Chapter 916: Inexplicable Hostility

After a full day, the three were able to fly to the area outside Chaos Demon Sea.

Just at the periphery area, the three of them could feel a terrifying demon wind blowing out of it. It turned the surrounding spiritual energy into a demon aura. Ye Xiwen could even hear the roar of the demonic beasts.

The demon aura did not just infect the sea clans and turn them into sea demon clans; the aura had also evolved many vicious beasts into demonic sea beasts. They were more bestial as compared to the ordinary ferocious sea beasts.

Especially in an environment like Chaos Demon Sea, the demonic sea beasts were definitely a terrifying race second only to the sea demon clans.

The three did not directly enter Chaos Demon Sea but went to the nearby Chaos Demon City. This was a city rooted in the entire Chaos Demon Sea. Those who would wish to enter and leave would stop at this place to gain supplies.

The three of them went straight into the Chaos Demon City. The scene of the city was still chaotic. The entry of the three did not attract anyone’s attention. Yao Qian came to the Chaos Demon City once. It was much better than being blind in this city.
Probably due to the demon aura, the city was much more chaotic than outside. There were no rules here. If there was only one rule, whoever had a giant fist make the call.

Just less than a quarter of an hour after entering Chaos Demon City, Ye Xiwen encountered two fights, and even one of them had a death case. Because of this, everyone looked at this situation indifferently. No one came forward to take care of this matter.

It was precisely because of this that Ye Xiwen could see the chaos within Chaos Demon Sea. It was more chaotic than he thought. If the Chaos Demon City were already chaotic, then Chaos Demon Sea would be hell. It would be a place with no rules at all. Anyone could be transformed into a demon because without any rules, everyone’s ambitions would be magnified countless times in an instant.

Even people were getting infected by demon aura because of their hearts’ ambitions and evolved into human demons or new sea demons. They would become terrifying killers wandering in the Chaos Demon Sea, specializing in hunting sea clans or human clan experts.
In Chaos Demon City, there was no distinction between the human clan and sea clan because there was no need at all. Everyone came to Chaos Demon City with only one purpose, and everyone was a competitor.

“It’s interesting here. No one rules this place!” Seeing this chaotic scene, Bai Hanmo was not worried. On the contrary, he was even vaguely excited. He was a lawless kid, hating all the rules and constraints. “Haha, I like this place!”

Yao Qian didn’t answer; they just took the two of them into a hotel and waited quietly.

“Sister Yao, what are we doing here? Why aren’t we leaving?” asked Bai Hanmo.
Ye Xiwen also looked at Yao Qian but believed that Yao Qian must have her reasons. Otherwise, she would never do so.

“You’ll find out in a while!” Yao Qian just smiled faintly.

The three of them waited for a full half an hour. Bai Hanmo was a little impatient.

At this time, there was a bold voice from the first floor of the restaurant.

“Why Sister Yao didn’t come to us when she returned to Chaos Demon City!?”
Accompanied by this bold voice, a series of footsteps came from the bottom of the building. Three figures appeared in everyone’s eyes; it was a combination of two men and one woman.

The headed person was a middle-aged man with brown hair and a beard. He looked sturdy, with a hearty smile on his face.

Behind him was a young man, about twenty years old. He dressed in a Chinese robe with a slight excitement on his face, looking straight at Yao Qian.

Beside him, there was a woman in her twenties with an ordinary appearance, but she had a bit of sassy air on her. She had a woman’s vibe that a typical woman did not have.

The three people quickly imprinted in the eyes of the three Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen’s heart moved. Hearing the words of the middle-aged man headed by the head, he could almost tell that Yao Qian was an old acquaintance.

It was not the first time Yao Qian came to Chaos Demon Sea. This was already the second time. Presumably, this should be the friend she met when she came last time. This was not surprising.

At this time, Ye Xiwen finally realized that it was these people who Yao Qian was waiting here this time.
The young man became excited at the moment he saw Yao Qian, but when he saw Ye Xiwen and Bai Hanmo next to him, he suddenly became a little gloomy.

“Sister Yao, who are these people?” Bai Hanmo was a little curious, so he asked straightforwardly.

Hearing Bai Hanmo’s address, the young man was relieved. His hostility toward Bai Hanmo became much less.

The remaining hostility fell on Ye Xiwen. Although it was well hidden, Ye Xiwen was sensitive to these. How could this man be able to hide it from him?

Almost in a moment, Ye Xiwen was aware of it.

Ye Xiwen frowned slightly. Although he didn’t know where this young man’s hostility came from, he felt the sting in his heart. He didn’t know what the misunderstanding was in it. Though, it was not necessary to him. The important thing was that the young man was hostile to him.
However, the origin of these three people was not exact. Most importantly, they were Yao Qian’s friends. Ye Xiwen held it in.

But, he had secretly remembered it in his heart.

“Let me introduce you. They are the famous demon hunting squad In this Chaos Demon City – the Bear Team. They used to fight alongside me before. This is Captain Xiong Chengzhi, He Yulong, and my closest sister, Yu Sisi!” Yao Qian put a slight smile on her face. She immediately introduced, “This is my brother, Bai Hanmo, and this is my friend, Ye Xiwen!”

Hearing Ye Xiwen’s name, everyone did not respond. Although Ye Xiwen had become famous on Sunny Bamboo Island, he was still not heard in Chaos Demon Sea. Even if he had fame in Chaos Demon Sea, it would not move the Bear Team at all. The most indispensable thing in Chaos Demon Sea was such famous people from other places. It could even be said that Chaos Demon Sea was the Flourished Cloud Sea Sea Region’s core area.

Warriors who could cross the Chaos Demon Sea would be famous if they were put in other places. Those popular in other places would not necessarily survive in Chaos Demon Sea.
In the harsh environment of Chaos Demon Sea, similar to voodoo insect cultivation ground, many experts had dropped a lot. It was incomparable to other similar forces. However, the quality of experts would be in a constant increase.

When Yao Qian said that Bai Hanmo was only his younger brother, He Yulong’s face clearly showed a somewhat relaxed expression. The only bit of hostility towards Bai Hanmo disappeared without a trace. On the other hand, he was wary of Ye Xiwen.

When he didn’t notice, Bai Hanmo threw him a disdainful smile, as if mocking him.

“Sister Yao, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Since you left the Chaos Demon Sea, I have no news of you anymore. If it weren’t our people who saw you appearing today, I’m afraid we will have no way to meet up!” Xiong Zhicheng, the captain of the Bear Team, just said with a laugh. He didn’t seem to realize the peculiar atmosphere.
Yao Qian was different from the people in the Bear Team. The people in the Bear Team were professional demon hunters. They hunt sea demons in exchange for sufficient cultivation resources. They might stay in Chaos Demon Sea for life. Yao Qian was different. She had a powerful clan outside of this place. She didn’t need to hunt sea demons like these demon hunters in exchange for cultivation resources.

The reason why she appeared in Chaos Demon Sea was just for the experience. After the adventure, she would naturally go back. It could even be said that she was a person from another world.

“I have a lot of work lately. I’m quite busy. Please forgive me!” Yao Qian only asked for forgiveness. After her previous adventure in Chaos Demon Sea, she was trained as the heir of Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce. All of the affairs in the Chamber of Commerce were utterly handed over to her.

If it weren’t for the Top 100 List competition to begin soon, which pushed her to go for an adventure, she was most likely still dealing with affairs in Sunny Bamboo Chamber of Commerce.

“Captain Xiong is the one who cared for me the most. To me, he is like a brother!” Yao Qian said while facing Bai Hanmo and Ye Xiwen.
She also noticed something wrong with the atmosphere, but she hadn’t found out what was wrong. At this time, she was trying to foster a relationship between the two parties.

“I see!” Hearing Yao Qian’s words, Bai Hanmo’s eyes on Xiong Chengzhi changed slightly.

Hearing this, Xiong Chengzhi didn’t have much pride, only a depressing feeling. Their Bear Team, among the demon hunter team in the entire Chaos Devil City, could be regarded as quite famous. However, they were in an entirely different world in comparison to the two men following Yao Qian. His words did not carry the same weight as Yao Qian’s words. Just because of Yao Qian’s words, Bai Hanmo’s attitude changed. For him, there was a sense of frustration.

He could only comfort himself that they were all newcomers. It was normal that since they had never been to Chaos Devil City, it was natural these bunch had never heard of him.

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