Chapter 1251, No Difference

“Good, this is the Blood Fusion Pill the Elders gave me, the one that helps us our Demon Blood Temple disciples purify our blood and assist in breaking through bottlenecks! Do you want it?” Deng Ning asked as a dangerous smile appeared on his face. Immediately after, he wound up and hurled the Blood Fusion Pill towards the Flowing Flame Sand Field while laughing wildly, “If you want it, go pick it up for yourselves! If you can, that is!”

He knew that there was no way he could keep this Blood Fusion Pill facing his two fellow Sect Brothers, so he decided to destroy it instead.

“Stop him!” Ye Yang Rong yelled, seemingly making a move to attack Deng Ning but stopping halfway and chasing after the Blood Fusion Pill.

An Zhi’s pulled a similar move and chased after the Blood Fusion Pill at the same time, the two’s goals at this surprisingly consistent.

However, Deng Ning had used his full strength to throw the Blood Fusion Pill, so it flew out extremely fast and in just a blink entered the dark red energy curtain covering the Flowing Flame Sand Field and disappeared. By the time Ye Yang Rong and An When Zhi began chasing after it, it was already too late.

For a time, both of them wore aggrieved looks on their faces before turning around and glaring angrily at Deng Ning. Murderous intent burst out and any trace of benign demeanour these two had a moment ago disappeared as they both wished to shred Deng Ning’s corpse into ten thousand pieces.

The Blood Fusion Pill had been thrown into the Flowing Flame Sand Field, so it was impossible to obtain it now. Even as Third-Order Saint Kings, neither of them had confidence they could enter this Forbidden Zone and survive. The Flowing Flame Sand Field was nothing less than a certain-death trap right now.

The moment Deng Ning threw the Blood Fusion Pill, he turned around and tried to escape; however, Ye Yang Rong soon let out a fierce shot and his body transformed into a blood cloud that rapidly overtook Deng Ning and engulfed him.

Inside this blood cloud, Evil Qi soared to the Heavens and the smell of blood was stifling.

In the next instant, Deng Ning let out a terrified shout, “Demon Blood Body! Since when did you cultivate this skill?”

He seemed to have been shocked by the method Ye Yang Rong displayed and in the next moment, fierce sounds of battle and Deng Ning’s stuffy snorts could be heard coming from the blood cloud.

Ye Yang Rong’s sneering voice soon sounded, “Senior Brother isn’t very talented, he actually began cultivating this skill over three years ago and only recently managed to master it. Now is actually the first time anyone has seen me use it. Junior Brother Deng, let’s see where you run this time!”

After saying so, he shouted, “Junior Brother An, go kill that other bastard then come help me. The Blood Fusion Pill is gone, but as far as I know, Junior Brother Deng also managed to obtain the Demon Blood Thread technique’s cultivation manual. If you want it, you’d best act quickly.”

Originally, when Ye Yang Rong transformed into a blood cloud and enveloped Deng Ning, An Zhi’s expression became heavy. He had never anticipated that his Senior Brother Ye had hidden his skills so deeply, actually not exposing a technique this powerful for three years. Fear had filled An Zhi’s face.

Now that the Blood Fusion Pill was gone, An Zhi had considered withdrawing; after all, even if he teamed up with Ye Yang Rong to kill Deng Ning, he wouldn’t obtain much benefit.

But now that he knew Deng Ning actually had Demon Blood Thread cultivation method on him, he became quite excited, but he still hesitated to act.

How could Ye Yang Rong not understand what An Zhi was worried about though? Realizing this, Ye Yang Rong shouted loudly, “Junior Brother An, Senior Brother’s Demon Blood Body consumes a massive amount of Saint Qi but is still only able to deal with Junior Brother Deng reluctantly, so there’s no need for you to worry I will betray you afterwards. I know Junior Brother An’s means, Senior Brother won’t do anything to embarrass himself.”

An Zhi pondered sullenly for a while before finally making a decision, his fluctuation expression becoming firm as he nodded, “Good, then Junior Brother will join forces with Senior Brother once more!”

Saying so, he turned around and stared at Yang Kai coldly.

At that moment, a flash of red light rushed out from the Flowing Flame Sand Field and disappeared into Yang Kai’s robes, causing An Zhi who saw this scene to frown slightly, “What was that?”

“Nothing,” Yang Kai sighed before asking, “If I were to say I have nothing to do with your Junior Brother and am not a helper he asked to meet here, would you believe me?”

“What do you think?” An Zhi snorted coldly.

“If it was me, I wouldn’t believe it,” Yang Kai said helplessly. Forget about Deng Ning showing a happy expression when he first saw him, as if two of them knew each other, although this was the periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, it was still extremely hot and barren, so Yang Kai just appearing here for no reason was incredibly suspicious. If he wasn’t a helper Deng Ning arranged for earlier, would he have appeared in such a remote place?”

No one was willing to get close to the Flowing Flame Sand Field except for when it was open.

This time, if Ye Yang Rong and An Zhi hadn’t been chasing Deng Ning, how could they have come to this place? Deng Ning also had no way out which was why he decided to come here, hoping he could lose his Senior Brothers here. How could he have known that the Blood Fusion Pill was too tempting to them, causing them to be relentless in their pursuit?

Yang Kai getting involved in this dispute was just bad luck.

“Are you going to kill yourself or do you want me to do it?” An Zhi didn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes at all, glancing over at the battle in the blood cloud nearby as he spoke. He wasn’t in a hurry to fight Yang Kai, as the longer he delayed, and the more intense the other battle became, the better things were for him. If possible, An Zhi hoped that Deng Ning and Ye Yang Rong could both cause heavy losses to each other so he could fish all the advantages for himself.

“What’s the difference?” Yang Kai grinned, not showing any fear.

“There’s a big difference. If you do it yourself, you can die happy, but if you ask me to do it… heh heh.”

“I don’t think there’s a difference.” Yang Kai shook his head slowly, a sneer creeping onto his face as he said lightly, “No matter what, you’ll be the one to die!”

An Zhi gawked for a moment, but upon understanding what Yang Kai said, his expression suddenly became sullen as he spat, “You’re tone isn’t small, no wonder Deng Ning asked you for help. Good, let’s see how you make me die!”

As he spoke, blood seemed to flow out from his body and his originally plain aura took on the scent of iron.

Yang Kai frowned slightly. Although he hadn’t dealt with anyone from Demon Blood Temple before, from what he could sense of Ye Yang Rong and this An Zhi’s auras, he could tell they both cultivated evil Secret Arts. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have possessed such malevolent auras.

When one cultivated this kind of aura to the extreme, simply releasing it when facing an enemy would be enough to intimidate them. Those who had weak wills would also be affected by this Evil Qi and malevolent aura, causing their fighting spirit to dampen, giving its user an edge in combat.

But likewise, this kind of Evil Qi was easily restrained. As long as one had powerful enough Yang Attribute Saint Qi, they could suppress it.

The Unyielding Golden Skeleton in Yang Kai’s body previously stored this kind of evil power, so he was naturally quite familiar with it.

After An Zhi released his aura, he didn’t immediately take action but instead stared at Yang Kai with great interest, as if he was hoping to see this boy cower in fear under the influence of his Evil Qi.

The other party’s cultivation was lower than his own by a Minor realm, so naturally An Zhi had full confidence in suppressing Yang Kai, and once the latter lost the will to resist, he could spend his time torturing him.

Unexpectedly though, after releasing his Evil Qi and projecting his malevolent aura towards this youth, far from showing fear, a look of disdain actually appeared on his face. An Zhi had never encountered anything like this before and it greatly stunned him, pulling a nod from him in the next moment, “Good good good, seems you have some skill after all. I underestimated you.”

As he spoke, he took back his imposing manner and transformed the blood which was leaking from all over his body into a kind of crimson mist. This blood mist twisted and morphed into a giant palm which rapidly thrust towards Yang Kai.

Asura Blood Hand!

This was one of Demon Blood Temple’s Secret Techniques and could only be cultivated by Demon Blood Temple cultivators. Although its power wasn’t overwhelming, the evil aura contained within this blood mist was strange and unpredictable, causing an enemy’s blood to boil if they became contaminated with it, an incredibly painful experience.

All the secret techniques of Demon Blood Temple generally had such an effect, so on Shadowed Star, most people who encountered Demon Blood Temple cultivators would try to avoid fighting them because doing so would generally mean having to suffer quite a bit regardless of if they won or lost.

At the same time as the Asura Blood Hand was launched, An Zhi lifted his hands and shot out ten blood red light darts from his fingers that stealthily followed behind the blood hand to act as a sneak attack.

He didn’t believe he could kill Yang Kai with just a casual blow as, judging from the other party’s performance just now, he wasn’t weak. As such, An Zhi was using this attack as a way to probe Yang Kai’s depths.

As the bloody hand flew towards him, Yang Kai simply punched out, sending out a black flame fist that radiated a scorching hot aura.

The instant the two attacks met, the bloody hand melted like snow under the hot sun. The bloody hand was instantly broken by the black flames, and even its crimson light was smothered by darkness. The blood darts which followed behind this Asura Blood Hand suffered the same fate as they harmlessly impacted on several Grand Heavenly Shields Yang Kai had condensed around himself.

Witnessing this, An Zhi wore a dull look of shock and quickly realized that the combat power of this Second-Order Saint King wasn’t inferior to his in the slightest. Not daring to underestimate his opponent again, An Zhi summoned a blood-red axe into his hand. This axe was oddly shaped, appearing like a cross between a hatchet and a machete. Its whole body was blood red in colour and it gave off a potent Evil aura.

Lifting this axe, An Zhi released his aura completely and slashed out ruthlessly.

A blood red ray blasted out from the axe, morphing into a flying blade that rushed towards Yang Kai. Immediately after, An Zhi slashed again, then again, sending out one blood red blade after another. In an instant, a storm of red blades were ferociously descending upon Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly as he realized that his opponent was going all out. Not intending to underestimate his enemy, Yang Kai directly summoned his purple shield to defend himself.

Although the purple shield’s spirituality had suffered significant damage during his fight with the Artifact Spirit and Yang Kai was unable to summon a sandstorm with it, its defensive strength hadn’t been impacted greatly.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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