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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 78 Method to Reach the Island

Although Zhou Yuan remained expressionless after hearing Qi Hao’s words, intense killing intent emerged within the former’s eyes. The Jade Spirit Fruit was connected to the matter of his mother’s lifespan. He would not let anyone s.n.a.t.c.h it away no matter what methods he had to use.

It was at this moment that Wei Canglan suddenly remarked, “Your highness, there is something strange about this lake.”

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze. He had similarly sensed that something was amiss. So many people had arrived here before them, but all of them only waited at the lakeside, not daring to enter the lake and seize the Jade Infant Fruit. It was obvious that they were afraid of something.

Yaoyao cast a glance at the air above the lake and said, “There is a damaged Genesis Rune boundary above the lake.”

Wei Canglan nodded in agreement. The damaged Genesis Rune boundary made even someone like himself feel threatened, and he did not dare to carelessly enter. This place was evidently rather important to the Battle Puppet Sect.

“Can we cross by walking across the water?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Yaoyao shook her head. “There is something strange about the water. It seems that the stronger one’s Genesis Qi, the more easily one will sink…”

Wei Canglan was a little taken aback. He quickly waved his hand, indicating for some of his men to confirm. Sure enough, they discovered that those with stronger Genesis Qi would sink more easily, as if the lakewater was unable to support them.

“It will be difficult for even a Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage expert to walk across the water.” Wei Canglan frowned. If so, won’t an Alpha-Origin stage expert like himself sink straight to the bottom?

He could feel danger from the bottom of the lake. It was highly likely that portions of the damaged Genesis Rune boundary had fallen into the lake, making it extremely dangerous.

Yaoyao’s mouth opened slightly as she said, “It seems that this place does not welcome Genesis Qi users… likely a precautionary method of sorts. With such a precaution in place, they would only need a few disciples to protect the Jade Infant Tree.”

Su Youwei curiously asked, “How would one cross the water without Genesis Qi?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered in thought for a moment, before turning to meet Yaoyao’s gaze as he slowly said, “Spirit.”

Spirit power was completely different from Genesis Qi. Moreover, Zhou Yuan had discovered that the Spirit that had originally been suppressed in the fog had turned lively again after reaching the lake.

“Let me try.” Zhou Yuan walked forward and placed a foot onto the water, the Spirit between his brows flickering as Spirit power surged out and covered his legs. The body that had originally sunk slightly into the water immediately stabilized.

“As expected, the power of the Spirit can be used here.” A look of glee flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

“So you have to rely on the Spirit…”

Nearby, Qi Hao raised an eyebrow as he watched. Soon after, he waved his hand and a man immediately walked forward from behind.

This man’s complexion was rather pale, and his lips were as thin as the edge of a blade. The Genesis Qi undulations around him were quite weak, but light flickered indeterminately between his brows.

He was clearly a Spirit pract.i.tioner.

“Zhao Qingfeng, your teacher master Ying was framed by this brat, causing him to fall into the hands of the great general’s faction. This is the best opportunity for you to take revenge.” Qi Hao smiled at the man.

Iciness flashed in the pale man’s eyes when he heard this. He looked towards Zhou Yuan and said, “How can a kid like him possibly be my master’s match?”

“He is after all the prince of Great Zhou and naturally has his ways.” Qi Hao smiled faintly as he continued, “As long as you are able to seize the Jade Infant Fruit, not only will I guarantee your master’s safety, you will become a valued guest of Qi Manor in future and we will provide you all of the cultivation resources you need.”

Desire flashed in the eyes of the man called Zhao Qingfeng as he nodded and said with a cold smile, “Don’t worry, if we compete in Spirit, dealing with him will not be difficult.”

His tone was filled with pride. Though he had only trained under master Ying for three years, his Spirit had already reached the mid Illusory stage, and even his master often praised his talent. Thus, he did not believe that a much younger Zhou Yuan would be able to match him in Spirit.

After leaving these words behind, Zhao Qingfeng flew forward and landed on the water.

Spirit power shook as his sole touched the water’s surface without sinking.

A mocking smile formed on his lips as he looked towards Zhou Yuan.

While the two stood on the water, the other factions also came to the same realization. Hence, after some activity, another dozen figures appeared on the surface of the water, each individual clearly a Spirit pract.i.tioner.

Wei Canglan shot a look in Zhao Qingfeng’s direction and remarked, “That person’s Spirit is not weak.”

“If only Spirit can be used here, I may be able to help you.” Yaoyao’s bright eyes seem to swirl. Given her Spirit level, no one here would be able to contend with her.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment after hearing this, but he ultimately shook his head. “The situation is complicated and no one knows if there will be other hidden dangers. It is not ideal for you to go.”

Although Yaoyao’s Spirit was powerful, she was unable to utilise Genesis Qi, resulting in an extremely frail body. If anything unexpected happened, the probability of Yaoyao being seriously injured was high.

Therefore, while Yaoyao was very powerful, she was also very weak.

Back then, master Cang Yuan had solemnly entrusted him with Yaoyao’s safety. Hence, he did not dare to let Yaoyao take such a risk.

Zhou Yuan said, “Observe first, if anything happens to me, at least there will be the great general and you to save me.”

Yaoyao did not persist after hearing this and her sharp snow-white chin gave a tiny nod.

Atop the lake, Zhou Yuan calmly cast a glance at the nearby Zhao Qingfeng. Undisguised hostility burned in the latter’s eyes, but it did not matter to Zhou Yuan. No one would be able to stop him from obtaining the Jade Infant Fruit today.

The lake water under his feet rippled as he took in a deep breath and looked towards the small island at the center of the lake. He then took a step forward, beginning his step by step advance on the lake surface.

The others also started to very cautiously walk forward.

Around the lake, no one dared to blink at they watched the figures walking on the water. It was completely silent.

Several minutes later, Zhou Yuan and the rest gradually approached the area within a hundred feet of the small island. The lake was still calm and no one had encountered any obstructions.

When the crowd by the lakeside saw this, they could not help but murmur in bewilderment, “So simple?”

Under those puzzled gazes, Zhou Yuan and the rest stepped into the area within a hundred feet of the island.


A buzzing sound seemed to emerge from the small island at this moment, and everyone watched as dazzling jade light was released from the Jade Infant tree at the center of the island.


The jade light seemed to sway as countless barely discernible specks of light shot out from within. Like a storm, they began to engulf the ones who had stepped into the hundred feet perimeter around the island.

“It’s a Spirit attack!”

Zhou Yuan focused on the barely visible specks of light. These light dots contained Spirit power.

He did not dare to delay a moment longer and the Spirit between his brows began to flicker. If one looked, one would be able to see a blurry silhouette seated in a cross-legged position. An invisible ripple pulsed outwards as Zhou Yuan’s hand pulled out the Heavenly Yuan Brush at his waist.

The tip of the brush rapidly moved across the air, leaving behind almost visible strokes.

“Grade 1 Genesis Rune, Spirit s.h.i.+eld!”

The completed Genesis Rune immediately transformed into partly transparent s.h.i.+eld of light. The Genesis Qi ripples from the light s.h.i.+eld were extremely weak because the s.h.i.+eld was mainly composed of Spirit power.

Plop plop!

Jade light rained down from the sky, falling upon the transparent light s.h.i.+eld, causing it to ripple violently.


Blood-curdling screeches began to ring out. Several individuals were unable to guard in time, and were immediately shot full of holes by the jade light, their bodies crumpling before sinking into the water.

As these individuals fell into the water, berserk undulations exploded within the lake. b.l.o.o.d.y water quickly rose and spread across the lake surface.

The ones that had fallen into the waters had been instantly blasted to pieces.

This sight caused the hearts of Zhou Yuan, Zhao Qingfeng and the other fortunate survivors to s.h.i.+ver. It seems that the waters below were indeed filled with danger, ensuring certain death if one was to fall into them.

Looks like reaching the small island at the heart of the lake and retrieving the Jade Infant Fruit not going to be as easy as expected.

These ruins were abundant with death traps.

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Dragon Prince Yuan

Dragon Prince Yuan

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