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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 130 House of Geniuses

Saint Remains City sat at the central region of the Cangmang Continent, and was the largest city in the vicinity of the Saint Remains Domain.

The city was pretty famous even in the entire Cangmang Continent. Not only because it was built in a favorable location, but more so due to the powerhouse faction it represented.

The power of Saint Remains City was no weaker than the great clans and empires in the continent.

Over the years, Saint Remains City had borrowed the reputation of the Saint Remains Domain to continuously strengthened itself. Now, if based on just scale alone, not many cities could match it even in the entire continent.

This was especially so when the Saint Remains Domain showed signs of opening. During this period, Saint Remains City would become the focal point of the entire continent…

“What a magnificent city.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in admiration when the trio walked into the city and gazed upon the scenery within. Great Zhou City was like a child when compared to this place.

s.p.a.cious street after street where people came and go. It was a racket of activity.

An enormous Genesis Rune boundary descended from the sky, protecting the entire city in its embrace.

“”It is likely that only a Divine Dwelling expert will be able to break this Genesis Rune boundary.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself as he gazed upon the gigantic Genesis Rune boundary, feeling the power contained within.

A Genesis Rune boundary of this level would likely consume an incredible amount of Genesis crystals just for daily operation alone. This was why it was usually on warning mode, and would only reveal its fangs when an invasion occurred.

According to Zhou Yuan’s estimates, constructing a Genesis Rune boundary of this scale would require at the very minimum a master proficient in grade 5 Genesis Runes. It was hard to imagine how much the services of such a master would cost.

The fact that Saint Remains City had managed to stand tall in the central region of the continent for so many years was a testament to their solid foundations.

“There’s a place called the House of Geniuses in Saint Remains City where most of the geniuses lodge at after arriving here, and I suggest that we head there too. We can also obtain first hand information about the Saint Remains Domain there.” Luluo looked towards Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao. From the looks of it, she had done her homework.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao naturally had no objections.

Thus, the gang of three followed the streets until they arrived at the central district of Saint Remains City, where they were greeted by the sight of an extremely grand building.

The building was a marvel of construction, the dragon and phoenix statues that decorated it were so lifelike that one could almost feel a boundless aura from them.

Above the building was a board on which bold and flamboyant golden words were written.

‘House of Geniuses’

These three simple words seemed to emanate a feeling a pride. After all, those who could call themselves geniuses were definitely outstanding amongst their peers. As for ordinary people, they naturally had no place here.

Countless people gathered outside, yearning in their eyes as they looked towards the House of Geniuses.

The Zhou Yuan trio did not pause, walking directly towards the doors of the House of Geniuses under the attention of the crowd. Numerous guards were stationed at the door, making it appear that security was rather tight here.

“Please halt.”

When the trio approached, a middle-aged man walked out, a faint smile on his lips as he cupped his hands together towards them, “My humble self is called Xiao Luo, and I am a manager of the House of Geniuses. If you intend to enter, you will need to report your name, t.i.tle or affiliations. Ordinary individuals are not allowed into the House.”

Luluo raised her eyebrows. “So many rules.”

However, she did not make any further remarks, and instead said in a flat voice, “Thousand Beast Empire, Luluo.”

The pupils of the middle-aged man shrank when he heard this, the smile on his face suddenly becoming warm and welcoming. “Oh it’s the Little County Lord of the Thousand Beast Empire, I have long heard of your name, please pardon me for my lack of manners.”

“Can we enter now?” Luluo could not be bothered with him and directly headed into the House of Geniuses.

However, although she successfully entered, when it came to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, the guards extended their spears, stopping the two in their tracks.

“What do you think you are doing?” Luluo’s gaze turned icy.

Xiao Luo smiled as he cupped his hands together and explained, “The Little County Lord is indeed a talent amongst talents, and can naturally enter the House of Geniuses. But these two need to report their names.”

Several people cast their gazes down from the building at this moment, gazes filled with mockery and interest.

A Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage and someone that did not even have any Genesis Qi. Did these two really think they could enter the House of Geniuses?

With so many gazes looking at them as if they were monkeys, Zhou Yuan’s brows knitted together as he said in a toneless voice, “Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan.”

Xiao Luo smiled superficially and said, “I seem to be rather ill-informed. According to our sources, there is no one from the remote Great Zhou Empire who is worthy of being called a genius.”

He looked earnest on the surface, but his words were tinged with a hint of mockery.

He then looked towards Yaoyao and said, “Please report your name.”

However, Yaoyao merely swept him a cold look. She did not reply, but instead clenched her hand as a Genesis Rune scroll appeared within it. Rays of light exploded from between her brows, her Spirit shaking as the grade four Genesis Rune trembled on the verge of activation.


The undulations from the grade 4 Genesis Rune gave rise to a storm of noise. Even the various geniuses that had already entered in the upper floors of the building cried out in surprise.

“Grade 4 Genesis Rune?”

“Corporeal stage Spirit?!”

Xiao Luo’s pupils violently shrank as fear flitted across in his eyes. It was obvious that he had not expected this unbelievably pretty guy to possess such a powerful Spirit.

Grade 4 Genesis Runes were a match to an Alpha-Origin expert. Such strength was first cla.s.s even amongst the geniuses of the Cangmang Continent.

“This young master has truly concealed your power well, it is I who had no eyes.”

Xiao Luo let out an awkward chuckle. Soon after, however, his eyes flashed as he cast his gaze towards Zhou Yuan and sincerely said, “My friend, these two may enter the House of Geniuses, but over the years, there has never been a case of a Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage pract.i.tioner entering our House. So I can only ask you to make a detour to somewhere else.” Zhou Yuan’s frown deepened. He could faintly sense that this person seemed to be purposely making things difficult for them. But this was their first time here, the other party should not know who they were, right?

Luluo’s face turned frosty. “You dare to chase out someone I brought?”

Xiao Luo smiled and explained, “I hope that Little County Lord can empathize that we are just doing our jobs. I’m sure that you must also know the rules of the city lord residence.”

He had already brought out his backer through his words. It was clear that the rules of the House of Geniuses were set by the city lord residence.

Zhou Yuan’s face remained cool and collected. “What are the qualifications of a genius?”

Xiao Luo chuckled. “One must be of the younger generation plus be able to reach the Heaven Gate stage, if not, one naturally cannot be considered a genius.”

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod. “How strong are you?”

Xiao Luo answered with a faint smile, “Mid Heaven Gate stage.”

Zhou Yuan grinned as iciness flashed in his eyes.


Dark gold Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body as his figure dashed forward. In a flash, he had appeared in front of Xiao Luo.

His five fingers tightly clenched as a punch was sent flying, punch winds blasting apart the air.

Green scales had also appeared on his fist, giving off a faint s.h.i.+ne.


Xiao Luo’s expression changed as he loudly shouted. Vigorous Genesis Qi erupted from his body and he also sent out a full power punch. He intended to give some proper guidance to this arrogant little brat.


Under the numerous watching eyes of the crowd, two fists ferociously slammed into each other.

A wave of air swept outwards as Xiao Luo’s expression rapidly changed, horror surfacing in his eyes. At the moment of impact, he had felt an unparalleled power rush towards him.

The power of that punch was definitely not something a Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage should have!


The air rippled as Xiao Luo’s body jerked and was sent catapulting backwards. He smashed into a stone pillar and spit out a mouthful of blood.

The upper levels of the House of Geniuses had turned silent, while amazement appeared in numerous gazes. It was clear that no one had imagined that the mid Heaven Gate stage Xiao Luo would be blown away by a single punch from an advance Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage kid.

Their gazes were now different when they looked towards Zhou Yuan again. It was indeed true that those who could reach this place were not ordinary at all.

Under the watching gazes of the crowd, Zhou Yuan slowly withdrew his fist, his eyes unchanged as he looked towards Xiao Luo. “It seems that your mid Heaven Gate stage is nothing to be proud about.”

As his words faded, he paid no further attention to Xiao Luo and walked into the House of Geniuses. This time, no one dared to stop him.

However, Zhou Yuan’s brows were still slightly furrowed.

Just who exactly was secretly targeting him?

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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