Chapter 1260, Arrangemen

As for the spirit grasses and spirit medicines Yang Kai collected in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, such as the Emerald Silk Grasses, Purple Fine Jade Fruits, Golden Sun Fruits, and other herbs which could be used for Alchemy. Naturally, he wouldn’t give them to Yang Yan.

Yang Kai kept the Red Candle Fruit, Red Candle Stalk, Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree, Golden Sun Fruit Tree, Ten Thousand Year Incense, and a number of other rare items as he had his own plans for them.

After receiving so many materials, Yang Yan happily left. With her talent and skill, along with so many treasures, she could let loose and refine whatever she wanted. Before leaving though, she handed Yang Kai a big token.

On this token were numerous profound seals and patterns.

With the help of this token, Yang Kai could freely enter and exit his cave mansion as well as open the independent barrier around the cave. Once this barrier was opened, no one in Dragon Cave Mountain would be able to access this cave mansion except for Yang Kai. Even Yang Yan wouldn’t be able to come in unless she broke the Spirit Array.

Yang Kai was very satisfied with this. Yang Yan had obviously taken his privacy into account and had used many methods to create a Restricted Area for him.

Yang Kai had no intention to live in one of the newly built houses outside as this stone mansion was much more in line with his preferences. Perhaps this was because he had once dug his own cave mansion into the walls of the Coiling Dragon Stream back in High Heaven Pavilion. For his own dwelling, Yang Kai quite liked this kind of cave mansion; it was quiet and somewhat lonely, but that just made it well suited to sitting in meditation by himself.

Yang Yan had paid great attention to the layout of this cave mansion. This place had the most barriers and Spirit Arrays of any location in Dragon Cave Mountain and also possessed the most rigorous defence. The World Energy aura here was also the strongest. When Yang Kai first returned and tried to explore Dragon Cave Mountain with his Divine Sense, this cave mansion was one of the locations he couldn’t read anything from.

After Yang Yan left, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in place, lost in thought for a while. He had already noticed that not just Yang Yan, but also Wu Yi, Yu Feng, Chang Qi, Hao An, and the several dozen former Hai Ke Family disciples had come to regard this place as their own home and had put in a great amount of care to build it up.

Yang Kai appreciated such sentiments.

After pondering for a while, he took out his Alchemy furnace, the Emerald Silk Grasses, and some other herbs to refine several Origin Condensing Pills. Perhaps because the trip to the Flowing Flame Sand Field had made him grow a lot, this time it was much easier for Yang Kai to refine the Origin Condensing Pills. Among the ones he refined, more than half had formed Pill Veins.

These Origin Condensing Pills were naturally for Chang Qi and Hao An. Both of them had been stuck at the bottleneck of the Third-Order Saint King Realm for so many years, so with an Origin Condensing Pill, they should be able to break through to the Origin Returning Realm.

However, after he finished refining these pills, Yang Kai didn’t rush to deliver them but instead began to arrange his own cave mansion.

In one of the stone rooms, Yang Kai used a large number of Saint Crystals and even his Myriad Drug Liquid to create a place with an extremely dense World Energy. The aura in the cave mansion was already quite good, and with the addition of these Saint Crystals and the Myriad Drug Liquid, it quickly rose to an incredible level.

Inside this stone room, Yang Kai opened a small medicine garden and carefully took out the Red Candle Stalk, planting it in a diluted pool of Myriad Drug Liquid. He believed that with so much spirit water and World Energy, the Red Candle Stalk, with is extremely tenacious vitality, would not wither.

After this was done, Yang Kai took out the small piece of Red Candle Fruit. Although this small piece of Red Candle Fruit had lost much of its value and could not be restored, Yang Kai still carefully placed it atop the Red Candle Stalk, thinking that since the two were connected to one another, the Red Candle Fruit would be able to maintain and possibly even strengthen its medicinal efficacy.

Yang Kai could not use the Red Candle Fruit now, nor could he use it to refine a pill, but that did not mean he could not need it in the future.

After finishing this, Yang Kai used the token Yang Yan gave him to open all the barriers in this particular stone chamber. A light curtain appeared quickly, then began rippling, causing everything inside the stone room to disappear, concealing all trace of the spirit liquid pool made from diluted Myriad Drug Liquid, the Red Candle Stalk, and the Red Candle Fruit. Even using Divine Sense there was no way to tell anything was here.

There was nothing out of the ordinary about this place now except for an abnormally rich World Energy aura.

Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, and after completely sealing off this stone room, he moved to the next one to make further arrangements.

In the second stone room, he took out the Ten Thousand Year Incense and incense burner from the sixth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field and placed it the centre of the chamber. In a flash, the whole stone room was filled with a faint yet clear fragrance. As soon as this fragrance reached his nose, Yang Kai suddenly felt calm, as if all his troubles and worries had disappeared Even his Knowledge Sea became calm and peaceful, like an ancient well.

The effects of the Ten Thousand Year Incense were worthy of their reputation. Meditating while inhaling this scent for a long time would undoubtedly be extremely helpful to anyone.

Using the token in his hand, Yang Kai sealed off this second stone room completely as well.

The Ten Thousand Year Incense’s scent could drift about inside the cave mansion for now, but Yang Kai was certain Yang Yan could think up some way to let it permeate throughout Dragon Cave Mountain, allowing all the cultivators who lived here to benefit from it at any time.

Keeping this matter in mind, Yang Kai went to the third stone room.

A moment later, he placed the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree inside the third stone room. In this way, as long as someone entered retreat in this stone room, they could use the mysterious aura released by the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree to spy on the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, assisting them in breaking through their bottlenecks.

With the Origin Condensing Pills and the Ten Thousand Year Incense as auxiliaries, Chang Qi and Hao An may not even be able to take advantage of the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree’s effects.

After finishing all this, Yang Kai walked to an isolate stone room where he found a strange rock full of holes.

This strange stone was the Profound Insect Stone that Yang Kai spent many Saint Crystals to win at the last auction.

After purchasing it, Yang Kai had put his Soul Devouring Insects into it. Yang Yan had said that the Profound Insect Stone was perfectly suited to growing Exotic Insects. Before departing for the Flowing Flame Sand field, Yang Kai had told Yang Yan to not let anyone near this Profound Insect Stone, and sure enough, it was lying quietly in the corner he had left it.

Under the investigation of his Divine Sense, Yang Kai found tens of thousands of tiny Soul Devouring Insects, invisible to the naked eye, sleeping peacefully inside the Profound Insect Stone.

The inside of the Profound Insect Stone also seemed to have been hollowed out greatly.

The Soul Devouring Insects were still growing and evolving, so they were temporarily unavailable to Yang Kai. They would only become active again after the Profound Insect Stones disappeared completely.

The Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was also evolving, so the Soul Devouring Insects didn’t have a place to stay anyways. As such, Yang Kai wasn’t in a hurry to wake them up.

Yang Kai had great expectations for the evolution of the Soul Devouring Insects. He didn’t know what kind of change they would undergo after their evolution. After observing for a while, Yang Kai picked up the Profound Insect Stone and placed it in the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree’s stone room.

Leaving his cave mansion, Yang Kai called over Chang Qi and Hao An and handed each of them an Origin Condensing Pill before telling them to pick a free stone chamber to enter retreat.

Yang Kai believed that it wouldn’t be long before Dragon Cave Mountain had its first two Origin Returning Realm masters.

Although they would only be First-Order, they would still be Origin Realm masters. When Yang Kai went out in the future, the two of them could coordinate with all the profound Spirit Arrays here to ensure Dragon Cave Mountain’s safety.

Over the next few days, Yang Kai kept himself busy. No one knew what he was up to, but soon, all of them were surprised to find that a Golden Sun Fruit Tree had suddenly appeared in Dragon Cave Mountain. Although there was no ripe fruit on this tree, it was no doubt a high-grade Spirit Fruit Tree. In addition to brightening the scenery around Dragon Cave Mountain, it also gave everyone something to look forward to in the future.

Regarding the transplanting of the Golden Sun Fruit Tree, Yang Kai was given a long and harsh lecture by Yang Yan. After listening to her scoldings, Yang Kai realized that he had been far too naive before.

The requirements for the Golden Sun Fruit Tree’s growth environment were extremely harsh. If Yang Kai hadn’t possessed a treasure like his Black Book Space, he would definitely not have been able to take it out of the Flowing Flame Sand Field as it would have already died inside any Space Ring he tried to use. Even though it had now been replanted here, the chances this Golden Sun Fruit Tree would survive was less than thirty percent. Yang Yan spent a lot of effort to arrange a number of Spirit Arrays to gather and transform the surrounding World Energy for it to use, but even so, whether it would be able to live or not was questionable.

However, it was the changes the Blood Sword Grass seed underwent that shocked Yang Kai and Yang Yan the most.

Originally, Yang Yan had taken the Blood Sword Grass seed and found a suitable place to casually plant it. Because she didn’t provide it with any fresh blood or flesh, she didn’t expect it to germinate or grow immediately so she hadn’t paid too much attention to it. As long as some overconfident fool dared to attack Dragon Cave Mountain and was injured or died near this Blood Sword Grass seed, it could absorb the vital energy of those people, break through the ground, and hit the enemy by surprise.

On a whim though, Yang Kai dropped a drop of Golden Blood onto the spot where the Blood Sword Grass seed had been planted.

The result was in the blink of an eye, the Blood Sword Grass seed germinated and rapidly grew, reaching nearly thirty metres in height before stopping. This wasn’t the end though, as all around the primary Blood Sword Grass stalk, a great forest of them also began sprouting. These offshoots weren’t as tall as their parent, but many still reached almost ten metres in height.

In less than half an hour, centred on the position where the Blood Sword Grass seed was planted, a thousand-metre radius had been covered in sword-like grasses. Yang Yan screamed and her beautiful face discoloured when she saw this.

What’s more though was that these Blood Sword Grasses weren’t the same as the ones Yang Kai encountered before. They weren’t blood red anymore but instead had a faint reddish-gold colour to them, making them particularly eye-catching.

This change not only left Yang Yan dumbfounded, but Yang Kai as well.

He hadn’t expected that a single drop of his Golden Blood would cause the Blood Sword Grasses to undergo such a big change. The only reason he had fed it a drop like this was because he thought it might have some small effect.

But instead, it had nearly caused several of the cultivators who had been wandering about nearby to fall into grave danger. Fortunately, Yang Kai was able to rescue these helpless Hai Ke Family cultivators before they were cut down by the Blood Sword Grass.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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