Chapter 907: Fight of Two Beauty

After Bi Hanhai, the experts on the main seat all took turns to emerge. They all trounced their opponents like Bi Hanhai.

What happened made everyone understand the gap between them and the Top 100. It was more than just a bit.
Even Scarlet Thunder Immortal, the weakest among them, defeated her opponent with a huge advantage.

They might be famous geniuses elsewhere. However, they were reduced to spectators, watching the few people above the main seat, blooming with their incomparable brilliant light.

After everyone in the main seat took a shot, Yao Qian finally couldn’t help but emerge. Her opponent was a Transcendent Realm Fifth Level expert with some strength kept hidden. However, in front of Yao Qian, the warrior couldn’t sustain a few moves before being overwhelmingly defeated.

Although this was Yao Qian’s first duel, it was a good reminder enough for everyone to realize that Yao Qian’s strength was still unfathomable.

“Sister Yao, the elder sister would like to get some pointers from you?” At this time, Scarlet Thunder Immortal finally made a move. She daringly challenged Yao Qian.
Everyone became excited at once. Yao Qian and Scarlet Thunder Immortal were both famous muses of Sunny Bamboo Island. Both had many supporters on Sunny Bamboo Island. There had been countless conflicts to contest for the Number 1 Beauty of Sunny Bamboo Island. However, different people had different preferences. Neither Yao Qian and Scarlet Thunder Immortal could overwhelm the other side. In terms of cultivation strength, Yao Qian had steadily suppressed Scarlet Thunder Immortal slightly. However, Scarlet Thunder Immortal was never thrown behind by Yao Qian. Both sides seemed to get in a huff. Once one side improved, the other definitely would improve soon.

Therefore, there was no conclusion on the actual strength between the two muses. Scarlet Thunder Immortal was much stronger than in the past. Naturally, she wanted to take this opportunity to seek justice and honor for herself.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal looked at Yao Qian with a somewhat provocative look.

Yao Qian just smiled at her and said, “Sure!”
With that said, her figure stepped on thin air, creating ripples. Then, she descended straight into the arena.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal immediately dashed toward the arena without any hesitation. She summoned thunder and bombarded Yao Qian.

That shocking thunder directly pierced the vast sky and bombarded Yao Qian. Yet, Yao Qian was still unfazed. Although this had the suspicion of a sneak attack, as Sunny Bamboo Island’s twin beauties, they both had an understanding of each other. Yao Qian was not flustered in the face of her attack.

Her fair palm extended forward; it was wrapped in a layer of silver-white plain glove. She caught the lightning on the spot.
She had grasped the thunder capable of splitting the mountains without giving a sweat. Her action was unhindered like running clouds and flowing water.

Immediately, Scarlet Thunder Immortal sent out another thunder coupled with a thunderous roar. It was already in front of Yao Qian in an instant.

Taking advantage of the moment Yao Qian caught the lightning, she finally made a move. However, both were competitors for decades. This time, they had finally given it all.

Yao Qian’s reaction was not slow at all. She instantly squeezed her fingers into a fist and blasted out a punch. A terrifying aura that was uncontended accompanied the punch.

The two fair fists crashed into each other in the air. A fist struck a palm heavily. Both terrifying forces crushed against each other. With the collision point as the center, a terrifying shock wave swept out in all directions.

There was a sizzle followed by countless sparks, swept out in all directions.

This clash completely changed the crowd’s complexion, especially for many people who were not familiar with Scarlet Thunder Immortal and Yao Qian previously. The reason why they knew these two people was because they were unparalleled in beauty. If not, there were many female experts among the younger generation too. How could only the two of them be regarded as Sunny Bamboo Island’s two muses? The primary reason was that these two people were far more beautiful than others.

Many people even had only unparalleled beauty in their memory. However, this clash completely changed their view on the two muses. Not only were the muses’ strength not weaker than them, but it was also even more powerful than them. They did not lose out to Bi Hanhai.

“Scarlet Thunder Immortal should be using the garrisoned lost technique of Scarlet Thunder Gang at Advanced Human Level – Sea-burying Sacred Thunder Palm. It can evaporate an area of sea, turning it into a sea of ​​thunder and lightning!”

The well-informed expert instantly recognized it was Scarlet Thunder Gang’s famous martial art. The Scarlet Thunder Gang could gain a foothold on Sunny Bamboo Island because of this lost technique.

“Unexpectedly, Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s first move is already the Sea-burying Sacred Thunder Palm. Sure enough, she is going all out. However, Muse Yao’s Silk Cleaving Emperor Fist is not an inferior lost technique. This duel will be amazing!”
Scarlet Thunder Immortal once again stormed forward. She was so resentful to her old rival, who had defeated her for many years. The palms occupying the sky instantly turned into balls of thunder and lightning. They fell from the sky, shrouding Yao Qian entirely in it.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal had reached a high level of grasp to the Sea-burying Sacred Thunder Palm. Having cultivated this technique since she was a child, coupled with her talent, she had reached a terrifying state.

At this time, facing Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s attack, Yao Qian just threw out her punches calmly.

Every punch did not seem to have much power within, but the punch’s aftermath would easily shatter the falling lightning.

The sky full of thunder and lightning could not do anything to Yao Qian. Yao Qian’s punches were like a protective barrier. The punch could be utilized well both offensively and defensively.

Yao Qian was unrestrained in delivering her technique. If she hadn’t entered the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level a year ago, this kind of attack would fluster her for a while. However, she had already entered the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level. It was a massive leap from the past.
The encirclement attacks coming from the Scarlet Thunder Immortal was overwhelming. Still, there were no panics in Yao Qian’s eyes. She resolved the attacks calmly.

But, Scarlet Thunder Immortal didn’t know that Yao Qian had already entered the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level a year ago. When she thought she had caught up with Yao Qian, she was left behind again.

Everyone present felt that this was a close battle. Only Ye Xiwen knew that Yao Qian did not show her full strength yet. He knew that Yao Qian had entered the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level. It took place even a year ago. She probably had already entered the Transcendent Realm Sixth Level Peak. This was not impossible. For a behemoth like Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce, countless resources were enough to boost her cultivation at a terrifying level in a short time.

After breaking Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s offense, Yao Qian quickly turned from defense to offense and shouted softly.

“It’s earth-shattering!”
There was a fundamental difference between her fist and the delicate appearance just now. Her fist pressure instantly suppressed the world.

It felt completely different from the light and agile punching just now. She was taking the path of overcoming opponents with might.

Scarlet Thunder Immortal was shocked. She quickly waved her hand to block the attack, setting up a sky full of thunder nets, and wrapped herself in it.

The form changed instantly, and the two directly switched offense and defense.
Both sides performed their lost technique. The immense battle had no victor. Everyone watched intensely. Some couldn’t keep up with the fight between the two.

Especially when Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s attacks were like flashes of lightning. Although Scarlet Thunder Immortal did not have the terrifying momentum of Yao Qian, her speed was undisputable. Each of her moves would collapse a large area of air.

She controlled the rhythm firmly, whether the attack was agile or powerful, it was in her control.

The experts on the main seat also noticed that Scarlet Thunder Immortal was restrained in front of Yao Qian.

Although Yao Qian did not show the power that surpassed the Transcendent Realm Fifth Level, she firmly suppressed Scarlet Thunder Immortal by only relying on her skills. Though it appeared that they were on the same level, Scarlet Thunder Immortal was already defeated.
Especially that elegant man, Xi Hongru, saw this scene and sighed slightly. Scarlet Thunder Immortal was not Yao Qian’s opponent. It was obvious at first sight both of them were not on the same level. There was probably a huge gap. Otherwise, Yao Qian should be a little embarrassed now. She would not be so firm and steady on her offense while at the same time having a right balance between offensive and defensive.

“Damn it!” A trace of hatred flashed in Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s eyes. How could she not feel what those people outside the arena realized? She lost her momentum to Yao Qian little by little.

She found it hard to understand why Yao Qian crushed her overwhelmingly. It was clear that the strength of the two sides seemed to be the same. She didn’t feel any overwhelming advantage from Yao Qian, but she couldn’t get back the initiative.

But she also knew that she couldn’t go on like this. The fight absolutely shouldn’t continue like this.

She gave a soft yell. The clouds in the sky began to turn black in an instant. A majestic aura boiled within her body.

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

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