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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 250 Dragon Type Genesis Beast Essence Blood

Time galloped past like a white steed, swiftly pa.s.sing in the outer mountains.

Unknowingly, there was now gradually only a month left of the initial three month period before the peak selection ceremony. Due to this, the atmosphere covering the entire outer mountains seemed to become tenser.

Numerous disciples were desperately training, working hard in hopes that they would be able to raise their strength to better their chances of getting a good placing in the peak selection ceremony, while also hopefully catching the eye of some of the Cangxuan Sect’s teacher seniors, and obtain good cultivation prospects.

After all, numerous high level personal would be present on the day of the peak selection ceremony, making it an excellent chance to display one’s abilities.

As such, the atmosphere in the outer mountains was no longer as relaxed as before during this period, even the air itself seemingly filled with a tense feeling. If they were not training on Genesis Mountain, everyone would be in one of the many lecture halls working on their Genesis techniques, all of the sake of growing stronger…

Zhou Yuan was likewise no exception.

The time he had now everyday was exceptionally enriched with activities; training on Genesis Mountain, giving Genesis technique guidance, studying the recently acquired Nine Dragons Canon. Of course, after his Spirit had stepped into the Corporeal stage, he had also begun to make some time to learn grade 4 Genesis Runes from Yaoyao…

Although he was certain he would get into the top ten, he knew that there were many capable individuals in the outer mountains, and if he were to become complacent, he would likely be surpa.s.sed at any time.

Hence, Zhou Yuan maintained a vigilant state of mind, now allowing himself to relax as he invested all his time and effort into improving himself…

After all, Zhou Yuan was well aware of his goal; to make use of the excellent training conditions here to raise his cultivation to the Divine Dwelling stage in the shortest possible time.

Back in the Cangmang Continent, the Great Zhou Empire eyed like prey by the Great Wu Empire. The ambitious king Wu had definitely already turned his eyes to the Great Zhou Empire ever since Wu Huang’s blessing had been taken back by Zhou Yuan.

Once king Wu found an opportunity, the Great Zhou Empire would surely face a calamity once again.

Hence, if Zhou Yuan did not the Great Zhou Empire to be destroyed when he returned, he needed to make use of every second he had to strengthen himself…

On the balcony of a certain little house.

Zhou Yuan was seated in a pool of suns.h.i.+ne, his eyes lightly shut as he held the Nine Dragons Canon jade strip in his hand. His mind entered the strip as he immersed himself in its marvels.

After a long time had pa.s.sed, Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly opened.

He had been trying to comprehend this high grade Heaven Genesis technique for several days, and was gradually beginning to grasp the important points.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the jade strip as he mumbled to himself, “This technique is fantastic…”

According to what was written in the jade strip, a unique method was needed to practice the Nine Dragons Canon. It required one to refine nine different dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood, and meld them together into a Genesis technique mark, before branding it on the Qi Dwelling.

Once learnt, one would be able to form dragons with one’s Genesis Qi in battle. At the advanced level, nine dragons could be sent out that boasted extremely overwhelming power that was almost comparable to a true Heaven tier technique.

The most amazing thing about it, was that the higher grade the essence blood, the more powerful the technique would be.

“However, the difficulty lies in refining the dragon type Genesis Qi essence blood… such essence blood will surely be violent and untameable. If fused into the body, the slightest negligence would give it the chance to erode and invade the body. Hence, one would need absolute control over it.”

Those that could be considered dragon type Genesis Beasts were definitely not weak. The essence blood of such Genesis Beasts was extremely berserk, and ordinary people would not dare to fuse it into one’s body.

Zhou Yuan fell into thought for a brief moment, before shaking his head, deciding not to think too much about it. It seems that he had to make a trip to the Glittering Jewels Pavillion. He should be able to find the essence blood he required there.

With these thoughts in mind, he decided to act. He left the balcony and walked down the steps to the first floor. In front of the little house, Yaoyao also followed with Tuntun upon hearing that he was going to the Glittering Jewels Pavilion. She was tagging along purely because there were many items in the Glittering Jewels Pavilion, and maybe even some good alcohol…

The Glittering Jewels Pavilion was located on one of the central peaks. The giant octagonal building seemed to spread outwards like some kind of behemoth, while wind chimes could be seen hanging at all eight corners. When the wind blew, a clear tinkling sound would spread that was extremely pleasing to the ear.

This was likewise one of the most popular places in the outer mountains, and was frequented by numerous disciples. After all, there were many treasures inside, and people would occasionally find themselves shopping here for an entire day.

After entering, Zhou Yuan left Yaoyao to her own devices, while he went to seek out one of the servants girls.

“I need dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood, the higher the rank the better!” Zhou Yuan generously declared as if money was something he did not lack. After all, being an instructor of a Genesis technique had indeed recently made him rather wealthy.

The servant girl was initially stunned by his words. Soon after, she sweetly said, “Please follow me, I will find the manager for you.”

Hence, the servant girl led Zhou Yuan into one of the inner rooms to be seated.

Zhou Yuan waited inside for a while, and a middle-aged man soon entered. He smiled as he sized-up Zhou Yuan and said, “I am Cao Jin, a manager of the Glittering Jewels Pavillion. Young brother Zhou Yuan has become quite a popular figure in the outer mountains recently.”

Although Cao Jin was a manager at the Glittering Jewels Pavillion, he was also an outer mountain disciple. It was due to his age that he had been a.s.signed here.

“I heard that young brother Zhou Yuan wants dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood?” Cao Jin smiled. “You must be intending to practice the Nine Dragons Canon, right?”

Although there were not many disciples currently who could practice the Nine Dragons Canon, there were ultimately still a number of them. It was obvious that they had also come to the Glittering Jewels Pavillion in search for dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood.

Zhou Yuan nodded as he cupped his fists together. “I’ll be troubling manager Cao.”

“Not a problem.” Cao Jun chuckled. With a wave of his hand, a servant girl brought in a silver plate on which sat three jade bottles. The bottles were crystal clear, the viscous scarlet liquid within giving off a faint berserk aura.

“These are the essence blood of the Yin Python, Three-headed Flame Snake, and the Fire Dragon-Lizard. All of them are initial grade 4 Genesis Beast, and each bottle of will cost 500 Genesis jade pieces.”

“Initial grade 4 huh…” Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. “Is there anything better?”

Initial grade 4 was only equivalent to the first to third layer Alpha-Origin, a level that did not satisfy Zhou Yuan at all. After all, the higher quality the essence blood, the more powerful the Nine Dragons Canon.

Although he did not dare to hope for anything that was too high grade, initial grade 4 was still rather low in his opinion.

“Looks like young brother Zhou Yuan does not lack Genesis jade.” Cao Jin laughed upon hearing this. Normally speaking, most of the disciples that practiced the Nine Dragons Canon would be more than satisfied with such Genesis Beast essence blood. It was mainly because the outer mountain disciples were currently not very rich.

He waved his hand and another servant girl brought in two silver plates covered by red cloth.

He pulled off the first plate as another three bottles appeared. Scarlet blood bubbled within these bottles, the berserk undulations able to permeate the special material from which the bottles were made from. Just the smell alone made one feel one’s body heat up.

“These are from the Scarlet Fire Dragon, the Thousand Year Earth Lizard and the Purple Devil Snake… all of them are high tier grade 4 Genesis Beasts, and are exceedingly formidable. Even seventh layer Alpha-Origin pract.i.tioners would find them difficult opponents.”

Cao Jin chuckled. “However, they are also very expensive. A single bottle will cost 1500 Genesis jade pieces.”

He looked towards Zhou Yuan and grinned. “How about it, are you satisfied now?”

Amazement was displayed on Zhou Yuan’s face. The Glittering Jewels Pavilion really had everything. High tier grade 4 was indeed an excellent cultivation resource for him.

However, they were indeed expensive. Ordinary outer mountain disciples only received 30 Genesis jade pieces a month. They may earn more by working hard on missions, but it would at most reach a sum of a few hundred Genesis jade pieces, which was far from enough to purchase these essence blood.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a bit, before suddenly looking towards the other still covered silver plate as he curiously asked, “What about this?”

He could faintly sense even more berserk undulations spreading from it.

Cao Jin was taken aback. Soon after, he said, “I’m afraid that young brother Zhou Yuan might not be able to use that essence blood…”

“Why?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Cao Jin lifted the red cloth, revealing three jade bottles. The scarlet blood within had already formed mini whirlpools in which a faint silhouettes seemed to hover.

An alarming berserk undulation violently pulsed from them.

“These are?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened. He could feel a dangerous aura from the essence blood in these three jade bottles.

Cao Jin’s expression was somewhat solemn as he slowly said, “The essence blood of three grade 5 dragont type Genesis Beasts…”

Zhou Yuan pupils involuntarily shrunk slightly. Grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood… wasn’t that equivalent to a Divine Dwelling expert?

He never imagined that the Glittering Jewels Pavilion would have essence blood of this level too!

Only now did Zhou Yuan realise why Can Jin had said he would be unable to use them. Grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood was too volatile and violent. Ordinary first layer Alpha-Origin disciples would not dare to refine and absorb it.

However, Zhou Yuan was never one to be afraid of challenge.

Most importantly, though other first layer Alpha-Origin pract.i.tioners did not dare, it did not mean that he did not…

In addition, if he was able to refine grade 5 Genesis Beast essene blood, the Nine Dragons Canon would undoubtedly be even more powerful. It was this point that truly enticed Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan chuckled in sastifaction, and decisively said, “Manager Cao, how much are these three bottles? I want them.”

Can Jin was stunned, evidently not expecting Zhou Yuan to have such boldness. However, he soon let out a bitter laugh as he awkwardly shook his head.

“Young brother Zhou Yuan, I’m afraid that I can’t sell them to you…”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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