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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 189 Python Devours Crow


The faint roar of a dragon echoed across the white jade plaza as two boundless murder filled auras ferociously clashed. The iciness that rippled outwards froze even the air itself.

Dark gold Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body without reservation, as he icily stared at Wu Huang. In the next instant, Genesis Qi exploded beneath the former’s feet, sending his figure rocketing forward.

In a short span of a few breaths, he appeared in front of Wu Huang. With a jerk, the Heavenly Yuan Brush powerfully thrust forward, snow-white hairs whistling through the air as the brush tip ruthlessly approached the latter’s throat.

The reflection of snow-white hairs rapidly grew in Wu Huang’s pupils, but he stepped to the side, avoiding the sharp brush tip.

“Zhou Yuan, since when did you have the courage to take the initiative against me?” Wu Huang’s chilling voice sounded.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless. One could only watch as the brush tip shuddered, the snow-white hairs transforming into numerous white threads. Every thread gave off a sharp aura, seemingly covering the sky and land as they shot towards the fatal spots on Wu Huang’s body.

The attack was clearly merciless.


Wu Huang coldy snorted. His foot slammed into the ground as Genesis Qi burst out like a rising sun.

Thud thud!

Countless white threads struck the scarlet-red Genesis Qi, but every single one was ultimately flung backwards.

Wu Huang’s eyes were ice-cold. His hand made a grabbing motion as rays of light began to emerge, and a dark red spear appeared. Carvings of flying golden crows decorated the spear’s body while it emitted a searing Genesis Qi ripple.

Golden Crow Spear, a high grade Black Genesis Weapon.

The moment Wu Huang’s hand closed around the Golden Crow Spear, his aura turned even more berserk and violent. With a furious roar, the long spear whipped through the air, leaving after images behind it as it was powerfully swung down towards Zhou Yuan.

A long scar began to melt on the white jade floor.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush blocked horizontally above Zhou Yuan’s head, a loud clang resounding from the collision of brush and spear.

Sparks flew as their gazes clashed again, murder spilling into their surroundings.

Wu Huang’s spear was withdrawn, its tip pointing towards the ground at an angle. Genesis Qi began to converge at the tip of the spear, culminating into a flare that was several feet long. The flare first appeared as green, before ultimately turning purple.

The purple flare pulsed, so sharp that no words could describe it. In fact, even the ground was easily cut open.

“Watch me pierce your lousy brus.h.!.+” Wu Huang icy voice sounded as his body shot forward. The purple flare pulsed as it sliced across the ground, splitting the floor open wherever it pa.s.sed, the insides of the cuts smooth as a mirror.

“Auraflare technique? I know it too.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed when he saw the pulsing purple flare on Wu Huang’s spear. With an icy chuckle, the brush tip’s snow-white hairs s.h.i.+vered as Genesis Qi gathered towards it, forming a pulsing flare.

His flare likewise appeared green at the start, before gradually turning purple. There were two levels to the Auraflare technique, which were based on color; green and purple.

Initially, Zhou Yuan had only managed to reach the green level of the Auraflare technique, but as his strength continued to rise, he was finally able to push the power of the technique to the next level.


His figure also shot forward, meeting Wu Huang in the white jade plaza several breaths later. Berserk Genesis Qi unfurled, showing that the two figures had poured all their power into their attacks.

Clang clang clang!

They forced their speeds to the limit, making it practically impossible to clearly see either figure. One would only be able to see two afterimages colliding time after time as purple spurted in all directions, shredding the surrounding ground.

Anyone could clearly tell that both parties were merciless in their attacks.

Countless gazes both inside and outside the Saint Remains Domain were tightly glued to ferocious exchange between the two figures on the jade white plaza…

In a short span of a mere dozen breaths, they two individuals had clashed over a hundred times. The crazed rapidness nearly causing many onlookers to be unable to catch their breaths.

Everything in the vicinity was a complete mess.


The ground was torn up once again as two blurs shot at each other. Purple flares pulsed from the spear and brush as they ripped through the air, powerful colliding a split second later.


A clear clang sounded, followed by an extremely berserk shockwave.

The figures were caught in the shockwave, their bodies blown away by the powerful force.

Zhou Yuan slid dozens of feet backwards, the brush tip leaving a line of sparks on the ground.

On the other hand, Wu Huang was only pushed ten feet back, quickly stabilizing his body with a sweep of his spear.

It was clear that Wu Huang had taken the upper hand in their clash.

However, Wu Huang’s expression did not look happy at all, but instead grew increasingly dark and stormy. He still clearly remembered how Zhou Yuan was unable to receive even a single punch from him when they had just entered the Saint Remains Domain.

But now, Zhou Yuan was already able to push him so far!

How could this not infuriate Wu Huang? Of course, buried in the depths of his anger was a sliver of fear that Wu Huang would never admit to. The rate of Zhou Yuan’s growth was clearly leaving the former no choice but to begin taking him seriously.

A breath of white was slowly spat out from Zhou Yuan’s nose. He gazed at Wu Huang’s dark, stormy eyes and said, “Two years ago, you, the great crown prince of the Great Wu Empire, were pretty unreachable in my eyes…”

Two years prior, he had still been unable to find his channels. Let alone Wu Huang, even Qi Yue had been an untouchable existence in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Yet, in a mere two years, this cultivationless youth was now able to go toe to toe with the crown prince of the Great Wu Empire.

“Wu Huang, you’ve had the lead for so many years, but I was still able to catch up in such a short period of time. What do you think this means?”

Zhou Yuan smiled faintly. “It means that I am even more outstanding than you.”

Wu Huang’s gaze was chillingly sinister, staring at Zhou Yuan as if he was about to devour him, while the Genesis Qi around him began to rage violently. However, he ultimately closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, slowly suppressing the anger inside.

Wu Huang frostily asked, “Zhou Yuan, are you planning to anger me with your words to find an opening?”

“Don’t even dream of it. I know that I used to look down on you in the past, however… I will make up for all of these mistakes by paying with your life!”

“Your foundations are strong, but unfortunately, at the end of the day, you’re just a Heaven Gate stage pract.i.tioner!”

“While I am already at the Alpha-Origin stage!”

At the final word, scarlet-red Genesis Qi shot out from the top of Wu Huang’s head like a beam of light, das.h.i.+ng straight into the heavens, and began to burn the sky.

“Golden Crow Sky Burning Qi!”

In the wake of Wu Huang’s thunderous shout, a glowing silhouette suddenly gathered within the scarlet-red Genesis Qi, slowly turning into an enormous golden three-legged crow.

Flames burned around the golden crow, causing the temperature to rise.

“This guy’s Genesis Qi… is also grade 5?”

“Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the barely visible golden three-legged crow. This Genesis Qi had definitely reached the realm of grade 5.

Zhou Yuan knew that he could not withdraw at such a time, and immediately took a step forward.

Dark gold Genesis Qi erupted, golden light filling the horizon. Everyone watched as the dark gold Genesis Qi converged into a translucent giant dark gold python.

The giant python coiled behind Zhou Yuan as it released a deafening roar towards the heavens.

“Golden Crow Sky Burning Qi, Golden Crow’s Heavenly Inferno!”

Howled Wu Huang as the golden three-legged crow swept forth. Scarlet-red flames began to burn on its body, distorting the s.p.a.ce wherever it pa.s.sed.

Even the ground below was charred black.

Countless gazes both outside and inside the Saint Remains Domain gasped as they watched. Though they were not present in the battlefield, they could still sense the tyrannical power of Wu Huang’s attack.

The golden three-legged crow descended like a giant sun, a terrifying sight to behold.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was grave as scarlet-red rapidly grew in his eyes. He spat out a breath of air as he hands came together and a low voice sounded in his heart.

“Omni Python Qi, Python Swallows the Heaven!”


The python hissed as it shot forth, cras.h.i.+ng into the golden three-legged crow a moment later, its giant mouth opening and swallowing the crow whole…

Zhou Yuan watched this happen with a fierce look in his eyes.

“Wu Huang, let us see which is stronger, your Golden Crow Burning Sky Qi or my Omni Python Qi!”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

Venerable Yuan, Yuan Zun, 元尊, 원존: 용의 비상
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The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings? The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe. Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise? — Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black. Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.


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