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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 266 The Six Hegemons

Clouds churned as they swept across the area.

Every outer mountain disciple lifted their heads, reverence in their eyes as they looked towards the Genesis Qi clouds. At the center, Genesis Qi took the shape of a lotus platform where a figure was currently seated.

The figure wore azure robes, and looked like a middle-aged man. However, his hair was entirely white, while his eyes seemed to contain an immeasurable depth as if it was the starry sky, giving off an unfathomable feeling.

An indescribable presence spread from his body, like the deepest pool, like the highest peak, making solemn respect involuntarily rise within anyone who felt it.

All he did was smile slightly as he sat on the lotus platform, while the entire world around him seemed to s.h.i.+ver slightly along with his breathing.

Even though he had already retrained the majority of his presence, the tiny slivers that spread from him still made the numerous outer mountain disciples feel a boundless pressure.

It was as if they were standing before a G.o.d that could not be defied.

This person was the ruler of the current Cangxuan Sect, sect master Qing Yang.

At the same time, he was also the eldest disciple of patriarch Cang Xuan.

Now, however, he was an existence that stood at the apex of Cangxuan Heaven, and could be said to be a hegemon.

Zhou Yuan sighed in amazement at sect master Qing Yang’s presence, before turning his gaze towards the sect master’s right, where three slightly smaller Genesis Qi lotus platforms could be seen.

On these three platforms also sat three figures that gave off a majestic presence.

As Zhou Yuan focused, the first person to enter his eyes was the tall and slender figure of a gorgeous woman. She was dressed in lotus decorated palace garbs which accentuated her fine curves. Her facial features were also extremely pretty, her fine black hair pulled backwards, giving her a mature and graceful aura.

It was an aura that even a perfect beauty like Yaoyao did not possess, because it required the acc.u.mulation of experience over the years.

Shen Wanjin secretly said beside Zhou Yuan, “Heh heh, little Yuan bro, that should be the master of Snow Lotus Peak, Liu Lianyi. People call her fairy Lianyi…”

“I’ve heard that when she was younger, she was a famous great beauty of Cangxuan Heaven. From what I can see, she does live up to her reputation.”

“Snow Lotus Peak is also one of the most popular choices in the Cangxuan Sect. Their male disciples are handsome, while their female disciples are heart-stirringly beautiful. With regards to appearance, they are definitely the best in the Cangxuan Sect.”

Shen Wanjin was practically drooling at this point. Soon after, he regretfully said, “However, it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to enter.”

“Why not?” Zhou Yuan chuckled.

Shen Wanjin touched his fat face as he gloomily said, “This Snow Lotus Peak master of ours only likes good looking people. Looks is number one in her criteria for recruiting disciples, while talent is number two… I’m afraid that someone like me would be kicked off the moment I step into the place.”

Amazement flooded Zhou Yuan’s face, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. He never imagined a peak master would have such character; recruiting disciples based on their face…

He sighed as he shook his head, before turning his gaze towards the other two lotus platforms. The one next to peak master Lianyi was a elderly white-haired figure. The old man had a pair of white eyebrows that connected in the center, making the expression on his aged face seem somewhat miserable.

Aura rose around the white brow elder, seemingly forming millions of ancient and profound runes. Every rune would make the heart of anyone who saw it beat a little faster.

“His Genesis Rune cultivation… is extremely powerful. Of all the people I’ve seen over the years, his mastery of Genesis Runes is the closest to grandpa Hei’s.” Yaoyao pretty face turned grave as she stared at the white brow elder, while interest flooded her eyes.

From what she could tell, the white brow elder was likely second only to Cang Yuan in Genesis Runes.

Zhou Yuan could not help but be taken aback by her words. He had deeply felt master Cang Yuan’s immeasurable strength before, and never imagined that the white brow elder would receive such an a.s.sessment from Yaoyao.

“If I’m not wrong, he should be the master of Spirit Rune Peak, old man Tian Shu.” Said Zhou Yuan in a low voice.

If one were to talk about Genesis Runes, this white brow elder was likely number one in the entire Cangxuan Sect.

“If there’s an opportunity, I do hope that I can ask him for some pointers.” Interest could be heard in Yaoyao’s tone. There were not many things she was interested in, and Genesis Runes were one of them.

However, her standards were impossibly high due to following Cang Yuan for many years, making it very difficult for her to find someone she could treat were earnesty.

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh. Given the status of these peak masters, how could any ordinary disciple hope to seek guidance from them.

He shook his head as his gaze s.h.i.+fted towards the third lotus platform. Atop it was a metal tower like figure, an elder that was bare all the way down to the waist. However, the elder’s body was not hunched over like an old man’s. A dark gold l.u.s.ter s.h.i.+ned on his skin, light seemingly swirling on it as if it was made from gold. Faint, mysterious patterns could be seen on the surface of his body.

He was also imposingly muscular, practically overshadowing the whtie brow elder beside him. As he crossed his arms across his chest and breathed, theQi and blood in his body seemed to circulate like an unstoppable flood, while rumbling thunder was continuously emitted, pulsing with terrifying power.

If he had not painstakingly restraint it, just the rumbling from the Qi and blood in his body would likely kill all the Alpha-Origin disciple present.

This elder had a different aura from the white brow elder, an aura of unmatched ferocity, as if he was a giant that had walked out from the prehistoric era.

Zhou Yuan wiped away the cold sweet on his brows. This individual was likely the master of Hongya Peak.

Wasn’t this Gu Hongyi’s old ancestor? No wonder she rather die than go to the Hongya peak…

“These three and sect master Qing Yang are the four disciples of patriarch Cang Xuan…” Zhou Yuan’s expression s.h.i.+vered a little as he looked towards the left side of sect master Qing Yang, where the torrential Genesis Qi had also transformed into two lotus platforms.

On one of the lotus platforms was a figure wearing a set of simple hemp garments. At closer inspection, one would see a kindly expression on his young and handsome face, his skin glowing like jade.

A mottled stone sword lay across his knees, giving off a faint but terrifying aura.

The Genesis Qi around him faintly vibrated as the cry of a sword rang out from within, as if a sea of swords were hidden around him.

All Zhou Yuan did was look at the handsome youth for a while, when he felt a piercing pain in his eyes, causing him to hurriedly withdraw his gaze.

“This person… should be the master of Sword Cometh Peak.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought. Gu Hongyi has told him previously that the master of Sword Cometh Peak was once a servant boy under patriarch Cang Xuan. However, the latter now possessed high status in the Cangxuan Sect.

“The final one must be the master of Thunder Prison Peak, the most senior person in the Cangxuan Sect.”

Zhou Yuan looked towards the last figure, only to see that sky in the area was dark, lightning flas.h.i.+ng in the clouds as if a lightning dragon was flying within.

On the lotus platform was an elder in black robes with an impa.s.sive face. Lightning swam in his eyes as a frightening pressure slowly spread, shaking the s.p.a.ce around him.

Zhou Yuan could sense a destructive power in the black robed elder’s body, that seemed to briefly reveal itself before vanis.h.i.+ng the next moment.

“The master of Thunder Prison Peak is definitely terrifying.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression had turned grim. The master of Thunder Prison Peak was an old friend of patriarch Cang Xuan. With regards to seniority, even sect master Qing Yang showed respect towards the former.


Zhou Yuan breathed in deeply, gradually controlling the emotions in his heart. These six figures before his eyes were the six hegemons of the Cangxuan Sect.

Each one wielded immeasurable power. It was no wonder that the Cangxuan Sect had been able to remain amongst the six sacred sects even after patriarch Cang Xuan’s death.

Behind the six hegemons were numerous figures that gave off powerful presences, evidently the powerful experts of the Cangxuan Sect. It seems that the internal department of the Cangxuan Sect also viewed this event with extreme importance.

On the clouds, sect master Qing Yang cast his gaze downwards. It was as if nothing could hide from his gaze as it s.h.i.+ned upon every disciple. A single glance from him was seemingly capable of piercing even the netherworld, allowing him to clearly view every aspect of every individual.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao seemed to feel sect master Qing Yang’s gaze pause just a little when it swept across them, before continuing on its path.

At the same time, sect master Qing Yang’s grand and loud voice boomed across the area from high above like rumbling thunder.

“The inner mountains are recruiting 9999 disciples this time. A single person per platform. I hope all the disciples will give their all.”

“The top ten will directly become inner mountain gold sash disciples.”

“While the champion will be bestowed a Heaven Genesis technique and a single Genesis Marrow Baptism.”

These words immediately caused the numerous outer mountain disciples below to burst into a frenzy, gaze after gaze beginning to burn as they overflowed with battle intent.

Sect master Qing Yang smiled slightly at this sight, before his powerful voice thundered again,

“Disciples, let the peak selection ceremony begin.”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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