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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 230 Persuasion

Chapter 230 Persuade


The scarlet-red whip was akin to a fire python, giving off searing Genesis Qi undulations as it swung down towards Zhou Yuan’s skull.

Zhou Yuan hastily dodged, causing the whip to narrowly miss his body and viciously smash into the ground, tearing open a long crack.

Zhou Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air. “That’s too ruthless of you.”

This wasn’t just a light smack on the face, but would likely leave a b.l.o.o.d.y scar.

Gu Hongyi’s hand jerked as the whip rolled back to her and wrapped around her wrist. She frostily glanced at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, do you really think that I won’t?”

Zhou Yuan promptly shook his head at the sight of the somewhat angered Gu Hongyi and said with a forced smile, “Don’t get so angry… I wasn’t making fun of you. If you follow me, I can really allow you to achieve initial mastery of the Ethereal Form technique in ten days.”

Gu Hongyi frowned so deeply that her eyebrows were almost vertical as she sneered, “Arrogance, how long has it been since you started learning the Ethereal Form technique? Have you even found any apertures? Although Zhu Yue’s character is somewhat lacking, do you know how many apertures he has unblocked?”

“41 apertures!”

“How can you compare to him?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and said, “Only 41 apertures after practicing for so long, Zhu Yue’s talent is indeed quite mediocre. No wonder he’s still a black slash disciple.”

“Shameless boasting!” Gu Hongyi had reached the limits of her anger due to Zhou Yuan’s att.i.tude. He was clearly nowhere as good as others, and yet he stubbornly refused to admit they were better.

She had originally been a little interested in the talent Zhou Yuan had displayed, but she was now exceedingly disappointed.

No matter how good one’s talent, if one was unable to realise one’s faults, one would be able to walk far on the road of cultivation.

Hence, she could no longer bothered to stay a single second more, and began to turn around to leave.

Upon seeing this Zhou Yuan immediately said, “I don’t think you’ll believe me if I told you I’ve already unblocked 31 apertures… how about this, why not you punch me once to see?”

“31 apertures?” Gu Hongyi gnashed her teeth. “It’s only been five days and you’ve unblocked 31 apertures? Are you insulting my intelligence?!”

Zhou Yuan’s lips curled downwards. If not for the Genesis jade, he would not bother explaining so much. He immediately extended a hand and beckoned. “Quit being so wishy-washy, you’ll know once you attack.”

Gu Hongyi laughed in anger. This was the first time she had heard others make such an a.s.sessment of her.

“Fine, I’ll let you know the price of making fun of me!” Gu Hongyi’s hand clenched as vigorous Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from her body. Her Genesis QI was fiery-red, like a wave of fire.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Gu Hongyi was indeed a formidable individual, and was likely top tier even amongst the three layer Alpha-Origin pract.i.tioners.

In a real fight, even he would find her quite problematic.


Gu Hongyi’s foot pushed off the ground as her body shot forward. Surging Genesis Qi gathered towards her hand as a simple punch was sent blasting forth.


The air was blasted away by the punch, seemingly causing a sonic boom. Gu Hongyi may look as delicate as a flower, but her attack was extremely simple and violent.

A two layer Alpha-Origin disciples were to face this seemingly small fist instead, he would likely be forced to his knees.

However, Zhou Yuan did not move at all. He watched the fist winds blast towards him and suddenly took a step forward. His hand reached out, Genesis Qi surging as he met Gu Hongyi’s punch head-on.


A m.u.f.fled noise rang out as winds violently unfurled, blowing away the scattered rocks around them.

However, the instant palm met fist, Gu Hongyi’s face suddenly changed. she had felt a large portion of her power being neutralized when it surged towards Zhou Yuan.

It felt as if most of her punch had landed on air.

Gu Hongyi concentrated on Zhou Yuan’s palm, only for her heart so shake violently. She had seen his palm seem to turn slightly incomporeal at this moment, giving off a faintly ethereal feeling.

“How can this be?!”

Gu Hongyi could not help but cry out. She clearly understood that this was a sign that someone was about to reach the initial stage of the Ethereal Form technique. Only then would one be able to etherealize a part of their body, causing the power of any attack that landed on that part to be greatly neutralized.

This was the essence of the Ethereal Form technique. When mastered, any attack that landed would feel as if it had struck air, causing a portion of its power to be neutralized.

The fact that Zhou Yuan was able to etherealize his hand meant that his mastery of the Ethereal Form technique had already far surpa.s.sed her own. With the ten apertures she had currently unblocked, achieving with a feat would be impossible.

Zhou Yuan slowly withdrew his hand as it rapidly returned to normal, and let out a soft laugh of satisfaction. The Ethereal Form technique was marvelous indeed, and would greatly enhance his survivability once mastered.

It was said that the first level would bestow upon one the ability to temporarily etherealize any part of the body. This would be an invaluable skill indeed to counter any sudden or sneak attacks.

At the second level, one would be able to etherealize the entire body, making one akin to the mists.

As for the third level, it was even more amazing. One would be capable of full etherealization, giving one the ability to merge with the world around. From a certain point of view, it could be said to be invisibility that could also avoid other’s detection…

Over all, the Ethereal Form technique was a wonderful technique could pretty much cover every aspect of survivability, from defense, to escaping and hiding.

This was also why Zhou Yuan had not hesitated to choose it the moment he saw it.

“You…” Gu Hongyi blankly stared at Zhou Yuan, not knowing what to see for a time. What had just happened was way too shocking. She was unable to believe that Zhou Yuan was nearly at the initial stage after a mere five days of practice.

“You’ve really unblocked 31 apertures?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “You should at least believe your own eyes, right?”

“How did you do it?!”

Zhou Yuan smiled faintly. “Perhaps my sensing is just better… how about it? Are you interested? I should be able to guarantee you reaching the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in ten days.”

He did not dare to make any guarantees for the second level, because he could already feel how increasingly difficult it was becoming to sense the latter apertures. Even with the Decoder Saint Rune, it would take some time.

Gu Hongyi’s eyes flickered brightly as she stared at Zhou Yuan. She had originally been under the impression that he was spouting nonsense. Who could have expected that he would be so capable. Even without anyone’s guidance, he had rapidly progressed at such an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

“This is fifty Genesis jade pieces.”

Gu Hongyi was a swift and decisive person. Since she had already personally witnessed it, there was naturally no need to delay. With a flick of her wrist, a cloth bag was thrown towards Zhou Yuan, the clear tinkling of Genesis jade pieces clearly heard as it flew through the air.

“How generous.” Zhou Yuan raised his thumb in response. She was indeed a richy little lady, not even a single grumble before paying the full amount. To think that he was originally planning on only taking half the payment first.

“But where did you get so many Genesis jade pieces?” Zhou Yuan curiously asked. He had not seen Gu Hongyi undertake any missions, and yet she seemed to be very wealthy.

“Why be such a busy body.” Gu Hongyi rolled her eyes at him.

Zhou Yuan nodded in understanding. As expected, she did have ties in the sect.

“Zhou Yuan, I’m warning you that my money is not so easily earned. If I do not reach the first level after ten days…” Gu Hongyi shot a look at Zhou Yuan. “I will not let you off.”

“Relax, this is already a bargain and I will not cheat anyone.” Zhou Yuan hurriedly pledged. This was his first customer, and he had to make sure she was satisfied at all costs.

“When do we begin training?”

“Our time is precious, so we’ll of course be starting now. Follow me.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand, tossing the bag of Genesis jade in the other as he walked down the mountain.

Gu Hongyi looked at his leaving figure, before looking towards the lecture halls in the rear mountain as she hesitated for a moment. In the end, she gritted her teeth and quickly caught up.

“Zhou Yuan, you’re dead meat if you dare to lie to me!”

Rear mountain, lecture hall.

Zhu Yue watched the numerous outer mountain disciples arrive one after another, and suddenly frowned. He had not seen Gu Hongyi amongst them.

At this moment, Zhu Feng suddenly rushed over, his expression extremely ugly.

Zhu Yue frowned and asked, “What is it?”

The other disciples also looked over.

Zhu Feng hesitated for a second, somewhat unable to believe his own words as he explained, “Gu Hongyi sent someone to say that she will not be coming.”

“Not coming?” Zhu Yue was taken aback, somewhat unhappy as she said, “Wasn’t she doing well so far? Does she no longer plan on learning the Ethereal Form technique?”

Gu Hongyi was from a powerful background, while also being very pretty. Hence, Zhu Yue had some designs on her, and was currently attempting to fulfill the dream of ‘marrying into power and wealth’, hoping to make use of this opportunity while teaching her to get into her good books.

Gu Hongyi’s sudden absence had disrupted his tempo.

Zhu Feng summoned his courage and said, “She… she’s still learning, but… she has went to learn from Zhou Yuan.”

The lecture hall immediately fell silent, numerous disciples looking to each other first before quickly breaking out into a din.

“Zhou Yuan?”

“Gu Hongyi is learning the Ethereal From technique from Zhou Yuan?!”

“What the heck is she doing?”

Zhu Yue was also stupefied. Soon after, his complexion turned steely green with rage. He was truly unable to comprehend what Gu Hongyi was thinking. Did she sustain some brain damage? It was preposterous for her to learn Genesis techniques from another outer mountain disciple!

What kind of medicine had Zhou Yuan given her?!

Most importantly, if news of this spread, where would Zhu Yue be able to hide his face?!

Zhu Yue gnashed his teeth, no longer able to restrain his emotions. He violently kicked a nearby table to dust, his expression twisting as he roared, “Zhou Yuan, you’re practically asking for death!”

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