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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 192 Heavenly Tortoise Boundary


On the white jade plaza, Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang’s fist and leg slammed into each other, a blast of Genesis Qi exploding from the epicenter. The ground around them was completely shattered, while Zhou Yuan and Wu Huang’s figures were sent flying backwards.

Zhou Yuan forcibly steadied his body with a stomp. He frowned slightly as he lowered his head, seeing the mostly broken golden scale armor on his body from which traces blood oozed out.

From this, one could see just how intense the battle between him and Wu Huang had been.

“Thank G.o.d for the Magical Python Scales’ protection, or I would have really suffered in such a clash.” Zhou Yuan remarked inside. Wu Huang had the strength of the Alpha-Origin after all, making the quality of his physical body greater than Zhou Yuan’s own. Without the Magical Python Scales, Zhou Yuan really would not dare to engage in such a melee.


While such thoughts flashed past in his mind, Zhou Yuan suddenly sensed something and abruptly lifted his head, looking towards the area above Wu Huang. Scarlet clouds could be seen in the air, giving off extremely alarming Genesis Qi undulations that made the temperature of the entire plaza rise.

“What astonis.h.i.+ng Genesis Qi undulations!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed as his eyes turned grave.

To think that Wu Huang had actually made use of the time they were locked in battle to secretly bring out his Genesis Qi and activate an extremely powerful Genesis technique. This truly was an applaudable feat.

Wu Huang stood in the air atop his Genesis Qi, his eyes cold as he looked down upon Zhou Yuan and said in an indifferent voice, “This low grade Heaven Genesis technique of mine was originally prepared for Ye Ming or Li Chunjun… I never imagined that it would ultimately be used on you.”

“Low grade Heaven Genesis technique?!”

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank slightly. Wu Huang had mastered a Heaven Genesis technique?!

Although Zhou Yuan had never learnt one before, he clearly understood the might it possessed. A Genesis technique of that level could slay even those above one’s cultivation level.

“How troublesome.” Zhou Yuan sighed softly. Wu Huang was indeed the most difficult amongst all the opponents he had ever encountered.

Numerous gazes both in and out of the Saint Remains Domain were tinged with shock and amazement as they gazed upon the scarlet cloud in the sky.

“Wu Huang truly is unfathomable. He has even mastered a Heaven Genesis technique!”

“Most importantly, he has even managed to activate it, a feat that ordinary Alpha-Origin experts may not be able to achieve.”

“Looks like the battle is going to end soon. Zhou Yuan cannot possibly survive that.”

Most of their remarks were filled with regret, evidently pitying Zhou Yuan, but this was the cruel reality that nothing could be done about. The dark horse Zhou Yuan had already surprised and amazed everyone by reaching this stage, but the opponent he was pitted against this time was just far too strong.

“Zhou Yuan, if you’re feeling regretful now, destroy your Qi Dwelling and I will spare your life.” Wu Huang grinned a little as he stared at Zhou Yuan, as if everything was already in the palm of his hand.

Zhou Yuan also smiled as he calmly replied, “Useless trash, you had the lead for so many years and yet you were still pushed so far by me. Wu Huang, you’re not as formidable as I had expected.”

Wu Huang’s gaze turned eerily chilling as he icily said, “Since you want to die, I will grant your wish. Don’t worry though, I will hang your corpse from my banner when I destroy the Great Zhou empire.”

His face twisted into cruelness as his hands came together and Genesis Qi erupted.

“Heaven Genesis technique, Scarlet Heaven Gravel Explosion!”


The scarlet cloud above Wu Huang shuddered violently. All of a sudden, countless scarlet-red gravel rained down from the sky, an explosive power contained within every piece.

An area within a thousand feet was covered in the shadows of the falling gravel.

“Scarlet Heaven Gravel Explosion!” Mu Wuji’s expression immediately changed when he saw this. His frosty gaze looked towards Zhao Pan as he questioned, “Why do I recall that this Heaven Genesis technique belongs to Sacred Palace?”

Zhao Pan smiled slightly as he replied, “Your memory must be failing you. Sacred Palace has countless Genesis technique, some of which may naturally be similar to this one.”

Mu Wuji was livid. Zhao Pan was completely shameless. As an envoy, he had secretly interfered and showed favoritism, even giving a Heaven Genesis technique to Wu Huang!


Innumerable scarlet rocks swept down from the sky, practically transforming the area into a death zone. Anyone who stepped in would undoubtedly be killed.

Everyone inwardly shook their heads. Zhou Yuan was really in danger this time.

Under those countless pitying gazes, Zhou Yuan’s expression was exceptionally grim, however, he did not show any panic. With a deep breath, he said, “Wu Huang, did you think that you were the only one secretly preparing something earlier?”

Wu Huang’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhou Yuan icily snorted. With a sudden wave his sleeve, a gush of force swept out, sweeping away all the rocks on the ground. Everyone immediately saw several scrolls sticking out from the ground around Zhou Yuan.

Ripples spread from each scroll.

The sight of these scrolls caused the crowd to cry out, “Those are… Genesis Rune scrolls?!”

“What is Zhou Yuan up to?”

“From what I can see, those Genesis Rune scrolls are at most grade 3 Genesis Runes. It’s not possible for them to stop the Scarlet Heaven Gravel Explosion.”

Wu Huang let out an icy chuckle. “Trying to scare me off? Those can’t save you!”

He had also realised that the Genesis Rune scrolls were only grade 3, and thus nothing to be feared.

Zhou Yuan ignored the former, and instead reached out a hand and made a slight grabbing motion. The Heavenly Yuan Brush stuck in the ground some distance away immediately shot towards him as it swiftly shrank, turning back into its culture form when it reached his hand.

Brush now in hand, Zhou Yuan began to draw in the air, creating stroke after stroke. In the end, the strokes gradually came together to form a Genesis Rune.


With a stomp of his food, the Genesis Rune scrolls around him instantly burst apart. Light blossomed and began interweaving, taking the shape of numerous tortoise

Each ray of light seemed to overlap with another, an exceedingly mystical sight.

At this moment, the complex Genesis Qi in front of Zhou Yuan released a dazzling radiance. Light transformed into strings, linking the tortoise sh.e.l.l like runes together.

In a short span of a few breaths, a tortoise sh.e.l.l dome of light, dozens of feet in diameter, had been created around Zhou Yuan, protecting him.

There was originally nothing to fear from these grade 3 Genesis Rune scrolls, but after connecting to each other, they seemed to receive a tremendous boost. Genesis Qi concentrated into thick, st.u.r.dy bonds, like an ancient tortoise sh.e.l.l.

“This is…”

The sight of this caused gasps of amazement to erupt both in and out of the Saint Remains Domain.

Mu Wuji likewise watched in surprise as one of the envoys who was more proficient in Genesis Runes involuntarily cried out, “He has constructed a Genesis Rune boundary! What amazing Genesis Rune talent!”

“So it’s a Genesis Rune boundary…” A strange s.h.i.+ne was revealed in Mu Wuji’s eyes. One must know that it was extremely complicated to construct a Genesis Rune boundary, because numerous Genesis Runes were needed as building blocks. In addition, they needed perfectly connected, and not even the smallest mistake could be tolerated. This required extremely fine control over one’s Spirit power and senses.

Even grade 4 Genesis Rune masters may not be able to construct a Genesis Rune boundary like this.

And yet, Zhou Yuan had succeeded in constructing it while he was locked in combat.

“Although it’s foundations were made from grade 3 Genesis Runes, its defensive ability is extremely outstanding, and may even be enough to withstand Wu Huang’s killing blow.” Mu Wuji could not help but laugh.

“I’ve indeed underestimated this kid.”

Even he had not been too optimistic about Zhou Yuan’s odds this time, but who could have expected that the latter would be amply prepared.

Under countless gazes filled with amazement, Zhou Yuan stood within the Genesis Rune boundary. He lifted his head to look at the sky full of scarlet gravel as the Genesis Rune Brush in his hand pointed in the air.

Resplendent rays of light instantly exploded from the entire Genesis Rune boundary, bestowing the ancient tortoise sh.e.l.l indestructibility.

“Wu Huang, let my Heavenly Tortoise Boundary have a taste of how powerful your Heaven Genesis technique is!”

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