Chapter 912: Hurting E Hong Fatally

The real key was to catch E Hong by surprise.

Fiery saber aura directly tore a massive wound on his body. The flesh and bones were mutilated wherever the long saber passed. It almost slashed him into half by the waist. If it weren’t E Hong reacting at the last moment, he could hardly escape its fate to death.
The horror in his eye and expression was indescribable.

He felt that death was so close to him for the first time. Initially, he thought everything would be easy. Even if Ye Xiwen had a thousand means, he would be defeated in his Heavy Water Territory. The territory’s power could only be confronted by another territory. How could ordinary people have territory unless he had already gone beyond the Transcendent Realm?

So he was full of confidence. Although he was jealous of Ye Xiwen’s purple flame, he was just jealous and didn’t feel anything.

But he didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen would deliver such a deadly saber slash. If he hadn’t avoided it at the critical moment, he would have been beheaded by a saber at this time with no survival chance.

This was a terrifying fact!
How could his speed be so fast!?

That said, he had hidden his strength previously!

Countless thoughts flashed in his mind in an instant. It was beyond words to describe it.

Everyone on the scene stood up in shock and couldn’t believe it. Initially, the crowd thought that after E Hong activated the pseudo territory, Ye Xiwen’s best result was to escape. However, the outcome was entirely different from what they originally thought.
It appeared Ye Xiwen always had unexpected tricks prepared for everyone.

The only one not surprised was probably Yao Qian. Ye Xiwen rescued her in the past. At that time, Ye Xiwen had already used Demon Wings. He was able to escape from a Transcendent Realm Ninth Level burning corpse. Only Yao Qian knew how fast Ye Xiwen’s speed would be. Although she had suffered a severe injury at the time, it didn’t mean she knew nothing.

As she hadn’t seen him launching that pair of wings, she was only slightly nervous. Ye Xiwen had not yet revealed his true strength.

Sure enough, Ye Xiwen’s pair of wings shocked all four of them on the main seat. He hurt E Hong fatally in one move. Despite the superior strength, E Hong had to suffer a significant loss. The so-called trump card should be utilized like this.
However, she knew that Ye Xiwen’s lost technique, hidden at the bottom of his heart – the vicious beast phantom was not used. How many lost techniques of his aren’t discovered yet?

She was slightly curious in her heart.

However, the situation on the battlefield did not stop because of everyone’s shock. Ye Xiwen moved extremely fast. He struck forward with his saver again. This time, E Hong was prepared. But after suffering a fatal wound from Ye Xiwen, he was unable to parry the attack.

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen sent E Hong out directly in a slash. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and his body flew upside down.

Ye Xiwen stepped out again and chased him out. Just as he was about to kill E Hong, a massive hand in the sky suddenly grabbed onto Ye Xiwen in the arena.
Ye Xiwen immediately felt that a horrifying aura locked on him in an instant. Ye Xiwen instinctively fanned the Storm Wings behind him. His figure dashed wildly, barely avoiding this terrifying grasp.

Then, a black-robed senior warrior with an unmatched aura rushed in.

“Vile human. How dare you hurt our Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s member!?”

As soon as the black-robed senior warrior came in, he stared at Ye Xiwen, who had escaped the disaster with a little astonishment in his eyes. He didn’t expect Ye Xiwen to dodge away; he could not catch Ye Xiwen even if it were an ambush.

Although he was hasty in his attacks, this kid was not a simpleton.

When the senior warrior rushed in, Ye Xiwen suddenly felt that the warning signs rose sharply. It gave off a feeling of extreme danger surging from the soles of his feet to his head. The last time he felt this way was facing the Transcendent Realm Ninth Level burning corpse. He felt the same when facing this senior warrior.

“Elder Eighteen, it’s him who killed E Ying!” E Hong spit out a mouthful of blood, clutched the wound split in half, and stared at Ye Xiwen viciously. He did not mention E Xiangtian. Firstly, he had no evidence, and E Xiangtian was nothing to him. E Xiangtian was just an ordinary clan member. His death was incomparable with E Ying.
“Great job, kid. You shall die today. No one can save you!” Elder Eighteen squinted his crocodile eyes. Murderous intent was immense in his gaze. This was the precursor that he was willing to do anything to kill Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen instantly unfolded the Demon Wings behind him. He turned around and left. This terrifying aura alerted him of this terrifying threat. Elder Eighteen in front of him might have entered the Transcendent Realm Nine Level Peak already.

Even in the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan, such a character should be counted as a character of great status. He was ranked among the elders.

Among the crowd present, countless people suddenly exclaimed.

“Elder Eighteen, is he the newly promoted elder of the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan?”

“They said that Elder Eighteen is cruel and ruthless. Over the years, he had personally organized several important campaigns and led the team to wipe out several small sea clans. Why is he here!?”
“Ye Xiwen is now in danger. The senior warrior is at the pinnacle of Transcendent Realm. I’m afraid he can’t escape!”

Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth. At this time, he could only escape ahead of time. E Hong had a serious killing intent on him, while he was the same against E Hong!

It was just a pity. Ye Xiwen had almost achieved it!

“Senior, it’s quite inappropriate for you to barge in like this!” Yao Qian got up at this moment. She stepped forward and said.

“Little girl, this is our Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan’s business. I advise you not to be nosy!” Elder Eighteen looked at Yao Qian gloomily. Hints of threats were in his tone.
“Nonetheless, this place belongs to the Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce. Ye Xiwen is also a guest of our Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce. I can’t tolerate outsiders stirring up trouble here!” said Yao Qian firmly.

As if cooperating with Yao Qian’s words, several powerful auras rose not far away just after her voice fell. They were not inferior to Elder Eighteen in terms of strength.

Elder Eighteen, who was aggressive at this moment, suddenly turned cold, staring at Yao Qian with piercing eyes, and said, “Are you going to shield this kid?”

“This is about shielding him or not. Ye Xiwen is our Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce’s guest. The Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce follows the rule to prevent our guests from being persecuted in our place!” said Yao Qian fearlessly. Although the opposing party was a Transcendent Realm Ninth Level Peak expert, she was not afraid. This place was Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce’s territory.
Elder Eighteen seemed to be thinking about something. He pondered for a long time before he said, “If that’s the case, then we will leave now. You will regret it for sheltering this kid. I don’t think this kid will not leave this place and stay here forever!”

Elder Eighteen did not continue his stay. He left directly with the badly injured E Hong. He knew very well that he could not get any advantage here. If he made a move here, then he would suffer badly. In the end, he would be the one who fled in embarrassment. Trying to be a hero this time was not a good idea.

With Elder Eighteen making a big fuss in the venue, this gathering of young experts also ended. As the major experts all came off the venue to duel, there was nothing much to watch. The gathering ended in a hurry, somewhat anticlimactic.

Seeing Elder Eighteen leaving with E Hong, Yao Qian heard Ye Xiwen next to him say in pity, “What a pity! I couldn’t kill this E Hong!”

She was a little bit dumbfounded at once. This Ye Xiwen was beyond words to describe. He was dissatisfied with just escaping from Elder Eighteen. He even wanted to kill E Hong.
Just Ye Xiwen beheading E Ying had already driven the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan crazy. If he killed E Hong too, then the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan would go mad.

A young expert of this level was rare even in one of the three major overlords – the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan. The loss of one talent was a huge loss of an expert capable of ascending to the Law Manifestation Realm in the future. It was a hefty price to pay.

“Anyway, I have troubled you today!” Ye Xiwen calmed down and said thanks.

“It’s nothing. Since you are the guest I invited here at our Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce, we naturally can’t just sit idly by, let alone the opposing party is the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan!” said Yao Qian lightly, seemingly not taking it into her heart. It was undeniable that it could escalate into a war between the human clan and the sea clans.

“Anyway, you will face huge pressure from the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan for sheltering me. In fact, I can leave now, and they will still be helpless with it!” said Ye Xiwen.

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