Chapter 877: Outstanding


Just as Xia Feng was thinking, something flew over before his eyes. He casually caught the item and took a look. It was Xiao Chen’s military merit medallion. There was a bright purple skull on it, looking very dazzling. He even wondered if he saw wrong.

“You…the Black Stone Old Revenant… You actually…killed him…. That is impossible!” Xia Feng’s face filled with shock as he stared at Xiao Chen in utter disbelief.

Xiao Chen countered, enunciating every word in a sharp and overbearing manner, “Bright purple skull, ten thousand military merits, which is impossible to obtain without killing a Superior Grade Martial Sage. This is the military merit medallion that the Martial God Palace forged. How dare you, an insignificant Island Lord, not believe it!

“How dare you even doubt the military merit medallion that the Martial God Palace forged! This is simply too unbecoming. Watch as I take you down and teach you a lesson on behalf of your masters.”

Xiao Chen stepped forward to rush towards the Azure Monarch Marquis, Xia Feng. One of the three people in charge on the island, Qin Wu, quickly stopped Xiao Chen and said, “Xiao Chen, how about we let this matter go? You left to kill the Black Stone Old Revenant. Not only did you not absent yourself without cause, but you even made a great contribution. I will make reparations on behalf of Island Master Xia.”

When Xia Feng heard that Xiao Chen did not intend to let him off, and saw his sharpness, he actually felt fear in his heart. Then he looked at the bona fide bright purple skull. He knew that there was no way for him to fix this, so he could not help hesitating.

At this moment, when Xia Feng saw Qin Wu persuading Xiao Chen like this, he found a way out of this embarrassing situation. He immediately said, “I was wrong in this matter. I can use my authority as Island Lord to give all of your Supreme Sky Sect disciples five hundred contribution points each.”

Xiao Chen extended his hand, and a suction from it pulled over his military merit medallion. He said coldly, “The Supreme Sky Sect disciples are all elites. There is no need for you to give them military merits. They will earn these with their two hands. Since you already admitted that you were wrong, I will not pursue this matter. You better behave yourselves.”

Now that the other party had backed down, Xiao Chen did not continue to argue. Furthermore, there was also something fishy about this matter, and he wanted to take his time handling it.

“That’s right. We don’t need you, an insignificant Island Lord, to interfere with our military merits.”

“To think a small Island Lord believes he’s some major character! Trying to buy us off with five hundred military merits, does he think we are beggars?”

The Supreme Sky Sect juniors did not want to take Xia Feng’s offer. With Xiao Chen here to support them, they spoke with arrogance.

The Supreme Sky Sect disciples kept calling Xia Feng an insignificant Island Lord, making the Azure Monarch Marquis, Xia Feng, turn red in embarrassment. Even so, he did not dare to do anything. This look appeared very funny.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. After this group of juniors caused enough of a commotion, he led them out of the great hall.

The Full Moon Pavilion disciples, who watched this joke unfold, revealed envious gazes when they saw the group of Supreme Sky Sect disciples swaggering out.

Feng Xingsheng sighed. After not seeing Xiao Chen for two years, he discovered that not only had Xiao Chen’s strength not stagnated but his growth was even astonishing. Xiao Chen could rival the peak geniuses at the Starry Heaven Silver Lake.

When Xiao Chen made his move, he had a certain air about him. However, Feng Xingsheng could not make out exactly what it was. Nevertheless, he could feel that this air contained the atmosphere of a sect elder; it allowed Xiao Chen’s fellow sect disciples to have the confidence to not put up with the slightest grievance.

Xiao Chen also had the assurance of an absolute expert, boosting the morale of these Supreme Sky Sect juniors, making their blood rush.

When Feng Xingsheng looked at the experienced elders behind him, he smiled bitterly despite himself. The strength of his group should be similar to the Supreme Sky Sect contingent.

However, his group would not be able to surpass that contingent. Xiao Chen was the reason. Feng Xingsheng did not have that air and atmosphere of Xiao Chen’s; hence, he could not give his group unrivaled confidence.

“Island Lord Xia, if there is nothing else, please excuse us too.”

Feng Xingsheng performed a cupped-fist salute as he took his leave of Xia Feng. Then he led the group of Full Moon Pavilion Martial Sages out the great hall in due course.

After everyone left, only Xia Feng and the yellow-robed old man remained in the great hall.

When Xia Feng saw the bloodied arm of the yellow-robed old man, he sighed, “It looks like we have a problem this time.”

“Brother Xia, what are you afraid of? I sent you a voice projection earlier to take down this brat in the great hall. Why did you not listen to me? You let him go for nothing?” the yellow-robed old man demanded angrily.

Xia Feng revealed a contemplative gaze and said, “You are thinking too simply. When this brat defeated you with one punch, it was not just because you underestimated him.”

“Then what should we do? Even if you can endure this, I can’t.”

Xia Feng’s face sank when he heard this. He smiled coldly and replied, “I never intended to let him go so easily. Based on today, it is already clear that it will be very hard to get a handle on him. However, I am confident of dealing with him. At that time, he will come and beg before me like a dog.”

The yellow-robed old man looked around as he said, “Brother Xia means…?”

“Silence!” Xia Feng ordered cautiously. A sinister expression appeared in his eyes as he added, “Just wait. Let him do what he wants for a few days. This old man will kill him in one slap after that.”

In the camp at Azure Monarch Island where the Supreme Sky Sect contingent was staying, Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and touched Jin Lin’s, Xiao Xian’s, and Liu Ke’s foreheads in turn with his finger, using his lightning-attributed energy to refine the Death Qi in their bodies.

“That old man was indeed ruthless. If the Death Qi in your bodies had lingered, you would have had trouble.”

Xiao Chen retracted his hand and stopped circulating his energy after three appeared much better.

Jin Lin laughed loudly and asked quickly, “Senior Brother Xiao Chen, did you really kill that Black Stone Old Revenant?”

Liu Ke and Xiao Xian chimed in with the same question. They had experienced the might of that Black Stone Old Revenant for themselves. Even when they worked together, they could not defeat him.

Xiao Chen stood up and said, “The Black Stone Old Revenant is not actually considered a powerful Superior Grade Martial Sage. The ones that were difficult to deal with were the three Underworld Fire Demonic Corpses that were specially refined. Otherwise, he would be considered nothing within the same cultivation grade.

“My physical body already reached peak Rank 3 Sage Body. Furthermore, with the saber Dao that I practice, I did not fear his Underworld Fire Demonic Corpses. Thus, it was easy for me to kill him.”

The three heard Xiao Chen’s understated description, but they did not believe it. They were all filled with admiration. The earlier scene at the hall where Xiao Chen looked like a celestial being with his hair and clothes fluttering left a deep impression on the three of them.

When Xiao Chen had stepped forward, it was like he radiated a boundless light, like he was the brightest saber in the world.

“The three of you should not undervalue yourselves. If you work with each other well and do not get too greedy, just the three of you can definitely fight to a draw the likes of the Black Stone Old Revenant without his Underworld Fire Demonic Corpses. I deliberately did not make a move this time to teach you this lesson.”

Xiao Chen could tell that these three were feeling very anxious. If they had not received that lesson, his words would be for nothing. Speaking now would be very persuasive.

The three lowered their heads in embarrassment. Now that Xiao Chen said this, they could not find any words to rebut it.

With a flip of his hand, a sea map appeared. Xiao Chen gathered the three over and pointed out the areas that the Corpse Race occupied. He said, “After this round of harassment, there will be some peace for now. This is a good time for you all to go and gain some military merits.

“After saying such big words to Xia Feng, if we cannot get any military merits, we would end up a joke. This period of chaos is not just an opportunity for geniuses. We may not be famous now, but that does not mean that our names won’t be heard everywhere in the future.”

Hearing Xiao Chen speak on proper matters, their expressions turned serious. Jin Lin’s blood rushed as he said, “That Xia Feng keeps calling himself some Azure Monarch Marquis and mentioning his one hundred thousand military merits. This time, I have to gain one hundred thousand military merits as well.”

However, Liu Ke and Hu Xian`er laughed softly. What a braggart!

Xiao Chen laughed as well. Of the three of them, Jin Lin caught his eye the most. His talent and sharpness were the best. However, he had yet to mature. After some more polishing, he would have some accomplishments.

“The three of you take the lead. When the Corpse Race’s death Qi is at its weakest during the afternoon, you can go to these few islands and harass them. However, remember not to get too greedy; pull back when things start to look bad. When you return, keep an eye on the situation in the surrounding sea on your way back. As long as you do what I say, there will not be too much trouble.”

Then, Xiao Chen pointed to a few other islands. He said, “Don’t go to these islands. There are Superior Grade Martial Sages stationed there. I will tell you when you can go.”

Then, after that, he critiqued the three’s earlier battles, pointing out their weaknesses. After a long time, the three left joyfully.

Now that only Xiao Chen remained in the house, he took out a cauldron from his Universe Ring. The cauldron had realistic Azure Dragons carved on it. Fierce flames burned in the cauldron, and a jade-white egg nestled among the flames.

This cauldron was the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron. The flame was the strengthened Purple Thunder True Fire. And the egg was, naturally, the Golden Crow Egg.

Xiao Chen had to obtain a strand of the Solar True Flame’s Origin Flame before he could make this Golden Crow Egg hatch. However, the Purple Thunder True Fire was an extreme Yang Flame as well. By incubating the egg in its Origin Flame, there should be some effect.

He looked carefully. After more than one and a half years of the Purple Thunder True Fire’s nurturing, crazes had appeared on the smooth jade-white eggshell. However, they were so small that they were hard to detect.

Who knew how long it would take before the Golden Crow Egg truly hatched? However, at least there was some hope, allowing Xiao Chen to believe.

He put away the Dragon Phoenix Cauldron and paced around in the room, pondering the conflict with Xia Feng at the hall earlier in the day. After that, he firmed up some of his speculations.

Everything in the world moved for one thing—benefit. One either benefited oneself or let others benefit. There would not be any hatred for no reason.


The Martial God Palace’s third line of defense on Dragon Wood Star was mainly made up of three islands: Azure Monarch Island, White Monarch Island, and Black Monarch Island.

At this moment, Bai Wuxue and Ximen Bao were drinking wine and chatting on Black Monarch Island. Ximen Bao took a sip of wine and smiled while saying, “Brother Bai, this time, you really showed your might. Your Snow-Filled Rivers and Mountains immediately froze all those Demonic Corpses of the Corpse Race. Everyone on the island was stunned.”

Bai Wuxue was very pleased. However, he still smiled humbly. “Those were just Monarch Grade Demonic Corpses. They are nothing before true experts. Since the White Bone Sovereign’s and Underworld Fire Sovereign’s descendants are here, they are bound to have brought Sage Grade Demonic Corpses.”

Ximen Bao knew what to say at the right time. He toasted Bai Wuxue and said, “Hehe! Brother Bai is being too humble. You killed ten Medial Grade Martial Sages and gained three thousand military merits in one go. No one can compare to this. You will definitely be conferred a King this time.”

Black Monarch Island was the same as Azure Monarch Island, having suffered a surprise attack as well. Bai Wuxue’s strength was indeed frightening. Since he had obtained the inheritance of the Snow Race and completely comprehended it, he managed to kill several Demonic Corpses and Medial Grade Martial Sages.

Bai Wuxue took a sip of wine and did not reply. With one hundred thousand military merits, he could be conferred a Marquis. To be a King, he would need one million. However, even the three Holy Scions had not been conferred Kings in the Martial God Palace yet. He was clear on his abilities. All the same, he was still confident of suppressing the crowd and obtaining one hundred thousand military merits here.

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

IMDC, 仙武同修
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Released: 2008 Native Language: Chinese
Reach the peak of immortal cultivation and become able to run amok without fear! Use the power of martial arts to rule the world and defeat heroes! The weather changes at the whim and wave of a palm. He who cultivates both immortal techniques and martial arts, who could possibly defeat him! Xiao Chen is a shut-in who purchased a ‘Compendium of Cultivation’. Soon after, he crossed over into the Tianwu World, a world ruled by martial arts. He then refined pills, drew talismans, practiced formations, crafted weapons and cultivated the Azure Dragon Martial Soul that had not been seen for thousands of years. This is a story that tells of an exciting and magnificent legend!


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