Chen suddenly gave off a bright electric light from his body.

The intense bright light immediately turned the previously dark sky bright again, looking like the most intense sunlight of noon.

Xiao Chen, who was sitting cross-legged in the air, suddenly opened his eyes. The purple electric light coming from his body intensified.

The light was so dazzling that no one dared to look directly at it.

Xiao Chen slowly stood up in the air. A vast aura spread out together with his dominance of kingship.

“What a strong kingly aura,” the Blood Shark Sovereign could not help saying. Naturally, Xiao Chen’s aura was not worth mentioning to these Sovereign Martial Emperors.

However, the dominance of kingship in Xiao Chen’s aura could not be ignored.

Looking into the depths of it, one would be even more shocked to discover an aura hidden deeply behind the dominance of kingship.

That was the mysterious Heavenly Dao governing the Kunlun Realm. Now, Xiao Chen possessed such overwhelming Luck that it was even vaguely visible to the naked eye.

The many Sovereign Martial Emperors all had an envious cast in their eyes. Overwhelming Luck was something that every cultivator wanted to have but could not obtain.

“He succeeded?”

The Sovereign Martial Emperors were distracted for a moment at the sight of Xiao Chen’s overwhelming Luck behind him and were somewhat doubtful.

The ordinary cultivators could not see anything. They only felt Xiao Chen’s strong and horrifying aura and were more concerned about whether he succeeded or not.

They wanted to know whether Xiao Chen comprehended the Sharp Spirit Finger, the Flame Rock Sovereign’s consummate technique, which was not passed on to just anyone.

Soon, Xiao Chen used the most direct method to supply an answer.

Before everyone’s eyes, he stood in the air and suddenly pointed at the sky.

The intense electric light flickering on Xiao Chen’s body suddenly vanished as he pointed, not leaving anything behind. His body now looked plain and simple, spotless without any dirt on it.


In the next moment, intense thunder boomed in the air. The space of the entire Flame Rock castle started trembling without pause.

As the thunder roared, an Emperor’s Might flashed and disappeared on Xiao Chen’s body. As he pointed ferociously at the sky, a bona fide Emperor’s Might actually manifested.

When Xiao Chen withdrew his finger, a huge hole appeared in the sky. Black tears surrounded the hole, spreading out like spiderwebs.

This scene stunned the many cultivators. Tearing through space. This was something that only Martial Emperors could do. Xiao Chen really managed to comprehend the Sharp Spirit Finger.

How else could they explain a Consummation quasi-Emperor launching an attack rivaling that of a Martial Emperor?

Xiao Chen watched as the hole in the air slowly closed. After being still for three days, his face relaxed into a satisfied smile.

Although this strike was not comparable to that of the Cycle Banner’s peak strike, it was something that Xiao Chen launched using only the strength of his body, without the aid of any external objects.

Furthermore, compared to the side effects and dangerous aftereffects that peak strike of the Cycle Banner had, the Sharp Spirit Finger was much more practical.

“Many thanks for Senior Flame Rock Sovereign’s pointers. This junior managed to successfully comprehend his own Sharp Spirit Finger!”

Xiao Chen turned around in the air and bowed deeply to the Flame Rock Sovereign.

A smile filled the Flame Rock Sovereign’s face; he grinned from ear to ear among the group of Great Bandits. “You are too polite. I only pointed out the direction to you. For you to be able to comprehend the Sharp Spirit Finger in ten days, you could rely only on yourself.”

The shock on the faces of the other Great Bandits of the Black Sea was no lesser than that of the ordinary cultivators.

The Blood Shark Sovereign looked around thoughtfully. “After meditating for half a day, he managed to comprehend the Sharp Spirit Finger. It seems that he quickly figured most of it out during those five days of painful testing.”

Then, the Blood Shark Sovereign exchanged glances with the others, nodding slightly.

Since Xiao Chen could comprehend the Sharp Spirit Finger in ten days, it was no wonder he could sweep through all the outstanding talents of the entire Kunlun Continent and appear so brightly at the Heavenly Starry Ocean’s Four Seas Hero Gathering.

The descendants of these Great Bandits did not suffer an undeserved loss to this youth.

The Azure Emperor’s descendant truly lived up to his name.

When Xiao Chen saw the people beside the Flame Rock Sovereign, he found their presence somewhat strange. He had not expected his comprehension of the Sharp Spirit Finger to draw so many terrifying experts here.

However, this was not what Xiao Chen was concerned about right now. He wanted to test his Sharp Spirit Finger, to compare it to the Flame Rock Sovereign’s original Sharp Spirit Finger, to see which was stronger.

Xiao Chen looked at the Flame Rock Sovereign and said respectfully, “Ten days ago, Senior merely used one finger to make me admit my defeat willingly. Will you give this junior another chance?”

The moment Xiao Chen said that, he stirred up a huge commotion. This Xiao Chen was truly bold. He just comprehended the Sharp Spirit Finger, and he immediately challenged the Flame Rock Sovereign.

The Flame Rock Sovereign chortled and accepted happily, “I was just waiting for you to say so. I also want to see whether your Sharp Spirit Finger is up to par, whether it does my—the Flame Rock Sovereign’s—reputation justice.”

He laughed loudly and took up a stance in the air across Xiao Chen.

From the Flame Rock Sovereign’s posture, it looked like he really was getting ready to face Xiao Chen’s challenge. The other Great Bandits of the Black Sea all showed interested expressions.

It was really rare for a person to dare to compete with a senior right after comprehending the senior’s consummate technique like Xiao Chen did. He was truly bold enough.

“The rules are the same as ten days ago. You will use your cultivation as a Consummation quasi-Emperor, and I will use only the strength of a half-step Martial Emperor,” the Flame Rock Sovereign said while smiling widely.

The Flame Rock Sovereign did not care about his face or whether he won or lost. In fact, he hoped that Xiao Chen could defeat him.

Of course, this did not mean that the Flame Rock Sovereign would go easy. Rather, he would be even stricter.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Good, this time, I absolutely will not lose!”

“Haha! You will have to speak with your capabilities. You said the same thing last time,” the Flame Rock Sovereign laughed lightly. His mental state cultivation had already reached a high level.


Without saying anything more, the two made their moves at lightning speed before the eyes of all the cultivators present.

The Sharp Spirit Finger possessed extraordinary speed. If one took their time, trying to see what the other party’s openings were, and was slower by one step, one would lose.

Hence, the two attacked swiftly, somewhat too fast for the watching cultivators to react.

Everyone only saw two bright lights suddenly appearing in the dark night. The lights illuminated the entire place, making it look like the hottest, intense noon.

The auras seemed similar to each other. The only difference was in the detail and color—a rather huge difference.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

IMDC, 仙武同修
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2008 Native Language: Chinese
Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!


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