Chapter 908: An Easy Victory

Under her maneuver, the thunder and lightning between heaven and the earth were condensing towards the sky, forming multiple thunder dragons in the sky. A sea of ​​thunder and lightning were manifested in the raging sky. It was a scene that trembled the spectator’s heart. The roaring thunder dragons roared and rushed down directly. Instead of rushing to Yao Qian, they rushed straight to the Scarlet Thunder Immortal.

“Boom!” Several thunder dragons fell directly on the Scarlet Thunder Immortal, entwining her body into a dragon-patterned thunder armor.
The Scarlet Thunder Immortal gave a tender shout and instantly attacked Yao Qian swiftly like lightning. If she was only as fast as lightning just now, then she was the actual lightning now.

The Scarlet Thunder Immortal was wrapped in a ball of lightning and instantly blasted towards Yao Qian.

Her speed was so fast that most people couldn’t see the Scarlet Thunder Immortal anymore, except for those in the main seat.

Facing the Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s onslaught, Yao Qian didn’t panic. She raised her hand instantly. The clash was as though scripted. Her attack landed on the Scarlet Thunder Immortal directly.

“Bang!” The Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s confronted Yao Qian’s fist. Terrifying aura took a spherical shape, swept out in all directions. The sphere was entrained in lightning; it exploded in an instant.
“It’s so terrifying. Is this the Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s trump card? If that’s the case, then it’s terrifying!” Some were frightened after watching this scene as if they saw a terrifying monster. In front of this lightning power, it was like facing the Heavenly Retribution.

But, this attack only made Yao Qian retreat a few steps to regain her footings. The Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s beautiful eyes widened as if she hadn’t expected it.

Yao Qian’s counterattack was even more swift and thunderous without a slight pause. She instantly darted toward the Scarlet Thunder Immortal.

Yao Qian’s fist hit the Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s dragon-patterned thunder armor, but it did not affect her at all.

“Haha, you won’t be able to deal with me!” The Scarlet Thunder Immortal saw what had happened and laughed loudly. Seeing that Yao Qian could not harm her, all of her previous worries disappeared without a trace.

Almost immediately, the dragon’s roar came out from the dragon-patterned armor that was attacked. A thunder dragon roared and flew out to kill Yao Qian.

Yao Qian tapped her toes to the ground faintly. Her figure fluttered out suddenly, like a muse. However, she appeared more serious and less carefree right now. Her brows slightly frowned. At this time, unless she revealed that she had entered Transcendent Realm Sixth Level. Otherwise, it would be difficult to challenge the dragon-patterned armor on the Scarlet Thunder Immortal. That armor was simply a combination of offense and defense. Under the stimulation of thunder and lightning, the opponent’s speed was breakneck.
There was simply no weakness.

Although she knew that Scarlet Thunder Immortal would not be able to maintain this state for a long time, she didn’t want to develop the battle in that manner.

In the distance, Ye Xiwen saw this scene. He immediately understood Yao Qian’s thoughts. Transcendent Realm Sixth Level was her trump card. She didn’t want to expose it in front of others.

The Scarlet Thunder Immortal saw that Yao Qian could not harm her, she became excited and darted towards Yao Qian. Her attacks were impervious. She splashed the thunder and lightning power onto Yao Qian with her current speed advantage, completely enveloping the opponent.

“Today, I am going to defeat you!” The Scarlet Thunder Immortal sneered. The qi on her body was surging. Having hopes of defeating Yao Qian made her excited.
“Bang!” Yao Qian hindered the Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s movements slightly. When the Scarlet Thunder Immortal was about to launch a further attack, Yao Qian moved.

Silk Cleaving Emperor Fist!

In an instant, countless qis were wrapped on her fist. These qis started to spin frantically on her fist. The horrifying fist was in a spiral state, and it spun at high speed.

At this time, her fist was like a high-speed drill. She blasted it out with a terrifying light.

“Boom!” Her fist struck the dragon-patterned armor clad on the Scarlet Thunder Immortal again. Previously, all her power was dispersed to the entire fist. For the dragon-patterned armor, there was no way to pose a real threat.

But, things had changed at this moment. All her strength now concentrated on the drilling point. It slammed on the dragon-patterned armor hard.

In an instant, frenzy energy swept across. Two completely different forces slammed into each other, but Yao Qian’s fist did not stop. It advanced with a terrifying speed.



On the dragon-patterned armor, the center on the spot where Yao Qian’s drill struck had web-cracks appeared instantaneously. The entire dragon-patterned armor was densely covered with these cracks.

“Bang!” The entire dragon-patterned armor shattered in an instant.

However, Yao Qian’s speed did not decrease and directly hit the Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s chest with a punch.
“Puff!” The Scarlet Thunder Immortal spitted out blood. As if hit by a heavy blow, her body flew out directly. In her eyes, she couldn’t believe that the dragon-patterned armor she was so proud of was overcome like this.

She was clad entirely with dragon-patterned armor. There were no slightest openings to her body parts. The armor’s only weakness was that the power was scattered around her body. Once a spot was overwhelmed, the other parts’ power would need to disperse and quickly support the overwhelmed area. Hence, there should not be the shortcoming of having her defense penetrated at a singular point.

However, the premise of this statement was not to encounter a force that exceeded the limit of her armor itself.

But, this was what had exactly happened. Although Yao Qian showed only Transcendent Realm Fifth Level Peak’s power, she cleverly used her power in the drill pattern to directly penetrate the dragon-patterned armor.

The Scarlet Thunder Immortal was helpless to it. She could only watch the dragon-patterned armor dispersed. She looked at Yao Qian with sore eyes, but there was no other way. She had thought about it for many years and researched it. For many years, her rank was behind Yao Qian. It was like a magical barrier. Usually, it was not a big deal. At the critical moment, it served as a hefty psychological barrier.
This time, she finally seized the opportunity. Taking advantage of having the same realm, she could challenge Yao Qian and wipe out this long-standing psychological barrier in one fell swoop. She did not expect the result to turn out like this.

At the same realm and with similar strength, she was defeated. Yao Qian was so strong that she was unresigned.


Why do you want to crush me every time? Who do you think you are?

Her gazes became more and more spiteful as if she was looking at her nemesis. This person squashed her for hundreds of years. Her feelings were quite apparent. The terrifying part of her experience was having no hope of coming back.

Maybe she didn’t feel too intensely in the past. Her resentment was deeply engraved in her bones now.

At this time, she didn’t wait for Yao Qian to announce that she had won, so she stood up from the ground and walked out of the arena. She appeared a little sorry, but no one dared to laugh at her.

Everyone had witnessed her strength just now. She was a powerhouse on the Top 100 List. It could even be said that her strength was enough to eliminate everyone present except for those on the main seat.
Even in many people’s eyes, she had a glorious defeat because her opponent this time was Yao Qian!

It was not that she was weak, but Yao Qian was too strong. No one knew whether Yao Qian had given it all. This was the most terrifying.

Seeing the Scarlet Thunder Immortal leave, Yao Qian didn’t stop her and didn’t add any extra humiliation because she didn’t need to at all. She was the winner. That was enough.

The experts on the main seat looked at Yao Qian, clearly knowing that she was still hiding her best. It was unlike the spectators who only had slight suspicions. Those on the main seat were almost certain that Yao Qian must have hidden her strength. Otherwise, she would not be able to take down the Scarlet Thunder Immortal so easily. That was the precise reason that everyone did not dare to underestimate Yao Qian, the organizer.

Even initially, they came to participate because of Yao Qian’s reputation, but this time, it was more accurate to say that they were here to witness Yao Qian’s brilliance. She had an unfathomable strength.

“It’s amazing!” Ye Xiwen admired secretly not on Yao Qian’s strength, but her combat prowess.
This was what he admired. One could cultivate their strength, but the combat prowess could not be improved through cultivation. In addition to thousands of experiences, it depended on talent.

Like Ye Xiwen, he had trained up such intuition and instinct through thousands of experiences, including the times that required him to escape.

But Yao Qian found a way to overcome the dragon-patterned armor almost immediately. If Ye Xiwen were to put in the same shoe, he would probably rely on sheer strength to overcome the armor. He advocated using the easiest way to solve everything, but this did not stop him from admiring Yao Qian’s fighting wisdom.

“Of course, who is my Sister Yao? That’s my sister!” Bai Hanmo heard Ye Xiwen’s secret praise beside him. He laughed out loud and said with pride.

No one knew whether he was complimenting Yao Qian, himself, or both.

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

MGS, Wu Shen Kong Jian, 武神空间
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but he unexpectedly transmigrated into the world known as True Martial Domain! In this world, formidable warriors were capable of terraforming and destroying the world! He originally had an ordinary aptitude. However, with his mysterious space, any martial art can be analyzed within the mysterious space! He could attain what took others decades to cultivate in a year! So long as he has enough elixirs. Any geniuses and talents were merely jokes in front of him!


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