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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 249 Splitting the Quotas

Chapter 249 Allocation

The hostile atmosphere on the mountain path faded following Lu Feng’s departure as the churning Genesis Qi gradually calmed down.

Gu Hongyi flew to Zhou Yuan’s side. She bit her red lips as she watched Lu Feng leave, before looking towards Zhou Yuan with apology in her eyes.

How could she not know that she was the reason why Lu Feng had attacked Zhou Yuan.

If she had not practiced the Ethereal Form technique with Zhou Yuan, Lu Feng would not be hostile towards the former.

Zhou Yuan smiled at Gu Hongyi as he waved his hand. “Our characters conflict with each other. Even with you out of the picture, a clash will likely be unavoidable in the future.”

Lu Feng was just too d.a.m.ned arrogant, believing himself far superior to others. He may appear uncaring and nonchalant on the surface, but the truth was that he looked down on everyone else, and even more so the non Shengzhou disciples.

Many disciples would show a lowelier posture when they encountered Lu Feng, but this was something Zhou Yuan could not do. In addition, although he was not someone that constantly seeked out trouble, he did have his own sharp edge.

Once Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng came into contact, the two would be akin to two needles, making the other uncomfortable.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan felt that even without Gu Hongyi, conflict would easily arise between him and Lu Feng.

However, Gu Hongyi took it as if Zhou Yuan was only consoling her. “Don’t worry, although Lu Feng does have some powerful and influential people behind him, if he dares to deal with your through them, I will not just stand by and watch.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled and said, “He only brought them up to intimidate me. Given his proud character, it would be humiliating for him to seek their help just to deal with me.”

Gu Hongyi gave a slight nod of agreement. She hesitated somewhat, before she asked, “Then… will I still be able to learn the Ethereal Form technique with you?”

She was not someone who liked to implicate others, but without Zhou Yuan’s aid, a lot more time and effort would be needed for her to reach the second level of the Ethereal Form technique.

Zhou Yuan laughed softly before he responded, “I just said earlier that as long as you’re willing to come, I’ll be willing to teach. No one can change my mind.”

He did indeed hope to create ties with Gu Hongyi. After all, it no good to only offend others, friends were also very important.

Gu Hongyi’s eyes seemed to give off a happy glow. Zhou Yuan’s decision to continue guiding her also meant that he was ignoring the pressure from Lu Feng. From a certain point of view, it meant that Zhou Yuan had chosen her over Lu Feng.

However, she would not let Zhou Yuan bear the pressure from Lu Feng.

“Zhou Yuan, if Lu Feng tries anything funny, feel free to come find me. I will settle him for you.” Declared Gu Hongyi.

Zhou Yuan did not reply when he heard this, merely smiling in response.

“As long as he does not shameless bring out all the people he spoke of earlier, I’ll receive any moves he comes at me with. It just so happens that I’m also interested to experience for myself how good our number one outer mountain disciple is.”

Although his tone was calm, there was a faint iciness contained deep within it. The things Lu Feng had done today had clearly already angered Zhou Yuan.

Upon hearing that Zhou Yuan intended to cross swords with Lu Feng, worry bubbled within Gu Hongyi as she hurriedly tried to caution him. “You shouldn’t underestimate him. Lu Feng is very strong, and has a tremendous amount of rallying power amongst the Shengzhou disciples.”

“Relax, I will not underestimate anyone. Although Lu Feng is strong, if he believes I’m a soft persimmon, I’m afraid that he will crack his teeth…” Zhou Yuan waved his hand, indicating he did not wish to speak any further on the topic. He then continued on his way along the mountain path.

As she watched him leave, Gu Hongyi clenched her teeth as she mumbled, “Why are you trying to act cool at a time like this…”

She then turned her head, looking towards the direction Lu Feng had left in earlier as iciness flitted across her eyes.

“Lu Feng, you’d better not push your luck. You should know of my temper…”

Night enveloped the outer mountains.

However, numerous figures were gathered in a certain little house. The most eye-catching amongst the group was a young man dressed in white, Lu Feng.

Lu Feng sat in the center, the surrounding gazes containing a trace of respect when they looked towards him.

As the undisputed number one amongst the outer mountain disciples, Lu Feng commanded a tremendous amount of support and respect amongst the outer mountain disciples.

There were currently dozens of disciples present, all of whom were first cla.s.s disciples while also from the Shengzhou continent. They could be said to be the elites amongst this batch of outer mountain disciples, making them the strongest disciple faction in the outer mountains when gathered like this.

In the face of their might, any of the other outer mountain groups could only give way.

“It’s rare for you to invite us over old Lu. There must be something you want to tell us today, right?” Yang Xiu had a wide grin plastered across his face. He was likely the only one present who could address Lu Feng in this manner.

After all, although he was less talented than Lu Feng, he was no slouch either. In addition, the Yang clan he came from was a powerful faction in the Shengzhou continent.

“If there’s anything we can do for brother Lu, feel free to let know.” An intimidating young man smiled from the side. His name was Qin Zhen, and he was one of the more well known figures amongst the outer mountain disciples, while also ranked sixth amongst the ten great outer mountain disciples.

If one were to sweep one’s gaze across the group at this moment, one would be surprised to see nearly half the ten great outer mountain disciples present.

The other disciples nodded and agreed in succession.

Lu Feng softly chuckled, reaching out a hand to call for silence. His gaze swept around the group as he said, “There is only a month before the peak selection ceremony.”

Everyone’s expressions tensed a little, clearly understanding the importance of the ceremony. It was an event that would determine their future prospects in the Cangxuan Sect.

“I’ve heard that the one who takes first place will be rewarded by the sect. The ultimate winner will not only be given a Heaven Genesis technique, but they have even made an exception this time and decided to also bestow the champion a single Genesis Marrow Baptism.”

Upon hearing Lu Feng’s words, the surroundings burst into noise, everyone’s eyes now burning with desire.

“To think that it would be Genesis Marrow Baptism!” Yang Xiu clicked his tongue in amazement. “It’s said that only purple sash disciples get to enjoy such a thing. It is very precious and valuable indeed.”

Yang Xiu’s words made the disciples that had yet to fully understand lick their lips in desire. Purple sash disciples. That was the highest rank in the inner mountains.

“But first place will definitely end up with brother Lu.” Someone sighed. Although they coveted the first place reward, they were well aware of their worth. With Lu Feng partic.i.p.ating, none of them would be able to compete.

Lu Feng chuckled. “Besides first place, anyone who enters the top ten will be able to directly become gold sash inner mountain disciples. If they become purple sash disciples in the future, they will also get to taste the Genesis Marrow Baptism.”

The young man called Qin Zhen rubbed his chin and said, “But the compet.i.tion for top ten will be very intense. There are quite a few capable individuals in this batch of outer mountain disciples.”

“Yeah, some of the riff-raff other continents are pretty good.” Added in someone else.

Lu Feng said, “I’ve gathered everyone here today for this very matter.”

His gaze swept across the crowd as he continued, “The peak selection ceremony will be a fierce contest, hence, I intend to fix the top ten spots so as to prevent any unnecessary fighting.”

Everyone looked to each other, evidently not understanding what he meant. What right did they have as disciples to fix the top ten spots?

“Do we have the right to fix the top ten spots?” Asked an uncertain voice asked.

“Whoever has the harder fist will have the right.” Lu Feng smiled faintly.

“We Shengzhou disciples will take eight of the top ten spots. The other two will be thrown for the other continent disciples to fight over.”

The crowd’s eyes brightened. If they could occupy eight spots, it would undoubtedly be great news for them.

However, eight seemed to be a little too much.

Qin Zhen could not help but ask, “Will the other continent disciples agree?”

One had no choice but to admit that there were more disciples from the other continents. Although they could not compare in quality, it would not be easy to convince so many of them to fight for just two spots.

Lu Feng smiled slightly and said, “Anyone who disagrees can come and find me.”

“Brother Lu is so domineering!” The others gave him a thumbs-up, already unable to restrain their excitement. From the looks of it, Lu Feng intended to forcibly occupy eight spots for the Shengzhou disciples.

“Since we have come to an agreement, if anyone does not follow the rules during the peak selection ceremony, we’ll just have to expel him or her…” Lu Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The numerous Shengzhou disciples exchanged a look, before all of them said, “Everything shall be as brother Lu says.”

Lu Feng nodded, before he said in an uncaring manner, “Besides this, if the other continent disciples have any opinions, tell them that all of this started because of Zhou Yuan.”

This was undoubtedly forcing the other continent disciples to grow resentful towards Zhou Yuan.

Only now were the many disciples struck by a flash of understanding. So Zhou Yuan had offended brother Lu…

“Don’t worry brother Lu, that kid has been growing too big headed recently. It is time to let him know exactly who calls the shots in the outer mountains…”

Lu Feng chuckled as he gazed upon the group now filled with righteous indignation. He raised his head, his cold eyes looking towards a certain mountain creek far away.

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan. Look at me, I only need to arrange a few things to make everyone your enemy…”

“I heard that you intend to take one of the top ten spots in the peak selection ceremony?”

“Hehe, since that is so, you will only be able to contest for those two spots. I hope that you will not drown in the saliva from everyone’s cursing when that happens…”

“As for the other eight, if you dare to touch them, there won’t even be a need for me to take action. These Shengzhou disciples will ensure you’re beaten black and blue…”

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