Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1501 Battle of the Gods

Chapter 1501 Battle of the G.o.ds

Amidst the formless ma.s.s of s.p.a.ce.

s.p.a.ce rippled as Zhou Yuan’s figure emerged. He cast his gaze towards the front where a meteor silently floated. The Sacred G.o.d was seated on the meteor, a look of fascination on his face as he observed Zhou Yuan.

“I never imagined a mortal would truly be able to cast away his mortal sh.e.l.l and ascend to the G.o.d stage. From this, I can see that if I had not taken the opportunity to escape all those years ago and denied the Ancestral Dragon’s final step, the world it envisioned would have succeeded.” The Sacred G.o.d sighed in admiration.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained ice-cold as he responded, “You are the Tianyuan World’s cancer. Only by eliminating you will this world finally be able to s.h.i.+ne with a light that belongs to itself, a radiance that will be truly peerless.

“The Tianyuan World has infinite potential and it should not merely be limited to this current form of the nine heavens.

“Sacred G.o.d, you’ve already hindered the world’s development for many years. It is now time for you to go.”

The Sacred G.o.d chuckled. “I will naturally direct this world’s development in the future. When I finally attain full control over the ultimate divine power, I will do even better than the Ancestral Dragon.

“Zhou Yuan, since you’ve already stepped into the G.o.d stage, you have the qualifications to talk to me as an equal. If you join forces with me, I will share the Tianyuan World with you. You should know how much potential this world holds. It will definitely become far greater and more powerful than now.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression was indifferent. Intense killing intent surged in his eyes as he stared at the Sacred G.o.d. “Sorry, my wish to destroy you is a million times greater than ruling the Tianyuan World.”

The Sacred G.o.d’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said in a somewhat disappointed voice, “It seems that even though an ant like you managed to advance to the G.o.d stage, you are still influenced by those primitive things known feelings.

“The third G.o.d has already paid the price for her feelings, are you really going to repeat her mistake?”

However, the only response he received was an abrupt explosion of piercing killing intent. A tsunami of divine force rumbled towards him, millions of divine light rays shooting from within as it crashed towards the Sacred G.o.d from above.


With a loud boom, the meteor that was as large as a continent was instantly pulverized. However, the divine light halos around the Sacred G.o.d swiftly neutralized the attacking light rays.

The Sacred G.o.d smiled faintly. “New G.o.ds are so fiesty. Never mind then, show me how much stronger you’ve become with the third G.o.d as your divine bone.”

He pushed his hands together and black dots began rising from between his palms. The black specks rapidly expanded, turning into hundred-thousand-feet wide glowing black b.a.l.l.s.

The glowing black b.a.l.l.s seemed to be made from the darkest darkness, devouring all light that crossed their paths. Their power was so great that the surrounding s.p.a.ce began to crumble.

They were basically akin to black holes.

“Divine Art, World Engulfing Darkness.”

The Sacred G.o.d waved his sleeve and the black b.a.l.l.s made from the darkest darkness abruptly descended, filling Zhou Yuan’s entire vision. The vast divine power contained within warped s.p.a.ce and inverted heaven and earth.

If such power landed in any of the heavens, half of it would be instantly destroyed.

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless in the face of the rapidly approaching black b.a.l.l.s. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared, looking vastly different from before.

Previously, the brush’s mottled exterior had been filled with the pa.s.sage of time. Now, the Heavenly Yuan Brush looked like it had been crafted from a single piece of divine crystal. Its glossy surface glowed brightly as endless divine runes flowed along its body. The nine original Genesis Runes had already been erased because runes of that level were no longer compatible with its current power.

When Zhou Yuan advanced to the G.o.d stage, the brush had been reforged by divine power, breaking the limits of the Saint rank to become a true divine artifact.

Zhou Yuan brandished the Heavenly Yuan Brush, causing its tip to dance like a dragon. Divine force flowed from its tip as mountain after mountain appeared from nothingness.

Every rock on each mountain was made from countless divine runes. A single mountain could easily restrain even the mighty triple lotus prime sovereigns and saints.

The divine mountains stood tall in the darkness, stretching out endlessly across s.p.a.ce. In the end, the glowing black b.a.l.l.s crashed into the mountains. There was no loud noise from the collisions, however, only two divine powers continuously eroding the other. The spreading aftershocks from the battle made the entire all-heaven tremble.

Two different divine powers ultimately consumed each other and simultaneously vanished.

“Interesting. The third G.o.d’s sacrifice was not in vain.” The Sacred G.o.d laughed. He was honestly rather surprised. After all, he had already completed his transformation and was on a completely different level than when he fought against the third G.o.d. Despite this, Zhou Yuan had managed to withstand his attack. From this, one could see that Zhou Yuan was, in a certain manner of speaking, qualified to challenge him.

Of course, qualifying did not mean it would be an even match.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were ice-cold. The Heavenly Yuan Brush suddenly shot forth from his hand, blossoming with dazzling divine light as it transformed into a giant dragon. The dragon sparkled as if it was made from crystal and shook the all-heaven with a mighty roar.


The giant divine crystal dragon violently sucked at the all-heaven. In the next instant, four streams of light soared into the sky, containing extremely pure power.

As the four streams approached, one would discover the four ancient stone stamps contained within them.

They were the heaven master stamps of Hunyuan Heaven, Qiankun Heaven, Wanshou Heaven and Wuxing Heaven!

The four heaven master stamps rocketed through the air and were swallowed by the giant dragon. The divine light from its body grew even more resplendent, the pulsing divine power making even the Sacred G.o.d’s eyes narrow slightly.

However, this was not all. Zhou Yuan raised his hand and the Cangxuan Saint Stamp rose from his palm before also being sent into the giant divine crystal dragon’s mouth.

After swallowing five heaven master stamps, the dragon’s surging divine power soared to an inconceivable level.

Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared on the dragon’s head, a chillingly eerie glow in his eyes as he stared at the Sacred G.o.d. “You dog, she’s called Yaoyao, not the third G.o.d.”

He pressed his hands onto the dragon’s head and countless divine runes abruptly spread from them like a ripple.

The dragon abruptly opened its enormous mouth sending out an explosion of torrential light.

“Divine Art, Five Heavens Divine Dragon Burst!”

The torrential light quickly took the form of a dragon. Countless tiny divine crystals s.h.i.+mmered within, formed from extremely condensed divine power along with the power of the five heavens.

Zhou Yuan did not hold anything back against the Sacred G.o.d, immediately unleas.h.i.+ng a deadly killing move the moment he attacked.

The glowing dragon appeared in front of the Sacred G.o.d in an instant, the reflection of its s.h.i.+ning figure exceptionally dazzlingly in his eyes.

Under the ecstatic gazes of the numerous Saint experts in Cangxuan Heaven, the terrifying-to-the-max attack engulfed the Sacred G.o.d’s body with a defeaning rumble.

Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1501 Battle of the Gods

Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 1501 Battle of the Gods