Chapter 888, Many People Have Come

“No, Great Elder, this Lu didn’t mean…” Lu Qing quickly waved his hand to deny having such thoughts but he still failed to conceal the relief that appeared on his face after hearing Xu Hui’s words.

Knowing that even if this refining failed, he wouldn’t suffer any loss, he not so secretly felt that his decision to come to Nine Heavens Holy Land was indeed right.

Anxiously waiting, Lu Qing did his best to steady himself as he snuck a peek towards the room’s entrance every now and then.

Xu Hui no longer said anything and just silently sat.

Just over half an hour later, Yang Kai strode back into the reception room, an air of confidence swirling about him.

Seeing this appearance, Lu Qing and Xu Hui both wore excited looks, knowing that the Soul Solidifying Pill had been refined successfully.

“Holy Master Yang…” Lu Qing respectfully stood up and spoke, his voice still quavering slightly.

Yang Kai chuckled and calmly said, “No need to worry, the refining was successful, although there was a small surprise in the process.”

“A surprise?” Lu Qing’s expression immediately tightened, wondering just what this surprise Yang Kai was talking about was.

“Have a look yourself, I believe you’ll be quite satisfied,” Yang Kai handed over a jade bottle.

Respectfully accepting the bottle, Lu Qing opened it and instantly caught a whiff of an incredibly refreshing fragrance, his body and mind unconsciously relaxing somewhat.

“Hm?” Xu Hui was also surprised as he came over to take a look. He felt that this Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill seemed to be somewhat out of the ordinary.

For one, the fragrance it gave off was far richer than any Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill he had smelt before…

Looking inside the bottle, Lu Qing’s eyes suddenly bulged as his hands began trembling, gasping as he exclaimed, “This… this is…”

“Pill Veins!?” Xu Hui shouted, the pitch of his voice significantly higher than normal.

The two of them both lifted their eyes and exchanged a glance, each of them seeing the shock in the other’s gaze.

A Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill which had Pill Veins was no less valuable than a Saint Pill!

Still unable to believe his eyes, Lu Qing hastily poured out the pill from the jade bottle and placed it on top of his palm.

It was easy to tell that this Soul Solidifying Pill contained a medicinal efficacy that was extremely potent and all across its glossy, perfectly round surface were delicate, human like meridians, genuine Pill Veins which gave off a faint fluorescence.

On top of that, it was still warm, so Lu Qing was certain this pill had just been refined.

“Holy Master Yang, I… this… but… wha… ” Lu Qing flapped his mouth and spoke incoherently. He thought that simply being able to successfully obtain the Soul Solidifying Pill would be a stroke of good fortune, but now he had actually obtained such a pill with Pill Veins!

This result had greatly exceeded his expectations, causing him to be so excited he was unable to speak properly.

“It was just good luck that Pill Veins appeared,” Yang Kai chuckled, casually waving his hand.

“My son can certainly be saved!” Lu Qing shouted, tears leaking from his eyes.

“En, not only can your son be saved, as long as you get him to carefully refine this pill, in addition to his wounded Soul being healed, it’s quite possible he will experience some promotion in strength as well… En, if your son’s cultivation isn’t high though you must assist him in refining this pill as it contains the same amount of medicinal efficacy as a pill bordering a Saint Pill, so its effects will be quite potent!”

“This Lu will certainly take Holy Master Yang’s advice to heart!” Lu Qing beamed radiantly, seemingly already able to see his son recover while simultaneously strengthening his Spiritual Energy.

“Congratulations Brother Lu,” Xu Hui also offered his congratulations.

“Many thanks, Great Elder, many thanks, Holy Master Yang…” Lu Qing bowed deeply as he shouted.

A moment later though, Lu Qing’s expression became cramped as he stuttered, “This Lu only brought with him enough remuneration for a Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill, I never anticipated that this pill would give birth to Pill Veins…”

His expression turning serious, he quickly followed up, “Holy Master Yang, Great Elder Xu Hui, this Lu swears to you that after curing my son, I will quickly gather the appropriate amount of compensation for this pill and return here!”

As he spoke, he took out the payment he had originally prepared.

Unsurprisingly, it was just some Crystal Stones.

Xu Hui shot a glance towards Yang Kai, deferring to his opinion.

Yang Kai smiled heartily and shook his head, “You are the very first guest to request Alchemy services of my Nine Heavens Holy Land. Instead of additional compensation, how about we strike a little deal?”

(PewPewLazerGun: Congratulations! You’re our 1,00,000th customer! You’ve won… a new car!)

Lu Qing wore a respectful look and replied firmly, “If Holy Master Yang has anything to ask of this Lu, please feel free to speak, as long as it is within this humble one’s power, I will not hesitate to agree.”

“Relax, it’s nothing so serious. En, in fact, you don’t need to pay us anything, you can just take this pill…”

“Ah?” Lu Qing was dumbstruck.

Xu Hui also didn’t quite understand why Yang Kai was being so generous all of a sudden, but after thinking of something, a slight, knowing smile crept onto his face.

“Instead of payment, I have a favour to ask of you,” Yang Kai did not keep Lu Qing guessing, “After you leave my Nine Heavens Holy Land, I hope you can spread the news that my Holy Land’s Alchemy Grandmaster helped you refine a Spirit Grade pill with Pill Veins. How about it?”

“Is that all?”

“That’s all!”

Lu Qing quickly adjusted his shocked expression and wore a serious look, “It would be my honour! Please rest assured Holy Master Yang, Great Elder, this Lu will do his utmost to spread word of this!”

“Very good, you should return quickly then so you can heal your son,” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Lu Qing was ecstatic, bowing deeply once more before swiftly departing.

Watching him leave, Xu Hui also nodded strongly, “A good start!”

“En, although a month late, it’s not a bad start,” Yang Kai agreed.

“However this time we’ve taken quite a loss. A Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill with Pill Veins… It’s a rare treasure. If we could have sold it instead, it would have been worth a lot more Crystal Stones,” Xu Hui said somewhat remorsefully.

A Soul Solidifying Pill was a relatively high-end Soul healing pill, many cultivators would be eager to obtain one because in battle, accidental damage to one’s Soul was not uncommon. If suffered such a wound, they would need such a pill to heal themselves.

There would have been no trouble selling such a pill; in fact, various cultivators would compete just for a chance to obtain it.

“Don’t be so short-sighted…” Yang Kai chuckled, “Once word of this spreads out, it will attract a lot of people here.”

“That’s also true. Holy Master is far-sighted, this subordinate is deeply impressed.”

“No need to flatter!” Yang Kai grinned.

Xu Hui also grinned meaningfully, his voice lowering in the next instant as he asked, “Holy Master… those Pill Veins, was it really just luck that they were born?”

“What do you think?” Yang Kai shot him a meaningful glance.

“Since Holy Master says it was, then it was,” Xu Hui knew not to ask any further, but that did not stop him from growing even more curious about the identity of the Alchemy Grandmaster hidden inside the Holy Land.

Actually only taking half an hour to refine such a pill, such attainments in the Alchemic Way were simply astonishing.

Xu Hui knew and had dealt with a great many skilled Alchemists, some of them even Saint Grade, but he still felt that none of these so-called famous Alchemists could achieve such a feat.

[Who exactly is this Grandmaster?]

Xu Hui wondered.

Five days later, another man came to Holy Land to ask for Alchemy services. Xu Hui learned from him that after hearing about Lu Qing’s experience, this man had come to the Holy Land to try his luck.

Surprisingly, his Alchemy request was quite consistent with Lu Qing’s, hoping to obtain a Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill.

However, this time it was not a Soul Solidifying Pill but a life-saving Scarlet Blood Pill instead.

Xu Hui showed him to the same reception room in the Holy Land before sending the spirit herbs to Yang Kai.

Once again, after just half an hour, the pill was successfully refined.

The man departed in high spirits.

Yang Kai did not accept any compensation from him again this time, instead giving it to him with the same conditions as Lu Qing.

Three days later, a third person came to request Alchemy services from the Holy Land.

After refining the pill this man requested, one that gave birth to Pill Veins once more, Yang Kai offered him the same deal as the two who came before him, causing this customer to shout excitedly, claiming he had never even heard of such a high-quality pill with Pill Veins before.

Once again, another happy customer departed and began advertising for Nine Heavens Holy Land.


A few days later, Yang Kai was sitting in a hall on the peak where the Ancient Demon Clan had settled, discussing some matters with Li Rong.

Suddenly, the sound of flapping clothes resounded and after turning to look in the direction of the noise, Yang Kai saw Great Elder Xu Hui rushing over. Before he even arrived, Xu Hui excitedly shouted, “Holy Master, some people have come to request Alchemy services!”

“Is that enough of a reason for you to act so excited?” Yang Kai was speechless.

Li Rong, who was next to him, also couldn’t help giggling lightly.

“Many people have come this time, five altogether and… there are actually two Saints among them. Those two seem to be here to request for Saint Pills,” Xu Hui hurriedly reported.

“Oh? Is there finally someone asking to refine a Saint Pill?” Yang Kai grinned.

The three pills he had previously refined for free, were all Spirit Grade Top-Rank. Two of those three pills had also given birth to Pill Veins, so his reputation was also quite resounding right now.

“Have they all been brought to the reception room?”

“Yes,” Xu Hui nodded.

“Good, let’s go see them,” Yang Kai smiled before bidding farewell to Li Rong and flying off with Xu Hui.

Inside the reception room, five cultivators were sitting on prepared chairs, each of them with a fragrant cup of tea placed on the table in front of them.

There were both men and women among this group of people, their strengths varying greatly as well. Two of them were First Order Saints, one was a Third Order Transcendent, and the final two were First Order Transcendents.

As they waited, the five people exchanged glances with one another, most of them seemingly strangers. Only the two First Order Saints seemed to recognize one another and exchanged greetings.

One of the two said, “Why did Brother Wen decide to come to this Nine Heavens Holy Land?”

The man addressed as Brother Wen smiled lightly and replied, “Naturally for the same reason as Brother Shang Guan.”

“So Brother Wen also heard those rumours and decided to come try his luck?”

“Of course! It is said that three people who needed to refine Spirit Grade Top-Ranks pill came here and that two of them actually obtained pills that gave birth to Pill Veins, while the other man obtained a pill of extremely high quality. Even the man who’s pill did not have Pill Veins apparently claimed that it had greater efficacy than one an ordinary Alchemist could refine! If such news is true, perhaps the Alchemist here can meet my requirements!”

“That news is certainly not fake…” Among the three people off to the side who were listening, a middle-aged woman suddenly spoke up.

The two Saint Realm masters turned their eyes to her and asked curiously, “How do you know?”

“Because the third person who came to ask for Alchemy services was my Senior Brother…” The woman grinned, “I even got to see the pill with Pill Veins he had obtained.”

The faces of the other four people in the room instantly filled with interest as they quickly asked for more details.

The middle-aged woman did not conceal anything and told them everything she could.

After listening to her, the two Saint Realm masters looked at each other, the one surnamed Wen thoughtfully muttering, “Then, is there really an extremely powerful Alchemy Grandmaster hidden here?”

“Three pills, two of them giving birth to Pill Veins. If it’s not just good luck, then it must be high skill, I just don’t know which it is. I wonder if this hidden Grandmaster will be capable of refining the Saint Pill I want…”

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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