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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 121 Beast Heart Communicator

On the street, Zhou Yuan played with the two bronze tokens in his hand, his eyes flickering in thought as he said, “Why do I keep feeling that something is not quite right. A treasure such as the Spirit Refining Tower can’t possibly be enough for the training of their own clan members. I can’t believe that the Gu clan is willing to open it to others.”

Yaoyao tilted her head slightly and shot him a look as she remarked, “There should be something strange about this matter.”

She was far too intelligent, and although she looked to be rather indifferent to the rest of the world, a single glance was all it took for her to discern the truth behind numerous matters. Gu Lang’s ploy was practically meaningless before her.

“Then why did you accept?” Zhou Yuan’s tone was slightly miffed.

Yaoyao chuckled. “Because if the tower can truly temper your Spirit, it will be very beneficial to you, and may even allow you to step into the advance Illusory stage.”

Advance Illusory stage!

Zhou Yuan snapped to attention at this point. It had been almost half a year since his Spirit had reached the mid Illusory stage, but he was still unable to ascend to the advance stage.

It was evidently not going to be easy to reach the advance Illusory stage.

But once he reached it, Zhou Yuan would be able to begin learning grade 3 Genesis Runes. When that happened, his battle power would soar, allowing him to put up a fight even against those truly talented geniuses.

It was because he understood this that Zhou Yuan had not dared to slack off on his Spirit training for the past few months. However, he had not been able to achieve the results he desired.

“In any case, we’ll go take a look. Even if there are any problems, a single Gu clan should not be able to stop us.” Yaoyao’s tone was unconcerned, showing almost no fear at all.

Warmth blossomed in Zhou Yuan’s heart. Yaoyao was willing to take such a risk so that he could progress in his Spirit cultivation.

Zhou Yuan said, “If it seems that things are about to go wrong, we can always give up.”

Yaoyao did not comment, her footsteps suddenly pausing as she said, “What’s up with her?”

Zhou Yuan was momentarily stunned. He followed Yaoyao’s gaze and looked back, only to feel an oncoming headache when he saw a green haired girl suspiciously tailing them.

“Hehe, what a coincidence.”

After being discovered by the Zhou Yuan duo, the green haired girl grinned as she hopped forward and said to Yaoyao, “You’re so pretty big sis.”

Yaoyao cast a puzzled gaze at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan ma.s.saged his forehead as he explained, “We met her earlier. She wants to buy Tuntun.”

Yaoyao observed the green haired girl and slowly remarked, “A beast heart communicator.”

The green haired girl’s smiling face finally changed slightly, now somewhat on guard as she stared at Yaoyao. It was the first time someone had seen right through her in a single glance.

“Beast heart communicator?” Asked a confused Zhou Yuan. He had clearly never heard of such a thing.

Yaoyao elaborated, “In simple terms, she has the innate talent of communicating with Genesis Beasts, and can command tens of thousands of beasts. In addition, she is able to borrow the power of Genesis Beasts. Don’t think of her as an ordinary Heaven Gate stage pract.i.tioner. Once she borrows the power of a Genesis Beast, I’m afraid that even you will not be her match.”

There was finally some change in the gaze with which Zhou Yuan looked towards the green haired girl. He had not expected this eccentric girl to hide such an astonis.h.i.+ng ability.

“You’re pretty formidable big sis.” Said the green haired girl rather apprehensively. Some wariness now present in her eyes when she looked towards Yaoyao. She wanted to leave, but her eyes involuntarily looked towards Tuntun.

“Are you really not selling?” The green haired girl pouted.

Yaoyao’s tone seemed to contain some interest as she responded, “Tuntun is a free creature. If you’re able to make it follow you, we will not stop it.”

“Really?” The green haired girl’s large eyes brightened.

Yaoyao crossed her arms and nodded.

“Don’t regret your words!” The green haired girl’s eyes rotated in thought. She practically leapt in front of Zhou Yuan, looked at the lazy looking Tuntun in his arms, before she very carefully reached out a hand as the mysterious pattern on the back of the hand began to glow.

Due to her ability to communicate with Genesis Beasts, the green haired girl had never encountered a Genesis Beast that could resist her. This was why she could easily pa.s.s through any mountain forest that was overflowing with Genesis Beasts.

Hence, she believed that the mysterious little creature before her eyes would definitely follow her once she established a connection with it.

Rays of light emerged from the green haired girl’s palm and s.h.i.+ned on Tuntun’s head. A pattern similar to the one on the back of her hand slowly began to take shape on Tuntun’s forehead.

Upon seeing the pattern appear, joy immediately revealed itself on her pretty face.


However, the moment her smile appeared, the pattern on Tuntun’s forehead began to disintegrate. Tuntun still had the same lazy appearance from before, and merely shot her a sideways glance.

“Ah? How is this possible?” The green haired girl was dumbstruck. This was the first time she had encountered such a situation.

Unable to believe she had failed, she suddenly bit the tip of her finger, causing a dash of red appeared. She began to draw in the air, ultimately culminating into a glowing blood-red pattern that descended onto Tuntun’s forehead.

However, the pattern did not last for long, and swiftly disintegrated once again.

“Why?” The successive failures made the green haired girl frantic.

Yaoyao explained in a dull voice, “Because its bloodline is too powerful.”

“You are too weak in its eyes. For example. while walking on the road, would you pay any attention to an ant that wishes to communicate with you?”

Zhou Yuan stared at Tuntun in amazement. To think that this little fellow was actually so prideful. But wait a minute, if the green haired girl was akin to an ant in its eyes, won’t Zhou Yuan himself be of similar status?

As if it could read Zhou Yuan’s thoughts, Tuntun raised its head, the expression in its eyes seemingly saying, “Have you just realised?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched as he hatefully grinded his teeth.

The green haired girl had also received rather substantial blow. Her crestfallen appearance was really pitiful.

At this moment, Yaoyao chuckled and said, “But the fact that Tuntun has allowed you to place two heart link patterns on its head in succession means that it is already considerably friendly towards you. If not, you would have already been swallowed by it long ago.”

“Really?” The corners of her little mouth dipped a little further. However, she quickly recovered from her dejection and looked towards Yaoyao with a grin, “Although I’ve failed, I still have to thank big sis. Ordinary people will not dare to give me a chance so easily.”

She then turned her head and shot a look at the two bronze tokens in Zhou Yaun’s hands. “Are you going to the Gu clan’s Spirit Refining Tower?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “We plan to have a look.”

The green haired girl said, “I’ll also be going tomorrow. In fact, I spent fifty thousand Genesis crystals to buy a spot!”

Zhou Yuan grinned. What a wealthy little lady.

“Heehee, our encounter is part of fate, and I’d be happy to befriend the two of you. I am called Luluo.” Said the green haired girl. However, her large eyes were still mostly focused on Tuntun.

Although she had failed earlier, the girl was clearly still extremely fond of Tuntun.

Zhou Yuan looked at Yaoyao and received a light nod from the latter. She could sense that the girl before them was pretty innocent and did not harbor any ill intentions.

Zhou Yuan said with a smile, “Zhou Yuan. This is my senior sister disciple, Yaoyao.”

“Little bro Zhou Yuan, big sis Yaoyao, we should go to the Spirit Refining Tower together tomorrow. It would be good to watch each other’s backs.” Said Luluo with a lovely smile.

“Watch each other’s backs?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. “Isn’t the Spirit Refining Tower a place to temper the Spirit? Do you feel that there is some danger?”

Luluo’s large eyes blinked, a trace of craftiness flas.h.i.+ng within them as she answered, “Who knows. But one should be careful of any kind of ‘free lunch’, right?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. Although there was limited places, the Gu clan’s Spirit Refining Tower was indeed akin to a free lunch for many people. After all, raising the power of one’s Spirit would undoubtedly be a huge help to anyone.

High tier Spirit tempering methods were not available to just anyone. Hence, a treasure that could temper the Spirit was naturally very precious.


Zhou Yuan chuckled. Although the girl before them seemed innocent, she hid a sharp wit. Whoever believed that she was an easy target would likely be in for a surprise.


Inside a certain large manor at the center of Gu City.

Dull yellow lamp light lit up a secret room where the atmosphere was rather secretive.

“Has everything been prepared?” A raspy voice rang out in the secret room. One would see a figure under the lamp light. His appearance was that of a middle-aged man, but his face was shrunken with age. Light flickered between his brows, emitting powerful Spirit undulations.

“Yes, father.”

A young man in white respectfully nodded. It was Gu Lang.

The old-looking middle-aged man nodded, a dark and stern look in his eyes as he said, “Choose some suitable ones amongst them to have their Spirits extracted. With the nourishment they provide, my Spirit should be able to reach the advance Corporeal stage. When that happens, our Gu clan’s power will rise once again.”

“The two elders and I will oversee things tomorrow.”

Gu Lang nodded and retrieved a string of bronze tokens from his sleeve. Lifelike portraits could be seen on the tokens. “I’ve already done the selecting. They will become food once they enter the Spirit Refining Tower.”

He gently tapped a bronze token, his gaze tinged with playfulness and mockery as he stared at two particular ones amongst them. The portraits on these two tokens belonged to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

He tenderly touched Yaoyao’s portrait, desire gus.h.i.+ng in his eyes.

“I’ve said this before, you won’t be able to escape the palm of my hand.”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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