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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 133 Little Heaven Genesis Technique

With the Underworld Spirit Fruit and Vermillion Blood Gra.s.s now in his hands, there was no longer anything else that Zhou Yuan needed from the auction. Hence, he calmly watched as the exciting auction progressed.

In contrast, Luluo excitedly bidded and won several items. However, what puzzled Zhou Yuan was that she did not face any obstructions from that particular VIP room.

This felt rather strange to him. Could the other party know that these two Genesis resources were important to him?

Yaoyao, whom had not said anything since the beginning, suddenly spoke up at this moment, “It seems the reason why Xiao Tianxuan is making things difficult for you is related to the Gu clan.”

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “The Gu clan does have some capable people, and one of them has likely guessed the two Genesis resources needed to perfectly absorb Spirit source energy. That’s why I’ve been facing obstructions here.”

Zhou Yuan was able to work things out with Yaoyao’s hint. Someone from the Gu clan must have went to Xiao Tianxuan. However, there was still one thing he could not wrap his head around. Just who exactly in the Gu clan had the ability to turn the junior city lord against him?

While these thoughts swirled in Zhou Yuan’s mind, the auction gradually approached its end. It was at this moment that the final item appeared, shocking everyone in the auction area. Even Zhou Yuan could not help but cast his gaze over.

One could only watch as the elder on the auction stage very carefully raised a golden case. Within the case was a small stone tablet on which ancient characters were carved. The tablet gave off a slight glow, forming a halo around it. It was a very mysterious and mystical sight.

“The Genesis technique that has been carved onto this stone tablet is called the Spirit Subduing technique. It boasts peerless power, and is a genuine little Heaven tier Genesis technique!” The elder’s eyes were filled with desire. Even he coveted to a technique of this level.


“Little Heaven Genesis technique?” The entire auction area seemed heave at this moment.

Every gaze was filled with burning desire as they stared at the stone tablet.

Above the Black tier was the Heaven tier. Though the Black tier was still considerably common, the Heaven tier on the other hand… even in the entire Cangmang Continent, the factions that possessed it were as rare as unicorn horns or phoenix feathers.

As for the little Heaven tier, in a certain manner of speaking, it stood above the Black tier but below the Heaven tier.

However, since it was worthy of three words Heaven Genesis technique, a little Heaven tier technique definitely possessed overwhelming power. If one obtained it, one would even be able to kill an Alpha-Origin opponent at the Heaven Gate stage.

This was the might of a little Heaven tier Genesis technique.

“A little Heaven Genesis technique…” Mumbled Zhou Yuan. Even he felt a rush at this moment. He had once heard Zhou Qing say that the Great Zhou Empire had once possessed a Heaven Genesis technique at its peak, but it was subsequently taken away by the Great Wu Empire.

By the side, Luluo’s large eyes were practically emitting beams of light. “Never imagined that a little Heaven Genesis technique would actually make an appearance. Even the Thousand Beast Empire only has three little Heaven Genesis techniques. In fact, a technique that has reached this level can even be called the ultimate technique of an empire.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. The strongest Genesis technique he currently had was the third level of the Dragon Tablet Hand, which had reached the power levels of a high grade Black tier Genesis technique. When set next to the Heaven tier, the gap between the two was akin to the distance between the sky and the land.

“Rumor says that one can obtain true-blue Heaven techniques in the Saint Remains Domain. These techniques were mastered by the fallen Saint while he was alive, and were thus imprinted into his blood. Since the Saint’s blood transformed into the Saint Remains Domain, various miracles can naturally be found inside.” Luluo wet her mouth. This was the true Heaven Genesis technique that even the Thousand Beast Empire did not possess.

Zhou Yuan’s heart surged in excitement when he heard this. The Saint Remains Domain truly contained unimaginable treasures.

While they conversed, the auction area rapidly reached its boiling point due to the little Heaven Genesis technique. Shout after shout using all of their lungs continued to resound one after another.

“4 million!”

“4.3 million!”

“5 million!”


In a mere few minutes, the price of the little Heaven Genesis technique reached the terrifying sum of 5 million.

Luluo had bidded once in between, but her bid was quickly surpa.s.sed by other zealous bidders. This depressed her a little, but she ultimately decided to give up after some thought.

“The prerequisites to learn a little Heaven Genesis technique will be rather demanding, it’s not just a matter of being able to practice it once you buy it.” Muttered Luluo.

Zhou Yuan had zero intentions of bidding because the price was just too high. 5 million Genesis crystals was practically akin to a year’s worth of income for the Great Zhou Empire.

However, he did need to be a little careful since the technique was going to land in someone else’s hands. Anyone who encountered the eventual owner in the Saint Remains Domain would likely be faced with a huge problem.

Everyone was fixated on the bidding war, even those in the VIP rooms, who had been rather silent throughout the auction, had began to bid.

After a bitter and intense struggle, a bid of 7.9 million ultimately ended the contest for the Spirit Subduing technique.

“7.9 million…” Zhou Yuan sighed as he shook his head. A little Heaven Genesis technique was really far too pricey. After all, a technique of this level was already considered top tier in the Cangmang Continent.

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Yuan rose to his feet. He already had everything he needed, and could begin absorbing the Spirit source energy tonight, allowing his Spirit to step into the advance Illusory stage, and open the doors to begin learning grade 3 Genesis Runes.

The trio left their VIP room and proceeded to pa.s.s through the corridor. At this moment however, Zhou Yuan realised that Luluo’s footsteps had slowed, while her originally smiling face had turned frosty.

Zhou Yuan followed her gaze, only to find a group approaching them from another direction.

At the very front was a guy and a girl. The guy was pretty tall, and was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with both confidence and grace. He was currently playing with two golden b.a.l.l.s on which runes could faintly be seen.

The girl was also rather attention grabbing. She had a hot figure, the black leather that tightly hugged her body accentuating her practically perfect curves, causing many men to secretly swallow their saliva.

This group soon arrived before the Zhou Yuan trio.

Luluo’s face was taunt as she icily said, “Xiao Tianxuan, you still dare to appear before me?”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils immediately shrank as iciness flitted across the depths of his eyes. So this was the guy, the junior city lord of Saint Remains City, Xiao Tianxuan.

Xiao Tianxuan wore a smile, the golden b.a.l.l.s in his hand slowly revolving as he responded, “No need to get angry Little County Lord, if you are upset about that bit of Genesis crystals, I’ll pay you back.”

Luluo coldly snorted. Her concern was not those few hundred thousand Genesis crystals.

Xiao Tianxuan’s gaze s.h.i.+fted slightly, ultimately pausing on Zhou Yuan as he said, “I believe that this friend must be Zhou Yuan, right?”

“Is there anything I can help you with junior city lord?” Zhou Yuan’s voice was neither friendly nor cold.

“Hehe, nothing much, nothing much. I only wish to introduce someone to you.” Xiao Tianxuan chuckled and looked towards the s.e.xy girl beside him.

The girl opened her long legs as she took a step forward, stopping in front of Zhou Yuan. Her long and narrow eyes seemed to glisten, but Zhou Yuan could sense the snake like gaze contained deep within them.

“Are you Zhou Yuan?” The s.e.xy girl seemed to smile charmingly. “I am Gu Ling, and I come from the Black Yin Sect… the one that died at your hands, Gu Lang, is my younger brother.”

Only at this very moment did Zhou Yuan finally understand why he was being targeted after arriving at the House of Geniuses.

It turns out that the source of everything was this girl called Gu Ling.

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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