Chapter 905: This is More Like Deliberately Injuring Someone!

“What a terrifying physique!”

Yao Qian’s expression changed slightly as she watched the battle.
This was the so-called extraordinary talent. Ye Xiwen was way better than ordinary people.

Under Ye Xiwen’s storm-like onslaught, Chai Jianben could only retreat continuously. There was no room to fight back.

“Damn it!” Chai Jianben kept cursing. Ye Xiwen’s speed was too fast, but he didn’t dare to ignore the attack. Those who watched the battle couldn’t understand the horror of Ye Xiwen’s power.

If he didn’t block them, he would be killed on the spot!

He never thought that one day he was powerless in front of simple attacks. The initially simple moves had such might after being exerted to the extreme.
In this aspect, he was far inferior to Ye Xiwen. When Ye Xiwen had just attained cultivation, his mastery in this aspect allowed him to use simple moves and completely crush his opponent.

Of course, what Ye Xiwen could do was not something that ordinary people could achieve.

“Asshole!” Chai Jianben yelled violently. He swung his sword and parried the oncoming saber aura from Ye Xiwen. His arms were a little numb. Ye Xiwen’s terrifying power was fully manifested at this time. If Chai Jianben did not have much higher cultivation than Ye Xiwen, he would be killed on the spot.

The long sword in his hand began to “buzz.” Endless sword light boiled from it. Another circle of energy rippled from the sword. A vicious beast phantom roared, echoing in all directions.
Some of the people watching stood up, startled.

“Is this the beast soul sword?” A well-informed person recognized the origin of this sword. “They said that Chai Jianben got a sacrificial refine method to create a beast soul sword. I thought it was just nonsense. It turns out to be true.”

“*Gasp* A sacrificial refine method that forcefully refines the beast’s soul into a sword spirit and imbues it into the sword body?”

“Yes, that’s right. I thought it was just a legend. No one has seen it, and this method has long been lost on a large scale. At least on the surface, there are not many people or forces who know this method!”
Most importantly, this method wasn’t entirely useful. The power that could be exerted depended entirely on the power of the captured soul. If it was only a mediocre soul, there was no point in having it. To capture a powerful vicious beast and refine it into sword spirit, the costs of capturing alone far exceeded the refinement process. There were very few people except for those powerful forces who would be able to utilize it. Eventually, this method was slowly lost.

Ye Xiwen instantly felt the immense pressure on this vicious beast’s phantom. The spectators’ exclamation sounded in his ears. He immediately learned the existence of the sacrificial refinement method to forge the beast soul sword.

Ye Xiwen had never encountered it before. The weaponry with similar nature that he faced in the past was Emergence Immortal Exterminating Saber. The Holy Realm Dwellers forcibly refined the souls into the saber in a vile manner.

Although this method was vicious, it had a very significant effect on improving the martial instrument.

“Die!” Chai Jianben yelled coldly. His face was already ugly. Ye Xiwen had pushed him to a dead end. Not only was his true strength exposed, but also his trump card initially intended to be used in the Top 100 Competition was also used in advance at this moment.
Although the warrior was not a divine fighter with invincibility toward a repeated technique, the effect would undoubtedly worsen after getting prepared.

It was just like Ye Xiwen keeping his trump cards hidden. He would not consider it unless it was at the most critical time.

At this moment, Chai Jianben was forced to expose his beast soul sword. He was in a desperate spot.

“Sha!” Chai Jianben sent out a glittering sword light in mid-air. Accompanied with a vicious beast’s roar, the sword light instantly pounced toward Ye Xiwen.

When the terrifying beast darted, the entire sky was trembling crazily, as if a giant vicious beast was charging.

When his foot was in the air, a terrible shock wave spread out across the sky. His roar shook the battlefield.

Everyone was shocked by this vicious beast. It was a ferocious beast being locked up for many years. Once it was liberated, it went all out, boiling with anger. Its intent to vent his rage to the entire world made the spectators frighten.
“This vicious beast is too horrible. I’m afraid no one can stop it!” Someone said with a pale face. This was the terrifying power of the experts on the Top 100 List. Although many people might not care about the Top 100 List’s honor, their disdain only came from their capability. On the other hand, not many had such qualifications, let alone disdaining the list.

In their forces, they might also be a genius-level figure. As compared with the people on these Top 100 Lists, there was still a considerable gap.

This battle had the nature of the Top 100 List. Those who could enter the Top 100 List had unique skills and lost technique as their trump card. They did not expect that it would be so terrifying.

Ye Xiwen could feel the fishy breath brought by the opening of the bloody mouth, which was truly terrifying.

Yao Qian looked at Ye Xiwen in the arena, wondering if he would summon the phantom of the giant beast she had seen last time. Although she didn’t know how Ye Xiwen was so superb, she knew that his vicious beast phantom could last for a while. With that, she knew it should be one of Ye Xiwen’s trump cards.

Although Chai Jianben’s trump card – beast soul sword was robust, she did not know whether it could contend with Ye Xiwen’s giant beast phantom. After all, Ye Xiwen’s current realm was too low. If they were both in the same realm, she definitely wouldn’t think so. Ye Xiwen crushed his opponent overwhelmingly if on the same realm.
Facing the unknown vicious beast that swooped over, Ye Xiwen didn’t blink his eyes, letting his clothes flap in the wind.

The fiery saber aura on his right hand was continually being suppressed like weeds in the strong wind, but no one noticed that the flame on the fiery saber aura had changed a little. It was vaguely mixed with some purple flame in it.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen moved like a launched cannonball and rushed out. The vicious beast reacted exceptionally quickly, planning to swallow Ye Xiwen in one bite.

Seeing that Ye Xiwen could not resist and was almost swallowed by this vicious beast, more people stood up from their seats in surprise, watching the startling scene in front of them.

If this scene appeared at the beginning, everyone would not have such a big reaction. After all, in everyone’s memory, Ye Xiwen was not Chai Jianben’s opponent.
But, the situation had changed. Chai Jianben was at a complete disadvantage under Ye Xiwen’s storm-like onslaught previously. Ye Xiwen attacked in simple moves too. Therefore, many people were more inclined toward Ye Xiwen being the final victor. Almost no one thought that Chai Jianben could win. Optimistically speaking, they thought he would end up in a tie.

But, after Chai Jianben displayed his trump card, would Ye Xiwen get swallowed into nothingness instantly?

What’s happening here?

In everyone’s imagination, Ye Xiwen should be roaming around, looking for opportunities to destroy this beast’s soul. Unexpectedly, he was swallowed at once.
Everyone’s eyes widened, looking at the vicious beast in the middle of the arena. They were trying to determine whether Ye Xiwen was dead. They believed that Chai Jianben would never let Ye Xiwen go when he had even the slightest chance.

“Hahahaha!” Chai Jianben laughed loudly as if all his depression had been relieved at once.

Suddenly, his face changed drastically, but he saw the vicious beast phantom suddenly begin to scream in agony. A flame burned through its back and rose straight to the sky. The flame quickly spread from its back to its whole body.

In the raging fire, this vicious beast kept rolling and screaming.

“How is this possible!?” Chai Jianben couldn’t believe it because his beast soul was not a physical entity, and it was an impressive vicious beast too. Ordinary flames couldn’t ignite it.
Amidst that flame, a figure jumped out of it with an incredible saber momentum. He directly descended from the sky and slashed toward Chai Jianben.

“Boom!” Although Chai Jianben blocked the saber with his sword, he could not diminish the heavy impact. His body flew out directly.

A ghostly figure chased up and slashed again with a saber.

Saber fell fiercely from the top.

“Boom!” Chai Jianben was severely slashed in an instant, shattering all his defenses. He instantly slammed to the ground, smashing a large pit directly at the arena.

“Puff!” Chai Jianben in the pit finally couldn’t help but spit a mouthful of blood. Ye Xiwen’s saver injured him fatally.
“Intentional injury? This is more like deliberately injuring someone!” Ye Xiwen stood beside Chai Jianben, said lightly.

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

MGS, Wu Shen Kong Jian, 武神空间
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but he unexpectedly transmigrated into the world known as True Martial Domain! In this world, formidable warriors were capable of terraforming and destroying the world! He originally had an ordinary aptitude. However, with his mysterious space, any martial art can be analyzed within the mysterious space! He could attain what took others decades to cultivate in a year! So long as he has enough elixirs. Any geniuses and talents were merely jokes in front of him!


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