Chapter 876: Overbearing Island Lord

When the Corpse Race cultivators below saw the badly mangled Black Stone Old Revenant, they lost all backbone and fled. The formerly successful surprise attack became a total failure. Losing all the Demonic Corpses was a small matter. However, the death of one Superior Grade Martial Sage would infuriate the two young masters.

Ignoring these small fries, Xiao Chen fished about the robes of the Black Stone Old Revenant and took out the secret manual for the Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm. Then he flipped it open and studied it carefully.

Xiao Chen wanted to walk a path that no one walked before. He used his body as a saber and incorporated many schools of thought into his fighting style, using them as resources to temper this treasured saber.

Whether for his own Dao or the will of cycles, he would have to research the death Dao sooner or later.

After a while, he put away the Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm’s manual and closed his eyes, starting to comprehend it.

In the Heavenly Dew Divine Spring, no one had absorbed more of the spring’s essence than Xiao Chen had. His comprehension ability already reached a terrifying level. With only one look, he had gained a rough understanding of Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm.

When Xiao Chen opened his eyes again, he had already made significant progress. He muttered, “Not bad. The Ancient Underworld River Wave Palm is passable. When I subdue the Death Throne and obtain Death Qi, I will be able to execute this Corpse Race Heaven Rank Martial Technique.”

“This is ridiculous! Who does he think he is? To think that he disappeared at the critical moment!”

The Island Lord of the Azure Monarch Island was called Xia Feng. Clearly, he was very angry and venting his temper in the great hall. There were two Superior Grade Martial Sages beside him with unsightly expressions as well.

Feng Xingsheng, together with the Full Moon Pavilion’s older-generation Martial Sages, stood to one side in silence. He could not understand what Xiao Chen was trying to do, either.

During the attack on Azure Monarch Island, Xiao Chen did not appear at all. When the matter was over, he did not come forward to report. This was simply showing disdain for the Island Lord here.

When the younger-generation disciples of the Supreme Sky Sect heard Xia Feng criticizing Xiao Chen, they felt very uncomfortable in their hearts. The tall and burly Jin Lin immediately stepped forward and said, “Senior Xia Feng, there is no need to be so angry. Senior Brother Xiao Chen probably did not intend to slight the three Seniors.”

When Xiao Xian, who was at the side, heard this, she could not help but smile bitterly. This Senior Brother Jin Lin was truly not good with words. While it was a consolation, he should not have been so direct.

Clearly, Xia Feng and the other two older-generation Martial Sages were people in high positions who liked being respected. Jin Lin’s words were like pouring oil on a fire.

Xia Feng snorted coldly and said with an unhappy expression, “What is my status? This old man accumulated one hundred thousand military merits, and the Palace Lord of the Martial God Palace personally bestowed on me the title of Azure Monarch Marquis, making me the Island Lord of Azure Monarch Island. As the commander of Dragon Wood Star’s third line of defense, do I even need an insignificant Supreme Sky Sect disciple to look up to me?

“This is a time of chaos. Since he came as reinforcements, receiving a command to do so, he has to follow the rules and regulations of the Martial God Palace. He has to bring his troops over and report in, yet there is still no sight of him. What a scandal!”

The yellow-robed old man on the right said, “We need an account for this matter today. Otherwise, if he does not obey the commands and ends up disrupting morale when the main forces of the Corpse Race attack, there will be trouble.”

When the blue-clad old man, Qin Wu—who once saved Jin Lin and the other two—heard that these two people wanted to escalate the matter, he quickly said, “Brother Xia, there is no need to be so angry. As for the details, we still have to wait for Xiao Chen to return first. There must be some mitigating circumstances behind this.”

The yellow-robed old man immediately interrupted rudely, “What reason can there be? There clearly are no such circumstances. He went to seek treasures on his own. He simply does not care about the order to reinforce the Martial God Palace. There are many treasures among the resources here.”

When the hot-tempered Jin Lin saw that the two old men were unreasonable, obviously intent on picking on Xiao Chen, he could no longer hold back. A ruthless aura emanated from his body, as he was about to explode in anger.

Xiao Xian immediately stepped forward and said, “The three Seniors, our Senior Brother Xiao Chen would never do such a preposterous thing. If I’m not wrong, Senior Brother Xiao Chen should be chasing after the Black Stone Old Revenant and his group.”

When Xia Feng heard that, he could not help but smile coldly. “Young lass, you truly have not seen much of the world. Who exactly is the Black Stone Old Revenant? He is someone whom we would not dare to say we can defeat if we met him, yet a junior dares to chase after him alone? Furthermore, there are still about a hundred Corpse Race cultivators with him. You overestimate this brat.”

The moment Xia Feng said this, the Supreme Sky Sect disciples could no longer repress their anger. They shouted angrily, “You two old men! Stop using your status to look down on others. Our Senior Brother is not as despicable as you say!”

“Senior Brother may be young. However, a time of chaos just started. Age no longer determines who is stronger. An opponent that you cannot defeat might not necessarily be so for Senior Brother Xiao Chen.”

“That’s right! Our Senior Brother Xiao Chen is an upright person. He definitely would not run off on a treasure hunt at a time like this.”

“You two old men simply start slandering someone the moment you speak. What is there to be so pleased about?”

The group of Supreme Sky Sect juniors was already feeling very upset with these two old men. When the battle ended, instead of letting them have a good rest, they immediately called them over for a lecture.

With Jin Lin taking the lead, they all spoke up in opposition.

“Very good! A group of juniors that came on orders to provide assistance dares to show disrespect, speaking so rudely! With my status as the Azure Monarch Marquis, I order all of you to be detained. Take some time and cool your heads!”

A gloomy expression appeared on Xia Feng’s aged face. There was no joy or rage on it. The moment he spoke, he actually ordered the detention of this group of juniors.

Heavy footsteps resounded, and the people under Xia Feng’s personal command in the great hall—a large group of elite Martial Sages—drew their weapons and surrounded the Supreme Sky Sect disciples.

The situation suddenly escalated. Feng Xingsheng felt that something was wrong. However, he was a cautious person. He did not show any change in expression or say anything.

Clearly, the blue-clad old man had not expected this to happen, for the situation to devolve to this level. He quickly said, “Island Lord Xia, as of now, the army of the Corpse Race is drawing near. Dragon Wood Star is in danger. This is a time where we need people. Just let this matter go.”

However, the yellow-robed old man argued, “Brother Qin, your words are wrong. Before a great enemy, naturally, these people would be of great help. However, look at this group of unruly people unwilling to obey commands. Just a few sentences riled them up like this.

“If a great battle breaks out, not only will they not be of any help, but they would also cause chaos, affecting the troops’ morale. Since we have to deal with it, we should do it early. We should just deduct five thousand military merits and send them back.”

However, Xia Feng refused to say any more on this matter. He shouted coldly, “Capture all of them. Do you think a group of insignificant people like you can simply fool around in the Martial God Palace?!”

Xiao Xian’s expression changed. Even though she was very intelligent, she did not know what to do. She had not expected things to reach such a stage.

The Azure Monarch Island Martial Sages in the great hall were clearly the elite forces of the island. There were many of them. If they were to attack, the Supreme Sky Sect’s group would definitely suffer a lot.

However, Jin Lin and the others were not people who could submit like that.

What to do…what to do… Xiao Xian panicked in her mind. Her thoughts raced, but she could not come up with a way to resolve the situation.

“Stop! Who dares to touch my Supreme Sky Sect’s people?!”

Just when the elite Martial Sages of the Azure Monarch Island were about to attack Jin Lin and the others, a cold and calm voice resounded outside the hall.

This voice was not loud. However, it shook the hearts of all the people who heard it. It was like a knife piercing into the cultivators’ seas of consciousness. Everyone involuntarily stopped what they were doing. Then, they all looked towards the entrance of the great hall.

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen!” the younger-generation disciples of the Supreme Sky Sect all called out, rejoicing.

Xiao Chen stood outside the doors and looked at Xia Feng. He said coldly, “What awe-inspiring authority. You even dare to detain the true inheritors of my Supreme Sky Sect at random.”

As Xiao Chen approached the Azure Monarch Island, he saw the situation in the great hall very clearly with his Spiritual Sense. At that time, he already felt that something was wrong, so he did not rush over, wanting to see what tricks this Xia Feng was up to.

Who would have imagined that these two people would become increasingly overbearing? When Xiao Chen arrived outside the great hall, the guards stationed there tried to stop him. After he forcibly barged in, he saw this scene.

When Xia Feng saw Xiao Chen arrive, he did not panic at all. He smiled coldly and said, “Xiao Chen, you came just at the right moment. You’re here because of an order for reinforcement. Why did you not come and report in with the disciples of your sect? Are you showing disdain for the Martial God Palace?”

Xiao Chen thought very quickly, connecting all the dots. He now had a rough understanding of what was going on. He said frostily, “Stop trying to put words into my mouth. My disdain is not for the Martial God Palace but for you!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen was so impolite and not giving him any face at all, Xia Feng could not help but feel stifled. He snarled, “What great guts! This old man accumulated one hundred thousand military merits and was conferred the title of Azure Monarch Marquis by the Martial God Palace’s Palace Master. I am the commander of Dragon Wood Star’s third line of defense. You were ordered here to provide reinforcements, and yet you dare to disobey my commands?!”

“Ordered to provide reinforcements?” Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “In this order, the one receiving reinforcements is the army of the Martial God Palace. However, one who issued the order was my Supreme Sky Sect’s First Elder, Han Qinghe. The ones doing the protecting are also my Supreme Sky Sect’s people. You are just a mere, insignificant Island Lord. What do you count for? How are you fit to command me?!”

The yellow-robed old man leaped up and shouted, “What a sharp tongue! The moment you speak, you spout arrogant words. Island Master, I’ll go and take down this brat and discipline him on behalf of his sect.”

The yellow-robed old man soared into the air and clenched his fingers into a fist. The Heavenly Sage Laws in his body surged, and his deep cultivation circulated. A strong wind blew and threw the Inferior Grade Martial Sages with weak foundations off balance.

“You are seeking death!”

At the sight of this person actually daring to attack, Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold. His figure flashed, and suddenly, there was the sound of an absolute treasured saber being unsheathed. His hair together with his white robes fluttered without the aid of any wind. It was like he was the brightest saber in the world.

The sharpness of many changes, absolutely unparalleled!


Two fists collided. The yellow-robed old man vomited a mouthful of blood as he went flying back like a released arrow. His arm felt extremely painful—like a saber had cut it.

The yellow-robed old man’s sea of consciousness roiled as his mind buzzed. A powerful will shook him to the point where he could not think. By the time he recovered his wits, he had already fallen to the floor, unable to move. The sleeve of his right arm was torn and dripping with blood.

This scene instantly shocked everyone present.

Xia Feng’s heart sank. Although the yellow-robed old man had limited resources, he was still an early-stage Superior Grade Martial Sage. Even if he underestimated his enemy, he was still a Superior Grade Martial Sage. Unexpectedly, he could not even block one move from this brat. This was too frightening!

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

IMDC, 仙武同修
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2008 Native Language: Chinese
Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!


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