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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 234 Beating Up a Group

Zhu Feng’s horrified voice caused disbelief to fill the faces of everyone else present with the exception of Gu Hongyi, making them dumbstruck as they stared at Zhou Yuan.

“How is this possible? It’s only been a few days, how can he possibly have mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique?!”

“But… etherealisation of the body is clearly only achievable by someone who has mastered the first level!”

“This is the only way to explain how he was able to receive Zhu Feng’s attacks with his body.”


Qiao Xiu and Shen Wanjin were stunned as they looked to each other. The Ethereal Form technique was one of the more popular Genesis techniques in the outer mountains, and had been selected by many disciples. This was because of how amazing it was. Once mastered, it would substantially boost one’s overall survivability.

But Qiao Xiu and Shen Wanjin also knew that although many people were learning it, only a handful were able to reach the first level. Mastering the first level in a span of less than ten days was practically unheard of.

In addition, they knew that Zhou Yuan had not received any guidance during this process, everything had been achieved with his own ability…

“Could it be? Gu Hongyi was only able to progress so rapidly in the Ethereal Form technique because she chose to learn under Zhou Yuan?” Qiao Xiu and Shen Wanjin’s mouths subconsciously hung slightly open.

Truth be told, they had felt Gu Hongyi’s choice of Zhou Yuan over Zhu Yue was way too weird. If they were not well acquainted with Zhou Yuan and knew that Gu Hongyi was not some easily love-struck girl, they would have likely believed that there was something going on between the two…

White and green interlaced on Zhu Feng’s face, some horror still lingering in his eyes.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined Zhou Yuan had actually mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique…

While Zhu Feng was still lost in shock, Zhou Yuan lightly tapped his chest under everyone’s gazes and said in a calm voice, “I told you earlier that all of you should come at me together, and yet you kept insisting on taking me on alone… since that is so…”

By the time Zhou Yuan’s voice faded, his body had already moved.

Half of his body seemed to turn incomporeal as he took a step forward. Faint mist appeared around him as his figure swiftly shot forward like the wind.

“Such speed!”

Zhu Feng’s heart s.h.i.+vered. Zhou Yuan was so quick that even he was beginning to see faint after images.

In the face of the current Zhou Yuan, Zhu Feng no longer displayed any of the arrogance from before. His feet rapidly moved as his figure hastily retreated in a rather miserable manner.

However, his speed was far from being able to match Zhou Yuan’s.

Zhou Yuan merely took a single step forward and appeared in front of Zhu Feng like a phantom.

No matter how Zhu Feng tried to evade, Zhou Yuan’s figure closely followed like a shadow.

“This speed…” Qiao Xiu and Sun Jinglei’s expressions changed slightly when they saw this.

“Get lost!” Zhu Feng was scared stiff by Zhou Yuan’s phantom like speed. The humiliation and anger in the former’s heart reached its peak, and with a howl, berserk Genesis Qi unfurled from his body, das.h.i.+ng in all directions.


However, Zhou Yuan’s figure merely flickered a few times, breaking through the wave of Genesis Qi as purplish gold scales appeared on his hand. A palm strike was swiftly sent forth, instantly piercing Zhu Feng’s defences and landing on his chest.


Genesis Qi exploded, and Zhu Feng’s body was sent catapulting backwards as if he had been struck by a heavy blow.

However, mere moments after his figure was sent flying, Zhou Yuan’s somewhat ethereal figure appeared below the former as a kick lashed out along with Genesis Qi.


A whip like leg ripped through the air, kicking Zhu Feng in the stomach as he let out a miserably cry and was sent flying once again.

AHhh! AHhh!

The crowd’s eyelids twitched as they watched Zhu Feng’s body being bounced around in mid-air, unable to land. It was an exceedingly wretched sight.

The mountain was blanketed in silence, everyone speechless as they watched Zhou Yuan effortlessly kick Zhu Feng around like a ball, a sight that caused them to s.h.i.+ver involuntarily.

Especially the disciples that had come with Zhu Feng. They had originally believed Zhou Yuan would be easily crushed, allowing him to understand his place.

But who could have expected… that the three layer Alpha-Origin Zhu Feng would be unable to even touch Zhou Yuan’s shadow, and would end up being hit around like a ball.

“What are you guys still standing around for! Go get him together!”

In the air, Zhu Feng, who had been beaten about till he was now somewhat dizzy, lost his composure and howled.

These disciples looked to each other. In the end, they ignored the fact that there were going to gang up on Zhou Yuan and forced themselves forward, surrounding him from all directions.

“I already told you guys to come at me together earlier, but you guys just had to insist on wasting time.” Zhou Yuan chuckled softly when he saw them approach as the mist around him thickened, causing his speed to soar once again.


He was akin to the shadow of a phantom as he charged into the midst of the dozen or so disciples.

Thud! Thud!

The battle was a completely chaotic mess. Although these disciples were pretty strong, they were unable to even touch the edges of Zhou Yuan’s clothes. In contrast, whenever Zhou Yuan’s figure dashed past, a fist covered in purplish gold scales along with robust Genesis Qi would slam into their bodies without any trace of politeness.

Each punch moulded itself into the flesh, painting an exceptionally violent picture.

In a short few minutes, the ground was littered with bodies, each one with a b.l.o.o.d.y nose and swollen face, traces of blood at the corner of their mouths as they groaned in pain.

At the middle, Zhou Yuan stood with his hands by his side as his partially incorporeal gradually returned to normal.

His expression was still indifferent, unchanged even through the entire ordeal.

He looked towards the ground in front of him where Zhu Feng was staggering to his feet. The latter had received the most of Zhou Yuan’s care, making him look the most pitiful of the bunch.

Zhu Feng trembled uncontrollably as he gazed upon Zhou Yuan, a trace of terror in his eyes. He truly never imagined that they would still lose in such a miserable manner even after the dozen or so of them ganged up on Zhou Yuan.

Now that Zhou Yuan had mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique, he was not only untouchably quick, but his defence was also extremely terrifying, allowing him to practically ignore their attacks.

One must know that there were two other first cla.s.s disciples amongst the group that had the strength of the third layer Alpha-Origin!

But even so, they had been easily dealt with by Zhou Yuan…

How crazy was this?

Even the outer mountain top ten disciples such as Qiao Xiu and Sun Jinglei did not dare to claim they would be able to so effortlessly deal with several first cla.s.s disciples without taking any damage.

“After today, junior brother Zhou Yuan will definitely have a spot as one of the ten great outer mountain disciples.” Qiao Xiu could not help but sigh.

Zhou Yuan had previously been way too low profile. Although he had obtained victory over Han Shan, it had only made others feel that he was at least worthy of being a first cla.s.s disciple, though many believed that he was one of the lowest ranking amongst them.

After today’s battle, there was likely no one would continue to say so.

This battle was enough for his name to shake the outer mountains.

Sun Jinglei’s expression had turned rather grave, wariness now present in his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan. The former had not taken the latter very seriously earlier, which led to his prompt agreement when Zhu Feng had asked him for support.

But now, he was feeling a slight bit of regret.

Zhou Yuan was clearly not as simple as he looked, and Sun Jinglei had now offended him for no real reason.

*Clap clap*!

Loud and clear clapping sounded from behind. One would find Gu Hongyi grinning as she watched this scene, an additional trace of admiration in her eyes when she looked at Zhou Yuan.

The way Zhou Yuan had beaten them all up alone was clearly very much to her liking.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, growing increasingly satisfied with the Ethereal Form technique. Although he would not fear the other party if he had not learnt the technique, he would not have had such an easy time.

The Ethereal Form technique allowed him to etherealize his physical body, greatly increasing his speed and thus making his movements extremely agile and nimble. When the defensive capabilities of the Magical Python Scales was added, the strength of three layer Alpha-Origin was basically unable to break his defences.

He raised his head, his eyes uncaring as he glanced at the miserable figures of Zhu Feng and gang. “Although your elder brother Zhu Yue is an inner mountain disciple, he is very narrow minded and petty. It was only a small dispute, and yet he tried to stop all the other inner mountain disciples from teaching me…”

If he did not possess the Decoder Saint Rune, he may have really been in some trouble. After all, the effectiveness would definitely be lower without anyone’s guidance.

Though Zhu Feng did not dare to retort when he heard Zhou Yuan criticizing Zhu Yue, the former coldy snorted inside.

His elder brother was an inner mountain disciple after all, an existence that Zhou Yuan would not dare to clash against directly even if he had mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique.

“Zhou Yuan, we admit defeat this time, but don’t be too happy yet. You won’t have a good time after offending my elder brother!” Said Zhu Feng through gnashed teeth.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled faintly. “I believe I should be the one saying these words.”

Although Zhu Feng was in a pretty bad state, mockery still surfaced in his eyes as he sneered. “Oh? What can you even do to my elder brother?”

Although Zhou Yuan had mastered the first level of the Ethereal Form technique, he would still amount to nothing much in Zhu Yue’s eyes. The latter was after all an inner mountain disciple.

Zhou Yuan seemed to smile.

Upon seeing his expression, Zhu Feng suddenly a sliver of unease, but he could not figure out what Zhou Yuan was planning.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze looked towards the other disciples that had followed Zhu Feng here. They were basically the disciples that were learning the Ethereal Form technique from Zhu Yue.

“From today, I will begin teaching the Ethereal Form technique. As for my effectiveness, you can look to Gu Hongyi as an example. I guarantee that everyone under my tutelage will reach the first level of the technique in a month.”

As for the price, Zhu Feng charges five Genesis jade pieces a day, so mine will be a little cheaper, let’s say three Genesis jade pieces a day.”

“If any of you are interested, you can transfer over any time.”

The mountain was deathly silent, even Qiao Xiu and Sun Jinglei were dumbstruck as they blankly stared at Zhou Yuan.

No one had expected that Zhou Yuan was planning on brazenly recruiting disciples and teach them the Ethereal Form technique!

Zhu Feng also blankly stared at Zhou Yuan as his scalp suddenly numbed. He had realised that if Zhou Yuan really did as he had said, Zhu Feng’s elder brother, Zhu Yue, was going to have a pretty hard time in the subsequent days.

After all, even Zhu Yue did not dare to guarantee helping someone else master the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month.

Zhou Yuan’s declaration was basically going to cut off Zhu Feng’s income!

This counterattack could be said to be merciless to the extreme!

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