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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 268 Fight for the Top

9999 stone platforms were gathered in the shape of a pyramid as they floated in the sky, dazzling brilliantly when the rays of the sun s.h.i.+ned upon them.

Boom! Boom!

At this current moment, berserk Genesis Qi violently pulsed from numerous platforms.

One would see a swarm of glowing figures continuously leaping upwards, jumping from platform to platform as they climbed.

There was pretty much no other rules for this peak selection ceremony. At the center of each stone platform was a mat. As long as someone could sit on it without being disturbed for an incense stick of time, the stone platform would close, restricting anyone else from entering. When this happened, it would mean that the platform had been occupied.

Any means could be used to achieve this.

Therefore, when someone powerful appeared on a stone platform, others might gang up on this individual, making the situation extremely chaotic.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Zhou Yuan, Song Wanxi, Zhao Kun and the rest stuck close together as stone platform after stone platform rapidly pa.s.sed by under their feet, their figures never lingering even for a second.

There was slightly over fifty people in their group, each an elite amongst the outer mountain disciples. Hence, their goal was the top hundred in the peak selection ceremony and this place was clearly not their final destination.

A short distance to their front on the right was another group leaping past platform after platform. They were the Shengzhou disciples led by Lu Feng.

The gazes on both sides clashed from time to time, sparks flying.

Although the numbers of these two parties were nothing special when taking into account all the outer mountain factions, they were two most unified groups, hence why their every action seemed exceptionally attention grabbing.

The other disciples on the stone platforms gave way one after another, not daring to compete with these two groups.

As time pa.s.sed in this manner, the two groups of disciples rapidly pa.s.sed by numerous platforms and began to gradually approach the upper area of the pyramid.

This was where the top one hundred stone platforms lay.

The disciples that were confident enough to come here were all powerful in their own right. Thus, the battles between them grew increasingly intense.

By this point, individuals from the two groups finally began to break off and select their stone platforms, not advancing any further.

Of course, besides the two factions led by Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng, there were also many other disciples vieing for these stone platforms, which consisted of both Shengzhou and non Shengzhou disciples.

After all, not every outstanding disciple had been recruited by Zhou Yuan and Lu Feng. Even more had chosen to remain neutral, declining to be part of the grudge between the two parties.

However, they were currently faced with the situation of limited platforms. Hence, they no longer cared which party anyone belonged to, directly engaging any compet.i.tor they met in combat.

Lu Feng was at the very front, his icy gaze occasionally sweeping towards Zhou Yuan, who was just a short distance behind.

He had originally planned to recruit elite Shengzhou disciples and forcibly occupy the top ten spots. If Zhou Yuan dared to contest, the group would gang up on him and chase him off.

If that were the case, Zhou Yuan would not even have the chance to duke it out with Lu Feng.

However, Lu Feng had not expected that Zhou Yuan would also recruit a group of elite disciples. Together, they were an extremely strong force, making it impossible for his initial plan to work.

“Since that is so, I will personally stomp you into the ground!” Lu Feng’s eyes were filled with ridicule. As long as Zhou Xiaoyao did not interfere, he would let Zhou Yuan understand the gap between them.

He wanted Zhou Yuan to know that a peasant like him should have obediently stayed in his s.h.i.+tty peasant village.

How could a peasant like him have designs on a girl blessed by the heavens like Gu Hongyi?

Lu Feng raised his head as the top most area of the pyramid came into view. Nine silver stone platforms glittered under the sun. These were the top ten spots.

By this time, there were only nine figures remaining behind him. However, powerful Genesis Qi undulations spread from all of them, clearly showing that each one was formidable individual qualified to compete for the top ten.

Their eyes gradually began to burn with excitement, clearly understanding that the true battle was finally about to begin.

“Qin Zhen, Lei Hongytao, Gu Meng…”

Lu Feng took in a deep breath. In the next instant, a shout akin to thunder boomed, “Do it!”

The instant Lu Feng shouted, ominous glints flashed in the eyes of Qin Zhen and the rest as waves of berserk Genesis Qi violently swept unfurled, transforming into streams that bombarded Zhou Yuan’s group.

Several torrents of Genesis Qi whizzed towards them. Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered faintly, but no change could be seen on his face, evidently having already antic.i.p.ated this.

He extended a hand and gave a slight wave.

Behind him, Song Wanxi, Zhao Kun, Qiao Xiu and the rest also acted together as Genesis Qi flooded the sky, directly clas.h.i.+ng against the other side’s attacks.


Berserk Genesis Qi shockwaves unfurled like a storm.

It was extremely chaotic.

Qin Zhen and the rest sternly shouted, “Zhou Yuan, if you want to pa.s.s, you’ll have to first ask if we agree!”

“Haha, Qing Zhen, the likes of you does not have the qualifications to obstruct young brother Yuan. I’ll be the one to play with you!” The moment Qin Zhen’s voice was heard, Zhao Kun shot forward, howling with laughter.

“You’re going to stop me?” Ridicule appeared on Qin Zhen’s face.

Zhao Kun did not respond, his figure flas.h.i.+ng as it appeared in front of Qin Zhen. Genesis Qi rapidly swirled around the former’s growing hands along with deadly dipper Qi.


Zhao Kun sent a chop flying, deadly dipper winds violently slas.h.i.+ng downwards.

The two clashed directly, the air under their hands rapidly torn to pieces.

A shockwave unfurled as both figures landed on a stone platform and stumbled several steps back.

Qin Zhen’s originally mocking expression had turned much uglier as he grimly said, “Why has your Sky Dipper Hand also reached the second level?!”

One must know that his progress in the Sky Dipper Hand was attributed to the personal tutor invited by Lu Feng and numerous cultivation resources. Only through these did he manage to reach the second level.

From what he knew, Zhao Kun’s Sky Dipper Hand had fallen behind substantially, making it practically impossible for him to catch up.

But the power of the dipper wind from Zhao Kun’s previously palm strike had clearly reached the second level of the Sky Dipper Hand.

Zhao Kun wet his lips, the dipper winds around his tightly clenched fists madly devastating the surroundings with astonis.h.i.+ng destructive force. He grinned widely and said, “It’s all thanks to you guys. If you guys had not decided to deal with young brother Yuan, he would not have given us guidance in our Genesis techniques.”

Qin Zhen’s eyes filled with wavering uncertainty. He had indeed heard that Zhou Yuan was giving pointers to Zhao Kun and the rest, but had not thought much of it. After all, none of them would believe that Zhou Yuan could possibly be so capable.

But the undeniable fact before him was that Zhao Kun’s Sky Dipper Hand was indeed not inferior to his own.

Qin Zhen frostily declared, “Humph, what’s there to be happy about. Senior brother Lu will teach Zhou Yuan who will be the true champion of the peak selection ceremony! You peasants are delusional to think that you can challenge the status of us Shengzhou disciples!”

“We’ll know whose right after we fight!”

Zhao Kun let out an icy laugh. Without further ado, his foot slammed into the ground, rocketing his body forward.

“You’re courting death!” Qin Zhan laughed in anger. The Genesis Qi inside his body burst out without reservation as he met Zhao Kun’s charge head-on. Deadly dipper winds devastated the surroundings, leaving scar after scar on the stone platform.

On another stone platform, Song Wanxi stood in front of Lei Hongtao.

Lei Hongtao said with his arms across his chest, “Junior sister Song, your Black Ying Scripture is countered by my Red Yang Law, I advise you to leave while you can.”

Song Wanxi softly chuckled upon hearing this. “There’s a mistake in senior brother Lei’s words. The counter you speak of also holds true if reversed. As long as my Black Ying Scripture is more practiced than your Red Yang Law, you will be the one to be countered instead.”

Mockery rose from the corners of Lei Hongtao’s lips. “I’ve received guidance day and night for the past month, and my Red Yang Law has already reached the initial stage. In terms of mastery, you are far from my match.”

As he spoke, red light began to rise from his body as a dreadful heat slowly spread, charring the ground around him.

However, Song Wanxi merely smiled faintly in response to the domineering heat. Genesis Qi surged in her body as frighteningly cold Yin Qi suddenly pulsed, instantly freezing the ground below her feet.

Cold air rose, completely blocking Lei Hongtao’s red light.

“Senior brother Lei is too complacent, my Black Ying Scripture has also advanced to the next level under junior brother Zhou Yuan’s guidance during the past month.” She suddenly laughed charmingly. “To be honest, I should be thanking you guys.”

Lei Hongtao’s expression turned somewhat ugly at the sight of the alarming Yin Qi spreading from Song Wanxi’s body. Soon after, he inhaled deeply and said, “Zhou Yuan does have some ability.”

“However, things won’t go as he wants this time.”

“You guys maybe able to stop us, but don’t forget that Yang Xiu is only slightly weaker than senior brother Lu, and there’s no one on your side who can stop him!”

Song Wanxi frowned slightly. Yang Xiu was ranked third amongst the ten great outer mountain disciples. Although he did not flaunt his abilities, he was definitely the strongest person on Lu Feng’s side.

She looked towards a stone platform in the distance. Ever since arriving at the top ten platforms, Yaoyao had leisurely occupied one of them, before beginning to set-up several Genesis Runes on it.

Besides a few ignorant disciples who tried to charge in and were insta-killed at the beginning, there was basically no one who dared to approach her platform.

Even Lu Feng and the rest voluntarily avoided her.

After occupying it, Yaoyao sat there looking as if she was only going to watch as a bystander, clearly showing no signs of helping Zhou Yuan.

Song Wanxi let out a bitter chuckle, before she lifted her head slightly to look above where three figures were leaping into the air.

Zhou Yuan was just below the golden stone platform, while two figures currently stood in the air before him.

Lu Feng and Yang Xiu.

Lu Feng cast a mocking glance at Zhou Yuan, as he nonchalantly remarked, “It seems that you did not recruit enough people.”

There was a really superficial smile plastered across his face.

“Do you plan to take the both of us on alone?”

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