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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 223 Importance of Genesis Jade

When Gu Hongyi’s clear voice sounded, various emotions appeared within the countless gazes that were currently focused on Zhou Yuan.

The amount of Alpha-Origin Qi Zhou Yuan brought back was something to be envious about.

However, the amount only showed that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit cultivation was high. The most important thing to the Alpha-Origin stage was still the number of Genesis Qi stars.

From a certain point of view, it represented the amount of Genesis Qi one had.

Of course, this did not mean that the more Genesis Qi stars the more powerful someone would be. There were still various other factors to consider such as the grade of these Genesis Qi stars and etc.

Even so, at the end of the day, having more Genesis Qi stars would give one an advantage.

Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback by Gu Hongyi’s directness. Soon after, he shook his head and said, “No comment.”

The number of Genesis Qi stars was a rather personal thing, and would allow another party to estimate one’s strength. Although Zhou Yuan did not really mind, he felt that there was really no benefit to revealing it here besides maybe causing some eyeb.a.l.l.s to pop out of their sockets. Therefore, he cleanly rejected.


Zhou Yuan’s words immediately caused a series of noises indicating displeasure.


Gu Hongyi’s eyes widened slightly, somewhat peeved as she glared at Zhou Yuan. Given her status, she was seldom rejected by those of the opposite s.e.x.

“Tch, it seems that he’s too ashamed to tell us.” Several of Gu Hongyi’s admirers sneered.

“Yea, he likely doesn’t dare to say it. After all, he had brought back so much Alpha-Origin Qi earlier and probably wasted it all. What a pity.” Others began to chime in.

They clearly believed Zhou Yuan’s reluctance to answer was due to a lack of confidence.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm in the face of their words. “If anyone wants to know how many Genesis Qi stars I have, won’t you find out once you challenge me?”

The numerous disciples froze, before cursing out loud. Everyone present knew that you would have to pay 30 Genesis jade pieces per challenge. The price was far too high.

Hence, they could only inwardly shake their heads. After seeing Zhou Yuan’s battle prowess earlier, they no longer dared to underestimate this first cla.s.s disciple who seemed the easiest to bully on the surface.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan was now even stronger than before, because he had now also stepped into the first layer Alpha-Origin stage.

Zhou Yuan was a little disappointed that no one was interested. It seems that plan of winning Genesis jade crystals using this method was not going to work… after the first time, these people won’t fall for the same trick twice.

As for the first cla.s.s disciples, they were unlikely to act before getting a proper grasp of his abilities.

Gu Hongyi gritted her pearly white teeth. In the end, she could only glare at Zhou Yuan. Although she was curious about how many Genesis Qi stars Zhou Yuan had, there was no grudge between them, and thus no reason for her to challenge him.

“Is he using this method to attract my attention?” Gu Hongyi blinked a few times. There were after all too many young men who adored her, amongst which were no lack of individuals that tried various methods to catch her eye.

However, such thoughts were quickly discarded, because she had just glanced in Yaoyao’s direction. After a brief comparison, she could only bite her red lips. Even someone as prideful as herself had no choice but to admit that this mysterious and distant girl was truly one of the most remarkable beauties in this world.

She did not know the former’s relation with Zhou Yuan, but one could not deny that they were very close. If not, they would not be living together.

In the air, Chen Yuan looked down from above, his indifferent gaze sweeping across Zhou Yuan before s.h.i.+fting towards the numerous disciples as he said, “Today’s training session shall end here. In the future, all of you will need to train in Genesis Mountain every day.”

With regards to this, everyone nodded in approval. Genesis Mountain was just too effective, and after personally experiencing its wonders, they were naturally dying to train in it everyday.

“Although Genesis Qi cultivation is important, do not neglect your Genesis techniques.”

“You may head to the outer mountains Hidden Scriptures House to rent Genesis techniques. However, the higher tier Genesis techniques will cost more to borrow. Of course, everything will be paid in Genesis jade.”

“There are also many instructors in the Hidden Scriptures House whom you may approach if you’re having any difficulties with the Genesis techniques you’ve selected. Similarly, this service will require Genesis jade, and the better the instructor, the higher the cost.”

Chen Yuan’s words made the heads of the numerous disciples swim. Why was Genesis jade needed for everything? They had originally not thought much about the Genesis jade, but today, its importance had been deeply carved into them.

Without Genesis jade, even the time they could use on the Heavenly Genesis Flower would be less than others.

It seemed that thirty Genesis jade pieces per month was really not enough.

At the sight of the pained faces of the crowd, Chen Yuan instantly knew what they were worrying about. Hence, he continued to speak, “As for Genesi jade, besides the thirty given to you guys every month, you may earn more by completing various tasks from the Task Pavillion.”

“They give out all kinds of missions such as patrolling, night watch duty, hunting various Genesis Beasts, searching for Genesis resources and many others. As long as you complete such tasks, you will receive Genesis jade as a reward.”

Only after hearing this did everyone breathe a sigh of relief. So there was another method to obtain Genesis jade. If not, their days would have to be spent very frugally.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened. He was not interested in going to the Task Pavillion to take on any a.s.signments for the time being. After all, he had won thirty Genesis jade pieces from Han Shan. Therefore, he was more interested in the outer mountains Hidden Scripture House.

Although it was the outer mountains, it was still the Cangxuan Sect, and the Genesis techniques found within should not be too low grade, right?

“Amongst the Genesis techniques I have, only the Great Wind and Thunder technique is at the little Heaven level, and even then, it just barely makes the cut. All the other techniques have somewhat fallen behind my cultivation, including Dragon Tablet Hand.”

Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself. As his strength rose, there was less and less use for the previous Genesis techniques he had learnt. In fact, he had been mostly relying on the Omni Python Qi’s Genesis techniques in battle, such as the Magical Python Scales.

Hence, he urgently needed a few little Heaven tier Genesis techniques to bolster his a.r.s.enal. Unfortunately, techniques at this level were difficult to come by, which could be seen for how hard he had to work in order to obtain a single Great Wind and Thunder technique.

“Looks like I’ll be dropping by the Hidden Scriptures House.”

While Zhou Yuan was talking to himself, Chen Yuan had finished his explanations, and began to leave.

The atmosphere of Genesis Mountain relaxed as chatter began to fill the place.

Gu Hongyi swept a glance at Zhou Yuan, no intentions of talking to him as she turned around and began descending the mountain. She was clearly still a little miffed at Zhou Yuan’s rejection.

Lu Feng also headed down the mountain with numerous Shengzhou disciples crowding around him. His expression was indifferent, but when he walked past Zhou Yuan, he paused and said, “I am not too interested in you, but I am an acquaintance of Hongyi’s family, and hence hope that you will not become too friendly with her, while also giving her a little more respect.”

“I do not intend to cause trouble for you, but I also hope that you do not come looking for it.”

Without waiting for Zhou Yuan’s reply, the former seemed to disdainfully brush past the latter.

The Shengzhou first cla.s.s disciple entourage fearlessly swept their gazes at Zhou Yuan, as if slightly pitying the fact that he had drawn Lu Feng’s attention.

Zhou Yuan paid no heed to their gazes, frowning slightly as he gazed at Lu Feng’s back. The superior airs these Shengzhou disciples put up was really very unlikeable.

“I too hope that you will not provoke me…”

His eyes narrowed slightly, a certain sharpness appearing no his slightly pursed lips.

Or else, my fist will not give any face to your ident.i.ties as Shengzhou geniuses…

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings? The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe. Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise? — Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black. Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation.


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