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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 217 Genesis Mountain

A tall, towering mountain rose amongst the many mountains in the outer mountain area, piercing straight through the clouds.

This mountain was the most conspicuous of all the mountains. Not only was it a grand and majestic sight, its tip shaped like a volcano, while countless faint Genesis Runes could be seen on its body, seemingly forming incomparably enormous Genesis Rune boundaries.

These Genesis Rune boundaries were carved into every inch of the mountain.

The surrounding Genesis Qi was endlessly drawn over, flooding into the giant mountain. It was a very spectacular sight.

When Zhou Yuan gang arrived, a startled look was revealed on their faces as they gazed upon the giant of a mountain.

“What a sum they must have invested.” Zhou Yuan could not help but exclaim in admiration. With his Spirit senses, he could feel that the Genesis Runes in the giant mountain were all pretty high grade, while the Genesis Rune boundaries were definitely not the work of any ordinary person.

Evidently, there were existences in the Cangxuan Sect that with powerful Spirit cultivation.

“Such ingenious methods.”

Rarely seen amazement had appeared on Yaoyao’s pretty face as she said, “There are likely over twenty Genesis Rune boundaries in this giant mountain… each one closely interlinked. It’s practically perfect.”

“To accomplish such a feat… the Spirit cultivation of the one who did this must at the very least be at the perfect Materialization stage.”

“Perfect Materialization stage…” Zhou Yuan wet his lips inside. A Spirit of that level was already fast approaching the pinnacle. Genesis Runes could be easily formed with every gesture, making one’s power immeasurable.

“It seems that this is Genesis Mountain.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept about, seeing streaks of Genesis Qi endlessly streaming towards the place, ultimately landing on the giant mountain.

They were the numerous new disciples.

Zhou Yuan and gang were currently floating in the air on their Genesis Qi. When the new disciples that arrived from all over saw him, they looked at him in a slightly smirking manner.

“These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are all waiting for you to be humiliated.” Shen Wanjin swore and cursed.

The other Cangmang geniuses were also filled with feelings of indignation. They already knew that all of them had been marked as the same Cangmang group, while Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were basically their representatives.

Their relations.h.i.+p with Zhou Yuan basically consisted of the following; when Zhou Yuan gained glory, they would gain glory, when Zhou Yuan was shamed, they would be shamed. If Zhou Yuan’s first cla.s.s disciple status was taken by Han Shan today, they would also be implicated and be shunned by the others.

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled, not really angered by the situation. It was very normal for others want misfortune to befall him. After all, he appeared to be a mere quasi Alpha-Origin pract.i.tioner, and yet he had somehow managed to occupy one of the first cla.s.s disciple spots.

As the saying went, treasuring a jade ring can become a crime. To him, the first cla.s.s disciple status was the jade ring.

There was no way for him to use words to remove everyone’s doubts, nor was it going to be effective. Hence, Zhou Yuan prefered to use the most direct method…

“Let’s go. We should see how amazing this Genesis Mountain is.”

Said Zhou Yuan as the Genesis Qi below his feet brought him and Yaoyao rising through the air, ultimately landing on the enormous Genesis Mountain.

Genesis Mountain was majestic without equal. When they reached the waist of the mountain, Zhou Yuan and the rest found numerous cultivation platforms that were several feet wide installed on the mountain, reaching all the way from waist to the tip. A rough look would give an estimate of over ten thousand, making it an extremely magnificent sight.

However, the cultivation platforms seemed to grow larger towards the mountain top.

There were markings on every cultivation platform that corresponded to their respective disciple status tokens. As such, no one could randomly occupy a platform.

There were also several young boys in the area that were yelling, “First cla.s.s disciples may enter the peak, second cla.s.s disciples at the waist of the mountain, and third cla.s.s at the bottom.”

It was clear that the Genesis Qi at the peak would be the most concentrated. Hence why only first cla.s.s disciples had the right to enjoy the best positions, while second and third were treated accordingly.

Upon hearing this, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao temporarily split up with Shen Wanjin and the rest, heading for the peak under the many watching envious gazes.

As they neared the peak, they saw numerous cultivation platforms that were even wider than the ones below. What’s more, faint Genesis Runes could be seen on the stone that composed these platforms.

Zhou Yuan followed the marking on his disciple token and landed on the stone cultivation platform that belonged to him where he found a mat at the center.

The mat gave off a faint golden glow and seemed weaved from countless gold threads. Genesis Qi faintly pulsed from it, indicating that it was a cultivation support type Genesis treasure.

When Zhou Yuan sat on the mat, he immediately felt a cooling aura flow into his body, giving him a refres.h.i.+ng sensation. This instantly made him secretly praise inside. The cultivation conditions provided by the Cangxuan Sect were really going to be hard to let go off once one had tried them out…

To hold on to these cultivation resources and prevent others from taking them away, he needed to constantly move forward and surpa.s.s those around him…

Zhou Yuan sighed, before his gaze turned towards his front where the most important object in the entire mountain was located.

The Heavenly Genesis Flower.

The golden flower before him was about ten feet tall, while petals as large as a washbasin grew from it like a sunflower. Although it was a flower, Zhou Yuan could feel that it seemed to be slowly breathing. As it breathed, the surrounding Genesis Qi flowed into it, making its petals grow increasingly dazzling.

“Is this the Heavenly Genesis Flower?” Zhou Yuan was in awe.

It was said that the Heavenly Genesis Flower was a rare and unique treasure. It could continuously absorb Genesis Qi, creating pollen that possessed the miraculous power of tempering Genesis Qi. This was what made it extremely pricey.

The Cangxuan Sect was clearly in possession of the method to grow these Heavenly Genesis Flowers, hence why they would own such a huge number of them.

“Utilising the Heavenly Genesis Flower to cultivate, can’t believe the Cangxuan Sect can even think of this.”

While Zhou Yuan continued to sigh, more and more disciples arrived at Genesis Mountain. They eventually found their cultivation platforms and began to excitedly observe the Heavenly Genesis Flowers.

However, they soon stealthily raised their gazes, looking towards a certain spot near the peak where Zhou Yuan was currently located.


A streak of light descended from the sky, coming to a halt above the peak. Genesis Qi took the shape of a cloud as Chen Yuan sat atop it, looking down from above at the numerous disciples.

His gaze seemed to pause slightly when it swept past Zhou Yuan location, before a deep voice sounded, “Since everyone is here, we will prepare to activate Genesis Mountain and begin the training.”

“Please wait teacher Chen, I have something to say.”

However, a sharp voice followed Chen Yuan’s.

Every gaze on the mountain looked over, and saw a young man stand up, his vicious looking eyes akin to a wolf’s.

“It’s Han Shan… as expected, he’s going after Zhou Yuan!” The sights of this young man caused numerous whispers to explode as gloating gaze after gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan.

There was no change in Zhou Yuan’s expression.

Chen Yuan glanced at Han Shan and slowly asked, “What is the matter?”

Disdain lifted from the corners of Han Shan’s mouth as he looked towards Zhou Yuan, cupped his fists together and said, “I want to challenge senior brother Zhou Yuan, because I feel that he is not worthy of being a first cla.s.s disciple.”

According to the rules of the Cangxuan Sect, disciples had to defer to each other based on their rank, irregardless of age. Zhou Yuan was currently a first cla.s.s disciple, hence why Han Shan had to call him senior brother.

Han Shan’s words caused a wave of noise to erupt.

Luo Song watched as he remarked in a somewhat elated voice, “It’s over for this kid. From this point on, he will likely become a laughing stock in our Cangxuan Sect.”

Several individuals that were jealous of Zhou Yuan nodded in agreement.

Shen Wanjin and the rest of the Cangmang geniuses did not look too good, their expressions both tensed and worried.

Near the peak, Lu Feng and numerous other first cla.s.s disciples merely watched with the detached eyes of a bystander, the sense of superiority in the expressions unconcealable.

Gu Hongyi felt a little pity as she shot a look at Zhou Yuan. After today, he would become the shortest lived first cla.s.s disciple in the history of the Cangxuan Sect.

In the air, Chen Yuan’s expression remained unchanged as he nonchalantly said, “In a challenge between disciples, both parties must be willing. As long as Zhou Yuan agrees, you may naturally proceed.”

He then looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Will you accept Han Shan’s challenge? If you lose, your first cla.s.s disciple status will be stripped.”

Every gaze looked towards Zhou Yuan.

There was neither fear nor alarm on his face as he calmly said, “Does that mean I can decline?”

These words immediately gave rise to numerous hisses of displease, disdain emerging in the gazes that looked towards him. A weakling that avoided battle was even more looked down upon.

Gu Hongyi shook her head, the earlier pity instantly vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air. A person may be weak, but if one’s character was weak and submissive, one was not even deserving of pity.

Chen Yuan softly chuckled. “Does that mean that you’re going to decline?”

If Zhou Yuan really declined, his reputation would become terrible.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Teacher Chen misunderstands. I merely want to know whether I am allowed to decline.”

Chen Yuan frowned, unable to understand Zhou Yuan’s goal..

Zhou Yuan ignored the former, his gaze s.h.i.+fting to Han Shan instead as he said, “You’ve heard it. I have the right to decline… however, I can give you a chance to challenge me, but you must first pay me thirty Genesis jade pieces.”

The entire mountain fell silent, dumbstruck gaze after gaze staring at Zhou Yuan. No one had expected him to propose such a condition. This would totally catch anyone off guard!

There was no change in Zhou Yuan in response to these gazes. If he lost, he would lose his status as a first cla.s.s disciple, but if Han Shan lost, he wouldn’t really lose anything. This was obviously way too unfair.

Hence, he needed to tell everyone; challenge him? Sure. But you’ll have first have to pay the challenge price…

Or else, anyone would challenge him when they had nothing better to do. Did they think he was too free?

Han Shan’s face turned black as he said through gnashed teeth, “Thirty Genesis jade pieces? You must be crazy!”

“Are you afraid of losing?” Zhou Yuan grinned. “A first cla.s.s disciple status and thirty Genesis jade pieces, you should know which has more value, right?”

The corners of Han Shan’s mouth twitched. In the end, a vicious and resolute look flashed in his eyes.

“Fine, I agree!”

Han Shan viciously glared at Zhou Yuan. The former had already decided that he would not show any mercy at all. He would make it such that this country b.u.mpkin from the Cangmang Continent would not enjoy spending his money!

It was clear that Han Shan did not believe the quasi Alpha-Origin stage Zhou Yuan had any chance at victory.

“Since you’ve paid, I will definitely satisfy you…”

Upon seeing Han Shan agree, Zhou Yuan’s expression turned cold. He stood up, slivers of iciness flowing in his eyes as he looked towards the former, and everyone felt an astonis.h.i.+ng aura slowly spread from his body.


A frosty voice sounded from his mouth.

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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