Chapter 909: Ye Xiwen’s Accurate Prediction

“Brother E, I came here today mostly for you. Do you dare to fight with me? If you can beat me, then we settled the Bi Chen incident in the past once and for all. How about that?” Bi Lixuan stood up and said.

Bi Lixuan looked at E Hong faintly and said. Although he was here for Bi Chen’s incident this time, he had gotten news that Bi Chen was dead. It was a fact. Not just the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan said so. Even the internal news they received told the same. It verified that it was true.
Jade Shadow Sea Snake Clan would spend all his power to force Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan handing Bi Chen over. Since Bi Chen was dead, no one wanted to get into a conflict with the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous for a deceased.

It was not worth it at all!

“Why don’t I dare? But, you have no chance of winning!”

E Hong was only slightly taken aback and then nodded in agreement for the duel. He had his pride, which did not allow him to cower from the challenge. What’s more? It was necessary to resolve the trouble which Crown Prince Crocodile brought.

Now that Bi Chen was dead, there was no need for the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan to continue the face-off with the Jade Shadow Sea Snake Clan.
“Winning chance? You won’t know until we fight!” said Bi Lixuan lightly.

“Since you said so, let me fulfill your wish!” E Hong nodded.

The two figures jumped directly into the arena, looking at each other slightly coldly. Even if it was not for the clan’s matter, there was a value to fight at the elite level.

Both parties released their aura instantly as if scripted. The two terrifying auras collided in the air. The air brought by the momentum began to continuously collide, making a sharp whistling sound and sonic boom.
Neither of them held back. They both gave it all.

In Ye Xiwen’s eyes, there was an indescribable shock. Both of them were Transcendent Realm Sixth Level Peak. They were even stronger than Chai Jianben.

The two seemed to share the same anticipation, and they were not surprised at all.

The two men’s imposing aura competition continued. Bi Lixuan couldn’t help it first. He drew a short saber in his hand. It streaked across the sky, producing a green glow. The attack headed toward E Hong at lightning speed.
He was agile, making his attack unalerted. The shockwave of the short green saber only broke out long after he left. It had created immense turbulence. It was conceivable how fast he was.

E Hong’s reaction was not sluggish at all. Steel claws suddenly appeared on both of his hands. On the claws, there were faintly complex and mysterious formations flowing in them. A dangerous aura exuded these two steel claws.

*Shua!* E Hong scratched on the empty air, causing a violent wave. He sent out a wind blade toward Bi Lixuan, who was leaping straight to him.

“Boom!” Bi Lixuan’s short saber and the wind blade clashed mid-air. The sharpness of the short saber in Bi Lixuan’s hand was unimaginable. It cut through the wind blade in an instant, but his movement was slightly hindered.

This was precisely the effect E Hong wanted. It gave him an opening to launch his steel claws and block the saber.
*Clang!* It was a loud metal trembling sound. The terrifying impact directly turned into a shock wave, swept out towards the surroundings.

Amidst the boundless air current, Bi Lixuan’s next wave of offense arrived with almost no pauses. The short saber rushed up again and approached E Hong’s face.

“That’s too fast!” Even E Hong was a little surprised. His pupils shrank slightly, but his reaction speed was not slow. He waved his other steel claw and swept from the side. If Bi Lixuan didn’t avoid it, he would be slash in half on the spot.

Bi Lixuan had no choice but to dodge the devastating attack.

After avoiding Bi Lixuan’s blow, E Hong’s counterattack was like a shadow. It approached immediately with his cold voice instantly reached Bi Lixuan’s ears.

“I have already said. You can’t beat me!”

In his hand, the steel claw carried a dense qi, tearing the vast sky, cutting out a brilliant light, and instantly caught Bi Lixuan. The attack was seemingly capable of shattering the sky.
He was as fast as lightning when he grabbed Bi Lixuan’s arm. The qi that Bi Lixuan utilized to protect his arm was shattered due to the grip. A violent wind swept out.

Bi Lixuan’s speed was faster. At this critical moment, he avoided the fatal blow. However, his entire sleeve was torn. His eyes appeared more serious. The battle with E Hong was a matter of life and death. Any mistake would prove fatal. Although he believed that E Hong would not kill him directly, serious injuries were inevitable.

Many human warriors around were watching enthusiastically because neither of the warriors was human. For them, it was delightful to see the opponent fight their kind. Anyway, these sea clans were the same in their eyes. The human warriors all wished for the sea clans warriors’ death.

Ye Xiwen glanced at Bi Lixuan. He shook his head and muttered to himself, “He can’t make it!”

“Elder Brother Ye, what? Who can’t make it?” Bai Hanmo looked at Ye Xiwen curiously. Since Ye Xiwen’s successful prediction just now, he hoped that Ye Xiwen could voice out his prediction in every round. He was quite excited about it.

Bai Hanmo had realized it from the beginning. Compared with Ye Xiwen, his strength might not be inadequate, but he was not as good as Ye Xiwen in terms of combat experience. Battle foresight was more than intuition. The most important thing was combat experience. If he didn’t have enough combat experience with various enemies, how could he accurately judge the battle outcome?
In this regard, Ye Xiwen could be regarded as an expert. He had rich combat experience, particularly battles with many kinds of enemies. Hence, he could quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of different enemies’ types.

Since Bai Hanmo heard it all, Ye Xiwen didn’t mind elaborating it further, “Bi Lixuan is unmatched to E Hong!”

“How do you know?” Bai Hanmo asked. Although Bi Lixuan suffered a small loss in the previous clash, it was not a big deal. This actual battle had just begun.

“Bi Lixuan’s proficiency in speed and ambush is disadvantageous when facing E Hong!” added Ye Xiwen.

In other words, Bi Lixuan’s fighting style was somewhat similar to that of an assassin. If there was a surprise attack or something, there might be a chance to win. It would be terrible in a face-to-face battle with a strong opponent like E Hong.
Ye Xiwen’s fighting style was similar to E Hong, probably even more potent than E Hong. He defeated Chai Jianben overwhelmingly in the same manner too.

Of course, it did not mean that there was no other way. For example, E Hong would probably have no way to deal with Bi Lixuan if he decided to roam around as he battled. With that, his escape attempts should be imminent too. On the other hand, Ye Xiwen was a unique case to be strong in power and speed.

However, Bi Lixuan chose to carry out the battle head-to-head, which he was least proficient at. It was merely digging for his own grave. It would be tough to determine the victor in a life and death battle. In terms of the duel, Bi Lixuan was unmatched to E Hong.

“If this continues, Bi Lixuan’s defeat is only a matter of time!” commented Ye Xiwen.
This time, after hearing Ye Xiwen’s analysis, not many people questioned it. Ye Xiwen’s strength was well-recognized by everyone through the battle just now. Although some people would still doubt it, none dared to raise it in person.

Of course, the premise was that Ye Xiwen’s predictions were accurate. Otherwise, someone would be keen to deliver a slap in Ye Xiwen’s face verbally.

But, things were exactly as Ye Xiwen expected. The whole scene went in a direction that was unfavorable to Bi Lixuan. When he lost his ambush factor and speed advantage, E Hong’s relentless offense forced Bi Lixuan into retreat. Bi Lixuan had no way to retaliate.

“You can’t be my opponent!” E Hong kept lowering Bi Lixuan’s space to maneuver. He suppressed Bi Lixuan’s strength to a minimum level.

Without enough room to move, Bi Lixuan’s threat was suddenly reduced. He could only continue to resist under E Hong’s attack.
Bi Lixuan might not lose if it was a real life-and-death battle. Within this narrow space, it completely limited his performance.

After E Hong pushed Bi Lixuan into a dead corner again, he conceded without any hesitation. This was just a duel. There was no need to fight desperately.

Everyone was in an uproar again. Not only because E Hong easily defeated Bi Lixuan, but the most important thing was that everything went exactly the same as Ye Xiwen’s prediction. As Ye Xiwen had expected, Bi Lixuan was helpless with E Hong. He had to admit defeat in the end.

This was the reason why the spectating warriors were shocked. If Ye Xiwen could predict their victory or defeat, it was not a big deal. After all, Ye Xiwen’s strength was far above them. It was not surprising. However, it was a shock for Ye Xiwen to predict the duel outcome between E Hong and Bi Lixuan.

But for Ye Xiwen, it was not difficult to predict. If it were a life-and-death battle, Ye Xiwen would not make judgments so lightly. Everyone has a unique skill as their ultimate trump card. Before revealing it, it would be hard to determine the victor.

But if it was just a duel, the outcome was undoubtedly much simpler to be predicted.
“Since I have come down to the arena, I’m not going back to my seat. Ye Xiwen, do you dare to come down and fight me?”

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