Chapter 872: Body like a Saber

The others already moved to the sides in the big hall, freeing up a wide area for Xiao Chen and Jin Lin.

Jin Lin looked at Xiao Chen, a person who was extremely famous two years ago. Aside from being nervous, he felt very excited. A fervent flame burned his eyes.

After standing in position, Jin Lin asked somewhat unhappily, “Senior Brother Xiao Chen, do you really look down on me that much? You are not even drawing your saber.”

Xiao Chen smiled and replied, “Just draw your saber. You will get to see my saber later.”

“Pretentious,” Jin Lin muttered to himself. He grasped his saber’s hilt with his broad hands and immediately drew the scarlet saber. He glared furiously at Xiao Chen and shouted a warcry. A wave of blood surged up.

He pushed off the ground and soared into the air. It was like he was riding a gushing bloody wave.

This was the Blood Wave Saber Technique that Jin Lin excelled at, which produced wave after wave, each higher than the one before. Back then, Feng Xingsheng had been voluble with praise for his Blood Wave Saber Technique, saying that in less than five years, Jin Lin would be able to have a proper match with him.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. Suddenly, a resonant saber hum resounded, like a treasured saber unsheathing. The clear, sharp, and crisp sound also contained a sovereign overlord’s aura.

Someone familiar with Xiao Chen would know that this was the aura of his sovereign overlord bloodline. He had altered it and infused it into his newly comprehended saber Dao.

Jin Lin thought he was seeing things. He had distinctly seen a saber already, so why did he hear a saber being unsheathed just now? A cool breeze blew, and Xiao Chen brushed by him at lightning speed.

“Pu xi!” Jin Lin discovered that his protective Heavenly Sage Laws had been penetrated and an eye-catching saber mark appeared on the chest of his Battle Armor. His chest felt somewhat cool. This saber had pierced his Battle Armor, but it did not leave any mark on him.

This startled Jin Lin, causing him to suspend his attack abruptly. He turned around together with a large wave and found Xiao Chen, who had circled behind him, sending a kick at him.

However, the impression Xiao Chen gave Jin Lin was more like a strand of saber light. It hacked from top to bottom. There was a boundless saber intent, and the hum of a treasured saber filled the air. Jin Lin could not even keep a firm grip on the scarlet saber in his hand.

By the time Jin Lin swung his saber to block, it was already too late. This time, the kick easily tore apart his Heavenly Sage Law protection and left a clear saber mark on the left shoulder of his Battle Armor.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

This is too strange! Jin Lin quickly withdrew, wanting to familiarize himself with Xiao Chen’s attack patterns first. After that, he would think of countermeasures. The blood waves surged below his feet as he moved backwards.

However, Xiao Chen chased after Jin Lin tightly. His figure flashed, and exceptional saber blades appeared everywhere. The resonant buzz of sabers never stopped. Their movements were as fluid as water, pleasing to the eyes and heart. However, a murderous intent pervaded the place.

After ten moves, Jin Lin’s Battle Armor had suffered too many holes. “Huang dang!” It shattered into pieces.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed. He tilted his body and launched himself at Jin Lin. Using his body as a large saber with his shoulder as the tip, he sliced from top to bottom.

“Bang!” Xiao Chen easily cut the interwoven Heavenly Sage Laws protecting Jin Lin in front. The mysterious phenomenon materialized by the Blood Wave Saber Technique shattered completely. Jin Lin paled and fell to his knees on the ground.

As Jin Lin collapsed, Xiao Chen stood across him and silently glared at him.

The look pierced through space, and a vague saber soul with the immortal will of thunder fired out through Xiao Chen’s eyes. In that instant, Jin Lin felt like countless powerful treasured sabers flew at him, instantly piercing him full of holes; he died without an intact corpse.

Suddenly, Jin Lin stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. He frantically patted his body all over. When he realized that his body was fine, he said distractedly, “Didn’t I die? How am I still alive?”

The scene was comical. The others had simply seen Jin Lin standing properly. Then, he had stumbled a few steps back and fallen over before muttering that he was dead. The other nineteen disciples all started laughing.

Jin Lin recovered his senses and thought back to Xiao Chen’s final glare. At that time, he really thought he had died. That feeling of death simply felt too real.

This is outrageous! Unimaginable! Freakish! Jin Lin stood up and looked at Xiao Chen. He felt that the other party was incomprehensible, entirely unfathomable.

“I concede defeat wholeheartedly. Jin Lin’s Saber Techniques are indeed not worth mentioning.” After that, Jin Lin performed a cupped-fist salute and avoided Xiao Chen’s eyes.

In that final glare, aside from the vague form of the saber soul and the immortal will of thunder, Xiao Chen also used some tricks he learned from the Azure Emperor’s Drawing the Saber painting. After studying that painting for so long, he managed to gain some things off it.

He incorporated some of these tricks into a saber formed from his thoughts and comprehensions. After this move reached Great Perfection, it might be possible for him to kill someone with just a glare.

Xiao Chen’s original intent was not to intimidate Jin Lin. Seeing Jin Lin’s current appearance, he had already achieved his objective. He said, “You are already someone who died once. You can carefully comprehend that final glare; you might be able to gain something from it.”

Jin Lin remained silent, entering deep thought, and pondered Xiao Chen’s words.

At the right moment, Han Qinghe smiled and said, “Is there anyone who is not convinced yet? Feel free to challenge your Senior Brother Xiao Chen in Saber Techniques.”

All the other disciples shook their heads. After seeing Jin Lin’s end, no one dared to oppose Xiao Chen anymore.

Han Qinghe smiled in satisfaction and walked over to Xiao Chen. He said apologetically, “Xiao Chen, these are extraordinary times. The King Grade warships are all headed towards the Starry Heaven Silver Lake. I am really unable to take out a King Grade warship. I have a strengthened Sage Grade warship here. It should still be able to travel in the starry heavens.”

“There’s no need. I happen to have a King Grade warship.”

Xiao Chen opened his mouth and spat out an awe-inspiring King Grade warship with Azure Dragons carved on it. It gave off a vast, boundless kingly aura as it hovered in the sky.

“The Dragon’s Gate’s warship!”

“It really is the Dragon’s Gate’s warship. Rumor says that the Azure Emperor forged it personally. The Blessed Light Ship is a dragon among the King Grade warships. Short of an Emperor Grade warship, it is the strongest.”

“If we take the Dragon’s Gate’s warship, we will definitely go and return safely for sure. Back then, the Dragon’s Gate moved unhindered everywhere.”

When the disciples saw the Dragon’s Gate’s warship appear, they exclaimed in excitement. Without needing Han Qinghe to say anything, they immediately leaped aboard, sizing up the warship enthusiastically.

Seeing that the disciples in high spirits, Han Qinghe smiled somewhat helplessly. He said to Xiao Chen, I’ll leave these juniors to you, then. I’ll wait here at Supreme Sky Star for your good news.”

“See you later!”

Xiao Chen leaped gently and landed on the Dragon’s Gate’s warship. He waved his hand, and the eighteen sails covered with talisman scripts rose up.

In the blink of an eye, the Dragon’s Gate’s warship soared into the clouds, taking the group of thrilled disciples into the infinite starry heavens.

The cosmos was vast and boundless. Using the Kunlun Continent as the center, a cultivator would find it so large that its limits stretched beyond sight. Without comprehending the Dao of space-time, even a quasi-Emperor would not be able to fly out.

There were countless stars and many different types. However, the resources stars discovered by the various factions of the Kunlun Realm were few.

Even a strong faction like the Martial God Palace controlled no more than ten of such resource stars in the vicinity of the Kunlun Continent.

Every resource star contained enormous wealth. There were all sorts of rare ores and countless Spirit Veins, providing the Martial God Palace with bountiful resources every year. Only then could the Martial God Palace distribute them to the various human sects of the Tianwu Domain.

With only ten resource stars, losing even a single one would be a serious problem.

Massive chaos had broken out. The upper echelons of the five major races purposely brought away all the grandmaster-level Martial Sages, quasi-Emperors, and Martial Emperors from the resource stars.

For the sake of creating a cruel battlefield, the Martial God Palace had already lost two resource stars in the chaos. Now, a third resource star, called Dragon Wood Star, was in danger.

Oceans covered the surface of Dragon Wood Star. Islands dotted the vast ocean like stars in the sky.

In this ocean world, controlling the island meant controlling the surrounding seas. No matter whether it was the plants at the bottom of the sea, the deep sea ore veins, or the mines on the island, they all needed an island as a base of operations.

Thus, the competition for the islands became crucial.

A majestic city had been established on the largest island of Dragon Wood Star. There were millions of people in the city, which looked no different from a regular city in the Kunlun Continent.

The only difference was that there were only helpless ordinary people or Martial Monarch experts and above in the city.

It was not strange for there to be so many ordinary people on the resource star.

The operation of all sorts of mines required a large amount of manpower. This kind of work did not have much danger or demand much skill, so ordinary manual labor sufficed. Bringing cultivators would be making a mountain out of a molehill.

The main purpose of having cultivators on the resource star would be to protect these ordinary people from Astral Beasts. However, in this season of chaos, the cultivators spent most of their time fighting the Corpse Race.

The Martial God Palace had built its main camp on a tall mountain on this island.

Rows of defensive towers sat on the mountain together with huge, sturdy, stone houses. There were no fancy buildings; everything was practical.

After the top of the mountain was chopped off, a vast hall had been constructed on it. The person in charge of Dragon Wood Star, Huangpu Feng, was inside the hall looking at some maps on the table.

The maps were like a miniature Dragon Wood Star. All the important islands were labeled there.

From the flags on the islands, one could see the dire situation that the Martial God Palace faced. The blue flags representing the Martial God Palace were all clumped together.

The black flags of the Corpse God Palace were like a tyrannical arrow aimed at the defense lines of the Martial God Palace.

In an area far away from the two factions, there was also the Muddy Sky Gate trying to fish in troubled waters, aiming to get a share. They could not be underestimated, either.


A flying sword pierced the wall, appearing in the hall from nowhere. This was the Martial God Palace’s unique Flying Sword Messenger. Huangpu Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed the flying sword. The information in it entered his mind, and his expression turned unsightly despite himself.

The second line of defense had fallen as well. Three hundred and eight Martial Monarchs, one hundred half-Sages, thirty Inferior Grade Martial Sages, and ten Medial Grade Martial Sages defending the island all fought to the death. Only three Superior Grade Martial Sages had managed to escape alive and returned.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

IMDC, 仙武同修
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2008 Native Language: Chinese
Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!


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