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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 240 Zhu Yue’s Methods

The area around the creek became extremely lively during the subsequent few days. Over a hundred disciples would gather here at a specific time, while numerous others also came over to observe.

Zhou Yuan would spend some time everyday helping everyone unblock their apertures.

However, due to the number of people, it had become much more troublesome to sense apertures even with the power of the Decoder Saint Rune, causing his efficiency to drop.

Even so, he was able to maintain a speed of one to two apertures per day for everyone.

Though Zhou Yuan was a little unsatisfied with this pace, the disciples that had come for his help were delighted by it, emotions and excitement often flus.h.i.+ng their faces.

After all, they would usually take quite a few days to unblock a single aperture. In comparison, the rate at Zhou Yuan’s place was clearly much faster.

At this speed, the first level promised by Zhou Yuan would definitely be reached in a month.

Hence, as the days pa.s.sed, the gazes of numerous disciples seemed to burn hotter and hotter when they looked towards Zhou Yuan, and there was even an additional trace of admiration now present in their eyes. Zhou Yuan had used reality to prove his ability…

After each daily training session, the elated disciples would brag about their progress to those whom had been unable to obtain a spot, causing the latter to be madly envious and so regretful that they felt as if it would be better to die.

If they had believed in Zhou Yuan a little earlier, they would not be in their current predicament where even a spot was out of their grasp.

At this rate, the disciples receiving guidance from Zhou Yuan would very likely reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique in a month. By that time, the gap between them would become clear.

Those originally stronger disciples may soon be surpa.s.sed by others.

Such thoughts made the many disciples who practiced the Ethereal Form technique very anxious. Moreover, the progress at Zhu Yue’s place seemed to be growing slower and slower recently although they still had to pay the same considerable tuition fees. Therefore, some of the disciples withdrew from Zhu Yue’s, and began to save up Genesis jade, waiting for Zhou Yuan’s next round of recruitment.

As such, although far more than a hundred outer mountain disciples were practicing the Ethereal Form technique, the disciples at Zhu Yue’s place gradually lessened. In the end, only a meagre dozen disciples were left, a pretty pitiful sight indeed.

Hence, while the many lectures halls in the rear mountain remained abuzz with activity, only Zhu Yue’s place appeared rather lonely and desolate.

The other inner mountain disciple instructors were secretly alarmed by this scene, all of them committing Zhou Yuan’s name to heart. When Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue clashed previously, they had naturally felt that a mere outer mountain disciple could not possibly be so capable. Hence, they had unhesitatingly chose to support Zhu Yue when he asked for their help.

But now, that decision of theirs did seem rather foolish.

Zhou Yuan was clearly no samaritan. Wasn’t it clear already what state Zhu Yue had fallen to after clas.h.i.+ng with the former?

As inner mountain disciples, they understood what a great job it was to teach Genesis techniques in the outer mountains, and numerous inner mountain disciples would fight tooth and nail for it. Zhu Yue had paid a tremendous price to obtain this cushy job, but who could have expected things to end up like this.

“Zhou Yuan should not be provoked…” The sight of Zhu Yue’s lonely and desolate lecture hall made the other inner mountain disciple instructors sigh inside.

As a result, they would occasionally sing praises about Zhou Yuan while giving their lectures, hoping that it would eventually travel to Zhou Yuan’s ears as a show of good will. The previous lecture ban on Zhou Yuan also quietly disappeared.

Zhu Yue’s fate had clearly frightened them. No one knew whether Zhou Yuan was also capable of teaching other techniques.

If they pushed him too far, and he began to teach their Genesis techniques too, Zhu Yue’s case was already a prime example of what could happen.

In Zhu Yue’s lecture hall.

Zhu Yue’s expression was ashen as he gazed at his lonely lecture hall. The dozen or so figures within looked rather distracted and did not seem to have any intentions of diligently learning. Who knew where their minds were at this moment.

Zhu Feng looked towards Zhu Yue and anxiously said, “Elder brother, we can’t continue like this, or no one will come here anymore.”

Zhu Yue’s Genesis technique lectures was a great source of income, while the younger brother was also able to obtain a tidy sum for himself. This allowed Zhu Feng to lead an extremely comfortable life in the outer mountains, numerous disciples often gathering around and flattering him.

Now that Zhu Yue was being repeatedly suppressed by Zhou Yuan, the former’s Genesis jade income had received a huge hit, making the Zhu Feng’s situation very awkward.

Zhu Yue remained expressionless, but blazing rage burned in the depths of his eyes. He peered into the distance, seemingly crossing numerous mountains to see the bustling scene at the creek.

Compared to the desolateness here, it was akin to night and day.

Zhu Yue glanced at Zhu Feng and emotionlessly said, “A mere outer mountain disciples thinks he can trod all over me. Looks like I’ll need to teach him about respect for his seniors.”

Before his words faded, he had already began walking out of the lecture hall.

Zhu Yue descended the rear mountain, ultimately arriving at the highest mountain in the mountain rage where he came to a stop in front of a courtyard at the waist of the mountain.

In the stone pavilion within it, Chen Yuan smiled when he saw Zhu Yue and said, “It seems that you can’t take it any longer.”

Zhu Yue cupped his fists together in greeting before he walked forward. He did not speak, but merely retrieved a big case and placed it on the tablet. As he lifted the lid, an interior lined full of Genesis jade pieces was revealed.

Zhu Yue finally said, “Teacher uncle Chen, I hope that you will kindly accept these two thousand Genesis jade pieces.”

Chen Yuan reached out a hand to caress the cooling Genesis jade pieces as he grinned. “You’re the one who best understands the proper way one should act.”

His cast a glance in a certain direction as he shook his head. “The new kids are all full of youthful vigour, and have yet to learn the importance of the rules. Some of them gained so many benefits out of the blue, but do not know that they should give offerings to show some respect.”

A mocking look rose from the corners of his mouth.

Zhu Yue chuckled. “The youngsters only just arrived at the Cangxuan Sect, and do not clearly understand where they stand. They might be under the impression that they are still in the same remote continent from before, and can act as the same genius everyone flatters. That’s why they are unable to understand how to behave properly.”

Chen Yuan nodded with a wide smile. “What do you plan on doing? Although that brat is arrogant, truth be told, he is not breaking any of the sect’s rules.”

A smile rose from the corners of Zhu Yue’s mouth. “Although there is no rule that says an outer mountain disciple doesn’t have the right to teach, teacher uncle Chen should not forget that there is another rule that states only one person is needed to teach one Genesis technique.”

Chen Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. “There is such a rule… but that kid is just an outer mountain disciple. Do you intend to bully him out with force? If so, people will say an inner mountain disciple is bullying an outer mountain disciple.”

Zhu Yue softly chuckled. “If I wanted to use such a method, he would have stomped into the ground long ago.”

He looked towards Chen Yuan and said, “Didn’t the kid brag that he’s pretty good at the Ethereal Form technique? I don’t need to compete with him in other aspects, only the Ethereal Form technique. The better one will naturally be the better instructor.”

“What do you think teacher uncle Chen?”

Chen Yuan could not help but laugh when he heard this. “A compet.i.tion solely based on the Ethereal Form technique? You are pretty smart.”

Although it was said that Zhou Yuan had reached the first level, Zhu Yue had been practicing the technique for two years. No matter how talented Zhou Yuan was, he could not possibly surpa.s.s Zhu Yue in less than a month, right?

In addition, Zhu Yue had chosen a Genesis technique compet.i.tion. Since no Genesis Qi was involved, it would not be seen as bullying, and would be within the limits of acceptability if news of it were to spread.

“Fine, do as you please.” Chen Yuan nodded.

Chen Yuan was also not very fond of the upstart brat that had been causing a ruckus recently. Most importantly, the brat was completely ignorant of how the world functioned, and did not know how to show respect to one’s seniors. Hence, Chen Yuan did not mind letting him learn the harsh ways of society.

“I will spread the word that the two of you will compete based on the Ethereal Form technique in five days. Whoever wins will become the only Ethereal Form technique instructor in the outer mountains.”

Joy finally flooded Zhu Yue’s eyes when he heard this. He lifted his head and looked in the direction of the mountain creek as chillingness and ridicule flitted across in the depths of his eyes.

Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, if you want to fight, I have ways to toy with you to death!

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