Chapter 889, If You Don’t Believe Me Then Get Ou

Yang Kai and Xu Hui soon arrived at the reception room where the five people were waiting.

The five people hurriedly got up, the two Saint Realm masters constantly looking towards Yang Kai, apparently not having expected the new, world-famous Holy Master, would be such a young man, a slight look of contempt flashing across their eyes; however, when they saw Xu Hui, their expression tightened up.

Xu Hui’s cultivation was higher than their own by a Minor Realm, a seemingly small gap but one they might never be able to cross in their lives; naturally they dared not act dissolute.

All five of them quickly offered greetings.

Yang Kai returned the gesture and motioned for them to sit back down before asking, “Are several friends here to request Alchemy services?”

The five nodded in unison.

“Good, kindly hand over the herbs you’ve prepared and report the name of the pill you need refined. The refinement will take a few hours.”

Seeing Yang Kai’s oh so casual expression, the five people couldn’t help narrowing their eyes slightly, none of them willing to make the first move.

Yang Kai glanced around at them and smiled, “What’s wrong? Since all of you have come here to request Alchemy, it can’t be that you haven’t even prepared the necessary herbs, right?”

“Naturally we have prepared the required ingredients, but… dare I ask Holy Master Yang, what kind of success rate does your honoured Sect’s Alchemy Grandmaster have when it comes to refining Saint Pills?” One of the Saints frowned.

“Would you believe me if I promise you a 100% success rate?” Yang Kai grinned.

The five people’s expression cramped up slightly, apparently not convinced. Even the middle-aged woman who had seen one of the Pill Vein pills was so.

No Alchemist in this world could guarantee a 100% chance of successfully refining a pill, regardless of how skilled they were.

This was simply the natural risk that came with Alchemy.

Unless these words came from the Old Man of Heaven’s Keep’s mouth, no one would dare believe them.

Was this new Holy Master of Nine Heavens Holy Land… just too young and frivolous? Believing so, several of the five guests present began to have second thoughts.

“What?” Xu Hui could see the looks of distrust and hesitation on the faces of these five and was inevitably somewhat dissatisfied, “Do you doubt the Alchemist of my Holy Land can refine the Saint Pill you wish to request?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” The man’s face changed, quickly forming into a frown, “It is just that gathering these Saint Grade materials was a long and difficult process, so if the refining were to fail, collecting them again will not be simple! Acting cautiously is only reasonable; please don’t take offence, Holy Master Yang, Great Elder.”

Yang Kai faintly nodded, “Acting cautiously is indeed understandable, but when you request an Alchemist to refine a Saint Pill, there is always a risk of failure. Naturally, that is true even here. However, I can assure you, asking my Holy Land for Alchemy carries the lowest amount of risk, and there is even a chance you may acquire some unexpected gains.”

“Pill Veins?” Hearing him, the five people’s eyes flashed brilliantly.

The middle-aged woman was the most decisive and quickly stood up, “Since no one else is willing to go first, I will. I’m not here to request a Saint Pill, just a Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill, even if it fails, collecting the necessary materials isn’t too difficult. On top of that, since compensation for losses has been promised, there truly is no risk.”

Saying so, she took out the spirit herbs she brought.

The other four still seemed to be hesitating, apparently wishing to see what kind of skill this Nine Heavens Holy Land Alchemist possessed before making a decision.

Understanding their thoughts, Yang Kai didn’t pay them any mind, simply nodding and leaving together with Xu Hui.

The five people continued to wait in the reception room.

After half an hour, Xu Hui reappeared with an obvious look of pride on his face.

Seeing this look, the five prospective customers all quickly stood up and stared at him, wondering what the outcome was.

Xu Hui immediately tossed out a jade bottle and haughtily said, “See for yourself just what kind of level my Holy Land’s Alchemist possesses!”

Catching the bottle, the middle-aged woman hurriedly opened it and poured out a small navy blue pill.

In the next instant, exclamations sounded all around.

“Pill Veins!”

Pill Veins again!

This Spirit Grade Top-Rank pill really had Pill Veins, instantly increasing its value several-fold.

The middle-aged woman couldn’t help breaking out into a wide grin as she tightly held the pill in her hand.

The two Saint Realm masters also exchanged a glance, the look of shock apparent in each other’s eyes.

If the rumours were all true, then including this pill, the Alchemy Grandmaster hidden in Nine Heavens Holy Land had only publicly refined four pills.

All four of them were Spirit Grade Top-Rank.

Most importantly though, three of them had given birth to Pill Veins, something that was supposedly only obtainable by luck.

That meant that the chance of Pill Veins appearing here was almost eighty percent!

Ordinarily, even those world-famous Saint Grade Alchemists would have to spend a decade constantly refining pills for even one such pill to appear.

Yet here, in Nine Heavens Holy Land, pills with Pill Veins actually seemed to be the norm; how was this not a sensational matter?

“Hmph, Holy Master said that today the Grandmaster is in a good mood so if you’d like to request pills from him you should hurry. After a few hours, if the Grandmaster’s mood sours, he may not be inclined to refine anything,” Xu Hui ambiguously explained, a trace of smugness apparent in his voice.

“Great Elder, please ask your Sect’s honoured Grandmaster to help this humble one!” The four men no longer hesitated, each of them scrambling to hand over the herbs in their possession, fearful that the mysterious Grandmaster really would have a change of mood and suddenly refuse to refine any pills.

If this Grandmaster could so quickly and easily refine Spirit Grade Top-Rank pills that gave birth to Pill Veins, surely he could refine Saint Pills as well.

Xu Hui did not bother needling them anymore and simply accepted their herbs and the reward the middle-aged woman had prepared before calmly leaving the room again.

The Holy Land couldn’t continue working for free; now that they had advertised enough, it was time to begin collecting some compensation.

The middle-aged woman had honestly prepared an appropriate amount of remuneration, just enough to equal the value of the pill she had requested.

After an hour, Xu Hui returned again, this time bringing back two jade bottles with him and handing them over to the two Transcendents.

Although neither of these two pills had Pill Veins, the quality was still superb, so despite some slight regrets, the two Transcendents were both satisfied and paid the required rewards before taking their leave.

Only the two Saint Realm masters remained inside the room, both of them waiting anxiously. The two currently felt like they were sitting on pins and needles, each of them unable to help themselves from getting up and pacing back and forth from time to time, praying silently for Xu Hui to return quickly with the Saint Pills they requested.

However, they understood that refining Saint Pills was fundamentally different from refining Spirit Grade pills. There was a magnitude of difference in time and energy consumed to refine such pills, so acting anxiously was useless.

Still, restlessness was not something so easily dismissed.

A while later, inside the Holy Master Court, Yang Kai summoned in Xu Hui who had been waiting outside.

Walking into Yang Kai’s palace, Xu Hui immediately smelled a rich pill fragrance and couldn’t help looking around curiously.

He too wanted to know the identity of this mysterious Alchemy Grandmaster who was helping the Holy Land.

Unfortunately, no matter how he searched, he couldn’t find a third person anywhere.

“The pills have been refined, take them with you for now; however, don’t be in a rush to hand them over. Wait until tomorrow morning at least.”

Hearing this, Xu Hui paused to think for a moment before nodding lightly, picking up the two jade bottles while he asked, “Does Holy Master wants them to know refining Saint Pills is not so simple?”

Yang Kai just glanced over at him and grinned meaningfully, “I just want to let them know that doubting the level of my Holy Land’s Alchemist has consequences!”

Xu Hui couldn’t help smiling wryly but said nothing more, his eyes still darting back and forth across the room.

Seeing him not immediately leave but instead glance around as if searching for something, Yang Kai smiled and said, “Are you looking for the Alchemy Grandmaster?”

Xu Hui grinned sheepishly and replied, “If I may ask, Holy Master, since when did my Holy Land come to possess such a Grandmaster? Why is it that he is putting in so much effort to help my Holy Land tide over these troubled times? Regardless of anything else, as the Great Elder of the Holy Land, the least I should do is offer him my thanks.”

“Do you want to know who he is?” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.

Xu Hui nodded firmly.

“Would you believe me if I told you the one who refined those pills was me?”

“Please do not joke like this, Holy Master…” Xu Hui said with a firm look of disbelief, “Holy Master is so young yet already a Third Order Transcendent, a true dragon among men with limitless future potential. Of this, this old master is thoroughly convinced. But if Holy Master says he is also proficient in Alchemy… Heh, this old master will certainly not believe. Every Grandmaster who is capable of refining Saint Pills has immersed his or herself in the Alchemic Way for at least a hundred years. Holy Master is far too young; even if you began studying Alchemy in your mother’s womb, it would be impossible for you to possess such Heaven defying means.”

“If you don’t believe me then get out!” Yang Kai spat disdainfully, not bothering to explain.

“Eh… ah, en,” Xu Hui was stunned, becoming even more curious about the identity of this hidden Alchemy Grandmaster, but seeing Yang Kai not want to explain, he did not push his luck and simply left.

The following morning, Xu Hui strode into the reception room.

The two First Order Saints who, from their red eyes, had obviously spent the entire night worrying, saw Xu Hui and immediately rushed up to him, eagerly asking, “Great Elder… how is it?”

As they spoke haltingly, looks of fear and nervousness filled their faces, deeply afraid that Xu Hui would deliver bad news.

Masters at their level of strength and status were generally well-off so they didn’t care so much about mere Crystal Stones.

But as one of them had said before, collecting so many Saint Grade materials was no easy task. Some of them weren’t purchasable no matter how much money one had and had required them to trek through mountains and rivers, combing the wilderness to find.

In fact, being able to collect a full set of materials was in no small part due to good luck.

If the refining failed, the Holy Land would compensate them, but that didn’t mean they’d give them an exact copy of the herbs they brought. The compensation spoken of would no doubt be in the form of Crystal Stones.

If they wanted to try again, they’d have to personally collect a new set of herbs first.

Seeing the looks of these two’s faces, Xu Hui inexplicably felt a hint of pleasure as he smugly declared, “My Holy Land Grandmaster’s took action personally, how could it possibly be anything but a success? I really don’t know what you two were so worried about.”

“That means……”

“Take it!” Xu Hui handed over the two jade bottles before brushing off his hands in an aloof manner, “If you ever need any other Saint Pills refined, come straight to my Holy Land, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied!”

The two Saint Realm masters hurriedly opened the jade bottles and poured out the pills inside, a look of shock and awe appearing on their faces as they liberally praised, “Your honourable Sect’s Grandmaster’s means are astonishing! The next time I require Alchemy services, I will definitely come here! Right, I have a number of friends who are currently in need of an Alchemy Grandmaster’s services, I wonder if it would be possible for the Holy Land to assist them?”

The other Saint also chimed in, saying he would recommend Nine Heavens Holy Land to all his friends and relatives.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰
Score 7.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Yang Kai managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world.


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