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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 77 Jade Infant Frui

The Battle Puppet Sect ruins was about two hundred miles from Devil Prison City. Zhou Yuan and his group managed to reach their destination in two hours.

Zhou Yuan and the rest stood on a hill, their gazes fixed to their front where a forest of giant trees stood. White fog lingered in the depths of the forest, revealing only the faint silhouettes of various dilapidated buildings.

Light seemed to flicker in the sky above the ruins as a feeling of unknown danger spread.

Yaoyao took one look at the flickering light and said, “There is a Genesis Rune boundary above the ruins.”

A Genesis Rune boundary was a more complex and large-scale way to utilise Genesis Runes, somewhat akin to a formation or array.

This Genesis Rune boundary was likely the sect protecting boundary used by the Battle Puppet Sect while it still existed in Blackwater. Following the disappearance of the sect, the sect protecting boundary had faded due to the lack of Genesis Qi, though it was clear that some part still remained. Casually entering through the sky would very likely result in an encounter with the remnant boundary, something that even an Alpha-Origin stage expert would not be able to handle.

After all, the power of a sect protecting boundary was nothing to scoff at.

“It seems that we can only enter on foot.” Wei Canglan looked towards Zhou Yuan and continued, “Your highness, according to the information we gathered, there are numerous abandoned buildings in the ruins which may contain treasures, how shall we proceed?”

Zhou Yuan did not hesitate at all and replied, “We will first head to the area where the Jade Infant Fruit is located.”

His most important goal was the Jade Infant Fruit and the Fire Spirit Grain. Since the Fire Spirit Grain was in the deepest part of the ruins, it would naturally make sense to obtain the Jade Infant Fruit first.

Wei Qingqing leaned her hand against the longsword on her waist as she said, “The Jade Infant Fruit is located in the southwest sector of the ruins. Several people have went there, but none were able to obtain it.”

“We must obtain it no matter what.” The resolution in Zhou Yuan’s voice was firm. His mother’s lifespan had been cut substantially. How could he possibly be at ease unless he found her one of those treasures that could supplement one’s life span?

“First the Jade Infant Fruit, then the Fire Spirit Grain. As for other treasures, there is no need to concern ourselves with them for the time being!” Zhou Yuan decisively declared. The treasures in the ruins may be rare, but one should not be too greedy and instead understand what to prioritise.

“Let’s go.”

Zhou Yuan looked towards Wei Canglan and the latter responded with a nod. With a wave of his hand, the hundred man group transformed into a flood, surging into the ruins under the wary gazes from the surrounding groups.

Not long after Zhou Yuan and his group entered the ruins, another group swiftly approached. It was Qi Hao and the Black Venom King’s group.

A figure quickly rushed over from nearby.

“They’ve entered?” Asked Qi Hao in a flat voice. He had stationed some men around the vicinity of the ruins in advance to keep track of the movements of Zhou Yuan’s group.


“Yes, we have sent someone to follow them. They seem to be heading towards the Jade Infant Fruit location.” The figure immediately answered.

“Jade Infant Fruit?” Qi Hao’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“The Jade Infant Fruit is a quality item. It can prolong one’s lifespan and is extremely valued.” A look of greed surfaced in the Black Venom King’s eyes.

“Zhou Yuan has likely gone searching for the Jade Infant Fruit because of his mother.” Qi Hao coldly chuckled. He had a clear grasp of the royal clan’s situation.

“Humph Zhou Yuan, you’ve repeatedly foiled my plans, this time, I will make sure that you will not have your way! I’m really interested to see how fl.u.s.tered you will become when the Jade Spirit Fruit lands in my hands.” A vicious look flitted across Qi Hao’s eyes. Soon after, he waved his hand and commanded, “Let’s go and catch up to them.”

Fog filled the ruins. Crumbling walls could be seen wherever one looked, a rather desolate sight indeed.

However, Zhou Yuan’s group did not dare to tarry, maintaining their formation as they slowly pushed forward. The surrounding mists grew increasingly thicker, so thick that even Spirit perception was affected.

Zhou Yuan’s footsteps suddenly paused. “Careful, something is approaching.”

Although his Spirit perception had been affected, his senses were still much sharper than an ordinary person’s.

Wei Canglan nodded, evidently having also sensed something.

He immediately waved his hand and the surrounding guards immediately began to prepare themselves as Genesis Qi began to surge around their bodies.

The white fog gently rippled.

A dull red light seemed to appear within the white fog, accompanied by faint noises as a dozen of shadows emerged from within the mist, forming a wall in front of Zhou Yuan’s group.

Zhou Yuan and the rest looked over and focused.

The black shadows were revealed to be night-black wild beasts, but on closer inspection, one would realise that their bodies were akin to black metal, gleaming with black light, while the red glow in their eyes lacked any sort of intelligence. These dozen shadows were battle beast puppets.

“So these are battle puppets?” Zhou Yuan stared at them in wonder. The Genesis Qi that faintly pulsed from the battle beast puppet bodies showed that they were comparable to Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage experts.

Wei Canglan responded, “It is said that at their peak, the Battle Puppet Sect possessed a hundred thousand strong battle puppet army. An army that was practically invincible and unstoppable.”

Zhou Yuan clicked his tongue. A hundred thousand strong battle puppet army. If they were all at the Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage, it was likely that no empire would be able to match them. Yet, why had these ancient factions of Blackwater ultimately disappeared?

Wei Canglan waved his hand and twenty figures shot forward, heading straight for the dozen battle beast puppets that were blocking their way.

Thump thud!

Genesis Qi erupted the moment both parties clashed. Wei Canglan had sent out Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage pract.i.tioners, but the dozen battle beast puppets knew neither fear nor death, hence, the fighting was exceptionally intense.

The battle lasted for several minutes, before it gradually came to a close.

The dozen battle beast puppets had been dismembered, but five of the twenty Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage guards had also been injured. It was clear that these tireless and fearless battle beast puppets were rather troublesome opponents.

Yaoyao walked over with some interest while carrying Tuntun and began inspecting the dismembered battle beast puppets. Her fair slender finger gently traced the now dim runes as she mumbled to herself, “Powered by Genesis Runes…”

After some examination, she stood up and walked back to the group.

Zhou Yuan then nodded to Wei Canglan and they began to advance once again.

In the following period of time, they encountered wave after wave of battle beast puppets. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan’s group was a strong well trained force, and they were able to cleanly sweep away all resistance they encountered.

As such, they arrived at a lake half an hour later.

Other human figures were already present by the lakeside, likely other treasure seekers that had rushed here. The fact that they had been able to arrive here was testament to their strength.

These people also sensed the arrival of Zhou Yuan’s group and their eyes immediately filled with wariness.

Wei Canglan took one quick look at the surroundings and pointed towards the middle of the lake. “The Jade Infant Fruit is at the center of the lake.”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look, and saw fog drifting over the surface of the lake. At the very center of the lake was a small island where a giant jade-green tree stood at the middle.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze locked onto the tree from which two crystal-like fruits hung. The fruits were shaped like a rather adorable newborn baby and gave off a sweet and enticing fragrance.

His heartbeat quickened as he observed the fruit that was seemingly made from crystal.

“Jade Infant Fruit, I’ve finally found you!”

Not long after Zhou Yuan’s group arrived at the lake, some noise was heard from another direction and everyone watched as another group emerged from the mists.

“Qi Hao.”

A frosty look flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw the familiar figure leading the group.

Qi Hao and the Black Venom King arrived at the lakeside and shot a look in Zhou Yuan’s direction. The corners the former’s mouth immediately lifted as he pointed at the center of the lake and displayed a playful smile at Zhou Yuan.

“Zhou Yuan, if you want the Jade Infant Fruit, you’ll have to first ask me if I agree or not.”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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