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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 244 Fast as Lightning

Genesis Qi astral winds wreaked havoc on the lush, green mountain, like blades made from wind as they swept past, shredding even the air to pieces…

Under the countless watching gazes, Zhou Yuan and Zhu Feng stood at the foot of the mountain. The two looked at each other, iciness appearing in their eyes.

“Zhou Yuan, I admit that you have some talent. In a few more years, you will likely have a place in the Cangxuan Sect.” Zhu Yue’s eyes were ice-cold. Soon after, he let out an icy chuckle as he said, “However, your mistake was to hop out now.”

“The current you still does not have the qualifications!”

Zhou Yuan laughed and responded, “You can save these words for when you reach the peak before me.”

“Stubborn fool.”

Zhu Yue shook his head, mockery flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes.


A split second later, robust Genesis Qi simultaneously erupted from Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue’s bodies. The two transformed into flashes of light as they charged into the green mountain enveloped by berserk Genesis Qi.

The instant they entered, Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue’s figures paused slightly.

It was due to the suppression from elder Zong Ming’s Genesis Qi, making the air akin to a quagmire. The movements ordinary individuals who entered would be greatly restricted, making it difficult for them to advance.

“Ethereal Form!”

Shouted Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue.

Nearly half of their figures began to gradually etherealize under the crowd’s watching gazes as their speed rapidly rose.

Fast as lightning.

A series of gasps rang out in the vicinity of the green mountain, clearly shocked by the speed Zhou Yuan and Zhu Yue had displayed.

“Although the Ethereal Form technique is only at the mid grade little Heaven tier, it does have its merits.” Yang Xiu’s eyes narrowed, smiling as he observed the rapidly moving figures on the mountain.

Lu Feng’s expression remained indifferent. “No matter how fast they run, they will only be rabbits, still merely prey in the eyes of a real predator.”

“Who do you think will win?” Asked Yang Xiu.

Lu Feng uncaringly replied, “It will depend on how much Zhu Yue has concealed his abilities.”

While the two were conversing, the two figures on the mountain seemed to leave behind a trail of mist as they advanced. It was at this moment that the Genesis Qi that enveloped the mountain began to rear its fangs. Genesis Qi darted forth transforming into countless glowing Genesis Qi knives.

These knives seemed to cover the sky and land as they swiftly descended upon the two figures.

Ch ch!

Zhou Yuan and Zhu Feng were unable to dodge, having no choice but to receive the attacks with their bodies.

Therefore, in a short span of a dozen breaths, fresh blood began to appear on their bodies, cut after cut appearing one after another.

Even so, anyone could see that Zhou Yuan and Zhu Feng had used the etherealized parts of their bodies to receive the attacks. Although their b.l.o.o.d.y appearances looked extremely miserable, the majority of the force had been neutralized by the Ethereal Form technique.

From start to end, their figures were neck to neck.

In the short span of a few minutes, the duo had already reached the halfway point.

Even till now, however, both parties were still equal.

Zhu Yue’s gaze swept across Zhou Yuan from the corner of his eyes. Soon after, iciness flashes in his eyes as the corners of his lips lifted slightly.

“It’s time to show you the difference between us!”


With a thought, the apertures in his body instantly lit up. In a short few breaths, the number of apertures in his body rose from 30 plus to 45.

He had clearly began to reveal his hidden strength.

As more and more apertures were opened, everyone saw Zhu Yue’s body grow more and more ethereal as faint mists began to spread around it.


His speed soared, over taking Zhou Yuan in a single breath. His body met the innumerable Genesis Qi knives head-on as he rocketed towards the peak.

Zhu Yue’s sudden explosion of speed instant drew numerous gasps from the surroundings of the mountain.

“As expected, he has concealed his strength!” Numerous disciples sighed in amazement. They could naturally sense that Zhu Yue’s Ethereal Form had grown even more formidable.

Gu Hongyi’s hands began to clench tightly, her teeth biting into her red lips as she stared at the figure that had fallen behind.

Han Qiushui could not help but remark from the side, “It’s over for him Hongyi. Zhu Yue’s mastery of the Ethereal Form is much greater than Zhou Yuan’s.”

From the looks of it, Zhou Yuan’s first level mastery was practically unable to compare to Zhu Yue.

Gu Hongyi did not speak, merely continuing to stare. She believed that Zhou Yuan would not lose so easily.

Somewhere else, Shen Wanjin, Qiao Xiu, Xiao Tianxuan and the rest anxiously watched the widening gap between the two individuals of the mountain, their eyes filled with worry.

“Go little Yuan bro!”

But there was nothing they could do besides sending out prayer after prayer in their hearts.

“You were so arrogant previously, but you shall now have a taste of what it feels like to eat a rotten fruit.” There was a look of ecstasy mixed with excitement in Zhu Feng’s eyes when he saw this. Soon after, he began to laugh.

Sighs rang out in the vicinity of the mountain, pained looks on the faces of the disciples that practiced the Ethereal Form technique.

Even more disciples however, were enjoying the show, happy to see Zhou Yuan being suppressed. After all, if Zhou Yuan performed too outstandingly, the rest of them would appear useless in comparison.

Elder Zong Ming sat on a tree as he looked towards the now leaving Zhu Yue, before turning to Zhou Yuan. The former’s eyes suddenly squinted as he mumbled, “The apertures in this kid’s body…”

From the looks of it, he would never be able to catch up.

Numerous disciples shook their heads inside. As expected, there was no point to this match at all. No matter how talented Zhou Yuan was, he had only been learning the Ethereal Form technique for a month. What about Zhu Yue? Nearly two years.

However, there were some sharper disciples that suddenly remarked in uncertainty, “Eh, Zhou Yuan’s speed seems to be getting faster and faster…”

The moment these words were heard, the crow began to closely observe. Sure enough, they discovered that Zhou Yuan’s speed was rising little by little. Although it was not as explosive as Zhu Yue’s earlier burst, the increase was extremely stable.

“The… the apertures in his body are being unblocked one by one…” Said someone in shock. They could just barely make out dots of light appearing and linking one after another on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Such a sight was not foreign to those who practiced the Ethereal Form technique, it was an indication that an aperture had been unblocked.

Elder Zong Ming let out an amused chuckle when he saw this. His perceptive abilities were naturally extraordinary, and had managed to discover the truth with a single look. Zhou Yuan’s apertures were likely already unblocked by him, but had not been properly linked up due to the lack of time. As such, when his Genesis Qi began to circulate, the apertures would be connected one by one…


Under the countless astonished gazes, more and more light dots appeared on Zhou Yuan’s body, while his speed also grew faster and faster. Mist began to surge around him, as if was riding on a cloud.

Every gaze was tightly fixed on the faintly discernible light dots on Zhou Yuan’s body.

Each one represented a newly linked aperture.

“There’s already 43 apertures…” Gasps would sound out from time to time, the numerous disciples stupefied. No one had expected Zhou Yuan’s mastery to have also reached such a high level.

Moreover, the aperture light dots were still increasing.

After a dozen breaths, it reached 48.

A number that had already surpa.s.sed Zhu Yue.

Hence, a large portion of Zhou Yuan’s body began to etherealize, faint mist spreading from within as his speed soared to the limits. The countless astral wind knives that shot towards him ending up pa.s.sing straight through his body, only leaving behind tiny sprinkles of blood…

Zhou Yuan’s figure once again appeared a dozen or so feet behind Zhu Yue, rapidly catching up.


Countless cries of amazement rang out in the surroundings of the mountain. No one had imagined that Zhou Yuan would really catch up!

“G.o.d d.a.m.nit!”

Zhu Yue was naturally able to detect the piercing sound of rus.h.i.+ng wind behind him. A gaze swept to his back from the corner of his eye, fury appearing within his eyes when he saw the rapidly approaching Zhou Yuan.

Zhu Yue took in a deep breath as he made a seal with one hand. One could only watch as apertures also began to light up on his body.

“Zhou Yuan, did you believe that 45 apertures is my limit!”

With a low howl, the dot after dot began to light up on his body.

It was obvious that Zhu Yue had been forced to use his full power.

Two figures bolted up the mountain like lightning, while also appearing akin to two clouds.

Many disciples could only barely make out the two blurry figures within…

Everyone’s eyes were wide open, watching the race without blinking.

“Zhu Yue’s apertures has already reached 54…”

“Zhou Yuan’s has also risen above 50…”

“This is way too crazy!”

Countless whispers emerged. Shock was apparent on everyone’s faces as they watched the two figures persistently nipped at each others heels. Only a third of the distance was left to the peak.

No one had expected such a neck to neck race.

Zhu Yue’s lead had already been forcibly taken back inch by inch by Zhou Yuan…

Zhu Yue’s expression turned extremely dark and stormy at this moment. Zhou Yuan’s stubbornness had already exceeded his expectations.

“All 58 of my apertures are already opened, a strength that I have concealed for a long time. It had originally been for the sake of stealing the limelight during the seven peak martial meet, so I never imagined that my hand would be forced today!”

Zhu Yue violently gritted his teeth. Most importantly, even his full power was unable to crush Zhou Yuan. Instead, it was as if he was tenaciously holding on to the former’s tail.

“Zhou Yuan, you forced me to do this!”

“No matter how great of a price I’ll have to pay, I will crush you beneath my heel!”

Zhu Yue knew that he would definitely be mocked if he lost to Zhou Yuan and returned to the inner mountains. Hence, the former had to grab victory at any cost.

A resolute look appeared in Zhu Yue’s eyes.

With a deep breath, a scarlet pill was rolled out from under his tongue, before being swallowed into his stomach.

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