Chapter 906: It’s Not That He Is Too Weak, But Ye Xiwen Is Too Strong

At this time everyone understood why Ye Xiwen pushed Chai Jianben for the duel previously. Apparently, he is waiting for his opportunity here!

Isn’t Chai Jianben claiming Ye Xiwen deliberately hurtting Chai Jianming?
At this moment, Ye Xiwen told him with hard facts what was meant by deliberately injuring someone else!

Rendering the opponent no chance to fight back!

This was Ye Xiwen’s style. He wouldn’t talk nonsense, but settle it in a real fight.

Hearing Ye Xiwen’s words, Chai Jianben, who was already severely injured, spewed out a mouthful of blood. He was extremely depressed. Although the injury was serious, it was not a big deal in general. He could still be recovered.

However, there was no way to avoid this psychological trauma!
“It’s impossible!” Chai Jianben said in disbelief. Not only because Ye Xiwen defeated him, but also because Ye Xiwen actually burned the beast soul in his beast soul sword to a pile of ashes.

His beast soul had gone through thousands of tempers, and various secret techniques. His trump could even severely injure a Transcendent Realm Seventh Level warrior.

But, he didn’t expect Ye Xiwen to burn it all into ashes. The beast soul sword was ruined. ALl his efforts were gone in Ye Xiwen’s hands.

Ye Xiwen didn’t even look at him. The fire he set aflame would naturally not be an ordinary flame. If it were just an ordinary flame, it would be difficult to cause any harm on that vicious beast soul.
So, he directly released the mutated flame that he had conquered some time ago. Although it was only a little bit, it directly burned the entire vicious beast’s beast soul to ashes.

This was also the first time Ye Xiwen using it after conquering the mutated flame. The flame had such a terrifying power which was beyond his expectation. He was already prepared for it. If the mutated flame could not defeat the vicious beast, he naturally had other ways.

Although Chai Jianben’s technique was great, it was not impossible for Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen returned to his seat under everyone’s shocked eyes. Bai Hanmo on the side shouted excitedly, “Good job, give this guy a lesson, see if he dares to be arrogant!”
Facing Ye Xiwen’s final victory, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. This result was in their expectations, but beyond their expectations at the same time. Originally, in their opinion, Ye Xiwen’s victory was inevitable with the strong physique displayed. However, after Chai Jianben revealling the beast soul, he was still defeated by Ye Xiwen. This was the part that was harder to accept.

On the platform, Yao Qian glanced at Chai Jianben, who was completely immobile, and said, “Ye Xiwen wins!”

As for the two brothers Chai Jianben and Chai Jianming, there was naturally a staff who took them down to rest. Although accidents were bound to happen, they would rarely be anyone dealing a critical blow during a duel.

The previous duel ended with the victor becoming more apparent. Even if some lost control and injured the opponent, the cases were in limited numbers. After all, there was no feud. They would not go all out.

But whether it was Ye Xiwen and Chai Jianming or Ye Xiwen and Chai Jianben, the duels were like a life-and-death battle. They were merciless when they fought, pushing each other trump cards to be revealed. An abnormal fight to the death.
Not only Chai Jianben’s beast soul sword and hidden strength surprised everyone, but Ye Xiwen’s mutated flame, which could burn the beast soul, also attracted the attention of many people.

In fact, this was not an ordinary thing. Although spirit was the most fragile, it was under ordinary circumstances. The beast soul in this beast soul sword had been tempered countless times. It was hard to get injured, let alone being burned.

This had also made many people curious about Ye Xiwen’s flame. What kind of flame is it? It can have such a terrifying power.

Only Yao Qian, Qi Dong and Scarlet Thunder Immortal felt that the purple flame was a little familiar. They never thought that this was the flame that encircled the entire Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion that day.

But it was just a bit familiar to their eyes. They could not connect to terrifying Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion flame. Not only did Ye Xiwen survive the burn, but he actually subdued the mutated flame, which was absolutely unimaginable.

Ye Xiwen won swiftly and neatly with no sloppiness to it. Therefore, no one could have a say about it. He just won dignifiedly in a plain simple manner.

Because of this, it also shocked many experts who were eager. At this time, they did not dare to step forward, so Ye Xiwen returned to his seat directly. Those who dared to challenge him were those in the main seat area.
In particular, Scarlet Thunder Immortal had chills crept upon her pretty face. Her helplessness was apparent. Ye Xiwen’s progress was beyond her expectations. When she saw Ye Xiwen for the first time, she just felt that Ye Xiwen was not a simpleton. It did not go beyond that. Ye Xiwen had the impression of excellent physical cultivation. When she met Ye Xiwen the second time, she fled in embarrassment. If she did not flee fast enough, she would lose her life in Ye Xiwen’s hands.

The third time, when she had escalated in her cultivation, she thought she could definitely deal with Ye Xiwen, but she saw an even more horrifying scene. E Ying, who was even more powerful than her, died tragically in Ye Xiwen’s hands.

For the fourth time right now, she almost gave up the hope of revenging personally!

Everyone knew that no matter one performed well till the gathering’s end, Ye Xwien would still outshine them. He was probably strong enough to enter the rank of the Top 100 List.

It’s another expert in the Top 100 list.

In the past, many people looked down on Bai Hanmo because of Ye Xiwen sitting next to Bai Hanmo. After all, birds of a feather flock together. After witnessing Ye Xiwen’s horrifying combat, they deemed Bai Hanmo superior for the same reason too.
Ye Xiwen amazed the crowd with a single brilliant feat at the moment he stopped staying low profile!

As the dark horse – Ye Xiwen stopped his participation, the gathering went on normally. Many young experts also took advantage of this opportunity to display themselves. If they could perform well, they would soon be famous in this sea region, and lay a prestigious name.

However, with the previous two battles between Ye Xiwen and Chai Jianming and Chai Jianben, the subsequent battles were undoubtedly much more boring for everyone. Both the intensity and the excitement were far inferior to these two battles.

But everyone still fought eagerly. Firstly, despite these battles being much worse than Ye Xiwen’s battle, there were still many gains for them. Secondly, except for Cai Jianming, Cai Jianben, and Ye Xiwen, weren’t there still many warriors on the main seats who had not participated in any duels yet?

Everyone was looking forward to seeing more exciting battles.
A dozen duels had passed. At this time, Bi Hanhai went straight off into the arena. He was forced to admit defeat in front of Bai Hanmo and Ye Xiwen just now. Many people secretly laughed, thinking that he was a prodigal child.

But when he fought, many people stared with their eyes wide open.

His first opponent was a young Transcendent Realm Third Level expert. Among these young experts, he was considered outstanding, but in front of him, he was not an opponent at all. With just one attack, this opponent was sent off in a distance.

The second opponent was a Transcendent Realm Fourth Level expert. When everyone thought there would be a bitter fight, he was defeated in one move.
The third opponent was at Transcendent Realm Fourth Level Peak, only a little short of being able to enter the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level. Except for a few people in the main seat, he was considered the top ones. Yet, he could not sustain one move from Bi Hanhai.

Three people in a row were defeated by him in one move. This made everyone understand that this kid in an embarrassed state previously was another ruthless character. However, he actually suffered in Bai Hanmo’s hand.

For the spectators, it was shocking. In comparison, Bai Hanmo’s strength was even more terrifying.

They had already witnessed Ye Xiwen’s strength. Although Bai Hanmo did not make a move, Bi Hanhai gave a hint or two.

One dark horse after another. How dark horses are there this year?
Many people might not even see so many dark horses in their entire lives. They were extraordinary all wildcards, possibly standing at the summit.

Everyone finally understood that it was probably not that Chai Jianben was weak, but Ye Xiwen was too strong, so he was defeated by Ye Xiwen.

At the same time, the crowd was faintly excited. There were so many underdog on this Sunny Bamboo Island, what about other places?

Obviously, the competition for the Top 100 this time was much more intense than ever.

Bi Hanhai noticed that one dared to challenge him with the crowd being silent. He returned to his position triumphantly. Bai Hanmo and Ye Xiwen embarrassed him terribly. Only now could he finally feel a sense of exuberance, relieving his grieve.

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

MGS, Wu Shen Kong Jian, 武神空间
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but he unexpectedly transmigrated into the world known as True Martial Domain! In this world, formidable warriors were capable of terraforming and destroying the world! He originally had an ordinary aptitude. However, with his mysterious space, any martial art can be analyzed within the mysterious space! He could attain what took others decades to cultivate in a year! So long as he has enough elixirs. Any geniuses and talents were merely jokes in front of him!


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