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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 235 Zhou Yuan’s Counterattack

Everyone foolishly stared at Zhou Yuan after listening to his words. The shock factor of these words were clearly even greater than his feat of beating down the entire group alone.

None of them had ever heard of someone giving guidance to other disciples while he was still an outer mountain disciple…

Moreover, none of the inner mountain disciples had ever dared to claim they could help the disciples under their tutelage reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month.

Even Zhu Yue did not have the ability.

Hence, Zhou Yuan words somewhat tempted even Qiao Xiu. He may not have chosen to learn the Ethereal Form technique, but if Zhou Yuan was truly able to help him reach the first level in a month, he did not mind starting from scratch…

After all, they understood how difficult it was to learn a little Heaven Genesis technique. The amount of time and effort required was tremendous, and reaching initial mastery in a month was already amazingly fast.

Zhu Feng’s complexion paled, cold sweat appearing on his forehead as horror filled his eyes. He never imagined that Zhou Yuan would

Zhou Yuan grinned. “Is there a rule that says an outer mountain disciple can’t give guidance to others?”

Zhu Feng froze, the expression on his face fluctuating indeterminately as he looked towards the individuals around him. These people had been learning the Ethereal Form technique from his elder brother, but their gazes were now flickering slightly in thought, evidently tempted by Zhou Yuan’s words.

It was clear to them after all. If they continued with Zhu Yue, the cost was not only higher, but they may not even reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month.

In comparison, Zhou Yuan’s quality to price ratio was undoubtedly better!

Zhu Feng began to panic as he hurriedly said, “Don’t be bewitched by him! Even if he can reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique, it does not mean that he will be able to help others do the same in a month. Gu Hongyi is super talented, how can you guys compare to her?”

He was aware that coming to the outer mountains to teach was a nice cushy job that his elder brother had gone through much difficulty to acquire. It was after all a job where Genesis jade could be earned more easily. If Zhou Yuan were to suddenly stick his hand into this pie, Zhu Yue would end up being akin to someone who uses a wicker basket to collect water.

Zhu Feng’s words made the other disciple hesitate somewhat. After all, when Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue were compared, the latter’s inner mountain disciple status was more trustworthy.

Zhu Feng did not dare to linger any longer, afraid that they would be enticed away. He frostily looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, one should always leave a way out. If you really intend to teach the Ethereal Form technique, my elder brother will not take this lying down.”

His words and tone implied both a threat and a warning.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change as he smiled faintly and replied, “Did you guys leave me a way out when you collaborated with the other instructors to stop me from learning Genesis techniques?”

If he did not have a few tricks up his sleeve, he would have likely been hard-pressed due to Zhu Yue’s actions. Any ordinary person would have had his future ruined by the latter.

After all, the compet.i.tion in the Cangxuan Sect was just too intense, being delayed a single step would often times lead to one being unable to surpa.s.s another again.

Zhu Feng icily said, “Humph, you stubborn fool, just wait for the fury of my elder brother to descend!”


With a wave of his sleeve, he took the lead and left, though his figure appeared a little pathetic.

The other disciples hesitated for a moment. In the end, they still chose to follow.

Zhou Yuan did not feel their departure was the least bit unfortunate.

“Heh heh, little Yuan bro, are you really planning on the teaching the other disciples the Ethereal Form technique? From what I know, there are at least a hundred people amongst the outer mountain disciples that are practicing it. If all of them came here to learn from you, you will receive an income of several hundred Genesis jade pieces per day!” Shen Wanjin’s eyes were practically glowing, saliva nearly dripping from his mouth. After doing the calculations, he had realised that Zhou Yuan could become the richest amongst the outer mountain disciples in a month.

Zhou Yuan’s heart involuntarily beat a little faster when he heard this. The truth was, he had only said so earlier to take revenge on Zhu Yue, but now that he gave some thought to it, he realised that it was practically the best way to rake in huge amounts of Genesis jade!

In comparison, going to the Task Pavillion everyday to take on some missions now seemed akin to tough, meaningless labour.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze stealthily lit up with excitement and desire. As long as a third of those practicing the Ethereal Form technique came to him, his coffers would be overflowing with money. With such wealth, he would finally be able to rent out the Nine Dragons Canon, and maybe acquire some of the treasures he had taken a fancy to in the Glittering Jewels Pavillion.

“You seem to know quite a lot.” Zhou Yuan looked towards Shen Wanjin with a wide smile. “Are you interested in helping me with this venture?”

Shen Wanjin patted his chest, a dazzling light in his eyes as he responded, “You’ve found the right man for the job little Yuan bro. Such matters are my forte. I will first help you spread news of this, especially to the disciples that are learning the Ethereal Form technique.”

“I’m sure many disciples will be tempted by your guarantee of reaching the first level in a month.”

“If we add in information about you having already achieved this feat, together with a famous person like Gu Hongyi’s endors.e.m.e.nt, the worries and reservations of the other disciples should gradually be dispelled.”

“As long as we take it one step at a time, I dare say that not even a single figure will be seen at Zhu Yue’s place in the end!”

Zhou Yuan began to chuckle as he listened. Shen Wanjin’s aid would indeed save him a lot of trouble.

Qiao Xiu’s eyes burned with desire as he looked towards Zhou Yuan and asked, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, can you really allow other disciples to reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month?”

Zhou Yuan pondered a little, before he replied, “It should not be much of an issue if I have a month, but I can only guarantee the first level. The subsequent levels are another matter.”

The later apertures would only grow more and more difficult to sense. Hence, Zhou Yuan did not intend to waste all of his effort helping others find their apertures. If he did, where would he find the time for his own cultivation.

Qiao Xiu sighed in admiration. Soon after, he smiled and said, “Then I’ll also be renting out the Ethereal Form technique when I return.”

As one of the most popular choices amongst the outer mountain disciples, Qiao Xiu naturally knew how formidable the Ethereal Form technique was. He had only given up on it for the time being because he also understood how troublesome it was to find the apertures.

Zhou Yuan chuckled and said, “You guys can learn free of charge.”

Qiao Xiu was a pretty decent person, and Zhou Yuan had a very favorable impression of him. Hence, the latter naturally did not mind lending a hand to the former.

Qiao Xiu did not argue upon hearing this, merely grinning as he said, “Then I’ll have to give my thanks.”

Learning a Genesis technique was very costly, so he did not want to end up paying more than he should because of pride. He intended to save every bit he could.

Qiao Xiu remarked, “When news of this spreads, I’m afraid junior brother Zhou Yuan will become the most famous person amongst the outer mountain disciples.”

It was true. After all, such a thing had never happened before.

“Besides this, junior brother Zhou Yuan needs to be a little more careful with regards to Zhu Yue. This venture of yours can be said to have threatened his livelihood. I’m afraid he will not silently let this matter rest.”

When all was said and done, Zhu Yue was still an inner mountain disciple, possessing status and strength beyond outer mountain disciples like them.

Zhou Yuan chuckled and nodded. He was not overly worried about Zhu Yue. If that fellow really lost his rationality and directly struck at Zhou Yuan, he would not have any reservations locking Zhu Yue in with Tuntun…

Qiao Xiu and Shen Wanjin worked out a few other details before leaving. Excitement colored their eyes when they left, clearly already able to imagine how huge this would be once news of Zhou Yuan giving guidance on the Ethereal Form technique spread in the outer mountains.

As Gu Hongyi watched them leave, she lifted her head and smiled superficially at Zhou Yuan, “Your ambition is not small…I wonder how much Genesis jade you will earn when you succeed.”

“No one asked them to keep targeting me as if they had nothing better to do.” Zhou Yuan shrugged. If not for Zhu Yue’s overbearingness, the former would not be so ruthless.

“You’re only teaching the first level of the Ethereal Form technique?” Gu Hongyi suddenly changed the topic.

Zhou Yuan smiled and answered, “The later part is too difficult, and I won’t be of much help. You’ll have to rely on yourself.”

Gu Hongyi pouted slightly. “I somehow feel that it’s not that you can’t, but that you don’t want to, right?”

Zhou Yuan raised his eyebrows. The intuition of a woman was terrifyingly sharp.

The smile on Gu Hongyi’s lips grew even wider when she saw Zhou Yuan’s lack of a response as she said in a low voice, “It seems that you’ve acknowledged it with your silence. Teach me till the second level then!”

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Rejected.”

The second level required much more effort than the first, and clearly could not be compared.

Gu Hongyi’s face seemed to become more charming after Zhou Yuan’s clean rejection. She sauntered up to him, breathing a little heavier than normal as she seductively blew at his ear.

“Zhou Yuan, my family’s old ancestor is the master of the Cangxuan Sect’s Hongya Peak. What do you think will happen if I tell him that you bullied me?”

The smile that hung from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth turned slightly rigid. He did not expect Gu Hongyi’s backer to be one of the seven peak masters of the Cangxuan Sect. Wasn’t that way too much!

“That’s a little unreasonable, right?” Zhou Yuan forced a smile.

Gu Hongyi blinked innocently as she said in a sweet voice, “Reasoning with a girl? Are you stupid?”

Zhou Yuan said, “May I ask what kind of compensation I will get?”

Gu Hongyi c.o.c.ked her head in thought for a moment, before she smiled charmingly and answered, “You’ll get a more favorable opinion from Gu Hongyi.”

Zhou Yuan, “…”

Although he nearly vomited a mouthful of blood, he managed to grit his teeth in the end and bitterly spat out, “You win!”

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