Chapter 1254, Demon Blood City

Hearing Yang Kai ask about Heavenly Fate City, Deng Ning apparently misunderstood and thought he was a disciple of Shadow Moon Hall. Yang Kai didn’t bother to correct him.

After some small flattery, Deng Ning remarked, “Heavenly Fate City is quite far away from here. If you fly by Star Shuttle, it will take you at least half a year to arrive.”

“So far away!” Yang Kai frowned. He knew that Shadowed Star itself was massive because he had once sent a drop of Golden Blood to circle the star, but even at its ridiculous travel speed it had still taken quite some time. However, taking six months to fly back to Heavenly Fate City from here was something Yang Kai wasn’t willing to do.

Six months was enough time to do many things.

Seeing the expression on Yang Kai’s face, Deng Ning went silent for a moment, but after a brief struggle, he grit his teeth and said, “If you use the Space Array in Demon Blood City about ten thousand kilometres from here, it will save you a lot of time. Demon Blood City’s Space Array isn’t directly connected to Heavenly Fate City’s, but it can teleport you to a place called Bluestone City, which is under the jurisdiction of Grand Fire Temple. From Bluestone City to Heavenly Fate City, it’s only about a month’s journey. Of course, if Brother Yang knows a Core Disciple of Grand Fire Temple who can act as a guarantor, you should be able to use Bluestone City’s Space Array to directly transfer to Heavenly Fate City.”

“Demon Blood City’s Space Array is connected to Bluestone City’s?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“Yes, because Demon Blood Temple does a lot of trade with Grand Fire Temple, the disciples from the two Sects are quite familiar with one another and often cooperate on excursions or in cultivation,” Deng Ning explained with a smile, inquiring right after, “If Brother Yang wants, you can accompany me to Demon Blood City. This Deng is also a Core Disciple of Demon Blood Temple, so it won’t be a problem to allow you to use the Space Array.”

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised and secretly felt that allowing Deng to live was the right choice as he had some use. On his face though, Yang Kai maintained an indifferent expression as he asked, “What’s the cost of using your Space Array?”

Deng Ning quickly waved his hand, “Brother Yang doesn’t need to worry about that. This time, it was thanks to Brother Yang that I was able to survive. This Deng was worried about how to repay Brother Yang for this grace, but now that there’s an opportunity to do so, what does such a small cost count for? Not to mention, using the Space Array only costs some Saint Crystals, it’s really not a problem. If Brother Yang intends to travel through Demon Blood City, this Deng will be glad to cover the expense.”

Deng Ning thumped his chest as he made this guarantee. It seemed that Yang Kai killing An Zhi and helping him kill Ye Yang Rong had made Deng Ning want to establish a friendly relationship with him, so the offer he made just now was without an pretentiousness.

Yang Kai pondered for a while, knowing that if it wasn’t on orders from a Sect Elder or for some kind of mission, disciples of a Sect wouldn’t be able to use their Space Array for just some Saint Crystals. There were definitely other costs involved, but since the other party had already made the offer, Yang Kai saw no reason to refuse, smiling and nodding, “Then I shall trouble Brother Deng.”

“Brother Yang is too polite!” Deng Ning saw Yang Kai’s attitude towards him change, causing his mood to lift greatly. He felt he was not suffering a loss in this deal. Not only was he able to return this life-saving favour, he had even profited a bit.

“Brother Yang, please wait a moment, I’ll go process that shameless bastard’s body first,” Deng Ning said before hurrying off.

After killing, it was natural to destroy the corpse. This kind of thing was something Yang Kai was also familiar with so he didn’t say much; however, after Deng Ning left, Yang Kai reached into his robes stealthily.

Nestled in his chest was the tiny Artifact Refining Furnace, but now, inside of it was a red pill that radiated a potent Blood Qi.

It was the Blood Fusion Pill that Deng Ning threw into the Flowing Flame Sand Field!

Yang Kai was naturally curious about what these three Saint King brothers from Demon Blood Temple were fighting over, so when Deng Ning threw the Blood Fusion Pill away, Yang Kai immediately let the Artifact Spirit quietly go retrieve it.

No one being able to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field when it was closed didn’t mean the Artifact Spirit couldn’t. This Artifact Spirit was born from the pure Fire Attribute energy of the Earth Lung Fire Pond and had been absorbing that very energy for tens of thousands of years, so how could it care about the heat of the Flowing Flame Sand Field?

The red streak An Zhi saw flying into Yang Kai’s chest was naturally the Artifact Spirit returning after it succeeded.

Although he hadn’t checked it carefully, just from the intense Blood Qi this Blood Fusion Pill gave off, refining it must have involved something similar to a blood sacrifice. Yang Kai’s theory was supported by the strong evil aura this pill gave off and it was obviously that only Demon Blood Temple disciples would have much use for it. This malevolent aura wouldn’t harm Demon Blood Temple disciples but instead would be helpful to their cultivation.

Yang Kai asking the Artifact Spirit to retrieve it was simply in accordance with his Alchemic curiosity, he had no others thoughts that pure curiosity.

Just as Yang Kai was pondering over this pill, Deng Ning rushed over to Ye Yang Rong’s body. Rather than directly destroying this corpse like Yang Kai imagined, however, Deng Ning sat down cross-legged with a delighted look upon his face. Beside this corpse, Deng Ning formed a series of hand seal and used some kind of secret technique that caused a series of howls and shrieks to ring out while Blood Qi rose sharply.

About half an hour later, Ye Yang Rong’s body had become nothing more than bleached bones while in Deng Ning’s hand there was a red pill similar to the Blood Fusion Pill. Deng Ning stared at this pill with great satisfaction before storing it away in his Space Ring, smiling happily as if he had obtained a treasure before smashing the leftover bones.

He then collected Ye Yang Rong and An Zhi’s Space Rings before walking back over to Yang Kai.

When he saw the strange look on Yang Kai’s face, Deng Ning smiled and explained, “I’ve shown Brother Yang something embarrassing. I won’t lie, for Demon Blood Temple’s disciples, fellow Sect Brothers are also living cultivation materials. It’s another reason why the internal fights never stop.”

Yang Kai stroked his chin and said, “So I destroyed a potential pill like that?”

He had exploded An Zhi’s body, so obviously Deng Ning couldn’t refine the corpse into a pill.

“It’s not important, this Deng is already very satisfied with his current harvest. Although the Sect encourages internal fighting, killing another disciple in the same realm is extremely difficult and dangerous. There are countless disciples who die when they attempt to kill another, so even if Sect encourages it, most won’t easily try to find trouble with others.” Deng Ning didn’t dare bother Yang Kai with the details so he quickly changed the subject, “These are the Space Rings of my two Senior Brothers; there should be some good things in them, but most are probably useless for Brother Yang. However, there are a few hundred thousand Saint Crystals.”

Yang Kai glanced at him and waved, “No need, you can keep those two Space Rings for yourself. Just consider it payment for helping me use your Demon Blood City’s Space Array.”

With Deng Ning’s intentionally reminding him that the things in these Space Rings were useless to him, how could Yang Kai not know what he was thinking? A couple hundred thousand Saint Crystals were nothing to Yang Kai, so he didn’t mind giving them to Deng Ning.

Sure enough, Deng Ning was overjoyed and, after trying to humbly decline a few times, he eventually agreed, happily wearing the two Space Rings on his hand, seemingly not minding if anyone knew he had killed two of his Sect Brothers.

Finished here, Deng Ning and Yang Kai summoned their Star Shuttles and flew towards Demon Blood City.

Along the way, Deng Ning deliberately talked to Yang Kai, trying to probe what his position in Shadow Moon Hall was, but Yang Kai never let anything slip.

It didn’t take much for Yang Kai to change the subject.

After some conversation, Yang Kai finally understood why when he saw Deng Ning in the Flowing Flame Sand Field he felt like he had heard his voice before.

It turned out that both of them had participated in the Treasure Trove Pavilion auction held in Heavenly Fate City before the opening of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. At that time, Deng Ning had bid on behalf of the Demon Blood Sect Elders several times.

When the topic of the grand auction came up, Deng Ning prattled on endlessly about the rare treasures which had appeared with a longing expression upon his face. Little did he know that most of those treasures were things Yang Kai had brought to auction.

Time passed quickly as the two chatted and soon, a magnificent city appeared in Yang Kai’s vision.

Deng Ning took the initiative to introduce Yang Kai and told him that Demon Blood City was located about a thousand kilometre s away from the mountain range where Demon Blood Temple was situated. Although Demon Blood Temple itself was an evil Sect, cultivators from all over Shadowed Star came and went through Demon Blood City, so it appeared very lively on the surface, not any different from other major cities.

The only noticeable difference was that many cultivators walking in the city had malevolent auras about them.

Sure enough, after entering Demon Blood City, Yang Kai noticed many such people, most of them wearing cold, indifferent looks and emitting gloomy auras from their bodies. When anyone else saw these cultivators, they would busy themselves with their own business, doing their best to avoid them.

In Demon Blood City, there were many shops and prosperous businesses. Many other forces had their own industries here, first to facilitate communication with Demon Blood Temple, and second to inquire about news from this region.

Deng Ning took Yang Kai into Demon Blood City and guided him along the wide streets in a familiar way, constantly introducing him to the local sights and customs in a warm and sociable manner.

After walking for half a day, the two arrived at a massive palace.

“We’re here. Demon Blood City’s Space Array is inside,” Deng Ning stopped and pointed to the front.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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