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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 183 Saving Each Other


Zhou Yuan’s figure broke through the merciless green flood like a giant golden python as he rapidly advanced, giant step after step pa.s.sing under his feet.

Zhou Yuan had displayed an astonis.h.i.+ng explosive power in the past few minutes. From last place, he had leaped past the second tier group and was now beginning to close in on the first group.

Such a turn of events naturally caused waves of uproars outside the Saint Remains Domain.

Everyone knew that to advance against the endlessly pouring green flood, one needed to rely on one’s Genesis Qi. If one’s Genesis Qi cultivation was insufficient, it would result in the exhaustion of Genesis Qi and the subsequent ejection from the tower.

However, Zhou Yuan’s explosive display of power had yet to show any signs of waning, but was instead growing more and more ferocious.

A sight that made countless people dumbstruck.

“This… how can this be? He’s merely at the Heaven Gate stage, how can he possess such an abundance of Genesis Qi?” Numerous geniuses were unable to wrap their minds around it.

Outside the Saint Remains Domain, a relieved smile emerged on Mu Wuji’s originally slightly grim face. His gaze continued to be glued to the figure in the mirror as he mumbled to himself, “Such abundant Genesis Qi at the Heaven Gate stage… this means that the grade of his Qi Dwelling is definitely pretty high. It is at the very minimum the purple level, or even… the gold level. If so, I wonder what grade is that gold Qi Dwelling.”

“A gold Qi Dwelling… no wonder that old mister thinks so highly of him.”

Mu Wujin laughed. Although having a higher grade Qi Dwelling was not a definite guarantee of one’s future accomplishments, it was still an advantage over those at the same level, while also an indicator of one’s talent.

Mu Wuji’s mood became pretty good. He shot a glance at the Sacred Palace envoy, Zhao Pan, as he said with a wide grin, “Its seems that your eyes don’t work properly quite often.”

The former had seen the disdain in the latter’s eyes earlier when he was looking at Zhou Yuan.

Zhao Pan was expressionless. “Don’t celebrate too early. So what if he catches up? If he truly angers Wu Huang, he won’t be able to walk out of this alive.”

Mu Wuji tapped his pipe. “I have the feeling that things won’t turn out as you envision.”

Zhao Pan laughed mockingly, his tone chilling as he said, “I hope that you will be able to say so when that kid is killed by Wu Huang.”

Mu Wuji coldly chuckled as he turned his gaze back to the mirror.

“We’ll wait and see.”


The seemingly endless green flood continued to pour downwards. Made from Genesis Qi, its destructive power would easily sweep away even mountains.

It this current moment, there were about three dozen figures on the endless stone stairs that were bitterly struggling as they pushed forward against the green flood…

It was also at this moment that Zhou Yuan’s figure truly joined the first tier group.

Currently, Wu Huang, Ye Ming, Li Chunjun and the rest were at the very front, roughly a gap of ten steps in between them, while the other apex level geniuses were slightly further back. After entering the first group, Zhou Yuan’s crazy speed finally began to slow. Sweat appeared on his forehead, a sign that his earlier explosion of power had been extremely taxing on him.

If not for his blood-red Qi Dwelling and plentiful Genesis Qi within it, he would have been out of juice long ago and be swept away by the green flood.

But even so, a great portion of the Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling had already been spent.

As such, he chose not to maintain the same output as before, slowing his speed instead to recover Genesis Qi. After all, no one knew what would happen next.


Zhou Yuan mind calmed as he lifted his head and gazed at the seemingly endless steps. His breathing began to turn long and drawn out, his chest shrinking back slightly with each inhalation. The Genesis Qi around transformed into string of white that were sucked into his body.

Dragon Breath technique!

This was also why Zhou Yuan had dared to neglect his Genesis Qi consumption earlier. The main reason behind his explosive burst previously was because he could rapidly recover the used Genesis Qi in an extremely short period through the power of the Dragon Breath technique.

As such, the Genesis Qi surging around him soon became robust again.

This astonished the numerous gazed on Zhou Yuan. Many had originally been under the a.s.sumption that due to his earlier burst of power, Zhou Yuan would not last for long and soon be washed away.

Who could have expected that his recovery speed would surpa.s.s their imaginations, allowing him to quickly stabilize his position in the first tier group.

The green flood tirelessly crashed down. As time pa.s.sed, everyone began to feel the flood gradually grow stronger.

This realization caused the expressions of even those numerous apex level geniuses of the first group to grow increasingly grave.

Because their Genesis Qi consumption was rising.

However, there was still no end to be seen to the stone stairs.

Another incense sticks of time unknowingly pa.s.sed by.


Zhou Yuan suddenly frowned slightly as he looked up. He seemed to have felt a faint tremble a moment earlier.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils abruptly tightened a split second later as his expression changed drastically. He had just seen a giant hundred feet tall wave rise some distance to their front, creating a giant shadow as it ruthlessly towered over them.

The giant green wave was also composed purely of Genesis Qi. Its presence alone was enough to know how terrifying it would be.

The sudden appearance of the giant wave made Wu Huang, Ye Ming and the rest’s expressions change. It was too abrupt, and even they were caught off-guard.


By the time they hurriedly strengthened their Genesis Qi, the giant green wave had already mercilessly slammed into them.

That instantaneous explosion of power was several times the magnitude of before.


The powerful force caused even the bodies of Wu Huang and the others at the from to jerk back violently as they were rapidly pushed back. Fortunately, their solid foundations enabled them to forcibly stop being themselves to a stop.

Thump thump!

The apex level geniuses behind them were also struck, each one forced to desperately grab onto the ground.


A piercing shriek was heard as the huge wave slammed down. Zhou Yuan lifted his gaze and saw Zuoqiu Qingyu’s body being flung away. Her movement technique was extremely high cla.s.s, allowing her to avoid most of the force, but the huge wave from earlier contained a strange force that had disrupted her steps, causing her to lose balance. She was immediately pinched up by the green flood, joining it as it tumbled down the stone steps.

Zuoqiu Qingyu’s face was now rather pale. She did all she could to stabilize her body, but was unable to gather any Genesis Qi due to being thrashed about by the green flood.

In the end, she could only helplessly give up her resistance. An unresigned look filled her eyes, evidently having never considered that she would fail here.


However, the moment Zuoqiu Qingyu gave up, the sound of rus.h.i.+ng wind rang out. A stream of white shot towards her, tunneling through the green flood, and wrapping around her tiny slender waist.

Zuoqiu Qingyu looked over in surprise, only to see Zhou Yuan wielding a giant black brush on a stone step nearby. The white hairs at the brush tip had extended, transforming into the white whip that was now grabbing her.

Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth as he resisted the battering flood. With a gentle shake, the brush hairs returned, bringing Zuoqiu Qingyu along as it flew back to the brush.

Brush hairs returned to the brush tip while Zuoqiu Qingyu’s waist agilely twisted as she landed on Zhou Yuan’s back. Her fair snow-white wrists tightly wrapping around his neck, a fragrant breath leaving her little red lips.

“Are you okay?” Zhou Yuan twisted uncomfortably. The warmth and softness on his back made him feel rather awkward.

Zuoqiu Qingyu was still a little out of it, only gradually coming to her senses a few moments later. She looked towards the side of Zhou Yuan’s head with grat.i.tude and said in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

She knew that Zhou Yuan had taken a huge risk to save her. Once one was caught in the flood, gathering Genesis Qi was almost impossible, meaning one could basically say goodbye to the tower.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “You saved Yaoyao, of course I have to save you.”

Zuoqiu Qingyu calmed down, immediately regaining her usual temptress character. She giggled charmingly as she exhaled at Zhou Yuan’s ear. “I suddenly feel that you’re pretty handsome, why not come back with me to the Zuoqiu clan as my husband?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. Can you not be so open!

Zhou Yuan’s appearance made Zuoqiu Qingyu laugh. She lowered her head slightly, her ruddy little mouth cracking open slightly as she gently bit Zhou Yuan’s ear.

The warm wetness on his eat almost made Zhou Yuan’s legs turn to jelly and fall into the green flood.

“Hehe, here’s your reward.” Zuoqiu Qingyu’s sly laughter sounded. Her slender body twisted, transforming into a flash of green light as she dashed away like a fish, stepping once again into the green flood.

Zhou Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. He gazed upon her leaving figure, and could not help but shake his head.

“What a little temptress.”

“I saved you out of the kindness of my heart and you repay it by teasing me!”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

Venerable Yuan, Yuan Zun, 元尊, 원존: 용의 비상
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The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings? The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe. Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise? — Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black. Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.


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