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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 252 Refining the Essence Blood

The bright moon hung high in the sky, while a seated Zhou Yuan bathed in its gentle glow.

Three jade bottles stood in front of him, a savage and violent aura pulsing from the blood-red liquid within. They contained the essence blood of three high tier grade 4 dragon type Genesis Beasts.

As he gazed at the three bottles of essence blood, Zhou Yuan briefly fell into thought, before he retrieved another bottle. Inside this bottle was gold blood that s.h.i.+ned with a mysterious l.u.s.ter under the moonlight, a faint peculiar roar seemingly echoing from it.

Tuntun’s blood seemed to contain a mysterious power.

“I wonder what kind of creature Tuntun is… to think that its blood can raise the quality of other Genesis Beast essence blood.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself. Tuntun was just like Yaoyao, filled with mystery.

It was not only overwhelmingly powerful, but also wielded a terrifying devouring power that seemed to be capable of devouring anything. Such a frightening ability was clearly not something an ordinary Genesis Beast would possess.

It was rumored that grade 6 Genesis Beasts had intelligence that did not lose to the human race. What’s more, some Genesis Beasts with powerful bloodlines possessed amazing abilities that even the numerous powerful experts of the human race did not dare to underestimate.

Tuntun’s origins were clearly not ordinary.

Zhou Yuan shook his head, scattering these messy thoughts. The important thing now was to test if Tuntun’s blood was able to raise the quality of essence blood like Yaoyao had claimed.

Zhou Yuan began to concentrate, one hand holding one of the bottles of Genesis Beast essence blood, as the other very carefully dripped golden blood into it.

The moment the golden blood entered the bottle, its contents abruptly began to boil.

Golden light spread, infusing the originally blood red-essence blood with a faint golden glow. At this very moment, Zhou Yuan felt the surrounding Genesis Qi begin to converge towards the bottle.

The blood-red essence blood boiled as a faint b.l.o.o.d.y mist began to rise. The mist ultimately took the shape of a tiny python silhouette and released a soft hiss.

The savage aura from the blood also steadily strengthened.

Joy surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw this. As expected, Yaoyao had been speaking the truth. Tuntun’s blood was indeed able to raise the quality of Genesis Beast essence blood.

According to his estimates, this Genesis Beast essence blood was now not the slightest bit inferior to the grade 5 essence blood from the Glittering Jewels Pavilion!

This was an upgrade of an entire level.

“How terrifying…” Zhou Yuan involuntarily gasped. Although it was only a single bottle, one could already see how amazing Tuntun’s blood was.

“If Tuntun was eaten by a grade 6 Genesis Beast, the beast would likely advance to grade 7 or maybe an even higher grade!” Zhou Yuan swallowed as his expression turned grave.

Looks like this information had to be kept secret at all cost. If not, it would surely draw the attention of many people, something that would be extremely detrimental to Tuntun.

One must know that a grade 6 Genesis Beast was already equivalent to a human Divine Dwelling expert, while the Divine Dwelling stage was considered elite even in a behemoth like the Cangxuan Sect.

As for grade 7 and grade 8 Genesis Beasts… they were existences that even the Cangxuan Sect would not dare to offend.

“I should start refining the essence blood, and begin practicing the Nine Dragons Canon…”

Without further ado, Zhou Yuan slammed his hands together, shattering the jade bottle. Red liquid rose, transforming into two thin streams of blood that were sucked into Zhou Yuan’s nostrils.

The pungent scent of blood a.s.saulted his senses, nearly making him puke, but Zhou Yuan forcibly pushed down the urge.


The Genesis Beast essence blood immediately began to rebel the moment it entered his body, a savage aura spreading with the intent to invade.

However, Zhou Yuan was prepared. Genesis Qi flooded over from all directions, surrounding the essence blood to prevent it from causing any harm to the body.


The essence blood charged with all its might, making the insides of Zhou Yuan’s body shake violently. The savage aura continued to rise, stirring up vexed feelings in his heart. Red appeared in his eyes as the desire to destroy began to engulf him.

However, the moment this urge rose, the Spirit between Zhou Yuan’s brows began to vibrate as a cooling sensation spread, allowing him to regain his senses.

“It is indeed dangerous to refine Genesis Beast essence blood. If the heart and mind are not strong, one will easily be infected by the savagery, entering a state of uncontrolled violence that would likely lead to the descent into madness.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart s.h.i.+vered, not daring to delay any further as he began to refine the Genesis Beast essence blood in accordance to the instruction in the Nine Dragons Canon.

Moonlight sprinkled onto the land.

Zhou Yuan sat on the ground, faint b.l.o.o.d.y mist rising from his pores, before being blown away by the wind.

According to the Nine Dragons Canon, one needed to slowly whittle away the savageness inside the Genesis Beast essence blood. Once this step was complete, one would be able to fuse the essence blood with one’s own Genesis Qi. The fusion of the two would bestow one the ability to release extremely berserk Genesis Qi attacks.

The most important factor for the whittling process was time, time Zhou Yuan was already prepared to spend.

However, when he began to direct the Omni Python Qi, he discovered that every time his Genesis Qi neared the Genesis Beast essence blood, the savage aura contained within seemed to be suppressed as if it was faintly trembling in fear.

After observing this phenomenon a few times, Zhou Yuan could not help but feel somewhat puzzled.

“It seems that the Omni Python Qi has a special suppressive effect on dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood?” Mumbled Zhou Yuan with uncertainty.

“The Omni Python Qi does originate from the Ancestral Dragon Scripture and contains a little of its primal aura. It is possible that this is why it has a suppressive effect on the dragon type Genesis Beast essence blood.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart jumped slightly. If so, it would be much more convenient for him to whittle away the savageness in the essence blood.

He immediately got to work, whittling away the savageness in the essence blood with his Genesis Qi. Sure enough, the originally untamable and violent essence blood feebly gave up most of its resistance, allowing the Omni Python Qi to swiftly neutralize the savageness contained within it.

After an entire night.

The essence blood in Zhou Yuan’s body had grown much calmer. At this rate, he would be able to fully refine it in a few days…

When that happened, he would have completed the initial step.


A slightly pungent breath of air was puffed out from Zhou Yuan’s nose as his tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

A look of satisfaction flitted across them.

The night had been much more fruitful than expected. He had originally been prepared to spend a long time on this process. Who could have expected that his Omni Python Qi would be an exceptional match for the Nine Dragons Canon.

“I should be able to reach the first level of the Nine Dragons Canon in three more days.” Antic.i.p.ation flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He was itching to try the power of a high grade little Heaven Genesis technique.

Zhou Yuan brushed his clothes and stood up.

The moment he stood up, he saw two figures rapidly approaching from far away. When he concentrated, he saw that it was Qiao Xiu and Shen Wanjin. Both individuals were rus.h.i.+ng towards his location, worried looks on their faces.

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly as his figure moved, like mist as it drifted forward and landed in front of the two.

“What is it?” He asked.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan, Qiao Xiu panted a few times before looking towards Zhou Yuan with an ugly expression as he said, “Lu Feng gathered many of the more highly ranked outer mountain disciples last night to fix the top ten spots of the peak selection ceremony.”

“He said that the Shengzhou disciples are going to take eight of them.”

“If we from the other continents want to compete, we can only fight for the last two spots. Whoever breaks this rule will become an enemy of all the Shengzhou disciples!”

Qiao Xiu’s expression turned complicated as he gazed at Zhou Yuan. The outer mountains was currently in an uproar due to this news.

“Finally, he also said… that you are the reason behind all of this.”

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