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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 263 Yaoyao Takes Action

A clear, indifferent voice sounded from the entrance of the Hundred Fragrances House, causing the interior to fall silent. Numerous gazes turned to the doors, only to be glued to the moon fairy like figure standing there, unable to s.h.i.+ft away.

Every gaze had been instantly bespelled, amazement flitting across their eyes.

Zhao Kun, Qiao Xiu and the rest were also unable to turn away, while even a girl like Song Wanxi could not help but remark under her breath, “So beautiful!”

They had naturally recognized the person that had appeared at the entrance. It was Yaoyao.

However, they could only bitterly smile at the words Yaoyao had spoken, words that could only possible peaceful resolve this matter…

“Little junior sister Yao is too fierce.” Zhao Kun forced a smile. Given Lu Xuanyin’s character, there was no longer any hope of peacefully ending this dispute.

“Your mother, are we that afraid of them. I refuse to believe that a single inner mountain disciple can so willfully bully the outer mountain disciples.” Said Qiao Xiu through gritted teeth.

Everyone else nodded one after another.

As for Zhou Yuan, he merely grinned with a calm face. He had not shown any panic earlier when Lu Xuanyin was being overbearing because he had already specifically gotten Shen Wanjin to invite Yaoyao over.

Of course, his goal was to let Yaoyao also join in the fun. Lu Xuanyin stirring up trouble for them had been out of his expectations.

“Since big sis Yaoyao has made her timely arrival, there is no need for us to interfere in this matter.” Said Zhou Yuan as he stared at the group, a rather mysterious smile hanging from the corners of his mouth.

Zhao Kun and the rest looked at each other, unable to understand. They had never seen Yaoyao’s abilities before. The latter normally did not even attend the Genesis Mountain training sessions, hiding away in Zhou Yuan’s little house to study Genesis Runes instead. Hence, Yaoyao was extremely mysterious in the eyes of many disciples.

As such, they were unable to estimate how powerful she was, which was also why her name had never appeared in the ten great outer mountain disciples rankings.

However, Lu Xuanyin was an inner mountain gold sash disciple, her strength at the very minimum reaching the six layer Alpha-Origin stage. Such power was not something any of the outer mountain disciples that had only recently joined the Cangxuan Sect could match.

No matter how formidable Yaoyao was, she could not possibly exchange blows with Lu Xuanyin, right?

Hence, all of them felt somewhat awkward in response to the nonchalance Zhou Yuan was showing.

By the door, Yaoyao slowly walked in at this moment, and arrived beside Zhou Yuan and gang. Her clear eyes first swept towards Zhou Yuan, still caressing Tuntun as she said, “I just knew that there won’t be anything good from your invitation.”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly gave her his seat as he helplessly said, “I really wanted to invite you to join us for a gathering so you won’t be too bored by yourself.”

Yaoyao shot a look at Zhou Yuan, staring at him for a long time before withdrawing her gaze as if letting him off the hook this time. She elegantly seated herself on Zhou Yuan’s chair, before her clear eyes swept across the table, immediately causing Zhao Kun, Qiao Xiu and the rest to turn meek.

Her presence was far too overwhelming.

Cold sweat appeared everyone’s backs. Compared to Lu Xuanyin’s haughty aura, Yaoyao’s was able to make them truly feel suppressed.

Such pressure could not be described in words, but it made them feel that they should never ever anger her.

As Yaoyao walked in, Lu Feng’s side gradually returned to their senses. Numerous disciples still cast their gazes towards her, unable to conceal the amazement and astonishment in their eyes.

Even Lu Feng’s breath was taken away, surprise coloring his eyes.

The only one that fully regained her wits was Lu Xuanyin. Her pretty face instantly twisted, jealousy flitting across her eyes as she looked towards Yaoyao. The latter’s appearance and aura truly made her feel a sense of inferiority she had never experienced before.

Such feelings made Lu Xuanying’s complexion turn steely green with rage.

“A mere outer mountain disciples dares to spout such words before me?” Lu Xuanyin icily stared at Yaoyao, contempt rising from the corners of her mouth as she continued, “Are you certain you want to receive a strike from my sword? I will not go easy on you because you’re a girl. If you pretty face ends up being accidentally cut up by my sword, don’t come threatening me with death later on.”

“Receive a strike from your sword?”

Yaoyao gently stroked Tuntun as she swept an indifferent glance towards Lu Xuanyin. “That’s not interesting at all…”

She reached forward and picked up a cup, gazing at the wine within it as she offhandedly suggested, “How about this, I have a certain Genesis Rune. If you’re able to neutralize it, I will admit defeat and let you do whatever you want to me.”

“Oh?” Lu Xuanyin’s eyes narrowed, staring at Yaoyao as she sneered. “How arrogant. There are not many in the Cangxuan Sect who dare to say such words to me!”

“So how about it?” Said Yaoyao while holding her cup.

Lu Xuanyin’s hand slowly tightened around her sword as she mockingly answered, “Since you want to humiliate yourself, I will naturally fulfill your wish.”


The cup in Yaoyao’s hand suddenly slammed into the table, causing the liquid within to leap into the air, transforming into countless droplets.

A Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in Yaoyao’s hand. Light flickered at its tip as it seemingly transformed into a series of after images, drawing numerous complex trajectories in the air.

The countless floating drops of alcohol gradually weaved into a complicated Genesis Rune that rapidly took shape above Yaoyao.


With a casual final flick of her brush, the Genesis Rune abruptly shot forward as the surrounding Genesis Qi swiftly converged towards it.

The liquid Genesis Rune rapidly expanded as it took in Genesis Qi, eventually transforming into a giant water dragon under the many shocked and frightened gazes.

The dragon’s body was covered in ancient and complex patterns. A wild and violent dragon roar thundered.


The roaring water dragon seemed to contain endless power as it charged towards Lu Xuanyin.

The instant the Genesis Rune water dragon appeared, Lu Xuanyin’s expression abruptly changed as shock flashed in her eyes, clearly realizing how powerful this Genesis Rune of Yaoyao’s was.

“This woman… to think that she would be so astonis.h.i.+ngly masterful in the art of Genesis Runes?!”

Lu Xuanyin’s heart churned with emotion as her expression turned exceedingly grave.

She tightly gripped her sword, and a split second later, its sharp blade abruptly left its sheath.


“Autumn Moon Swordplay, Moon Flas.h.!.+”

With a stern shout abruptly rang out from Lu Xuanyin’s mouth. Everyone present felt a sword flash past as if it was moonlight, even s.p.a.ce itself faintly quivering under its blade.

Moonlight like sword Qi ferociously slashed downwards along with a chillingly sharp and deadly aura.

In the face of the ferociously intimidating water dragon, Lu Xuanyin did not dare to delay, immediately unleas.h.i.+ng a ruthless attack.


The banisters in restraint disintegrated, the remaining stumps smooth as a mirror.

In the face of this sword Qi, even the expressions of Zhou Yuan, Lu Feng and the rest changed slightly. No matter how anyone below the below the fifth layer Alpha-Origin were to defend, they would very likely be seriously injured by this strike.

Lu Xuanyin may be haughty, but her strength was indeed that of a true-blue golden sash disciple.

Under the many horrified gazes of the disciples, the moonlight like sword Qi sliced past, smas.h.i.+ng directly into the roaring water dragon Genesis Rune.


The two forces clashed as an astonis.h.i.+ng Genesis Qi shockwave violently unfurled.

However, when the sword light pa.s.sed through, everyone saw the water dragon being cut apart.

The sword light continued on its path, piercing the wall as it vanished into the night.

Liquid with a strong alcohol smell fell in the Hundred Fragrances House.

The expressions of Zhao Kun, Song Wanxi and gang changed slightly. Yaoyao’s Genesis Rune water dragon seemed to have been cut apart and scattered. Lu Xuanyin’s sword Qi was unimaginable powerful.

From the looks of it, Lu Xuanyin had still taken the upper hand in their exchange.

The crowd on Lu Feng’s side had already burst out into laughter, clearly already bathing in their victory.

Lu Xuanyin likewise grasped her sword as she looked down from above at Yaoyao, a toying sensation growing from the corners of her smile as she said, “Although you excel in Genesis Runes, you were still unable to withstand my sword.”

“Didn’t you say earlier that I get to do whatever I want to you?”

Yaoyao gazed upon Lu Xuanyin, who was so certain that victory was already in her grasp. The former’s expression was still as indifferent as before as she said, “You seem to believe that you’ve already won.”

“Have I not?” Lu Xuanyin sneered, under the impression that Yaoyao was being stubborn.

However, her expression abruptly changed the instant her words sounded. She had just realized that the spreading water vapor had landed on her body without her noticing.

The water vapor instantly solidified, turning into water snakes that tightly bounded her hands and legs.

The Genesis Qi in Lu Xuanyin’s body instantly erupted with the intent of breaking these water snakes. However, glowing runes suddenly emerged on the surface of the water snakes. When Lu Xuanyin’s Genesis Qi came into contact with the runes, it swiftly shrank back as if being sealed.

Water wet her clothes, exposing Lu Xuanyin’s lovely figure.

The laughter of Lu Feng and the other Shengzhou disciple came to an abrupt halt like ducks who had been grabbed by the neck. Every one of their expressions became a brilliant sight to behold as they gazed at the bounded Lu Xuanyin.

Their eyes were still filled with disbelief, unable to imagine how a golden sash disciple like Lu Xuanyin would be so easily subdued by an outer mountain disciple.

Their terrified gazes turned towards the outrageously pretty Yaoyao as their bodies began to tremble faintly.

Yaoyao paid no attention to their gazes, merely raising her eyes and looking towards the frantically struggling Lu Xuanyin as an indifferent voice sounded in the building.

“It seems that you’ve lost…”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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