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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 237 Before Everyone’s Eyes

In the vicinity of the mountain creek.

Gu Hongyi was gracefully standing nearby, her pretty eyes gazing towards the creek.

“Tell me the truth Hongyi. Was he able to master the first level of the Ethereal Form technique so quickly because he got some kind of amazing treasure from your old ancestor?” At Gu Hongyi’s side was a young lady in pink clothes. She was rather pretty, her beauty enhanced by her limpid eyes. Her greatest a.s.sets however were the proud, astonis.h.i.+ng curves on her chest that were tightly wrapped by her clothes, causing many of the surrounding male disciples to involuntarily cast a peek as they swallowed uncomfortably.

This girl was called Han Qiushui, and was also a first cla.s.s disciple from the Shengzhou Continent. She was rather well known in the outer mountains, though not as famous as Gu Hongyi.

She was also acquainted with Gu Hongyi, hence why she had taken the chance to secretly ask her earlier question.

“You believe such rumors?” Gu Hongyi frowned as she glanced at the former.

Han Qiushui chuckled. “I feel that these so-called rumors are a little more believable than the alternative.”

Her eyes swept across Zhou Yuan’s figure. Though there was no contempt in her gaze, it still contained a little of the pride all Shengzhou disciples had.

Evidently, she too did not believe that a kid from some remote continent would be able to achieve something they Shengzhou disciples could not.

Gu Hongyi shook her head, not bothering to explain anything, and merely said, “Just watch and see.”

Han Qiushui was rather surprised by the deep trust Gu Hongyi had in Zhou Yuan, especially because she clearly knew how proud and distant the latter was. Ordinary disciples were unable to even catch her eye, and even Lu Feng’s repeated attempts to get close were only met by cold responses.

Hence, Han Qiushui was unable to wrap her head around why a blessed daughter of the heavens like Gu Hongyi would have so much faith in a kid from another continent.

Han Qiushui timidly said, “Hongyi, you seem to have become quite close to Zhou Yuan recently… I’ve heard that Lu Feng is feeling very uncomfortable due to this.”

Gu Hongyi frowned slightly. “Is any of this Lu Feng’s business?”

Han Qiushui replied, “Do you still not understand his intentions?”

Gu Hongyi cast a sideways glance at the former. “He asked you to speak for him?”

Han Qiushui smiled awkwardly.

Gu Hongyi icily said, “You can tell him that it will be in his best interests not to interfere. Or else, don’t blame me for falling out with him.”

Han Qiushui helplessly said, “I’m only a messenger, don’t flare up at me.”

Gu Hongyi coldly snorted, choosing not to speak anymore as she looked towards the creek again.

Han Qiushui swallowed, and also turned towards the creek as she unhappily said, “Alright, I’m interested to see for myself just how capable this huge braggart is, that even our proud big missy Hongyi has acknowledged him.”

“But I also hope that he isn’t just full of hot air, or it will not be easy to wrap up this matter today.”

“Let’s begin.”

The moment Zhou Yuan’s words sounded, countless amused gazes on both sides of the creek looked down towards him, as if waiting to watch an entertaining show.

Qiao Xiu, Xiao Tianxuan and the rest exchanged a look, before seating themselves beside the creek.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, what do we do next?” Asked Qiao Xiu. Although he appeared relaxed, a sliver of anxiousness was visible in his eyes. After all, if Zhou Yuan failed today, the consequences would be very dire indeed.

Just the mocking laughter of the numerous disciples present would likely drown him.

What’s more, Zhu Yue had already declared that he would report Zhou Yuan to the Law Enforcement Hall if he were to fail.

This would likely result in Zhou Yuan being kicked out of the outer mountains, an extremely terrible price to pay.

Zhou Yuan casually said from the rock he was seated on, “Everyone should begin circulating the Ethereal Form technique.”

Everyone closed their eyes upon hearing this, and began to circulate the Ethereal Form technique.

Under the attention of countless gazes, Zhou Yuan pulled out the Heavenly Yuan Brush at his waist. It began to grow as his hand grasped around it, the snow-white hairs at its tip shooting out, turning into a dozen strings that wrapped around the wrists of Qiao Xiu and the rest.

“I will send my senses into your bodies through the brush hairs. When the time comes, you guys only need to release your control over your Genesis Qi, and allow me to direct it.” Zhou Yuan’s voice was transmitted into everyone’s ears.

After hearing these words, Zhou Yu could not help but blurt out in a low voice, “Can he really do it? What if he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and ends up causing our Genesis Qi to lose control which may in turn damage our channels?”

Qiao Xiu hesitated for a moment. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Relax everyone, junior brother Zhou Yuan is not a reckless person. He understands the gravity of the situation.”

Qiao Xiu was reputable individual, so everyone else could only nod after hearing his words.

No one else said anything as they began to direct the Genesis Qi in their bodies, following the route indicated by the Ethereal Form technique.

As such, the area around the creek grew silent.

Every gaze on both sides of the creek unblinkingly watched this scene.

By the creek, the only sound to be heard was the gurgling of flowing water.

Time seemed to slowly slip past as the water flowed. Two hours quickly pa.s.sed… however, there was still no activity.

Han Qiushui yawned as she said in a bored voice, “Is he out of moves or something?”

Gu Hongyi frowned. “As someone who has not tried practicing the Ethereal Form technique, can you cut down on your comments? Sensing apertures is not that easy, and he’s even doing it for a dozen people. How strong do you think his Spirit senses have to be?”

After being scolded by Gu Hongyi, Han Qiushui could only pout unhappily as she viciously stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Then I’ll watch and see how long he can keep up this act!”

Time continued to flow, and another two hours swift pa.s.sed.

Faint grumbling due to impatience could already be heard from both sides of the creek. Only the disciples that practiced the Ethereal Form technique before understood its difficulty, and continued to wait in silence.

Time continued to flow, and the six hour mark soon approached.

Warm light fell from the sky, s.h.i.+ning on Zhou Yuan’s body, making the young man seem as if he was glowing brightly at this moment.

It was at this very moment that Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes abruptly opened.

“Release your control!”

Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded in the ears of Qiao Xiu and the rest, causing their hearts to shake violently as they involuntarily gave up control of the Genesis Qi in their bodies.

The instant this happened, they felt an external force direct the Genesis Qi in their bodies, guiding it through their channels. A dozen breaths later, their Genesis Qi suddenly turned, ferociously charging towards a certain spot in their bodies.

Bang! Bang!

At the moment of impact, Qiao Xiu, Zhou Yu and the rest suddenly felt a strong vibration spread from inside their bodies. Next, they were astonished to feel something being unblocked at the location that Genesis Qi had struck…

An aperture had appeared within their senses.

The Genesis Qi in their bodies began to dribble in little by little.

Yes, it’s really been unblocked!

Qiao Xiu and the rest opened their eyes at this moment, eyes filled with disbelief.

“Haha, it’s been unblocked, the aperture has appeared!” Some of the others were unable to hold back their emotions as they began to dance and laugh.


An uproar exploded on both sides of the creek at this moment, every disciple dumbstruck by the outcome.

“What? Unblocked? He helped a dozen people unblock their apertures at the same time?” Some of the disciples whom had practiced the Ethereal Form technique even jumped in shock, a stunned look on their faces as they mumbled, “This can’t be true, right?”

They clearly understood how troublesome and difficult it was to sense apertures. And yet, Zhou Yuan had just succeeded in helping not only one, but a dozen individuals sense their apertures at the same time? Just how strong were his senses?

“It can’t be.”

Han Qiushui’s mouth hung wide open, unable to stop herself from saying, “All of this must be part of an act, right?”

After she said this, even she did not believe herself. Afterall, it was too easy to expose such an act.

But if it wasn’t an act, wouldn’t mean it was real?

Han Qiushui’s eyes glimmered as she gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure and mumbled, “To think that he’s truly so capable!”

The commotion did not stop for a long time, everyone stuck in shock. All of a sudden, everyone’s burning gazes turned towards Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan turned a blind eye to these gazes as he tiredly ma.s.saged his forehead. Helping a dozen people at once had indeed exhausted his Spirit.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you’re way too amazing!” Qiao Xiu’s face was flushed with excitement.

Beside him, the lips of the girl called Zhou Yu moved, the shock on her face yet to fade away completely. She had clearly been shocked silly by Zhou Yuan’s feat.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand at them, before lifting his head and looking towards the countless figures on both sides of the creek with a calm expression as his indifferent voice sounded.

“After my earlier testing, I’ve discovered that my ability is limited, so I’ve decided to restrict the maximum number to a hundred individuals. I will no longer accept anyone once this number is reached.”

Zhou Yuan words instantly caused his surroundings to fall silent.

Numerous disciples blinked. Didn’t this mean there were only a hundred quotas?

The silence only lasted for a few breaths before suddenly being disrupted by a chaotic outbreak.

One could only watch as figure after figure descended like locusts, heading straight for the creek, while frenzied shouts rang out one after another.

“Me! I want to sign up!”

“Me too!”

“Big bro, please save a spot for me!”


Han Qiushui watched as mayhem descended upon the creek as she swallowed. Soon after, she smiled charmingly as she looked towards Gu Hongyi and sweetly said, “Hongyi, you’re quite close to Zhou Yuan. Help me ask for a spot.”

Gu Hongyi rolled her eyes, before also casting her gaze towards that figure below as a faint smile rose from the corners of her lips.

This guy was now going to be famous.

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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