Chapter 904: Completely Suppressed

“Why don’t I dare? Since you have a death wish, then I will fulfill it for you!”

As soon as the voice could be heard, Chai Jianben had already arrived at the arena. He could not wait to dismember Ye Xiwen due to the boiling anger in his heart.
The long sword in his hand was wielded instantly, bursting with a horrifying sword light. He slashed towards Ye Xiwen without even uttering a word. It was a direct attack albeit having the suspicion of an ambush. Since they both were already pumped up, they would not care less.

His sword technique was the same as Chai Jianming, but it had undergone earth-shaking changes in Chai Jianben’s hands. Chai Jianben’s strength was superior to Chai Jianming, entering the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level. It was different from what Ye Xiwen learned from Yao Qian. In other words, Chai Jianben had hidden his strength. The Top 100 List is unreliable. Those enlisted previously must have improved a lot.

If it weren’t for Ye Xiwen, he would probably continue to hide his strength. After all, he was striving for an opportunity to be outstanding in the Top 100 Competition. However, he did not bother hiding strength any more after being blinded with rage. Only by dismembering Ye Xiwen could he douse his anger.

As soon as the long sword unsheathed, the sky and the ground were occupied with sword light, covering the entire sky in an instant. Among the innumerable sword lights, a sword light broke through the sky. Countless sword lights spun frantically around this particular sword light, forming a sword glow vortex.

“Boom!” This sword light blasted down unscrupulously.
The same sword technique portrayed an unprecedented power in Chai Jianben’s hands.

“Brat, I didn’t intend to expose my strength, but you are pushing me too much. If you need someone to blame, blame yourself!” uttered Chai Jianben grimly. I don’t intend to let others find out about my true strength. But, since it is exposed, I must kill him.

A Transcendent Realm Sixth Level’s warrior would be able to exert any martial art technique to a power beyond imagination.

Ye Xiwen had no way to match with this. He was only at Transcendent Realm Third level. Strictly speaking, he was only Transcendent Realm Initial, while Chai Jianben was already Transcendent Realm Intermediate, which was fundamentally different.
Chai Jianben’s offenses were like a tide. The onslaught of sword aura would drown a person. Ye Xiwen’s clothes were flapping.

Ye Xiwen set ablaze a fire ball in his hand immediately, which morphed into a long saber. The fiery long saber had its flame soared to the sky, as if it could burn to the heavens.

“I shall shatter your offense!” The long saber in Ye Xiwen’s hand slashed straight down, slamming into the sword vortex that swept towards him.

“Boom!” The two terrifying powers slammed into each other heavily. The terrible impact turned into a shockwave and swept out in circles. The barriers that surrounded the arena started to show signs of being unstable.
Everyone’s expressions had changed slightly. If Ye Xiwen defeated Chai Jianming previously, everyone could still accept it. If Ye Xiwen was capable of contending against Chai Jianben who exposed his true strength, it would be completely unexpected.

“How could this happen? It doesn’t matter if Chai Jianming is outmatched. Why Ye Xiwen is undefeated even after Chai Jianben reveals his true strength?”

“Ye Xiwen hides his strength too deep!”

“Chai Jianben is already enlisted on the Top 100 List; he is even in the Top 50. Following the previous rank, Chai Jianben at Transcendent Realm Sixth Level is eligible for Top 20 already!”

“How can it be? You have already said it is the previous ranking. All of those in the Top 100 are God-favored geniuses. They must have made progress!”
“But even so, it is already astonishing for Chai Jianben to enter Transcendent Realm Sixth Level silently. Judging from his situation, the competition for this year’s Top 100 may be even more intense than the previous one!”

“Ye Xiwen is the dark horse. If he participates in the Top 100 Competition, he can easily get a very high ranking!” someone added.

For them, it was already a great honor to be able to enter the Top 100 List. Although for many elite young experts, the Top 100 List did not have much value and could only be regarded as a reference. In fact, young elite experts were far more superior to the Top 100 List. If those experts flooded in, the upper ceiling of the Top 100 List would soar to an extreme height. Even Transcendent Realm Sixth Level were not eligible to be shortlisted.

It was just that many young experts simply disdain this list for various reasons. Possibly, because they had been secretly trained, or they had other reasons. In short, this list could only be regarded as a reference.

But for young experts in a huge population, being able to get on this list was a remarkable thing.

“The premise is that he has to survive. He killed E Ying. As long as the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan gets news of him, they will definitely not let him go. As long as he gets out of the Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce, troubles will come!”

Despite many people being surprised by Ye Xiwen’s strength, not many people favored him. The Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan posed a great deterrent power. E Ying, E Hong and the like could only be regarded as the youngsters among the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan. No one knows the upper limit of the Crocodile Clan.
Chai Jianben was also a little stunned at this time. Ye Xiwen was able to block it, which he did not expect.

However, although he was a little stunned, he did not slow down. He sent another sword light which instantly slashed at Ye Xiwen viciously.

When Ye Xiwen was about to be slashed, countless sword lights were suddenly split, and Ye Xiwen was completely enveloped.

Ye Xiwen raised a ball of flame in his hand, turning it into a fiery saber aura, and slashed horizontally. He was wholly shielded by the flame.

Those sword aura swooped down, but they couldn’t break through Ye Xiwen’s fiery saber aura’s defense. It might be difficult to block against the dense sword aura, but Ye Xiwen found it not a problem at all.

After a while, the sword aura, occupying the sky, disappeared without a trace.
Ye Xiwen said coldly, “Saves your petty trick. You should show me something new!”

Chai Jianben was a little stunned. Unexpectedly, he could not win against Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen had mastered his sword technique to be excellent in both offense and defense. Generally speaking, saber technique and sword technique were inclined toward offensive capability, except for the minority of them with good defense.

However, Ye Xiwen’s saber technique was apparently an offensive technique. However, this saber technique was capable in both defense and offense in Ye XIwen’s hands. He must have grasped the essence of this technique to attain such an effect.

“Since you can’t anymore, then it is my turn!” Ye Xiwen’s figure suddenly leaped forward, slashing out his long saber.

There was nothing fancy with it, but just a very ordinary slash. However, the slash with massive power appeared unchallenged.
“Dang!” Chai Jianben didn’t expect Ye Xiwen to counterattack suddenly. He only had time to block it with his long sword.

However, a huge metal clank was heard. Two terrifying forces smashed together and swept away.

Under the impact of this terrifying force, Chai Jianben took a few steps back and lost his footing.

His face changed drastically. He didn’t expect Ye Xiwen’s power to be so terrifying. Is he a monster in human skin?
Chai Jianben’s arms were slightly numb, but Ye Xiwen’s offense did not end. Instead, he took advantage of his momentum and continued the onslaught. Since there were no complicated moves, Ye Xiwen’s offense was like a wave with almost no time interval in between.

He was purely suppressing the opponent with power, nothing complicated but just constant bombardment with violent power.




Everyone saw that Chai Jianben was constantly retreating under Ye Xiwen’s violent attacks. It appeared Chai Jianben had no way but to resist continuously. Ye Xiwen was not only powerful, but also extremely fast. The onslaught had almost no gaps.

In the martial arts view, being fast is invulnerable. With both speed and strength, even ordinary moves could exert terrifying power, just like the unbeaten embroidery needles of Dongfang Bubai [1].

“Oh my God, is this the Chai Jianben we know? He has fallen into a complete disadvantage!”

“I thought that Chai Jianben at Transcendent Realm Sixth Level could easily defeat Ye Xiwen, but I didn’t expect that it would arrive at such a scene. This is simply beyond imagination!”

“Is Chai Jianben not Ye Xiwen’s opponent?”

“Even if Ye Xiwen is a dark horse, it is too exaggerated, right?”
Many spectators couldn’t believe it.

What made them most baffled was Ye Xiwen’s physical body. It had reached a terrifying level both in terms of speed and physical strength. He had exerted an incredibly terrifying power with simple moves.

“Is it really over?”

The only question left in everyone’s mind was this: Is it really going to end like this?


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