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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 226 Zhu Yue

“Gu Hongyi…”

Zhou Yuan was a little dazed for a time as he gazed at the girl in red who had also chosen the Ethereal Form technique. She was usually the focus of attention amongst the outer mountain disciples, and was not only blessed with good looks, but also superb talent. Most importantly of course, it was said that she had some ties in the Cangxuan Sect, practically making her one of the most welcomed individuals in the eyes of the male outer mountain disciples.

“You’re also choosing it? Then you can have it first.”

Although most of the Shengzhou disciples gave off an air of superiority and were extremely arrogant, not much of it could be seen from Gu Hongyi. It was as if there was no difference between the disciples in her eyes, which was also why Zhou Yuan voluntarily released his grip.

Just because someone else had chosen a Genesis technique here did not mean that others no longer had any chance. Hence, Zhou Yuan did not mind giving way to a lady.

“Oh, how courteous.” Gu Hongyu glanced at him, but did not accept Zhou Yuan’s goodwill. She released her fingers and said, “Forget it, there’s still a copy version.”

After speaking, she confidently turned around and left, leaving behind a slight fragrance as her fine black hair brushed past in front of Zhou Yuan.

However, she suddenly stopped after two steps, slightly tilting her head backwards as her bright eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan. “But I advise you not to choose this Genesis technique.”

“Why?” Zhou Yuan frowned a little.

Gu Hongyi replied, “Because Zhu Feng is also practicing it.”

Zhou Yuan’s frown deepened, his tone calm as he asked, “What does that have to do with me? Am I not allowed to learn any Genesis techniques he selects?”

The corners of Gu Hongyi’s red lips rose slightly. “No comment.”

One could tell that she was still harboring a tiny grudge from when Zhou Yuan had rejected her in front of everyone yesterday. Hence, she returned him the exact same words he had given her.

Zhou Yuan watched her slender, graceful figure leave. As she strided forward with her long legs, every male disciple on the second level seemingly followed her.

“Women are indeed good at holding grudges.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself.

However, he had no interest in Gu Hongyi, and this did not care about her att.i.tude. His gaze quickly turned towards the jade stripe before him, a satisfied smile forming on his lips as he reached out to take it.

With the jade strip now in hand, some simple information flowed into his head; the cost of renting the jade strip.

Five Genesis jade pieces a day.

Recorded within these jade strips was the detailed cultivation method and the experiences of numerous elders and seniors. Even so, it was exceedingly difficult to learn, requiring ordinary disciple would have to spend a tremendous amount of time.

This would undoubtedly be a huge expenditure of Genesis jade.

Therefore, majority of the disciples would seek out instructors in the Hidden Scriptures House after choosing a Genesis technique. These instructors would point them in the right direction, allowing them to more easily master the technique.

“So expensive.” Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh. Though the forty or so Genesis jade pieces might seem like a lot, they were really not enough.

Zhou Yuan continued advancing with the jade strip, but stopped again after a few steps, his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popping from their sockets as he stared at a jade strip that was now before him.

“Nine Dragons Canon, high grade little Heaven Genesis technique.”

“Transform one’s Genesis Qi into dragons, peerless and tyrannical.”

These short few words gave off a tyrannical aura, displaying the power of the technique.

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled with desire, but his expression turned stiff when he saw the rental price. The Nine Dragons Canon required twenty Genesis jade pieces a day, four times of the Ethereal Form technique!


Zhou Yuan could not help but curse through gritted teeth, ultimately making the painful decision to give up on it for the time being. He planned to first master Ethereal Form, gather enough Genesis jade and then return to rent the Nine Dragons Canon.

Zhou Yuan forcibly pulled his gaze away from the jade strip, tightening his grip around the Ethereal Form jade strip as he turned around and quickly walked off. He soon arrived at the counter and handed the jade strip to a middle-aged man behind it.

The man picked up a jade booklet to record as he asked, “Pa.s.s me your disciple token. Also, the Ethereal Form technique costs five Genesis jade pieces a day, how many days do you plan on leasing it?”

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment and answers, “I’ll go with Five days.”

He’ll first see to what extent he can master the Ethereal Form technique in five days.

The middle-aged manager nodded and said, “Are you intending to find a Genesis technique instructor that has learnt it already?”

Zhou Yuan was silent for a brief moment before asking, “Do you have any recommendations?”

Little Heaven Genesis techniques were rather difficult to comprehend, and it was easy to take the wrong path if one were to blindly grasp about on his own, causing even more time to be wasted. At times, having someone else’s guidance would be a huge help.

Therefore, if the conditions were right, Zhou Yuan naturally intended on finding an instructor to guide him.

The middle-aged manager thought for a bit, retrieved a jade tile and handed it to Zhou Yuan. “Most of the instructors here are inner mountain disciples from the seven peaks, and there’s currently only one of them who has learnt the Ethereal Form technique. The price of listening to his teachings is also five Genesis jade pieces per day.”

Zhou Yuan curiously received the jade tile, and found a name inscribed on it.

“Zhu Yue.”

Without raising his head, the middle-aged manager continued, “The practice halls are in the mountain behind the Hidden Scriptures House. You can go find them yourself. Remember to return the jade strip when the deadline comes, or it will be forcibly take back together with a fine.”

Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together. He picked up the Ethereal Form jade strip and left the Hidden Scriptures House, heading towards the rear mountain.

In the rear mountain, he saw several unique buildings where disciples were constantly entering and leaving, an exceptionally bustling sight.

Zhou Yuan followed the directions, eventually arriving before a wide and s.p.a.cious building. After confirming the instructor’s name at the front door, he walked in.

Behind the doors was an extremely s.p.a.cious hall where a dozen or so figures were seated in a circle. At their center was a tall man who was currently eloquently giving a lecture.

Zhou Yuan’s entrance interrupted the lecture, causing the dozen listening figure to turn their heads and look.

The moment they saw Zhou Yuan, looks of amus.e.m.e.nt immediately emerged in their eyes.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, because he had just seen a familiar figure amongst them. It was the one who had a quarrel with him due to Han Shan on Genesis Mountain, Zhu Feng.

Gu Hongyi was also seated a few places from Zhu Feng. The corners of her red lips turned slightly downwards when she saw Zhou Yuan enter. As expected, this guy did not listen to her advice.

The instructor seated in the center looked towards Zhou Yuan and nonchalantly asked, “Who are you?”

He had a thin face and a stern expression in his eyes, while powerful Genesis Qi rippled around him.

“Outer mountain disciple, Zhou Yuan.” Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm as he cupped his fists together towards the man. His gaze swept towards Zhu Feng before turning back to the inner mountain disciple called Zhu Yue.

The two rather resembled each other, making him begin to realise why Gu Hongyi had warned him earlier.

“Zhou Yuan?” Zhu Yue was taken aback, casting a glance at Zhu Feng as the latter nodded with an icy smile. The former had heard an exaggerated description of how arrogant this kid from a remote continent was from Zhu Feng earlier, but he never imagined that Zhou Yuan would actually come here and seek guidance from him.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was still unchanged as he said in a neither overbearing nor servatile tone, “I’ve chosen the Ethereal Form technique, and have come here hoping to listen to the key points with regards to it. Here’s five Genesis jade pieces…”

The inner mountain disciple Zhu Yue swept a nonchalant gaze at Zhou Yuan as contempt faintly rose from the corners of his lips. “No need. The cla.s.s is already full and we won’t be accepting anyone new for the time being.”

Zhu Feng was his younger brother, and since he had a dispute with Zhou Yuan, Zhu Feng naturally found Zhou Yuan a sore sight.

Zhu Yue’s words caused laughter to sound in the hall. Most of the disciples here were from the Shengzhou Continent, and thus looked towards Zhou Yuan with mocking eyes.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly, evidently not expecting Zhou Yue to take things so far.

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “Isn’t senior brother Zhu Yue’s actions a little against the rules?”

A full cla.s.s was clearly an excuse.

“Oh? A mere outer mountain disciples thinks he has the right to talk to me about the rules?!” Zhu Yue’s eyes narrowed slightly, a sneer appearing from the corners of his mouth. In the next moment, powerful Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from his body, forming an overwhelming pressure that loomed towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhu Yue’s strength had at the very least reached the five layer Alpha-Origin stage, far surpa.s.sing everyone present.

Hence, when the Genesis Qi pressure surged towards Zhou Yuan, his breathing turned a little ragged.


However, just as Zhu Yue was about to force Zhou Yuan into a miserable state, the clothes at his area moved as Tuntun stuck its head out and released a low roar from its throat.

Tuntun leaped out, landing in front of Zhou Yuan as its tiny body began to grow rapidly. In a short span of a few breaths, it turned into its battle form, savagery violently pulsing from it as berserk Genesis Qi began to wreaked havoc with a roar.


The entire hall shook as Zhu Yue’s Genesis Qi pressure was instantly ripped to shreds, causing him to forced back several steps by Tuntun’s ferocity as his face paled slightly.

Zhu Yue’s complexion was steely green with fear and anger as he sternly shouted, “You, you dare to use a beast to hurt me?!”

Zhou Yuan swept the former a cold look as he lightly caressed Tuntun’s head. After sweeping a glance at Zhu Yue, its body swiftly began to shrink.

The hall was now a mess, Zhu Feng and the other disciples scurrying to the side as they looked towards Tuntun in uncertainty.

Only Gu Hongyi remained seated. Her red lips parted slightly as she said, “Senior brother Zhu Yue, your rejection is not in line with the rules. It will not be good for you either if the law enforcement group finds out.”

Zhu Yue looked at Gu Hongyi as a smile was revealed on his face. “Since junior sister Hongyi has spoken, I will naturally give face.”

Gu Hongyi’s elder was one of the high ranking members of the Cangxuan Sect, and Zhu Yue naturally did not dare to offend her.

His gaze turned Zhou Yuan as he coldly snorted. “You may stay on account of junior sister Hongyi. However, no b.a.s.t.a.r.dly beasts are allowed in my hall, so you’ll have to throw that b.a.s.t.a.r.d out before returning.”

However, Zhou Yuan merely glanced at the former coldly and said, “Can’t even beat a beast, what can I learn by staying here? It will only be a waste of Genesis jade.”

Contempt rose from the corners of his mouth, ignoring Zhu Yue’s white with rage complexion as he turned around and left with Tuntun in his arms.

Zhu Yue’s eyes darkened as he watched Zhou Yuan leave. Soon after, he let out a chilling chuckle.

“What an ignorant fool… go ahead with your arrogance, do you really think you’ll be able to learn the Ethereal Form technique without my guidance?”

“When you’ve squandered away all of your Genesis jade, you’ll still end up coming back to beg me!”

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