Chapter 910: Heavy Water Collar Region

E Hong’s words went straight to Ye Xiwen’s ears!

Ye Xiwen knew that he would not be able to dodge the fight. Besides, he had no intention to avoid the battle too. He had to face his conflict with the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan anyway. Although it was impossible to resolve it altogether, there were still ways to delay it.
As compared to the fight with Bi Lixuan just now, E Hong had a completely different aura exuded from his body, which completely enveloped Ye Xiwen.

Everyone suddenly became nervous. It had come to this point. The grievance between Ye Xiwen and the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan was already well-known. E Hong’s fight this time would not be the same as the reserved fight with Bi Lixuan.

He would do his best to kill Ye Xiwen!

Seeing Ye Xiwen walking out without hesitation, E Hong said in a cold voice, “You’d better give your last words quickly. You won’t have a chance in a while!”

E Hong didn’t intend to hide anything, but Ye Xiwen was unfazed. He had expected it a long time ago, and his eyes flickered with killing intent.
“Say my last words? I think you need to do that more than me!” Ye Xiwen sneered.

“Arrogant!” blurted E Hong coldly. He kicked the ground and launched himself out like a heavy artillery shell.

He is so fast!

Among the warriors known for their physical strength, E Hong’s speed was almost at the extreme. His tyrannical physical body was inborn. His speed was trained through effort. With that, he appeared strong in both speed and physical body.
The claws instantly grabbed out and fell from the sky to scratch Ye Xiwen to death.

His speed was undeniably fast, but Ye Xiwen’s speed was faster than that. The flame in his hand burnt blazingly and turned into a long saber. He wielded it instantly and slashed directly at the steel claw.

Saber aura and the steel claw instantly tore the vast sky and crashed into each other in mid-air.

As if something had collapsed, an explosion took place in the air. Two horrible rays of light smashed into each other, forming a spherical energy ball that burst instantly and swept in all directions.

E Hong was a little surprised. His speed was fast enough. Even an ordinary Transcendent Realm Sixth Level expert would be caught by his sudden attack just now.

Ye Xiwen escaped and reacted in time. This was something he didn’t expect at all.

It was completely different from the duel against Bi Lixuan. Bi Lixuan’s speed was swift, faster than him. However, he could still keep up. Thus, he did not fall into a disadvantage because of that. In his view, Ye Xiwen in front of him should have taken the physical strength route. For example, he relied on sheer strength and simple moves to suppress Chai Jianben previously.

But, he didn’t expect Ye Xiwen’s speed to be more shocking than his power!
His eyes appeared more solemn. Ye Xiwen was even more difficult to fight with than he initially thought.

However, his hesitation was only for an instant. Immediately, the steel claws in his hand grabbed at Ye Xiwen again. Under the control of his five fingers, he tore through the sky, forming a terrifying air current, and confronted the opponent.

It was a surprise attack just now. Ye Xiwen failed to give it all, but at the same time, E Hong also was unable to give it all.

“Jade Breaking Demon Beast Claw!”

E Hong yelled. He rose from the ground with his hands enlarging in mid-air. Countless qi entangled on the steel claws of his hands with jade glimmers on the surface. He darted towards Ye Xiwen.

His claw technique was impressive. Among the people Ye Xiwen knew, no one had claw proficiency comparable to him.

Ye Xiwen’s reaction was faster. His left hand was burning with raging flame. It morphed into a long saber. Couple with the existing fiery saber, the two long sabers crossed each other. Ye Xiwen delivered a cross-shaped fiery slash which confronted the Jade Breaking Demon Beast Claw.
“Boom!” The glimmering claw and saber aura struck one another, and they were offset by each other. A terrifying force quickly swept in all directions. Ye Xiwen’s duel with Chai Jianben previously had only trembled the barrier which the Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce experts prepared. In the current fight, the barrier showed signs of shattering.

The previous battles were much more reserved, particularly E Hong’s duel with Bi Lixuan and Ye Xiwen’s duel with Chai Jianming and subsequently Chai Jianben. The participants spared their combat power and did not fight with all their strength to avoid being taken advantage of later on.

Therefore, the barrier appeared firm. However, when Ye Xiwen clashed with E Hong, the barrier seemed to be weaker. At this time, Yao Qian hastened to reinforce the barrier so that the venue would not be ruined.

“Your combat strength is not bad. But, if you think that’s enough, then you are wrong!” E Hong sneered. His body burst out a powerful qi. Dense water vapor came together, forming a monstrous tide.

Though, this technique was more superior compared to Ye Xiwen’s previous encounter at Holy Realm Dwellers’ Mansion – where there was no water. On this Sunny Bamboo Island, it was not far from the sea, so E Hong could easily create massive tides.

E Hong stood on the top of the tide, staring at Ye Xiwen with icy eyes.
“E Hong is scary. In his previous duel with Bi Lixuan just now, they both did not give it all. Ye Xiwen will inevitably suffer now!”

“He is an innate water clan. In such a watery environment, his combat power increases. Therefore, our clan can’t gain a foothold in the endless sea region. Relatively speaking, this endless sea is a great environment for the sea clan!”

Many people started to worry for Ye Xiwen. Compared to E Hong, they were more willing to help Ye Xiwen, a compatriot.

E Hong made an all-out attack. His strength at Transcendent Realm Sixth Level Peak continued to rise. It appeared that he hadn’t reached the limit yet. The surrounding water vapor also grew in intensity as his strength continued to rise.

Ye Xiwen stared at E Hong faintly with a solemn expression. The mutated flame hidden within Ye Xiwen became active. It then spread out in all directions with his figure as the center, forming a sea of ​​fire.
As the saying goes, water and fire were merciless. Currently, the battle was a brutal confrontation between water and fire.

“What’s going on? Although this flame isn’t quite intense, it directly forms a wall of fire, making it impossible for those monstrous tides to run over!”

“Does this look like the kind of flame that appeared when Ye Xiwen defeated Chai Jianben just now?”

“Yes, indeed. It is that kind of flame, but unfortunately, I have never seen this kind of flame!”
“There are tens of thousands of flame types in the world. Even if the ancestors of fire, the Phoenix Clan, won’t be able to recognize all the flames!”

“This will be a worthwhile battle to watch. This is not a one-sided situation!”

E Hong was not surprised. He had been waiting. He also saw how Ye Xiwen defeated Chai Jianben previously. Chai Jianben was not worth mentioning in his heart. He had made up his mind to kill Ye Xiwen, so he would not underestimate the battle. Now that he knew that Ye Xiwen had this trump card, he would be prepared.

“This is a bit interesting. Although I don’t know what kind of flame you are using, no flame can burn in my freezing water!” E Hong showed a slightly cruel smile on his face. Towering tidal waves gushed toward Ye Xiwen with no pauses. Every water droplet was akin to a water sword, striking Ye Xiwen’s fire wall.

The sea of fire waved around Ye Xiwen. Everything that it got into contact with would be caught in the flames. The flame burned on the water surface. Though it could not penetrate through the water surface, it directly evaporated the towering tide covering the sky. It went entirely out of expectation for Ye Xiwen.
Freezing water isn’t an ordinary water technique!

But, Ye Xiwen didn’t care so much at this time. The fiery long saber in his hand reappeared, and his figure instantly rushed towards E Hong. Soon he realized that when he stepped on the water, his speed was a lot slower.

Soon he discovered that this was not because his speed was slow, but the water was too weird. When he stepped on the water, he felt a considerable suction force to hold him firmly.

“Hahaha, this is my Heavy Water Territory. It is also the strongest technique I have ever mastered. I have never shown it in the past. It is your honor to die under this Heavy Water Territory!” E Hong laughed aloud. With a wave of his hand, the water in the sky instantly turned into a massive claw and grabbed at Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen stomped on his feet. His figure quickly retreated frantically. The massive claw missed, but it was persistence. It directly grabbed at Ye Xiwen again.

“Heavy Water Territory? Is this a territory that only Law Manifestation can comprehend?” When someone saw this Heavy Water Territory, he suddenly exclaimed.
“*Gasp,* if this is the case, then Ye Xiwen will lose. The Law Manifestation’s territory is a small world created by the Law Manifestation experts after comprehending the world and imitating the world’s rules. In this small world, it belongs to him. In his home ground, no one can compete against him. He is the deity; he is the heaven; he is the law. He creates everything, so he also owns everything and controls everything!”

“But, isn’t this an ability that only the Law Manifestation experts have?”

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

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