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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 238 An Excellent Harves


It only took half a day for Zhou Yuan’s feat of simultaneously helping a dozen people unblock their apertures to spread to the entire outer mountains. A commotion immediately swept through countless disciples, each and every one unable to believe the news.

The disciples that had practiced the Ethereal Form technique were even more stupefied than their more ignorant counter parts. They were well aware that the hardest part of the technique was sensing the apertures, which required a tremendous amount of time. There were only two months left before the peak selection exam, and everyone was intensifying their efforts, making time become a more and more precious commodity.

Many disciples had originally not taken it seriously, evidently believing that it was some kind of joke or farce. No one had imagined that this ‘farce’ would result in such an outcome…

By now, it had already been proven that Zhou Yuan did possess the ability to help others unblock their apertures…

Hence, the numerous disciples that were practicing the Ethereal Form technique began to stir restlessly.

A certain lecture hall in the rear mountain.

Zhu Yue was currently explaining something to the disciples present when a disturbance was suddenly felt from outside. He immediately frowned slightly, but before he could say anything, someone barged in and shouted, “Zhou Yuan has simultaneously helped a dozen disciples unblock their apertures!”


The lecture hall was instantly flooded with noise, the numerous disciples within completely dumbstruck.

Zhu Yue’s reasoning from before had already convinced them that Zhou Yuan was merely a fraud. Who could have imagined that he would really succeed…

The many disciples in the lecture hall looked to each other. In the end, their gazes eventually turned towards Zhu Yue, looking at him in a strange manner.

Zhu Yue was clearly also stunned by the news, but his expression soon turned extremely dark and stormy. The corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably, a clear sign of the violent rage that had surged out in his heart.

But he ultimately took in a deep breath, suppressing the alarm and anger inside as he said in an icy voice, “Humph, that kid probably found some actors to put on a show with him!”

At this time, he would never accept that Zhou Yuan was more capable than himself.

However, the many disciples did not speak this time, their gazes flickering in thought.

They understood that it was basically impossible for Zhou Yuan to pull off any tricks with so many people watching. Zhu Yue was just being stubbornly unreasonable.

Wouldn’t this mean that Zhou Yuan did possess the astonis.h.i.+ng capability to help others reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month?

Everyone’s hearts began to beat a little faster. If so, wouldn’t this give them an advantage over others?

In addition, they had heard it only cost three Genesis jade pieces a day there, a much more compet.i.tive price than Zhu Yue’s five Genesis jade pieces.

The atmosphere in the lecture hall had become rather bizarre. Although many were tempted, no one dared to display their true feelings for the time being. After all, Zhu Yue was here watching them, and it would not be good to offend him.

When all was said and done, he was an inner mountain disciple.

While the situation fell into a deadlock of sorts, the one who had barged in spoke again, “I’ve also heard that Zhou Yuan has set a quota, and will only be accepting a hundred people. Once it’s full, he will not be teaching anyone else.”


Many were no longer able to sit still after hearing these words. The number of disciples practicing the Ethereal From technique in the outer mountains had already surpa.s.sed a hundred. If others beat them to it, won’t they lose this chance?

The veins on Zhu Yue’s forehead twitched violently, his gaze akin to a knife as he looked towards the one who had spoken.

The latter’s head seemed to shrink back, before he hurriedly escaped.

However, it was already too late. The hearts of the disciples inside the lecture hall had already began to stir, no longer possible to repress.

“Aiyah, I have a stomachache, I have to go to the toilet.” One of the disciples suddenly clutched his stomach, pale faced as he stood up and began staggering towards the exit.

Another equally quick witted disciple weakly said, “I’m also feeling a little unwell all of a sudden. It may be an inner injury I sustained in a practice bout yesterday. I’ll be leaving first to rest.”

“Come here my good brother, how can you be so careless. I’ll help you back to rest.”


The lecture hall immediately descended into chaos, all kinds of excuses flying left and right. None of the disciples dared to look at Zhu Yue as they began to slip away one after another.

In a short few minutes, the originally slightly squeezy lecture hall had become quite empty.

Zhu Yue’s body trembled uncontrollably in anger as he watched the clearly acting disciples leave like a whirlwind. Did they think he was clueless? Every one of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds was likely rus.h.i.+ng to Zhou Yuan the moment they stepped out the door.

“Elder brother, what do we do?” Zhu Feng watched everything happen with a pale face. He did not expect Zhou Yuan to be so merciless, forcing them into such a miserable state all of a sudden.

Zhu Yue tightly gritted his teeth as a sliver of regret flitted past in his eyes. If he knew Zhou Yuan would be such a huge problem, he would not have offended the latter due to some petty little squabble of Zhu Feng’s.

However, he knew that there was no use regretting anything now, and his expression immediately turned ferocious.

“Zhou Yuan, since you dare to cut off my income, don’t blame me for what I will do!”

He had spent a great deal of effort to land this cushy job in the outer mountains. But now that everything had been ruined by Zhou Yuan, he would not take things lying down.

Or he would likely become a laughing stock if this matter spread to the inner mountains.

A seemingly endless stream of outer mountain disciples rushed towards a certain mountain creek. The area around the creek was already a huge mess. Zhou Yuan stood somewhere to the rear, leaving the administrative matters to Shen Wanjin, while Qiao Xiu and his group also helped out where they could.

After an hour, only ten of the hundred quotas were left.

It was at this moment that another wave of disciples began to swarm over, turning the place even more chaotic as they struggled to obtain the final ten quotas. In fact, some of the disciples even began to fight.

Shen Wanjin’s eyes spun in thought when he saw this. With a dry cough, he said, “Since no one is willing to give in, we’ll auction off the last ten quotas. They will go to the highest bidder, and the bidding will start at three Genesis jade pieces a day.”

He could tell that the ones who had rushed over at this time mostly composed of Shengzhou disciples. These people were pretty rich, but most importantly, they had not believed Zhou Yuan earlier, hence why it had taken them so long to come.

Although Zhou Yuan did not really care, Shen Wanjin felt that he could not let these people have such an easy time, hence why he had come up with such a ruthless move.

These disciples glared at Shen Wanjin in anger when they heard this, evidently realising the latter’s intentions.

But even if they knew, for the sake of the quotas, they could not be bothered too much at such a time.

One the the Shengzhou disciples quickly shouted, “I bid four Genesis jade pieces!”

“I bid five pieces!” Another gritted his teeth and followed. This price was already the same as Zhu Yue’s place, but since Zhou Yuan was more effective, the price was still within an acceptable level.

“Six pieces!” In the end however, there was someone even fiercer, s.n.a.t.c.hing away the quota with a bid of six Genesis jade pieces.

Numerous disciples secretly wet their lips at the sight of this. Six Genesis jade pieces a day meant a total of a hundred and eighty by the time one was done in a month. This was a huge, painful price.

With the exception of the first quota being bidded away at a price of six Genesis jade pieces, the other quotas stabilized at about five pieces. As such, a handsome sum was easily earned.

Zhou Yuan chuckled inside as he watched. Shen Wanjin was indeed good at ripping others off.

After the auction of the last ten quotas, Shen Wanjin announced that they would no longer be accepting anymore students.

The numerous disciples that had yet to sign up began to sigh repeatedly, feeling disappointed inside. Only now did they regret not believing Zhou Yuan earlier.

Though they were disappointed, no one tried to stir up any trouble. It was likely that after witnessing Zhou Yuan capability, these outer mountain disciples now had some respect towards him.

After all, everyone still hoped to receive guidance from him, and naturally would not dare to offend him.

As such, peace finally began to slowly return to the long chaotic area around the creek.

Shen Wanjin grinned from ear to ear as he practically sprinted over, a large sack hoisted over his back. The clear tinkling of Genesis jade pieces could be heard from within, an extremely beautiful sound indeed.

He allowed the sack to land with a loud thud in front of Zhou Yuan and said, “Little Yuan bro, everything is basically in order. Here’s the fees for tomorrow, a sum of over three hundred Genesis jade pieces.”

Saliva seemed to flow down from his mouth as he spoke. This was only the first day. In a month, Zhou Yuan would have earned nearly ten thousand Genesis jade pieces, an enormous sum even to the numerous inner mountain disciples.

Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh. It had been way too easy to earn these Genesis jade pieces. With their support, he could finally squander money as he pleased.

With a flick, Genesis Qi wrapped around a hundred pieces in the sack and sent them flying towards Shen Wanjin, Qiao Xiu and the rest. “You guys have worked hard today.”

“Don’t reject this tiny bit of good will, all of you should know that it’s really nothing to me.”

Shen Wanjin, Qiao Xiu and the rest were just about to decline, but stopped themselves after hearing Zhou Yuan’s words. After all, they did need these Genesis jade pieces.

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “All of you should come here again from tomorrow onwards. I will help you guys with the Ethereal Form technique.”

Qiao Xiu, Shen Wanjin and the rest nodded.

After seeing this, Zhou Yuan did not waste any more time. He kept the sack of Genesis jade and leisurely turned around, leaving the creek and heading back to his little house.

“Now that I have the money, I can have my every meal at the Hundred Fragrances House…” Zhou Yuan chuckled softly. He was not a gourmet, but after the benefits from the nutritious food of the Hundred Fragrances House.

He strolled through the mountains, arriving back at his little house.

When he reached his destination however, he was suddenly stunned. On a stone table in front of the little house, Yaoyao was elegantly seated while carrying Tuntun, a serious look on her gorgeous face, while an old man in gray sat opposite her.

The elder’s face was also solemn as he stared at the jade board on the stone table.

Both he and Yaoyao were holding Genesis Rune Brushes.

Zhou Yuan had been stunned by this strange scene. What were they doing?

He stealthily approached, and looked over, only to see stroke after stroke being drawn as Yaoyao and the elder’s brushes descended. The drawn strokes were similar to a game of go, each one trying to devour the other.

These two were having a game of Genesis Runes!

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