Chapter 874: Sovereign Martial Emperors’ Descendants

Huangpu Feng’s expression looked very grave. He took down the names of everyone who came and divided the reinforcements into three groups: Xiao Chen and Feng Xingsheng’s, Bai Wuxue and Ximen Bao’s, and Hua Dao and Niu Deng’s.

After that, Huangpu Feng gave everyone a military merit medallion. As long as one killed someone of the Corpse Race forces, regardless of whether it was a Demonic Corpse or a Corpse Race cultivator, the aura left behind when their targets died would be imprinted on the military merit medallion.

When they returned and handed the medallion over to the person-in-charge for evaluation, it would be easy to calculate each one’s military merits.

Huangfu Feng looked at the reinforcements examining their military merit medallions and raring to go. He said coldly, “I advise you to keep your guard up. The people leading the Corpse Race are descendants of the Underworld Fire Sovereign and the White Bone Sovereign, Wei Hua and Long Fei. Before this, we lost two resource stars to these two people. Several Superior Grade Martial Sages have died at their hands.

“As of now, this Dragon Wood Star is left with only one final line of defense. If we lose this, the other side will be able to invade this island. At that time, we will lose the entire Dragon Wood Star.”

Hearing Wei Hua’s and Long Fei’s names, all the Martial Sages could not help but be stunned. Clearly, they had not expected their opponents to be these two people.

In the Corpse God Palace, aside from the Palace Master, there were four more Sovereign Martial Emperors. The descendants of these four Sovereign Martial Emperors had become very famous in this chaos. They were very strong and were peak geniuses second only to Di Wuque.

The crowd had expressions of disbelief. One of the Martial Sages exclaimed, “What’s going on? Why are these two people here and not at the Starry Heaven Silver Lake?”

This reaction was especially so for the extremely smug Bai Wuxue. He had a figurative pail of cold water splashed on him. Originally, he thought that after he left the Starry Heaven Silver Lake, he would stand out of the crowd and be unrivaled. He had not expected to meet with two intractable individuals.

However, after he thought about it for a while, he concluded that these two people did not even dare to go to the Starry Heaven Silver Lake. These two might not be as strong as they were famed to be. If I can kill them, the military merits would definitely be able to gain me an aristocrat rank and countless benefits from the Martial God Palace.

Huangpu Feng did not care what these people were thinking. He continued, “Your six teams should rush to the island where the third line of defense is. The other side’s morale is high, and they might be able to break through the line in one go.”

The crowd was set to follow the order and head for the third line of defense. However, at this moment, Bai Wuxue called out to Xiao Chen and said, “Do you dare to make a bet with me? The words of Lord Huangpu make some sense. Let’s make a bet again, bet on who will gain the most military merits.”

Xiao Chen had long since disdained such petty games. However, since the other party started it, he would not shrink back in fear.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

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