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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 142 Perilous Situation

In front of the lake.

Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned rather grave as he gazed upon the toying look on Wu Huang’s face. Meeting Wu Huang here was definitely not part of his plans.

This was really quite unlucky.

After all, the current Zhou Yuan was completely outcla.s.sed.

Hence, Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered slightly for an instant, before Genesis Qi suddenly exploded below his feet. Not even a shred of hesitation could be seen as his figure turned and fled.

The only thing to do in this situation was run.

“Can you really escape?” However, Wu Huang merely smiled faintly in response to Zhou Yuan’s decisive choice to escape, a smile that contained a faint hint of mockery.

His foot slammed into the ground as vigorous scarlet-red Genesis Qi erupted from within his body. Unbearable heat pulsed, making the lake waters boil as the ground rapidly cracked.


Wu Huang’s figure abruptly shot forth.

In the mere span of a few breaths, he had appeared directly behind Zhou Yuan, a scarlet-red hand swatting downwards at the latter with power so great that the ground below to fissure.

“Dragon Step!”

Zhou Yuan did not dare to be even a split second late and hurriedly performed Dragon Step.

His figure turned somewhat blurry as the hand descended, causing the attack to brush past his body.


The ground split apart, while Zhou Yuan borrowed the force to propel himself even further away.

Though his attack had missed, Wu Huang was unaffected, neither hurried nor slow as his figure continued to closely give chase. The smile on his face was akin to a cat toying with a mouse as he sent a hand swatting towards Zhou Yuan from time to time, making the latter cut an extremely sorry figure.

In a short few minutes, Zhou Yuan had seen his life flash past his eyes multiple times after nearly taking several direct hits from Wu Huang.

He was also clearly growing rather weary as the chase dragged on.

“What a pitiful crippled dragon…” Wu Huang walked towards Zhou Yuan with his hands behind his back, his face full of compa.s.sion as he said, “But don’t worry, after killing you, I will destroy the Great Zhou Empire so that your family can keep you company.”


However, the moment he neared Zhou Yuan, the wearines on the latter’s face abruptly disappeared, replaced by an icy coldness. With a stamp, Zhou Yuan no longer tried to flee, but instead charged at Wu Huang like a bolt of lightning.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, break the sky!”

His hand was swung, Genesis Qi rumbling as the air in front of it was rapidly blasted away.

“Grade 3 Genesis Rune, Black Gold Hand Rune!”

In conjunction with using the strongest move in his a.r.s.enal, a light rune appeared on Zhou Yuan’s palm. A black gold radiance emerged, amplifying the destructive power of the attack and the hardness of the hand.

An astonis.h.i.+ng amount of power exploded in a split second.


A hand containing all the power Zhou Yuan could muster powerfully swung towards Wu Huang.

Wu Huang’s eyes narrowed slightly, his five fingers clenching into a fist as he punched.


A deep sound rang out as the ground below the two cracked open. Zhou Yuan’s body was flung backwards, his feet leaving deep grooves on the ground.

Wu Huang’s sleeves had been torn open, the force making him take a dozen steps back.

His expression became extremely ominous at this moment, killing intent flaring as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “So even a cornered rabbit can bite back.”

“But you’ve now truly angered me!”

Powerful scarlet-red Genesis Qi flooded out from the top of Wu Huang’s head like a tsunami as an extremely domineering heat spread.

It was clear that he no longer planned to play the role of a cat toying with a mouse. He was now out to kill.

Zhou Yuan’s expression grew increasingly grave. He rubbed the silver ring on his finger as a grim coldness flashed in his eyes.

If there was really no other choice, he would have to use Silver Shadow. The current him was already at the advance Illusory stage, and would surely be able to quickly escape Wu Huang by borrowing Silver Shadow’s power. The only uncertainty was how long he would be unconscious after using Silver Shadow.

It was extremely risky. There was no one around to protect him, and he was in the Saint Remains Domain that was filled with unknown dangers.

But… it would at the very least be better than dying at Wu Huang’s hands.

Wu Huang’s body slowly rose into the air, standing on Genesis Qi as he looked down from above at Zhou Yuan and indifferently said, “I should really let Wu Yao see your miserable appearance. I believe she will no longer have any doubts about the fact that I am the true dragon, don’t you agree?”

He shook his head, deciding that he would not waste anymore time. His hands slapped together, and scarlet-red Genesis Qi roared out, like a river of magma filled with overwhelming destructive force that flowed towards Zhou Yuan.

s.p.a.ce warped and twisted wherever the scarlet-red flood pa.s.sed.

Scarlet-red filled Zhou Yuan’s vision. He took in a deep breath as a resolute look flitted across his eyes. With a pat of his Universe bag, a silver ball appeared in his hand.


However, right before Zhou Yuan was about to activate Silver Shadow, a peculiar sound suddenly rang out across the area, a sound that seemed similar to the cry of a sword.


The flood of red descended, but it was at this very moment that a black shadow suddenly zoomed over from behind at a shocking speed. A sharp aura burst forth, cutting deep wounds on the ground.


The black shadow met the scarlet-red flood, the berserk aftershocks from their clash tearing up the surrounding ground.

As the dust gradually settled, Zhou Yuan was stunned to see a thick tipless black broadsword standing in front of him.

Sharp sword Qi pulsed from the sword as it trembled.

Wu Huang’s expression sunk when he saw the black broadsword and icily shouted, “Blind Sword Li Chunjun! Why are you being a busybody?!”

“Blind Sword?”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook as he turned his head, only to see a figure in black slowly approaching. The figure’s footsteps were not quick, but in a mere few breaths, he had already arrived in front of Zhou Yuan, standing behind the black broadsword.

He raised his head, his black cloth covered eyes looking towards Wu Huang as he placed both hands on the sword grip and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “I owe him a meal debt.”

Wu Huang’s gaze darkened as the scarlet-red Genesis Qi around him began to churn, clearly now enraged.

The black clothed youth called Li Chunjun tilted his head slightly and said to Zhou Yuan, “Go, I will stop him.”

The silver ball in Zhou Yuan’s hand returned to his Universe bag. He looked at Li Chunjun in silence for some time, before he said, “Thank you.”

Although he still had his final trump card, it was naturally best to avoid using it.

Li Chunjun shook his head. “I’m merely repaying the roast meat debt.”

Zhou Yuan grinned. “Don’t kill him… I intend to personally end him.”

Lu Chunjun was taken aback, evidently surprised by Zhou Yuan’s charisma. The former could feel that the latter was trying to act tough, but was truly serious about it.

For the first time, a faint smile appeared on his stiff face. “Don’t worry, the current me cannot kill him.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and nodded, before raising his head as he looked towards the stormy-face Wu Huang and said, “Such a great opportunity, and yet you’ve still failed to kill me. What do you think this means?”

“It means that your blessing is a fake…”

Zhou Yuan let out a hearty laugh, paying no further notice to Wu Huang, whose face had grown so stormy that it was about to break into a downpour. There was no hesitation as Zhou Yuan turned around and transformed into a flash of light that rapidly disappeared into the horizon.

A voice seemed to echo from far away.

“Wu Huang, make sure to take good care of your head so I can take it the next time we meet!”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

Venerable Yuan, Yuan Zun, 元尊, 원존: 용의 비상
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , , Artist: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings? The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe. Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise? — Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black. Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.


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