Chapter 914: Meteor Explosion, Completed

For ten days, Ye Xiwen would be under Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce’s protection. He could temporarily ignore external threats. For him, this was a rare opportunity.

His ten-days close cultivation was not to improve his level but to master his Meteor Explosion. This technique could be said to be one of his ultimate trump cards. Although it had not been completed, it was already considered a trump card.
Ye Xiwen wanted to take advantage of these ten days to deduce the Meteor Explosion technique fully. For others, this could be a tough thing to do, but it was not the case for Ye Xiwen. He, who owned the mysterious space and the Mingxin ancient tree, could use far less time than the average person to deduce the technique. It would be a piece of cake.

As long as Ye Xiwen had enough spiritual stones, he could cultivate successfully!

He was wholly immersed in the mysterious space. The countless spiritual crystals in Tianyuan Mirror were under Ye Xiwen’s maneuver. These crystals were instilled in Ye Xiwen’s mysterious space. The countless spiritual energy was like a waterfall, rushing into Ye Xiwen’s body.

Ye Xiwen’s body was sitting cross-legged as if receiving the baptism of spiritual energy waterfall.

As more and more spiritual energy began to flood into his mysterious space, countless Meteor Explosion’s information flooded into his mind.
The Meteor Explosion in his mind became clearer and more precise. He had to deduce the Meteor Explosion technique within ten days to have more trump cards in the Chaos Demon Sea.

In his spiritual mind, Ye Xiwen stood up in that mysterious space. He squeezed his five fingers and continuously performed the Shattered Star Fist. In this mysterious space, he could give it all without being concerned.

Ye Xiwen performed the Shattered Star Fist over and over again. He did not use his qi; the fist technique didn’t seem to be that powerful. However, the technique was in the most real and most natural state.

As the Meteor Explosion information was deduced little by little, his Shattered Star Fist would become more robust than before. The ultimate technique – Meteor Explosion would attain a breakthrough in the deduction.
Ye Xiwen’s surroundings seemed to have turned into an endless and dark universe. His fists were like two stars in constant motion. The punches contained a particular prospect of dao running in it.

It faintly conformed to the rules of the stars’ movement in the entire universe.

This was because he had practiced the Shattered Star Fist to a terrifying point. Although he couldn’t say that he had surpassed the founder, Ye Xiwen admitted that he had reached an advanced level.

Since Shattered Star Fist was different from Sky Collapsing Fire Cloud Hand, Shattered Star Fist’s origin was not known to everyone, even in True Martial School.
Ye Xiwen only faintly knew that True Martial School’s predecessors did not create it; the technique existed a long time ago. The predecessors of True Martial School only discovered it.

Initially, Shattered Star Fist was a classified martial art technique even in Ancient Barrens. Ye Xiwen had to add another technique to the original ‘Shattered Star Fist’ technique to transcend this powerful technique.

The difficulty was apparent.

Even the Law Manifestation Realm experts still used the Human Level martial art techniques. Ye Xiwen wanted to create the method of Earth Level. One could imagine how difficult it would be.

Time also slowly passed by amidst his gradual deduction.
Ten days had passed in the blink of an eye!

Ten days was enough time for the turmoil to rise and enough time for the turmoil to subside. Ye Xiwen’s matter was always discussed during these ten days, but people had gradually lost interest. After all, Ye Xiwen was like dead. He never appeared again. No more news came out since then, which made them even less interested.

Slowly, the storm caused by Ye Xiwen’s limelight’s subsided bit by bit. With this opportunity, Ye Xiwen’s name was well-known. People didn’t know how far Ye Xiwen could ascend in the Top 100 List. It was at least certain that he would be on the Top 100 List.

No one knew how many young experts there were in the Flourished Cloud Sea Region, those who stood out and became the Top 100 were the strongest among the experts.

Ye Xiwen became famous all over the world all of a sudden.

Although it was the fame on Sunny Bamboo Island, everyone believed that as long as Ye Xiwen participated in the Top 100 List competition, having his name well-known was only a matter of time. Anyone on the Top 100 List was under the public’s watch.

Of course, the premise was that Ye Xiwen could escape from the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan.
Ten days later, only the Vanishing Shadow Poisonous Crocodile Clan experts were still waiting for Ye Xiwen to come out of the Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce.

“Sister Yao, when do you think Elder Brother Ye will come?” Outside Ye Xiwen’s yard, Bai Hanmo waited impatiently.

“It should be soon!” said Yao Qian calmly. She was still the indifferent Muse Yao even though she did not know whether to laugh or cry under Bai Hanmo’s harassment from time to time. In her eyes, Bai Hanmo was simply a child who had not grown up yet.

“When do you plan to go back?” Yao Qian suddenly added.

“It’s still early. I haven’t played enough. I don’t want to go back!” replied Bai Hanmo casually.

“They will find this place soon. You can’t hide for too long!” said Yao Qian lightly.
“That’s why I’m going to the Chaos Demon Sea with you!” Bai Hanmo was quite satisfied with his smart choice. “This is so much fun outside than at home. I don’t understand why they don’t let me out!”

“With your premature cultivation, you will die. What else do you want?” Yao Qian asked. If Yao Qian’s admirers were present, their eyes would be staring out at this time. The indifferent and untainted Muse Yao had become sharp in words.

“Sister, I’m not as weak as you said. I taught Bi Hanhai a lesson!” said Bai Hanmo, dissatisfied.

Yao Qian was quite helpless with the Bi Hanhai and the 99th concubine incident. Even if it was true, it should be said in private. Yao Qian was helpless to Bi Hanhai claiming it blatantly.

“It’s just that you haven’t met someone great!” said Yao Qian lightly. She then caught a glimpse of Bai Hanmo muttering in dissatisfaction. Although she didn’t hear it, she could imagine him saying that he was stronger than her.
She couldn’t do anything about this. Although Bai Hanmo was often unreliable, his talent in cultivation was unprecedented throughout her encounters. Even Ye Xiwen was not as good as Bai Hanmo in her heart. If Bai Hanmo were willing to work hard and cultivate, then his current cultivation would be very much higher.

She did not doubt Bai Hanmo’s talent for cultivation. It was not a problem to journey the world with Bai Hanmo’s strength. Ye Xiwen had already done that with his cultivation realm that was inferior to Bai Hanmo.

Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce information network was all over the Flourished Cloud Sea Region, but they could not find Ye Xiwen’s tracks. He seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. If Ye Xiwen didn’t pop out of the stone, there would be only one explanation. He traveled here from other places.

It was fine to travel the world after arriving at Transcendent Realm. What made Yao Qian feel uneasy was Bai Hanmo’s character. He was just like a child. If he were to encounter a sinister person, he would probably get cheated or scammed.
It was different from Ye Xiwen’s journey because Bai Hanmo had an easy cultivation path. He took less than half of Ye Xiwen’s time to reach Transcendent Realm Sixth Level easily. It was also because it was too easy that Bai Hanmo lacked experience.

This worried Yao Qian the most.

Maybe it will be great to allow him for an adventure and gain more experience!

Yao Qian looked at Bai Hanmo and thought to herself.

Without waiting for her to think about it, she heard the door of the small yard creak. It was none other than Ye Xiwen.
But what baffled her was the change she sensed in Ye Xiwen. It was merely ten days. It wasn’t a significant change like being reborn, but Ye Xiwen had entered a deeper level. He was outside her reach, looming as if hidden in a mist.

However, this feeling was only for a moment. After that moment, the change she felt in Ye Xiwen disappeared as if it was hidden.

“Sorry for letting you wait a long time!” Ye Xiwen’s face was filled with uncontrollable excitement. After ten days, he finally deduced all the essence of Meteor Explosion.

This technique would become his most decisive killer move. Even if he was now confronted with a Transcendent Realm Seventh Level expert, the Meteor Explosion could slay the opponent if the opponent was not careful.

But this also came at a price. The spirit crystal that finally reached 100 million once again dropped in numbers. It fell directly to only 50 million. It wasn’t a hefty consumption. After all, he acquired the Meteor Explosion technique, which was equivalent to a life-saving talisman. It was worth it for him.

If these spirit crystals could not be exchanged for mighty strength, it would be useless for him.

Martial God Space

Martial God Space

MGS, Wu Shen Kong Jian, 武神空间
Score 7
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
Ye Xiwen was previously only an ordinary university student on Earth, but he unexpectedly transmigrated into the world known as True Martial Domain! In this world, formidable warriors were capable of terraforming and destroying the world! He originally had an ordinary aptitude. However, with his mysterious space, any martial art can be analyzed within the mysterious space! He could attain what took others decades to cultivate in a year! So long as he has enough elixirs. Any geniuses and talents were merely jokes in front of him!


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