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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 247 Nine Dragons Canon

The curtains had finally closed on the Genesis technique match. However, the resultant excitement bathed the entire outer mountains for the subsequent few days.

After this feat, Zhou Yuan’s name was now well known in the outer mountains.

Although many disciples had heard of him at the very beginning, the impression they had was one of mockery and disdain towards him, merely a.s.suming he was a first cla.s.s disciple that had taken the back door in.

Now however, there was no longer contempt in one’s tone when one talked about Zhou Yuan, because that contempt had been replaced by admiration.

After all, not just anyone could achieve the feat of winning an inner mountain disciple in a Genesis technique match…

After that day, there were busibodies that began to dispute the outer mountain disciple rankings. All of them felt that Zhou Yuan’s strength would be able to enter the top five.

The reason why he was not ranked higher was because the Ethereal Form technique highly specialized in speed, while his cultivation was only at the first layer Alpha-Origin. If he were to fight against the higher ranked outer mountain disciples, everyone felt that Zhou Yuan may not be able to win.

On the other hand, if Zhou Yuan had faced and won Zhu Yue in a real battle, it was likely that no one would object even if he was ranked first amongst the outer mountain disciples…

Even so, Zhou Yuan was now already an existence that could not be ignored in the outer mountains.

Hidden Scriptures Pavillion, a certain rear mountain lecture hall.

Since Zhu Yue had already been sent back to the inner mountain, the lecture hall he originally used was now empty. Hence, elder Zong Ming allocated the hall to Zhou Yuan, giving him permission to teach disciples here.

The lecture hall was currently almost bursting with people.

Zhou Yuan sat at the center, the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand. Its snow-white hairs spread, wrapping around the wrist of every disciple. The numerous disciples present wore respectful and solemn looks on their faces.

Although there were many people inside, it was peaceful and silent.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were closed, his senses reaching out through the brush hairs as the Spirit between his brows twinkled.

Ever since Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had reached the Corporeal stage, it had become much easier for him to sense the apertures of others, and he no longer felt as exhausted as before.

Likewise, his sensing effectiveness had also grown.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes had been shut for a long time. At a certain moment, they suddenly opened as he began directing the Genesis Qi in the many disciples’ bodies, sending it charging towards a certain spot in their bodies.


A faint noise rang out as joy surfaced on the numerous disciples’ faces. Everyone had clearly felt an aperture being unblocked in their bodies.

A wave of happiness washed over the lecture hall.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand. “Today’s session shall end here. All of you should polish and complete your newly unblocked apertures after leaving.”

The numerous disciples rose upon hearing this, respectfully cupping their hands together at Zhou Yuan, before leaving one after another with excited expressions.

Zhou Yuan stretched his back, easing the tension between his bones. Giving guidance every day was a dry and boring task, and he definitely would not do it if not for the Genesis jade.

Most importantly, it was cutting into his own training time. Hence why he had yet to complete the 14 apertures he had unblocked in the match with Zhu Yue.

The disciples scattered, leaving only a single pretty figure behind. It was naturally Gu Hongyi.

She grinned widely as she gazed at Zhou Yuan and said, “Hey, everyone else has unblocked an aperture today, but there’s nothing on my end…”

Zhou Yuan shot a helpless look at her. “You’ve already reached the first level, it’s only natural that sensing your apertures is more difficult.”

Gu Hongyi had fully completed 36 apertures two days ago, allowing her to reach the first level of the Ethereal Form technique. However, she was clearly unsatisfied with this result, hence wanting to continue onwards to the second level under Zhou Yuan’s guidance.

Gu Hongyi pitifully looked towards Zhou Yuan. “But you promised me.”

“Stop faking it.” Zhou Yuan shook his head in an annoyed manner. Someone like Gu Hongyi was clearly unable to pull off a convincing pitiful act.

Gu Hongyi glared at him, before she placed her hands on her hips and pretended to be fierce. “Kid, if you dare to break your promise, just wait and see how I’ll punish you.”

Towards the end, she could not help but break out into a smile.

Zhou Yuan sighed. He really could not be bothered with her antics. He stood up and walked towards the exit as he said, “I’ll give you some special service later, I really can’t afford to offend you after all.”

Gu Hongyi was indeed pretty talented, and had a powerful background. She would definitely become a core member of the Cangxuan Sect in the future, plus her character was not bad. Therefore, Zhou Yuan did not mind having her as a friend.

Only then did Gu Hongyi let out a soft, satisfied laugh. The corners of her lips could not help but raise slightly at the sight of Zhou Yuan’s helpless appearance. Though he was ferocious and ruthless in battle, he was very easy-going most of the time.

“I’ll be making a trip to the Hidden Scriptures House to borrow a Genesis technique.”

Zhou Yuan began to head towards the Hidden Scriptures House, his goal this time obviously the high grade little Heaven Genesis technique, Nine Dragons Canon, that he had been eyeing for so long.

After reaching the second level of the Ethereal Form technique, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel his rate of progress take a rather sharp dip. Even with the aid of the Decoder Saint Rune, he would need a long time to reach the third level.

Hence, it just so happened that Zhou Yuan now had time to spare to learn the Nine Dragons Canon.

It was almost two months since they arrived at the Cangxuan Sect, and only a single month was left till the peak selection ceremony. It was said that only the top ten disciples would gain the right to choose their peaks. Therefore, Zhou Yuan needed to ensure he was part of this top ten group, or it would become very troublesome for him to find the second Saint Rune in the Saint Genesis Peak if he was allocated to one of the other peaks.

“I’ll accompany you!” Go Hongyi skipped towards him with her hands behind her back.

The duo pa.s.sed through the rear mountain, and entered the Hidden Scriptures House.

Zhou Yuan’s objective was clear, heading directly towards the Nine Dragons Canon.

The Nine Dragons Canon jade strip was still hovering in the same spot, no indication of anyone touching it. This was because high grade little Heaven tier techniques were much pricier than their counterparts, so very few disciples would come to select the Nine Dragons Canon.

“Borrowing it once costs 600 Genesis jade pieces.”

Zhou Yuan involuntarily wet his lips when he saw the price. It was much higher than the Ethereal Form technique. If not for the tidy income he received from giving guidance on the Ethereal Form technique, he would not be able to afford it.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze filled with burning excitement as he grasped the jade strip. In contrast to the speed based Ethereal Form technique, the Nine Dragons Canon was a pure attack type technique that boasted astonis.h.i.+ng power. If he mastered it, it would definitely be a huge boost his battle power.

“You really know how to choose. It’s said that this Nine Dragons Canon is extremely powerful, but is also very difficult to learn. Even amongst the inner mountain disciples, there are not many who practice this technique.” Gu Hongyi was somewhat surprised by Zhou Yuan’s choice.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not say anything, grabbing the jade strip instead as he prepared to register his loan.

The two laughed and chatted as they proceeded to the counter, when Zhou Yuan’s footsteps paused all of a sudden. He had seen a figure dressed entirely in white that brimmed with confidence and elegance. It was Lu Feng.

He also seemed to be here to select a Genesis technique. Upon hearing the activity behind him, he turned slightly and saw the Zhou Yuan and Gu Hongyi walking together.

The hand grasping the jade strip seemed to tighten substantially.

His eyes narrowed slightly, before he displayed a warm smile towards Gu Hongyi.

Gu Hongyi frowned slightly, but she still gave him a small nod.

Lu Feng’s gaze did not even once look towards Zhou Yuan. The former withdrew his gaze, received the now recorded jade strip and walked out of the Hidden Scriptures House.

Zhou Yuan could feel that Lu Feng was purposely ignoring him, but he did not display any unhappiness. His expression remained ordinary as he walked forward and handed the Nine Dragons Canon jade strip to the middle-aged man behind the counter.

The middle-aged man was clearly somewhat surprised that he wanted to borrow the Nine Dragons Canon, but the former still helped him record it down.

After keeping the jade strip, Zhou Yuan and Gu Hongyi left the Hidden Scriptures House. The two had already arranged the evening training venue, hence, they each left in their respective directions.

Zhou Yuan leisurely walked on the mountain path, when his footsteps suddenly stopped.

His gaze looked to his front, where a figure dressed in white was standing with his hand behind his back. Who else could it be but Lu Feng.

Lu Feng slowly turned around, a fear inducing iciness spreading from his usually indifferent eyes. He stared at Zhou Yuan as a faint voice echoed across the mountain path.

“Zhou Yuan…”

“Did winning an inner mountain disciple in a Genesis technique match give you the courage to think that you can now trample over me?”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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