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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 259 Guidance

After the confrontation on Genesis Mountain, the atmosphere in the outer mountains grew increasingly tense. Various clashes happening between the Shengzhou and non Shengzhou discipes time and time again.

However, there was one change compared to before. The non Shengzhou disciples no longer tolerated the bullying of the Shengzhou disciples, fiercely striking back instead, causing the Shengzhou disciples to be caught off guard.

After all, the Shengzhou disciples had only been able to act so proud and arrogant because Lu Feng had the power to sweep away all the other disciples, making many disciples afraid to even raise any objections against him. However, after the confrontation between Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng on Genesis Mountain, the non Shengzhou disciples suddenly realised that there was someone amongst them that had deeply concealed his abilities.

If this was the case, why should they continue to be accommodating and show tolerance to these guys?

Therefore, even though the day of the peak selection ceremony was fast approaching, conflicts constantly rose between the two sides, each wanting to force the other into submission.

With regards to the disagreements between the disciples, the Cangxuan Sect outer mountain showed no concern, allowing them to do as they pleased. It was an unspoken rule in the Cangxuan Sect.

Although the Cangxuan Sect was a t.i.tan like existence in Cangxuan Heaven, compet.i.tion was needed for sustained growth. Without it, the Cangxuan Sect would become a lifeless pool of stagnant water.

The clashes between the Shengzhou and other continent disciples would allow them to polish each other, propelling them to strive even harder in their cultivation. From a certain point of view, it was a kind of motivation.

As for the disciples that were unable to adapt to such compet.i.tion, they would eventually be eliminated.

However, while such disagreements continued to break out between the disciples, Zhou Yuan’s reputation began to rise at an alarming speed, until it was basically equal to Lu Feng’s. Zhou Yuan was now known as one of the top contenders amongst outer mountain disciples of this batch.

Of course, this was an opinion mostly shared by non Shengzhou disciples. The Shengzhou disciples on the other hand, merely viewed this with extreme contempt. They believed that if it was not for Chen Yuan’s interference, Zhou Yuan would have long been beaten back to his original shape on Genesis Mountain.

When all was said and done however, Zhou Yuan’s reputation in the outer mountains was now no lesser than Lu Feng’s.

As for who exactly amongst the two would become the true number one, everyone would only find out during the peak selection ceremony.

Currently, Zhou Yuan would still give guidance for the Ethereal Form technique everyday. Even more of his time, however, was spent on his own cultivation.

Lu Feng was no ordinary individual. Although he was loathsome, his strength was admittedly the real deal, a point that Zhou Yuan could not deny. Hence, he would not allow himself to relax.

While focusing on his own training, Zhou Yuan also started to fulfil his promise towards Qiao Xiu, Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi and the rest, the promise of giving them pointers in their Genesis techniques.

After all, he had already recruited them, and would also require their help in the peak selection ceremony. Thus, raising their strength would also end up benefiting himself.

By a certain mountain creek.

Zhou Yuan sat on a boulder, his gaze looking first towards Zhao Kun as he said, “The Genesis technique you practice is the Sky Dipper Hand, right?”

The Sky Dipper Hand was a mid grade little Heaven tier Genesis technique. It was powerful and unyielding in nature, and every strike would be accompanied by dipper wind. Even metal would seem akin to tofu before its might. At the advanced level, tearing apart mountains would be an effortless task.

It was as if a bolt of energy surged through Zhao Kun, while antic.i.p.ation also began bubbling in the eyes of Song Wanxi and the rest also.

After so many days, Zhou Yuan was finally going to begin guiding them.

The past few days had been rather vexing for them. They had heard whispers that Lu Feng had managed to pull some strings, and arranged for personal tutors to guide some of the better ranked outer mountain disciples such as Qin Zhen and Lei Hongtao, allowing them to rapidly grow stronger.

This news made them feel very uneasy. After all, if the gap started to widen, their chances of winning would drop in the peak selection ceremony, making it extremely difficult to vie for the top ten spots.

However, they did not have the connections Lu Feng had, and were thus unable to obtain personal guidance from these tutors. Hence, they could only place their hopes on Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan had not even hinted at this matter for the past few days, leaving them no option but to wait in silence. Now that Zhou Yuan had finally voluntarily brought it up, they were naturally elated.

However, there was still a little doubt mixed in with this happiness. After all, although they knew that Zhou Yuan seemed to have astonis.h.i.+ng talent in Genesis techniques, each of them practiced a different technique. Would Zhou Yuan be proficient in all of them?

Hence, with regards to Zhou Yuan’s promise to give them guidance, they were still holding a ‘seeing is believing’ mindset.

Zhao Kun felt a little awkward as he asked, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, will you really be able to help me with the Sky Dipper Hand technique? You’ve yet to see ts cultivation method, right?”

Zhou Yuan nodded and said, “I’ve not seen it before.”

He had indeed not seen the cultivation method for the Sky Dipper Hand. However, he possessed the Decoder Saint Rune, and could clearly find the weaknesses or deficiencies in any Genesis technique. Therefore, he only needed to bring their attention to places, naturally allowing them to avoid making such mistakes, allowing them to progress more efficiently.

This was something that no other instructor could so.

Of course, this was the extent of the aid he could give. Each individual had to continue spending time practicing and better understanding their techniques to improve. The Decoder Saint Rune was not all-powerful after all.

Zhao Kun could not help but let out a bitter laugh in response to Zhou Yuan’s honesty. “There are three levels to the Sky Dipper Hand. I’ve managed to master the first level, but am having difficulties with the second for quite some time.”

“The one you suppressed a few days ago, Qin Zhen, also practices this technique. I’ve heard he’s made significant progress during the past two days, and will likely reach the second level before the peak selection ceremony.”

“Rumor says that Lu Feng has found some instructors to personally guide them.”

At this point, Zhao Kun grinded his teeth in regret. The disciples from the Shengzhou Continent did have several advantages over the rest of them.

Zhou Yuan gave a slight nod upon hearing this. He was naturally also aware of this piece news.

It was this very information that caused the minds of Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi, Qiao Xiu and the rest to wander, and also hence why Zhou Yuan had brought up this matter today. If he were to delay any further, Zhao Kun and gang would likely soon lose their morale, let alone the other disciples.

This was obviously another one of Lu Feng’s schemes that aimed to destroy everyone’s faith.

Zhou Yuan did not want to waste any more time, and directly instructed, “Activate the Sky Dipper Hand.”

The sight of Zhou Yuan’s calm appearance made Zhao Kun feel a little less awkward. It seemed that he had some confidence?

Zhao Kun took in a deep breath as the Genesis Qi inside his body began to ripple. His hands started to grow a little, Genesis Qi light swirling around them to form glowing runes.

Strands of dipper wind circled around his hands, shredding even the air to pieces.

With a loud yell, Zhou Kun swung his hand. Dipper winds immediately swept forth, chopping open a 90 feet long cut on the ground in front of him, the dreadful force splitting even the boulders in its path.

The surrounding disciples inwardly sighed in amazement. The Sky Dipper Hand was indeed ferocious and domineering.

“The levels of the Sky Dipper Hand are marked by the power of the dipper winds. It’s said that the second level can reach over 240 feet, while I am currently only capable of about 90 feet.” Said Zhao Kun in a somewhat regretful manner.

“But my progress has slowed to a crawl recently, only making 3 feet of headway after several days of nonstop practice. At this rate, it will take at least half a year to reach the second level.”

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, what do I need to do?” He gazed a Zhou Yuan, a flash of hope in his eyes.

The others also awkwardly looked towards Zhou Yuan. If he could solve Zhao Kun’s problem, they would naturally have more faith.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, an ancient rune appearing in the depths of his pupils. When Zhao Kun used the Sky Dipper Hand earlier, he had clearly seen how the Genesis Qi circulated along the channels and meridian points in the latter’s body.

At certain locations, Zhou Yuan had seen the circulating Genesis Qi turn a little sluggish.

While Zhou Yuan did not speak, everyone else fell silent, causing the atmosphere to become extremely suffocating.

Moments later, Zhou Yuan finally withdrew his gaze. He looked towards the grim faced crowd and chuckled. “No problem. It’s quite simple.”

Everyone was stunned, even Zhao Kun also a little in disbelief and unable to speak for a time.

Zhou Yuan was not offended by their response. He grasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush as its snow-white brush hairs shot out, swiftly marking out several locations on Zhao Kun’s body. “When you circulate your Genesis Qi through these locations, increase the speed by 30% and power by 40%”

Zhao Kun was taken aback. Although he was utterly confused, he still nodded in the end, still skeptical as he began to circulate his Genesis Qi. When it flowed through the locations indicated by Zhou Yuan, Zhao Kun followed the instructions given, increasing the speed and power.


Dipper Qi exploded from Zhao Kun’s palm as he ferociously chopped downwards.


The ground before him was once again torn apart by dipper winds.

It was at this moment that Song Wanxi, Qiao Xiu and the rest’s eyes aburptly widened.

The scar left behind by the attack had reached 129 feet!

Compared to before, it had grown by a whole 24 feet!


A series of gasps were heard as everyone turned towards Zhou Yuan in shock. No one had expected a few seemingly casual tips from him to bring about such apparent improvement.

Zhao Kun was likewise stupefied. It was a long time later before he looked towards Zhou Yuan with burning eyes and quivering lips. Even someone as proud as himself could not help by tremble as he said, “Young brother Yuan, I’m convinced.”

The other disciples instantly s.h.i.+fted their practically searing gazes towards Zhou Yuan.

Song Wanxi pretty eyes looked at Zhou Yuan as she said in a soft and sweet voice, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, may I also ask for your guidance in my Black Ying Scripture.”

“Young brother Yuan, please guide me in my Flame Thunder Force!”

“My, my Thousand Wave Scroll!”


A wave of excited voices exploded by the mountain creek, drowning out the sound of flowing water.

With Zhou Yuan’s terrifying talent in Genesis techniques, the numerous disciples suddenly felt extremely confident in the face of the fast approaching peak selection ceremony.

They would perhaps really end up taking six of the top ten spots in the peak selection ceremony!

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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